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Chapter 396: Xiao Bai’s Departure

Chapter 396: Xiao Bai’s Departure

Xiao Chen was only suspicious of how the other party found him.

Xiao Bai’s gaze filled with curiosity as she examined the faces of the couple; she seemed extremely excited. She could feel a familiarity and closeness from her bloodline and was no longer as afraid as before.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and worked very hard to maintain his calm. He asked, “How did you find me?”

Xiao Bai’s parents exchanged glances. Finally, the white-clothed man said, “Let me say it. Xiao Bai’s mother knows your identity. After she successfully changed forms, she went to the Myriad Fiend Palace to look for me.

“At first, I kept sending people to the Great Qin Nation to keep track of news about you. However, it seemed like you had offended some big powers and had gone into hiding. The people I sent could not find any news about you.

“This continued until three months ago when you defeated the various noble clan’s heirs. Only then did I managed to uncover news about you. After that, news of your fight with Yue Chenxi on the Green Wind Island spread as well. By then, we knew exactly where you were.”

Thinking about it, that was true. After Xiao Chen left the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, he did not bother with covering his tracks at all. As long as one spent the effort, it was not really difficult to track him down.

Now that Xiao Chen had cleared his doubts, he threw caution to the wind and said, “What do you want? Just say it. If you want to kill me, just do it. After all, I cannot resist.”

“Do you want to kill Elder Brother Xiao Chen? Xiao Bai will not allow you to hurt him!” When Xiao Bai heard what Xiao Chen said, she nervously stood in front of Xiao Chen.

The white-clothed man and the beautiful lady exchanged a glance and could not help but laugh. “Why would we want to kill you? You saved my wife and aided by daughter in changing forms. Furthermore, you did not enslave her. I can tell that with one glance.

“I, An Zixuan, can distinguish right from wrong and will not distort the truth deliberately.”

This person’s words gave off an imposing atmosphere. As he stood quietly on the surface of the sea, he did not release the aura of a Martial Sage.

Xiao Chen’s expressions relaxed. He had not expected such a situation. He had stolen his daughter away as a pet and thought that the other party would be harsh on him for it.

Even if An Zixuan did not kill Xiao Chen on account of him saving Xiao Bai’s mother, he would at least beat Xiao Chen.

Now, it seemed like not only would An Zixuan not kill Xiao Chen, but An Zixuan was also quite considerate to him, confusing him.

Xiao Bai’s mother looked at Xiao Bai and smiled, “We will not do anything to you. We just want to take Xiao Bai to the Myriad Fiend Palace. In the end, she is not human. If the human world discovers her identity…”

An Zixuan continued, “With your strength, you are far from sufficient to protect her. It is the safest for her at the Myriad Fiend Palace.”

Xiao Chen lowered his head and pondered. The other party was Xiao Bai’s parents. Their reasoning was sound, and they had the right to take Xiao Bai away. He did not have any reason to stop them.

However, Xiao Chen was still somewhat unwilling to send Xiao Bai away. For a long time, he had been alone, and only Xiao Bai accompanied him.

To Xiao Chen, Xiao Bai was not a pet but a true companion. After she left, his path on the road of cultivation would become far lonelier.

“Xiao Bai will not go. Xiao Bai changed form after many difficulties so that she could stay by Elder Brother Xiao Chen’s side so that Xiao Bai can cultivate and help him beat up the bad people.” When Xiao Bai heard that An Zixuan wanted to take her away, she quickly hid behind Xiao Chen.

When An Zixuan heard that, his expression changed slightly. He looked at Xiao Chen, and his expression turned grave. An indistinct killing intent started to spread.

Xiao Chen immediately felt a horrifying pressure. He did not know what was going on, so he put his guard up and prepared to flee at any time.

Xiao Bai’s mother tugged at An Zixuan gently when she saw the situation. She whispered into his ear for a moment before his expression returned to normal.

When Xiao Chen heard what Xiao Bai’s mother said, he could not help his bitter smile. So, An Zixuan thought that he had fooled around with his daughter. That’s why Xiao Bai said something like that.

However, no matter how dastardly I am, I will not make a move on a little girl, Xiao Chen thought, depressed.

However, as Xiao Bai’s parents, they were right to worry. Xiao Chen could understand and knew what to say.

Xiao Chen pushed Xiao Bai in front of him and smiled gently, “Xiao Bai, you should leave with your parents. I will visit you at the Myriad Fiend Palace in the future. It’s true. With my current strength, I cannot protect you.”

Xiao Bai’s eyes were moist as she said, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, do you not want me anymore?”

When An Zixuan and his wife saw Xiao Bai attachment to Xiao Chen, they did not know what to do. This was especially so when they saw the girl crying.

Xiao Chen gently advised, “You have remained by my side for a long time. However, your parents have never spent any time with you. This is not fair to them. Isn’t Xiao Bai a very mature girl?”

When Xiao Bai heard this, she thought about it. Clearly, she was moved by Xiao Chen’s words. However, she still hesitated and was very restless.

Xiao Bai’s mother came over at this moment and held Xiao Bai’s hands gently. She smiled and said, “Xiao Bai, you are now very weak and Xiao Chen has to keep distracting himself to protect you. This will affect his cultivation. You don’t want to see that happen, right?”

The moment Xiao Bai heard this, she immediately lowered her head. She thought to herself, Indeed, I am very weak. I cannot defeat many strong Demonic Beasts.

Although Xiao Chen had not called her a burden, there were some things that did not need to be said. For a very long time, Xiao Chen had always protected her. She could rarely help him.

After Xiao Bai thought of that, she looked up and asked, “Then, if I go to the Myriad Fiend Palace, will I become stronger?”

An Zixuan finally heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, “You are my daughter; naturally, your talent is not poor. If you go to the Myriad Fiend Palace, you will become stronger than me one day.”

Xiao Bai turned back to ask Xiao Chen if it were true or not. When she got a definitive answer, she finally agreed to go to the Myriad Fiend Palace.

What must happen, will happen. Even if Xiao Chen felt unwilling, he made his decision. He removed the Spirit Blood Jade on his chest and handed it to An Zixuan.

An Zixuan received it and took a look. Then, he handed it back. He said softly, “Keep it. You can still meet in the future. I know that you sincerely care for Xiao Bai.

After An Zixuan said that, he took out a jade medallion and handed it to Xiao Chen. He said, “This is the Myriad Fiend Palace’s Heavenly Fiend Medallion. At a crucial moment, you can summon a clone of the ancient Fiend Emperor to save your life. If you don’t use it, you can bring it to the Myriad Fiend Palace to look for me. I will agree to help you with something that is not unreasonable.”

Xiao Chen received the medallion and felt speechless. Why do these Martial Sages like to hand out medallions to people? I have actually received two medallions in one day.

“Seniors, Xiao Bai, I will take my leave first. After you go to the Myriad Fiend Palace, stop behaving like a small drunkard,” Xiao Chen smiled gently and said his goodbyes.

As Xiao Bai watched Xiao Chen leave, tears fell from the corners of her eyes. She made a promise to herself, In two years, I will become very strong. I will not be a burden to Elder Brother Xiao Chen.

After Xiao Chen left Xiao Bai, he felt truly alone. In the future, he could only walk the path of cultivation alone.

Then, he looked at the Lunar Saber Saber and smiled faintly, “That’s not right; I forgot about you. I still have the Lunar Shadow Saber. Regardless of the situation, my saber will always accompany me.”

There was still a long way to go. Xiao Chen calmed himself and continued on his journey to Green Wind Island.

Along the way, two sharp killing Qi came from the reef ahead and pressed on Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s eyes brightened, and he scanned the area before him. When he clearly saw the appearance of two people, he could not help but feel it was strange. He said, “It’s Wu Shangxuan and Yang Wen. Why are they together?”

Xiao Chen remembered that Wu Shangxuan had viciously slaughtered Yang Wen’s companions in the treasure room on Qianren Island. Yet, they were now together and had become companions.

“Xiu! Xiu!”

Wu Shangxuan and Yang Wen flew toward Xiao Chen rapidly. Soon, they landed about a hundred meters away from him.

Wu Shangxuan fondled his chin as a sinister look flashed in his eyes. He said viciously, “I told you before. As long as we waited here, we would run into this brat sooner or later. Do you believe me now?”

Yang Wen smiled faintly and looked at Xiao Chen as he said, “Hand over the treasures you found in the treasure room, as well as the Spirit Herbs you obtained from the herb garden. If you do that, I will consider letting you live. Otherwise, don’t think you can escape alive.”

Xiao Chen squinted his eyes and revealed a disdainful look. As long as they have a common interest, enemies can stand so close together. This is interesting.

However, did these two people think that Xiao Chen was someone easily dealt with?

Wu Shangxuan revealed a murderous intent on his face. He said coldly, “Why bother speaking nonsense with him. Just kill him, and we can split the contents of his spatial ring.”


After Wu Shangxuan spoke, he stomped on the sea heavily and the huge force caused waves to surge up.


Yang Wen’s eyes turned cold, and he stopped speaking. He also stomped on the sea and launched himself forward.

Despite the two people with surging auras rushing over, Xiao Chen maintained his calm. A fierce flame burned continuously in his right eye.

Soon, a huge flaming whirlpool formed in the boundless space of Xiao Chen’s right eye. He shouted a warcry, and the surging purple flames spewed out.


Before the two were twenty meters from Xiao Chen, a massive, surging purple flame suddenly appeared before them; it was ten meters wide and a hundred meters tall.

The scorching purple flames flickered with a dim light. The high temperature caused steam to rise from the sea. As the steam rose into the air, it spread and formed an overwhelming mist.

Wu Shangxuan and Yang Wen’s expression changed greatly. In one instant, a boundless churning sea filled their vision.

In the next instant, a huge purple flame suddenly covered their vision. This was very frightening.


This strange and strong purple flame startled the two. They could not understand what was happening as they executed their Movement Technique to their peak and retreated.

“Chi! Chi!”

The purple flames suddenly landed where the two had originally stood. A deep void, about twenty meters in diameter, appeared in the sea water.

A large vapor cloud rose from the sea. The void appeared only for an instant before the surrounding seawater filled the hole.