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Chapter 293: Murong Chong’s Trump Card

Chapter 293: Murong Chong’s Trump Card

A strong wind blew behind Murong Chong, kicking up dust. Up in the sky, the clouds churned, moving continuously. They seemed to span unbroken in the sky for at least 108,000 meters.

For a moment, there were rising winds and scudding clouds; the sky seemed to have changed color. Murong Chong’s aura rushed to the sky; within this space, he seemed like a ruler. He was like an exceptionally treasured saber standing there; it felt as if he could even pierce the sky.

When the saber swung, a cold and sharp saber light lit up. The wind immediately ceased, and the clouds froze. Within that space, only the saber light remained resplendent.

Murong Chong’s wrist dropped downward, and the saber light left the saber, turning into a surging saber Qi heading for the ground violently.

A ten meters wide and 33 meters deep hole gouged into the ground. The saber Qi was like a pillar. It flew five thousand meters before it stopped.

With one glance, the five-thousand-meters pit seemed endless. There were remnants of the state of wind and clouds lingering to the sides. It did not dissipate for quite a while. Dust left the ground and filled the air, dancing chaotically.


Murong Chong withdrew his saber and stood upright as he looked at the endless cloud of dust and the horrifying gorge. His face was still expressionless as he said indifferently, “Liu Ruyue will definitely tell Ye Chen about the nine secret techniques of Qingyun Peak. They cannot be my true trump cards.

“Only this Great Perfection state of cloud and my self-created Three Weather Styles can be my true trump cards. Now that the state of wind has reached Great Perfection, and the state of wind and the state of cloud merged perfectly together, no one under Martial King is my match.”


The sun rose and set; the clouds gathered and scattered. Five days flew by just like that.

The eighth move of the Wukui Saber Technique was harder to learn than Xiao Chen originally expected. He spent a total of three and a half days before completely learning it. Then he merged it with the state of thunder.

Instead, the alteration of the Rushing Thunder Roars was easier than expected. Xiao Chen had already become intimately familiar with this move in the Devil Savanna.

There was not much that needed to be changed when converting it from a group attack to a single target attack. For Xiao Chen, who had consumed the Flowing Light Flower, it was not difficult.

Xiao Chen watched the setting sun on the horizon and sheathed his saber, beginning his journey back. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and transformed into a streak of purple light, flickering as he moved.

In less than the time for half a joss stick to burn, Xiao Chen returned to his courtyard. He discovered the Liu siblings and Xiao Bai, who had been running wild the past few days, waiting for him there.

[TL note: The time it takes for a joss stick to burn is dependant on the type of joss stick. But for time usage, the ancient Chinese understood one joss stick to be 30 minutes.]

Xiao Chen leaped over the walls and landed firmly on the ground. He smiled and inquired, “Why are you all here?”

Liu Suifeng smiled, “I’m here to cheer you on before the fight. I will take my leave first; my Sis will give you some information on Murong Chong. I hope it will be useful to you.”

After taking the Tendon Refining Flower, Liu Ruyue’s complexion looked rosier; she did not seem as weak as she had been. She wore tight cultivators robes once again.

After Liu Suifeng left, Liu Ruyue inspected Xiao Chen carefully. She discovered that his aura was stronger than it was five days ago; there was a great improvement in his strength.

“Come to the dueling grounds with me,” Liu Ruyue’s lips parted slightly as she said softly.

Xiao Chen nodded and followed Liu Ruyue. They gradually made their way to the dueling grounds.

The two of them stood across from each other, separated by about five meters. Liu Ruyue said, “Before Murong Chong left Qingyun Peak, he was only slightly weaker than me. Now that three years have passed, his strength will have only become more terrifying. I will tell you everything I know.

“Firstly is the Qingyun Peak’s nine secret techniques. He had learned four of them. They are Profound Wind Chop, Peerless Lunar Shadow, Clear Wind Chop, and Flickering Light Passing Shadows.

“You should already be very quite familiar with the Profound Wind Chop and the Clear Wind Chop.

“I will demonstrate to you the Peerless Lunar Shadow and the Flickering Light Passing Shadows.”

Xiao Chen quickly said, “Elder Sister Ruyue, you can just explain them to me. Your meridians have just recovered; it is best if you don’t circulate your Essence.”

Liu Ruyue revealed a smile on her graceful face as she said, “It’s fine. I know my limits. Watch carefully; this is the Peerless Lunar Shadow.”

“Ka ca!”

Liu Ruyue immediately drew her small saber, and it gave off a sharp and cold saber light. Two crescent-moon-shaped scarlet saber Qi appeared.

Following Liu Ruyue’s movements, the two crescent moons moved and connected, forming a full moon behind her.

Suddenly, the dueling grounds turned pitch-dark. The scarlet moon slowly rose and illuminated the dark space a deep red.

Liu Ruyue flew up at the same time as the full moon. The red light shone upon her and made her look strangely beautiful.

Liu Ruyue’s saber pointed at Xiao Chen, and the aura seemed to have gathered in a spot.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly; he could feel a strange pressure on his forehead. He could not control the Qi and blood in his entire body, and he grew agitated. He felt a certain unexplainable frustration.

What a powerful Martial Technique; it can actually affect my mental state, Xiao Chen thought to himself. He quickly sank his consciousness down and protected his dantian. Only after that did the unsettling feeling disappear.


Liu Ruyue returned her saber to its scabbard, and the Mysterious Phenomenon instantly disappeared. Her body gently floated down. When she landed, she fell to one knee and almost toppled over.

Xiao Chen was startled and quickly moved to support Liu Ruyue. When he saw her pale complexion, he said, “There is no need to work so hard. Elder Sister Ruyue, you just need to explain it to me; there is no need to demonstrate it.”

Liu Ruyue’s pale face revealed a bitter smile. She struggled out of Xiao Chen’s grasp and stood stably. She said, “It seems like I’m still overdoing it. I will explain them to your then.

“Peerless Lunar Shadow is a Mysterious Phenomenon created from my own killing Qi. This Martial Technique is an adaptation of the Blood Shadow Chop. The stronger a person’s killing QI, the stronger its might will be.

“When you are facing this move, your heart must be calm. Otherwise, the killing Qi will enter your body. This will cause you to lose even the chance to draw your saber.”

Xiao Chen nodded, “I understand. I felt it earlier. However, I have always had a resolute character. My heart will not be disturbed so easily.”

Liu Ruyue saw that Xiao Chen seemed slightly careless. Liu Ruyue revealed a serious expression on her pale face as she said, “You cannot be careless. Back then, to practice this move to Great Perfection, Murong Chong personally slaughtered fifty groups of bandits in the Devil Savanna. Even if the number of bandits did not reach ten thousand, there were at least eight thousand. His killing Qi is extremely horrifying.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he was startled. He did not expect Murong Chong to be so cold-blooded. For the sake of one move, he strained his hands with the blood of ten thousand people.

However, Xiao Chen remembered that, when he encountered him, he was not leaking any killing Qi. If what Liu Ruyue said was true, it went to show that Murong Chong had already reached the point where he could use Killing Qi as he wished. To control so much killing Qi, aside from being strong, there were very high requirements on his temperament, which were even harsher.

What kind of person was Murong Chong? He had a horrifying talent, cold-blooded and decisive personality, as well as a resoluteness and incomparable determination. It was hard to point out his flaws.

Liu Ruyue continued, “However, you don’t have to pay too much attention to this. If you are unable to overcome him in term of killing Qi, you can simply use force to break the Mysterious Phenomenon in advance. Break it while it is still two separate crescent moons.”

Xiao Chen was enlightened, That is a way to do it as well. However, my move will have to be very fast, fast enough for him to be unable to react.

“Thank you, Elder Sister Ruyue, “Xiao Chen said seriously.

Liu Ruyue smiled and continued, “We are now left with Flickering Light Passing Shadows. I do not know this move. I only know that it is a cloning Martial Techniques and infuses the state of light. It can create numerous clones that are difficult to differentiate.

“However, Murong Chong’s main focus is the state of wind. He is not likely to have spent too much time practicing this move. It is sufficient for you just to be aware of it.”

After that, Liu Ruyue told Xiao Chen about Murng Chong’s other strengths in detail. The look of worry in her eyes never disappeared.

“Remember, do not risk your life at the crucial moment. Life is the most important. To me, even if I keep this Qingyun Peak, I will have great regrets if I lose you. So, you must promise me; if you can't win, just admit defeat.”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to leave, Liu Ruyue spoke very seriously. Only after Xiao Chen agreed did Liu Ruyue reveal a satisfied smile and leave the dueling grounds.


The next morning, the dawn peeked through the window and shone into Xiao Chen’s room.

As Xiao Chen felt the piercing light, he immediately awoke from deep sleep. Since the fight would start soon, he did not cultivate but had a good sleep. So his body, mind, and spirit would all be well rested.

After Xiao Chen washed up, he felt extremely refreshed. His entire being, from the interior and exterior of his body, was all in peak condition.

Liu Ruyue and Liu Suifeng were already waiting outside his courtyard. After Xiao Chen asked, he discovered that the Peak Master Contention Battle would not be held at the familiar Heaven Viewing Platform. Instead, it would be held at the Heaven Ascending Platform that he had been to once.

Liu Ruyue waved at the sky, and a massive Heavenly Wind Vulture circled in the air before landing in front of them, causing a strong wind.

After the three of them mounted the Heavenly Wind Vulture, the person controlling the Heavenly Wind Vulture shouted. The Heavenly Wind Vulture instantly created a strong berserk wind as it rushed into the air.

Unless there were some major matters, there would normally be no one on the Heaven Ascending Platform. However, at the moment, there was an endless stream of people making their way there. The large number of people made it very lively.

Up, on the platform was a huge dueling ground. Encircling its surroundings were spectator stands. In the middle was a two thousand meters long and a hundred meters wide super arena.

No one puzzled at the size of the arena; after all, every Peak Master Contention Battle was fought at a Martial King’s level

A fight on such a level would not be containable with a regular arena.

In the arena, Murong Chong stood expressionlessly in a corner with his eyes shut.

The densely packed heads could be seen in spectator stands. Furthermore, there were still many cultivators making their way over quickly.

“It’s another Peak Master Contention Battle. I did not expect Murong Chong to attack Qingyun Peak like that. Unfortunately, Liu Ruyue is injured. Qingyun Peak will probably fall this time.”

“That might not be so. Ye Chen is also now a super genius who can defeat an expert from the older generation. Regarding talent, he is not inferior to Murong Chong. The odds of victory are probably fifty-fifty.”