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Chapter 398: Deal with Bai Lixi

Chapter 398: Deal with Bai Lixi

As for states, there was no need even to mention them. Xiao Chen’s state of thunder, which he merged with Holy Might, and the state of massacre could overwhelm his opponents.

With Xiao Chen’s current strength, Martial Kings who were less than half step Martial Monarchs could not defeat him. Of course, the peak geniuses of some great sects with better situations than him were exceptions.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and opened Yang Wen’s Spatial Ring. He scanned it with his Spiritual Sense and counted more than twenty thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and more than five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

It looked like Yang Wen had a good harvest from the Qianren Island. Five thousand-odd Medial Grade Spirit Stones was a significant sum. However, they all now belonged to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen put away the Spirit Stones and shifted his gaze to Wu Shanxuan’s spatial ring.

This person had been vicious and deceitful. In the main palace at the Qianren Island, many treasure seekers died at his hands. Even if they did not number a hundred, they would, at least, number eighty.

Xiao Chen thought of the bloody pile of corpses at that doorway, and his heart felt a chill.

Xiao Chen wondered what would be in Wu Shangxuan’s spatial ring. He was full of anticipation as he sent in his Spiritual Sense.

Piles of Spirit Stones appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision, dazzling him. Even though he had mentally prepared, he did not expect such riches.

Xiao Chen made a rough count. Just counting Medial Grade Spirit Stones alone, there were more than 15,000. There were also more than two hundred very rare Superior Grade Spirit Stones.

The Inferior Grade Spirit Stones were simply uncountable. Aside from these, there were many Secret Treasures and all sorts of Martial Techniques and Cultivation Techniques. Thinking about it, Wu Shangxuan must have taken them from other cultivators.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath before he calmed himself. He said, “He obtained all of this using despicable tactics;, that is not the right way to do things.”

Xiao Chen’s statement was proven by the fact that Wu Shangxuan had so many resources, but he still had not advanced to half step Martial Monarch.

This also served as a warning for Xiao Chen. If one’s heart were warped, he would not reach the peak.

The bustling harbor of the Green Wind Island had already appeared before Xiao Chen’s eyes. He quickly placed the Spirit Stones within his own Universe Ring before hastening toward the Green Wind Island.

When Xiao Chen reached the island, he immediately rushed toward the inn where he had stayed and asked around for Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao.

“Youth Hero, your friends had already left a month ago. Before they departed, they left a letter behind, telling me to hand it to you,” When the waiter at the inn saw Xiao Chen asking, he quickly took out a sealed letter and handed it to Xiao Chen.

They left a month ago. This means that Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao waited more than two months for me. This is quite interesting.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and received the letter. Then, he rewarded the waiter with an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone. The waiter immediately left joyfully.

Xiao Chen ripped open the letter and carefully read its contents. After a while, he finished reading it.

The letter did not say much. The main gist of it was that Jin Dabao had already finished the negotiation with the Black Dragon Group. Both sides took a step back, and he had to deal with this. So, he could not keep waiting for Xiao Chen.

At the end of the letter, Jin Dabao invited Xiao Chen to the Great Tang Nation. At that time, he would play the role of a proper host to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was quite interested in Jin Dabao’s invitation. The strongest sect in the Great Tang Nation was the Beast Taming Abode. Its fame spread throughout the continent, and he had wanted to check it out for a long time.

The Beast Taming Abode was the only sect that grasped the methods to tame high ranked Spirit Beasts. According to rumors, they even managed to tame Rank 9 and Rank 10 Spirit Beasts.

The Beast Taming Abode was incredibly famous in the continent. Their founder, Mao Yanan, was also the only cultivator who was not a Martial Emperor that could compete for the peak with other Martial Emperors.

Xiao Chen carefully put away the letter and called the waiter to prepare a good room and hot water for him. After taking a comfortable, hot bath and dressing, he ordered a feast and ate.

After three months of living on a desolate island in closed-door training, Xiao Chen’s spirit was somewhat tired. Now, a hot bath and a feast gave him great pleasure.

“Waiter, give his Lord two vats of wine and five kilograms of beef. The faster, the better.”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Right after Xiao Chen ate and prepared to settle the bill, a stout man came up. He was two meters tall and carried a large axe. He looked coarse and ferocious.

When regular people glanced at him, they would tremble in fear. This was the Bai Lixi whom Xiao Chen forced out of the herb garden with his trick. Xiao Chen had not expected to see him here.

Bai Lixi’s gaze moved around and caught sight of Xiao Chen in his white robes. His expression changed greatly as he revealed a ferocious look in his eyes.

Bai Lixi took out his large axe and hacked down without any warning.


Xiao Chen did not draw his saber but used the scabbard to block the axe, giving off a dull sound.

A huge force traveled through the scabbard. Surprisingly, Xiao Chen could not deal with the force and took three steps back. He had to put some pressure on his legs to push against the wooden floor before he stopped.

Something seems to be up with this axe, Xiao Chen thought to himself. The other party’s physical strength should be stronger than mine.

However, it has not reached a ridiculous level yet. After applying my strength skillfully, I can still dissipate the force. This shows that there is something wrong with the axe.

However, Xiao Chen did not focus too much on this problem. He had no intentions of fighting this person. Even though he had already reached Martial King, his odds against Bai Lixi were not more than fifty percent.

Xiao Chen could only go to the extent of not being afraid of him. After all, the other party was a cultivator who gained his fame long ago. Furthermore, he focused on cultivating his physical body. In reality, his combat prowess was much stronger than cultivators of the same rank.

When Xiao Chen saw that Bai Lixi intended to continue, he said sullenly, “Bai lixi, if you don’t want that Spirit Herb for tempering the physical body, by all means, swing that axe again.”

When Bai Lixi heard that, a light flickered in his eyes. He hesitated for a long time and stayed his axe in the end.


Bai Lixi casually tossed the axe to the ground, and the huge inn trembled. Bai Lixi sat down and said, “This old man had forgotten; you cultivate the physical body as well. You must have obtained many body tempering Spirit Herbs.”

“Hand over all your body tempering Spirit Herbs, and I will not kill you. I, Bai Lixi, am true to my words.”

Xiao Chen sat down across from him and smiled gently, “Sorry, I need those body tempering Spirit Herbs as well; I can’t give them to you.”

Bai Lixi’s expression froze. He picked up his axe and snarled, “Brat, are you messing with me?”

Right before Bai Lixi erupted in anger, Xiao Chen said in a drawn-out fashion, “There are indeed no Spirit Herbs. However, there is a Heaven Ranked Body Tempering secret manual passed down by the Savanna King.”

Bai Lixi’s expression suddenly changed, and he quickly put away his axe. He felt bewildered as he asked, “Are you talking about the Savanna King’s Firmament Body Tempering Art?”

Xiao Chen smiled gently and flashed the Firmament Body Tempering Art. When Bai Lixi had a clear look, he immediately put it away.

“It really is the Firmament Body Tempering Art. I thought that the Dark Church’s man had stolen it. This brat unexpectedly found it!” Bai Lixi’s wore a shocked expression. His eyes filled with fire.

There were very few cultivators who cultivated their physical body. As for Body Tempering Cultivation Techniques, they were, naturally, rarer.

A low-ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique might be harder to find than a high-ranked regular Cultivation Technique.

In the many years Bai Lixi had cultivated, he merely cultivated an Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique. He had already cultivated that Cultivation Technique to its peak, and he had no more possibility of improvements.

When Bai Lixi saw that Xiao Chen really had a Heaven Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique, he was very excited.

Bai Lixi subconsciously grasped the handle of his axe and withdrew his killing Qi. He thought joyfully, Fortunately, this brat delivered himself to me. I will kill him later.

After that, I will obtain the Body Tempering secret manual and Spirit Herbs easily.

Xiao Chen gently took a sip of tea and gazed the other party. He said softly, “Put away your axe. If I want to leave, you cannot stop me. Without the confidence to do so, would I take the initiative to sit across you?”

Bai Lixi calmed down. He said, “What do you want? Just say it. I have to get my hands on that Heaven Ranked Body Tempering secret manual.”

Xiao Chen said casually, “That can only happen if I am willing. Is that thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng still with you?”

Bai Lixi laughed out loudly, “Ha ha! You should have said it earlier. Here, for you! Now, give me the Body Tempering secret manual.”

Bai Lixi cultivated his physical body. The thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng could only increase the cultivation of Essence. Although it was extremely precious, it was useless to him. Hence, he tossed it out straightforwardly.

“Xiao Chen laughed, “You are too naive. You want to exchange a Snow Ginseng for a Heaven Ranked secret manual? That is only sufficient to pay for a small portion of it.”

“You are refusing a toast, only to drink a forfeit!”

Bai Lixi snorted coldly. He pounded the table with his right fist, and a massive force smashed the wooden table into bits.

The table did not merely break apart at the joints but had truly shattered, turning into countless splinters. This showed that Bai Lixi had great control of his strength.

Bai Lixi raised his large axe and hacked at Xiao Chen’s head with lightning speed.

However, when that sharp axe was about to hit Xiao Chen’s head, Bai Lixi stopped.

The instant the table shattered, Xiao Chen used two fingers and jabbed at Bai Lixi’s throat. A three-inch-long sword circled his neck.

That three-inch-long sword looked very plain, but Bai Lixi could feel a terrifying energy from it.

Bai Lixi did not doubt that, as long as he made a move, the sword will immediately slice his throat. Even if he had tempered his body to the point of copper muscle and iron bones, he would not survive it.

Xiao Chen said coldly, “You can try; see which is faster, your axe or my flying sword.

Bai Lixi’s expression did not change as he said, “Brat, don’t be too greedy. If I did not guess incorrectly, you snatched the burial items of the Savanna King. This small sword should be one of them.

“The Firmament Body Tempering Art you are going to give me is probably a copy. You have already won a thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng with just a copy. Have you thought that, if you are too greedy, I could spread the news of you obtaining all the burial items? Have you considered the consequence of that?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “You can do that. I can also spread the news that you attacked me and stole all of the burial items. I have close to fifty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. You can try and see whose news will spread faster.”

Bai Lixi’s face sank. He grasped the axe handle tightly with his right hand and said coldly, “What do you want?”

The atmosphere between the two was intense. One person held an axe above the other’s head, and one person pressed a Secret Treasure against the other’s neck.