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Chapter 395: Invitation from the Supreme Sky Sect

Chapter 395: Invitation from the Supreme Sky Sect

Yue Chenxi glanced meaningfully at Xiao Chen before muttering something into the old man’s ears.

After the old man listened to her, he looked at Xiao Chen with interest. It felt as if his gaze could see through all falsehoods in this world as he examined Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s gaze turned grave. He felt the other party’s vast mental energy and wanted to block it with his Spiritual Sense.

However, Xiao Chen thought about it and felt that, if a Martial Sage wanted to check him out, his Spiritual Sense was not sufficient to stop him. Even if he successfully stopped it, it would only attract further interest from the other party. This would result in the other party in utilizing other means to achieve his goal.

Since it was pointless, there is no point blocking it. It was simply too difficult to keep secrets from a Martial Sage.


The old man retracted his gaze and revealed a pondering look. He thought to himself, What a strange kid. I unexpectedly can’t see his Martial Spirit.

“First Martial Uncle, how is he? What do you think of my insight?” Yue Chenxi asked in anticipation.

The old man nodded as he smiled, “Reaching Inferior Grade Martial King at the age of eighteen. This kind of cultivation talent can only be considered average in the Great Jin Nation. However, he has grasped two different states at the same time. Based on this, he is qualified to step into the ranks of geniuses.

“Ha ha, there is still the most important point…”

Yue Chenxi asked interestedly, “What else is there?!”

The old man continued, “I will speak to him personally about it later. In any case, your insight was good. He is the kind of person this old man is looking for.”

Yue Chenxi instantly revealed a joyful expression. However, after that, she revealed a somewhat helpless expression, “This fellow seemed to be unmoved by force or persuasion. After promoting the sect for a long time, he did not show any signs of accepting or rejecting.”

The old man smiled and said softly, “He is intelligent. Let me speak to him.”

Xiao Chen and Xiao Bai were two hundred meters away from the old man. Logically, given the close distance, they should have heard the conversation between the old man and Yue Chenxi.

However, it was unknown why but Xiao Chen could not hear anything. Furthermore, when he looked at them, their figures seemed hazy and vague.

Given this, Xiao Chen could not even guess what they discussed by reading their lips.

As Xiao Chen pondered on some matters, the old man and Yue Chenxi suddenly appeared before him. He collected his thoughts and cupped his hands in a fashion that was neither humble or proud. He said, “Junior Xiao Chen greets Senior. Would Senior please inform me of your distinguished name?”

The old man measured Xiao Chen from a close distance. When he saw that Xiao Chen’s emotions did not fluctuate, despite being so close to him, remaining calm, he praised him in his heart.

“I do not dare claim to be distinguished, but my name is Gu Ying, just a nobody in the Supreme Sky Sect. If little friend does not mind, you can call me Senior Gu.”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Many thanks to Senior Gu for lending a hand. Otherwise, we would be stuck on this island for another one year or more.”

Gu Ying waved his hands dismissively and said, “That does not really qualify as help, merely an act of convenience. If I did not guess wrong, you only truly started cultivating two years ago, correct?”

The moment Gu Ying spoke, not only did Xiao Chen feel shocked, but Yue Chenxi, who stood behind him, was also shocked. Her jaw hung slack, unable to close it.

Could this be the most important point that First Martial Uncle talked about? Cultivating to Martial King in two years…such talent is truly horrifying and unprecedented.

Xiao Chen had not expected Gu Ying’s eyes to be so sharp either. Gu Ying could even uncover this information. He could only nod in acknowledgment.

Gu Ying smiled faintly and said, “You are a smart person; I will not beat around the bush. This is a golden age for cultivation that has not appeared in the past thousand years. Geniuses from all over fill the peak powers. Not taking sides without understanding the Supreme Sky Sect’s situation is a wise move.

“However, let me give you a warning. Before the next Five Nation Youth Competition, you should find a side to stand on. That would be your last chance. Catch! This is your reward from helping this brat.”

Gu Ying tossed a glittering medallion. Xiao Chen casually caught it and took a look. The word ‘Supreme’ was on the front, and the back said ‘Clear Sky.’

[TL note: The Chinese for Supreme Sky Sect is 太昊宗. So the front of the medallion is 太上, which means ‘supreme.’ The back said 昊天; only the first character is in the sect name. On its own, it means ‘the vast sky.’ The second character also means ‘sky’ but when placed it the first character, it means ‘clear sky.’]

The golden medallion seemed to have a mysterious energy. When Xiao Chen held it in his hand, he felt a faint warmth. Strands of gentle energy came from within. This helped one to calm down and allowed them to relax.

Seeing Xiao Chen catch the medallion, Gu Ying smiled, “I shall take me leave first. If you come to the Great Jin Nation in the future, do come to the Supreme Sky Sect to pay us a visit. This old man will do my best in hosting you.”

Xiao Chen put away the medallion and cupped his hands, “Senior, take care on your journey!”

In the distance, Gu Ying moved a thousand meters every step he took as he carried Yue Chenxi. After a few steps, he vanished from Xiao Chen’s sight.

As Xiao Chen watched the two leave, he muttered to himself, “As the legends say, every move of a Martial Sage will affect the natural laws. Based on today, this seems to be true.”


Gu Ying carried Yue Chenxi and moved through the sky, moving a thousand meters with each step.

“First Martial Uncle, why did you not talk to him about joining the Supreme Sky Sect?” Yue Chenxi felt doubtful as she asked Gu Ying.

Gu Ying smiled gently and said, “It’s fine as long as he received the Clear Sky Medallion.” The elder sighed, “Everything about you is good, but your mindset is too pure and simple. Otherwise, that fellow would not have frustrated you so.”

Xiao Chen retracted his gaze and smiled at Xiao Bai, “Xiao Bai, it's time for us to go too!”

The two quickly moved towards the gap in the huge waves, moving in a line. Not long after they left, the gap in the huge waves closed; water fell from above.

The waves had sealed Qianren Island once again. It would open again in a few years. However, few people would probably travel there at that time.

Xiao Chen and Xiao Bai chatted as they walked calmly on the sea. With their cultivation realm now, it was not difficult for them to walk on the water’s surface.

Xiao Bai said softly, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, I have already cultivated that Flowing Light Sword Art you gave me to the fifth layer. In the future, Xiao Bai is no longer afraid of bad people. So, Elder Brother Xiao Chen, please don’t treat me as a burden anymore.”

When Xiao Chen saw Xiao Bai’s slightly red eyes, he was stunned. Xiao Bai was no longer that little Spirit Fox from the past that understood nothing.

Xiao Bai’s thoughts were slowly becoming more mature. She had her own mind and acted on her own initiative.

Xiao Chen rubbed Xiao Bai’s head and smiled gently, “How is Xiao Bai a burden? You have helped pick so many Herbs for me in the past and saved my life several times. Now, you are even stronger than me.”

Xiao Chen paused awhile here. He looked at the peaceful sea before him and muttered, “However, I owe you too much. If I let you get injured, I will feel very guilty.”

When Xiao Bai was just born, Xiao Chen took her away from her mother. Although the situation was dire, and he had rescued her from the Tang Clan, he had some selfish motives as well. Otherwise, he would not have passed on a Cultivation Technique to her mother as compensation.

Outside White Water City, this little fellow rescued Xiao Chen. She did not care for her own safety and rescued him from Hua Yunfei and Duanmu Qing.

After that, Xiao Bai dragged her tired body all over the Savage Forest for him.

Even though there was plenty of danger and many fierce Spirit Beast in the Savage Forest, Xiao Bai picked Herbs to treat Xiao Chen, helping tide over the most dangerous moment in his life thus far.

Since then, Xiao Chen swore to himself that he would not look at Xiao Bai as a pet, and he would not let her injure herself for him.

After Xiao Bai changed her form into that of a human, Xiao Chen felt guilty. He made up his made not to let Xiao Bai experience any further danger.

Hence, Xiao Chen had never seen Xiao Bai as a burden.

Xiao Bai’s eyes were somewhat watery as she said softly, “Is that true, Elder Brother Xiao Chen?!”

Xiao Chen said, “Truer than precious pearls. Let’s go. Let’s have a race to see who reaches Green Wind Island first. If you arrive first, I will let you have a feast of wine.”

Xiao Bai sniffled and smiled, “Alright. Xiao Bai can run very fast. Elder Brother Xiao Chen will not catch me.”

“Boom! Boom!”

Just at this moment, massive waves a thousand meters tall surged a thousand meters around the two of them.

A strong undercurrent swept under the previously calm sea and rushed at the waves, causing them to rise another thousand meters in the blink of an eye.

Aside from Martial Sages and above, no one else could achieve this.

Xiao Chen had a helpless expression as he experienced a powerless feeling. He actually ran into two Martial Sages in one day.

Before Martial Sages, the two did not have any chance of survival. However, the other party did not make a move to attack. It was clear that the situation could be turned around.

Xiao Chen glanced over and looked at the empty sea. He shouted, “Might this Junior know which Senior is present?! Why is Senior blocking this Junior’s path?!”

“Pu! Pu!”

Suddenly, light footsteps were heard from the sea behind them.

Xiao Chen turned, and two blurry figures appeared in his vision. One was male, and the other was female, both dressed in white.

When Xiao Chen got near, he clearly saw what they looked like. The man looked to be about thirty and was very handsome. His face had an indistinct monster-like appearance, and his eyes looked deep and very attractive.

This was a man who could drive any girl crazy. Xiao Chen had never seen anyone so handsome before. He fully used a man’s charm.

The woman also looked like she was in her thirties. She was pretty, and her skin was smooth. She was very pretty. When she walked with the man, they were the perfect couple.

Xiao Chen found the appearance of the couple very familiar. Suddenly, he turned his head to look at Xiao Bai, and he was startled.

This couple looked very similar to Xiao Bai. Xiao Chen made a guess in his heart.

Xiao Bai clutched Xiao Chen’s arm tightly and hid behind him. She said softly, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, why do I feel that these two people look very familiar?”

“Of course, we look familiar. You are my daughter. How can we not look familiar?” The handsome man in white smiled as he looked at Xiao Bai.

The pretty lady at the side smiled at Xiao Chen and said, “Little Friend, thank you for passing me the Cultivation Technique. Also, thank you for taking care of Xiao Bai for so long.”

Xiao Bai looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, is what they say true?”

Xiao Chen’s expression became grave; he had not expected something like this to happen. After a long time, he nodded his head and said, “Xiao Bai, it’s true. They are your parents.”

Since the other party had mentioned the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation and they looked so similar, this should be true.