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Chapter 397: Killing Wu Shangxuan

Chapter 397: Killing Wu Shangxuan

A huge whirlpool formed in the calm sea. Currents formed in the surrounding water as the whirlpool spun increasingly faster.

Finally, a huge pillar of water shot into the sky, appearing very frightening.

Wu Shangxuan and Yang Wen exchanged a glance. They both saw fear in each other’s expressions.

Three months ago, although Xiao Chen was strong, he was still slightly weaker than them.

However, at this moment, a casual strike from Xiao Chen, without even drawing his saber, could cause such great calamity. His strength had far exceeded either of theirs.

“Damn it! This fellow has grown stronger. We must deal with him with our full strength. Otherwise, he will bury us here.”

Wu Shangxuan said sinisterly. A dark dagger had appeared in his hand at an unknown time.

Yang Wen also took out a pair of gloves form his spatial ring and slowly placed them on. Reverse metal hooks and spikes covered the gloves. A Spiritual Light also flickered on the material. They were clearly a Secret Treasure.

Xiao Chen watched the two’s movements and smiled faintly. He slowly moved forward, and the flames in his right eye began to rage once more.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Strands of purple flame launched out like artillery shells. Everywhere they passed, the air burned, creating a dark vacuum.

The two leaped continuously on the sea surface, avoiding the purple flames flying at them. The sea became choppy as it churned; occasionally, a surging pillar would soar into the sky.

From time to time, the waves tossed some unfortunate fish into the sky, and the high temperature roasted them alive. they burned until only skeletons remained.


Suddenly, Yang Wen shouted a warcry and soared into the air. A huge force exploded from his glove as he punched.

A horrifying fist wind struck the purple flames that Xiao Chen had launched, creating intense explosions.

Shockwaves swept through the area and immediately created hundred-meters-tall waves.

It looks like the purple flames at seventy percent power is already the equivalent to the full power strike from a Superior Grade Martial King, Xiao Chen thought to himself. Since that is the case, there is no further need to keep testing it.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen placed his right hand on the saber hilt and drew the Lunar Shadow Saber with lightning speed. A dazzling purple light quickly illuminated the blade.

Then, the saber turned into a black line, passing through the wall of water and striking Wu Shangxuan.

Wu Shangxuan was preparing to beat Xiao Chen to the point where he could not retaliate. However, he discovered a boundless killing Qi above him, surging at him.

Wu Shangxuan’s expression turned fearful, and he saw a dazzling purple light. The light was so piercing that his eyes hurt.


In the time for a spark to fly, Wu Shangxuan retreated by half a step. He held his dagger in a reverse grip and protected his face with it as he tried to block Xiao Chen’s attack descending from the sky.

Wu Shangxuan’s experience had saved his life at a crucial moment, and he avoided being chopped in half.

However, a huge force traveled through the dagger and caused Wu Shangxuan’s wrist to be numb; he almost dropped his weapon.

When Wu Shangxuan saw his opponent remaining calm with killing Qi radiating from his eyes, his heart turned cold. He held his right wrist with his left hand.

“You think you can block it?”

Xiao Chen snorted coldly. He pushed his right hand, which held the saber, down. The purple Qi whirlpool in his dantian spun rapidly and sent more Essence liquid.

With the aid of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s sixth layer, Xiao Chen’s strength instantly increased by twenty percent.


This force knocked Wu Shangxuan’s body away, and he dropped the dagger.

How many Spirit Herbs did this fellow consume? How is his Essence so surging? It is much stronger than a regular Superior Grade Martial King.

Wu Shangxuan vomited a mouthful of blood as he thought in horror. Xiao Chen’s Essence was unexpectedly stronger than his.

Although Wu Shangxuan’s Cultivation Technique was only a Medial Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique, he had practiced it for several decades. However, Xiao Chen was only a teenager, yet, he could overwhelm Wu Shangxuan with his Essence.


Suddenly, a sonic boom rang beside Wu Shangxuan’s ear. It was Yang Wen, taking advantage of this opportunity to fly over.

Xiao Chen spun around and brandished his saber; his movements were very fluid. He directly chopped down on his opponent’s gloves.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sharp saber created sparks on the gloves. However, the gloves remained undamaged. The gloves decreased the surging Essence by half.

Yang Wen had a sinister look as he laughed, “My gloves are an offensive peak Inferior Grade Secret Treasure. You cannot break through them. Don’t regret giving me a chance to get near to you.”


Yang Wen arrived less than one meter before Xiao Chen in a flash. He punched with his right fist at Xiao Chen’s chest. The spikes and reverse hooks on his gloves were very visible.

When looking at them, one would tremble in fear. If they were struck by them, they would either receive severe injuries or die.

When cultivators got into a close quarter fight, long weapons like sabers and swords lose their effectiveness; they could not do anything to stop the opponent’s movements.

This was the principle of one inch longer, one inch stronger; one inch shorter, one inch riskier.

Xiao Chen tilted his body to dodged his opponent’s attack and then quickly retreated. Before his opponent got close again, he brandished his saber.

However, that strange pair of gloves had significantly reduced the force of Xiao Chen’s attack again. Yang Wen took advantage to close in on him once more.

“Hu chi!”

This repeated a few times. Xiao Chen was unable to deal with Yang Wen’s attacks completely.

Wu Shangxuan finally regulated the fluctuating Essence within his body and rejoined the fight. He turned into a flashed of black light and used his sharp dagger to harass Xiao Chen occasionally.

When the two cooperated, they finally managed to suppress Xiao Chen. They forced Xiao Chen into retreating on the sea surface; in the blink of an eye, they had moved a thousand meters.

Wu Shangxuan’s complexion also regained its color. He laughed sinisterly, “Brat, the people whom I, Wu Shangxuan, have targeted have never survived. You will not be an exception. I will trample on you violently once I’m done. How dare you step on me. Reckless fool!”

Right after Wu Shangxuan spoke, he became slightly careless. In the time for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen noticed it and kicked out.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen kicked Wu Shangxuan’s chin again, causing him to tumble through the air. Blood dripped from his chin ceaselessly.

It’s my chance! Yang Wen’s eyes lit up with joy. He increased the speed of his fist wind. There will definitely be an opening the instant he withdraws his attack. He will not be able to dodge or retreat.

Indeed, Xiao Chen could not dodge this attack. However, he had not planned to do so either. With a thought, the jade pendant on his chest lit up, laying a dense Essence shield around Xiao Chen.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The gloves with reverse hooks and spikes stopped at the Essence shield for a second before breaking it and continuing forward.

It was exactly as how this jade pendant was described; it could only block the full power strike of a Medial Grade Martial King. It could not block the attacks of a Superior Grade Martial King.

However, by softening the force of the attack, Xiao Chen had achieved his goal. He still had a peak Inferior Grade defensive Secret Treasure, the inner vest.

The sharp gloves struck Xiao Chen’s chest. However, unlike what Yang Wen imagined, it did not pierce his chest or create a mess of blood. It merely knocked Xiao Chen back by ten meters and did nothing else.

“How did it turn out like this? My gloves are extremely sharp. Even a peak Superior Grade Martial King cannot block them,” Yang Wen exclaimed in shock.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and brandished his saber as he advanced. “You are not the only person with Secret Treasures.”

Yang Wen recovered his wits and smiled, “As long as you let me get near, unless your Essence surpasses that of a Martial Monarch, my punch will weaken your Essence.”

“Is that so?”

Xiao Chen laughed coldly, and a red light flashed on his forehead. The red light instantly flowed into the dazzling purple saber light. The state of massacre merged with the saber light.

“Ka ka!”

Xiao Chen hacked down as Yang Wen watched with a disbelieving gaze. Xiao Chen chopped the gloves into halves, and they fell off.

The gloves no longer weakened the surging force. The saber Qi swept across and opened a horrifying wound on Yang Wen’s chest.

“Wukui Shakes the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen followed up his successful attack, immediately executing the killing move of the Wukui Saber Technique. After Xiao Chen advanced to Martial King, the might of the Wukui Saber Technique increased by several folds.

The might of a peak Earth Ranked Martial Technique was truly displayed.

The divine Wukui Tree contained a strong electrical energy and a surging aura as it descended from the sky.

Yang Wen could not dodge in time. The divine Wukui Tree struck him, and he vomited mouthfuls of blood before falling to the sea.

Xiao Chen did not give Yang Wen a chance to get back up. He charged forward and swung his saber three times, dealing with this person once and for all.

Then, Xiao Chen removed Yang Wen’s spatial ring. He turned around and chased after Wu Shangxuan who had transformed into a flash of black light and fled.

“Xiao Chen, the next time you meet this old man, I will consign you to eternal damnation, and you will die without a chance to get buried!”

Xiao Chen leaped into the air and said indifferently, “You no longer have that chance!”

“Wukui Breaks the Heavens!”

A thick beam of light, alternating between purple and red, elongated on the saber. In the blink of an eye, it extended several thousand meters over the sea.

Everywhere the beam passed, waves surged on either side. Its aura was very frightening.


A loud, miserable cry echoed. Wu Shangxuan held his hand over a bloody wound at the end of the beam of light. His eyes filled with horror.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Xiao Chen slowly walked over on the sea. By the time he arrived before Wu Shangxuan, he had stopped breathing. Then, Xiao Chen removed the spatial ring on his hand.

After that, Xiao Chen sheathed the Lunar Shadow Saber without sparing the other’s body even a glance before continuing on to Green Wind Island.

The setting sun looked scarlet as it reflected its light on the surface of the vast sea. The two corpse floated peacefully at sea. However, soon, the ferocious sea creatures consumed them, not even leaving bones.

Xiao Chen’s emotion did not fluctuate much when he killed two peak Superior Grade Martial Kings. Before he had advanced to Martial King, he could already kill Superior Grade Martial Kings.

After Xiao Chen advanced to Martial King, his strength increased comprehensively. Killing two ordinary peak Superior Grade Martial Kings was nothing.

The strength of a cultivator was primarily dependent on the purity and quantity of Essence followed by Cultivation Technique, Martial Techniques, and comprehended states, in that order.

Xiao Chen did not lack strength in any of these. He had relied on large amounts of Spirit Herbs for his Essence. His Essence could compare to peak Superior Grade Martial Kings.

The Cultivation Technique Xiao Chen cultivated was a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique. His opponents had only cultivated a Medial Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique. The Martial Technique he used was a peak Earth Ranked ancient Martial Technique, much stronger than what his opponents had used.