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Chapter 294: Fight Begins

Chapter 294: Fight Begins

“Haha, you are too naive. Murong Chong advanced to peak Superior Grade Martial Saint long ago. There were also experts of the older generation who died at his hands as well. Their talent may be at the same level, but regarding cultivation realm, Ye Chen is a tad bit slower; he does not have much chance of victory against Murong Chong.”

“I also agree. Murong Chong’s strength has always been stable. Furthermore, he has practiced all of the Qingyun Peak secret techniques that he knows to Great Perfection. The Cultivation Techniques and Martial Techniques he practices are all at the peak of his generation. Furthermore, he has a seemingly flawless character. It is hard to imagine him losing to Ye Chen.”

“However, why is this Ye Chen not here yet? I heard that Murong Chong arrived last night and hadn’t left the arena since.”

Before the fight began, the crowds already intensely discussed the pair.

Although most of them favored Murong Chong, they all recognized Xiao Chen’s strength. They were all of the opinion that this would not be an easy victory for Murong Chong.

This was something that could not have happened in the past. However, recent events proved Xiao Chen’s strength. It was not exaggerated but true.

Murong Chong paid no attention to the discussions around him. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked at a Heavenly Wind Vulture in the sky. He said indifferently, “You’re finally here.”

Xiao Chen looked at Murong Chong, who had arrived at the arena long ago, and he adjusted his mental state. He jumped from the Heavenly Wind Vulture and landed firmly in the arena.

Liu Ruyue looked at the two people in the arena; a complicated feeling filled her heart. She muttered in a low voice, “I hope nothing will go wrong.”

When an old man, a Medial Grade Martial King, saw Xiao Chen land in the arena, he immediately walked out and revealed himself. He was the referee of this fight, and at the same time, he was a member of the Elders’ Assembly.

The old man waved his hand and signaled for the two of them to retreat about a hundred meters. After he waited for a while, he said, “In the Peak Master Contention Battle, there has never been any such thing as mercy. However, let me say this first; we are all people of the same sect. If one party admits his defeat, please stop.

“I shall not speak too much nonsense. The fight begins; the winner will decide the fate of Qingyun Peak!”

After the old man spoke, he pushed his feet off the ground lightly and quickly left the arena.

Murong Chong and Xiao Cheng were separated by two hundred meters. They gazed at each other, their right hands on their saber hilts. They gathered aura relentlessly.

At this moment, the originally extremely noisy audience fell completely silent. Countless pairs of eyes stared at the two people in the arena.

“Hu chi!”

A red light flashed in Murong Chong’s eyes, and a suppressing killing Qi fired towards Xiao Chen.

This killing Qi was immensely dense; it parted the air like it was water, then enveloped an area of about one meter around Xiao Chen.

Countless miserable cries echoed in Xiao Chen’s ears. Horrifying illusions appeared before his eyes. These were probably the grievances left behind by the people Murong Chong had killed.

Murong Chong is indeed able to use his killing Qi as he wishes. No! It is not just at that level; it is at a much deeper level than that. He can use his killing Qi to wrap around my body without it scattering. This is a very high-level control.

Xiao Chen, mildly astonished, still wore a calm expression; there were no changes to his features at all.

Xiao Chen concentrated and kept his mind clear. A clear light flashed in his serene eyes. With such a strong spirit protecting his heart, he felt none of the effects of the killing Qi.

Xiao Chen simply allowed that strong killing Qi to surround his body, but his eyes remained impeccable tranquil. Simply guarding his heart allowed those illusions to all vanish without him having to exert effort.

Murong Chong’s face was expressionless. When he saw that the killing Qi was useless, he decisively withdrew it all.

“Hu hu!”

Suddenly, a strong wind blew from behind Murong Chong. Countless particles of dust kicked up, and the wind occasionally howled.

Thunderclouds gathered above Xiao Chen’s head, churning continuously. The low rumble of thunder rang out endlessly.

After the two had gathered their strength for quite some time, they finally unleashed it. They started competing with comprehended states, a berserk state of wind versus a surging state of thunder.

For a moment, winds rose and clouds scudded. Dark clouds obscured the sun, and it completely lost its light. The arena was now dark.

Furthermore, the dust the strong wind had picked up shrouded the vision of many cultivators, except for some with very good eyesight. For most, they could no longer see the situation.

“How powerful; they haven’t even started fighting yet. Their comparison of states is already so horrifying. It’s no wonder; they can fight people of higher cultivation realms, killing Inferior Grade Martial Kings,” someone in the crowd exclaimed.


Instantly, two strands of resplendent saber light shown in the boundless strong wind. The cold, sharp saber lights blew away all the dust in the arena.

Each opponent simultaneously sent out a strand of saber Qi. The strands met midair and generated a surging shockwave in all directions.

Murong Chong was astonished to find that the density of his saber Qi was not as dense as Xiao Chen’s. Even after crashing into Murong Chong’s saber Qi, the purple saber Qi still flew quickly at him, albeit weakened.

Murong Chong stomped on the ground and silently stepped forward. He swung his saber and easily shattered the weakened purple saber Qi. Then, he rushed Xiao Chen without his speed decreasing.

Xiao Chen did not feel afraid. He shouted and likewise rushed forward to welcome Murong Chong’s charge.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The two sabers clashed with each other, and in an instant, the sound of wind, thunder, and metallic clanging merged and reverberated in the air.

In the blink of an eye, the two exchanged several dozen moves. When they saw an attack, they dealt with it; not giving the other any advantage. After a while, they both shouted and retreated a hundred meters.

The aggressive wind scattered, and the dust settled. The scene, at that moment, appeared to everyone; they could finally see again.

The two’s gazes were like sharp knives having an intense exchange in the air. Xiao Chen grasped the saber tightly with his right hand, maintaining a high alert. This was because the earlier attacks were all probing moves. After this, the right fight would begin.

Murong Chong revealed a faint smile on his handsome face. He said, “After not seeing you for one month, your improvement of strength has exceeded my expectations. You are now qualified to challenge me. However, that is merely the qualification to challenge me.”

“Qingyun Peak’s secret technique, Peerless Lunar Shadow!”

Murong Chong shouted, and his saber quickly emitted two scarlet saber Qi resembling crescent moons. The two crescent moons moved in two beautiful arcs in the air as they fired at Xiao Chen.

The saber Qi contained boundless killing Qi. Everywhere it passed, it left a scarlet shadow behind like fresh blood.

“Glittering Wukui!”

As Xiao Chen knew the might of Peerless Lunar Shadow, he did not dare be careless. The snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber trembled nine times, and the Glittering Wukui exhibited to the limits.

Nine ancient divine Wukui Tree branches turned into dense saber Qi and moved like long spears toward the scarlet saber Qi in the air.

Murong Chong smiled faintly and shook the saber in his hand slightly. The two scarlet crescent moons paused in the air. Then they moved strangely, in a semicircle arc.

They would meet where Xiao Chen stood. Such a sudden change allowed them to avoid the nine purple saber Qi in the air.

“Windwalk Shoes! Activate! Retreat!”

The crescent moon’s speed reached the speed of sound in an instant. Murong Chong had completely merged his state of wind into them.

Xiao Chen did not dare be careless. He activated the Windwalk Shoes and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He turned into a purple arrow and retreated.


The instant Xiao Chen retreated, the two crescent moon met each other with a ‘boom.’ Then, they formed a scarlet full moon.

The horrifying red shockwaves radiated out in the surroundings like waves. Under the influence of the shockwaves, a wall of dirt rose into the air.

Even though Xiao Chen had dodged it in advance, the shockwave of the red moon’s speed and might still exceeded Xiao Chen’s expectation.

The shockwaves struck Xiao Chen’s body, knocking him several hundred meters. The killing Qi infused in the shockwaves howled in his mind.

Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood surged uncontrollably; the resentment built up in his mind. An irresistible desire to kill and frustration arose in his heart.

“Damn it!”

Xiao Chen released his pride and circulated his Essence to gather the surging Qi and blood. Then, he vomited them. The surging Qi and blood, as well as the boundless killing Qi, vanished.

Up, in the spectator stands, Liu Ruyue frowned tightly. Worry filled her graceful face. She did not expect that, when the true exchange started, Xiao Chen would suffer a small disadvantage.

Murong Chong’s comprehension of the Peerless Lunar Shadow had already reached the peak of Consummation, where he could freely control it. After he merged in the berserk state of wind, the might of this move reached a horrifying level.


Murong Chong’s body slowly flew into the sky. The moon shaped saber Qi separated and flew to his back once again.

The crescent moons merged to form a full moon again. A dark, night scene appeared once more. In an instant, it blocked out the sunlight; it also covered the dark clouds Xiao Chen’s state of thunder had created, leaving not a trace behind.

The connection with the state of thunder completely broke!

Xiao Chen was utterly astonished. He tried a few times but discovered that he was unable to connect to his state of thunder. The cover of night severed him from the outside world.

“This is the effect of a peak Consummation Mysterious Phenomenon. It forms something like a barrier. Ye Chen’s state of thunder has been isolated.”

“I did not expect Murong Chong to have comprehended his Mysterious Phenomenon to the Consummation. Many Martial Kings are still incapable of doing so.”

“Indeed, Mysterious Phenomenon is not closely related to cultivation. It is completely dependant on an individual’s talent and comprehension abilities. After losing his state of thunder, Ye Chen is in a bad state.”

Many of the knowledgeable people in the spectator stands sighed and voiced their opinions. Now that he had a Consummation Mysterious Phenomenon, he might be unrivaled in the Martial Saint Realm.”

Skipping cultivation realms to kill an Inferior Grade Martial King would be easy.

Liu Ruyue grew more worried; Murong Chong was much stronger than she expected. Even if it were her, she would have a difficult time facing this.

As Xiao Chen watched the scarlet full moon and Murong Chong, who bathed in red light, he slowly calmed.