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Chapter 399: Suffer Great Losses

Chapter 399: Suffer Great Losses

With just a thought from either side, they would perish together. In such a situation, someone with a weaker mind would crumble.

When the people in the inn saw Bai Lixi and Xiao Chen fight, they all quickly left; no one stayed behind.

When they saw the situation turn strange, they fled as far as they could. Bai Lixi’s infamy had spread far and wide. If he was in a bad mood, he might tear down the entire inn.

If they lingered here and got caught in the crossfire, they would only find an unfortunate ending.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained stoic. It was as though he could not see the dangerous large axe hovering over his head. He said indifferently, “It’s very simple. It is impossible to trade the Snow Ginseng for the secret manual. It’s not even worth a copy.

“Thinking about it, I was the one who tossed this Snow Ginseng to you. So technically, that was something that had belonged to me in the first place. Don’t even think of trying to use my property to exchange for something else, trying to scam me.”

Bai Lixi was frustrated when he heard this. This fellow still has the cheek to say this. If he had not tossed this thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng to me for no reason, would I have been driven out of the herb garden so early?

If I had not been driven out of the herb garden, I would have several good quality body tempering Spirit Herbs. Had I been lucky, I might even have obtained the Savanna King’s burial items.

Yet, this fellow turns around and accuses me of scamming him. How shameless!

Bai Lixi said resolutely, “You win; I will throw in another two thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Is that sufficient?”

Xiao Chen remained silent for a while before saying, “If I take this Firmament Body Tempering Art to the auction in the Ancient Desolate Land, I believe I could obtain at least ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Bai Lixi’s hand trembled, he was very tempted to hack down on Xiao Chen. This fellow looked young and delicate, yet, he was so imposing.

However, how was Bai Lixi going to obtain ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones? All of his properties added together were not even worth that much. Without killing others for treasure or running into fortuitous encounters, he would have to work hard in the Ancient Desolate Land for five to six years before he could amass that much.

Bai Lixi took a deep breath and did his best to suppress his restless heart. “I can give you another two thousand, no more than that.”

Xiao Chen looked calmly at Bai Lixi and said indifferently, “At least add another five thousand. Otherwise, forget it. I will sell it myself. If not, you can gamble, see if you can dodge my flying sword and hit me first.

“However, let me tell you this first. This Secret Treasure of mine is a peak Inferior Grade offensive Secret Treasure. It is extremely fast. Even I do not have the confidence to dodge it.”

Bai Lixi looked like he was going to spew fire from his eyes. Since he became famous, he had not been pushed to such a miserable state before. Furthermore, the other party was merely a junior.

Bai Lixi had to be careful with everything he said; he could not shed any pretense of cordiality. He could not describe such a sullen feeling.

However, that Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Body Tempering secret manual was simply too important to Bai Lixi. It was something that could determine whether or not he would advance to the next realm.

Cultivating the physical body was an arduous road. For Bai Lixi to cultivate from an ordinary pleasant to a peak Superior Grade Martial King proved his talent.

Bai Lixi’s talent was pretty good; he was just short of a better secret manual before he could advance. Now, Xiao Chen squeezed his weak point; he could not do anything to Xiao Chen.


Bai Lixi withdrew his large axe. His coarse face looked very horrifying. After calming his emotions for a long moment, he said, “You win. I will add another thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. As for the rest of the Medial Grade Spirit Stones, I need them to purchase body tempering Spirit Herbs and other things. I cannot give them away. However, I can let you in on a piece of information.”

Xiao Chen withdrew the miniature sword from his opponent’s neck. He thought to himself, One thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng, five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones, and a piece of information in exchange for a copy of a Heaven Ranked secret manual….

This was, more or less, what Xiao Chen had expected. If he pushed further, Bai Lixi would go mad.

A Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique may be very valuable. However, the one Xiao Chen had was one for Body Tempering. He would not fetch a high price for it.

There were too few cultivators who tempered their bodies. It was not a widely used Cultivation Technique. If would be very difficult to drive the price up at an auction.

Hence, when Xiao Chen saw Bai Lixi, he made up his mind to target Bai Lixi. He could obtain the highest value of this secret manual from the gruff cultivator.

The two found another table and sat down. Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Speak; what information is worth two thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Bai Lixi said sullenly, “I have information of a Medial Grade Secret Treasure. Tell me; is that worth it?”

Xiao Chen’s heart leaped. Bai Lixi had instantly captivated his interest. He had already experienced the effects of Secret Treasures.

The Clear Wind Robes increased Xiao Chen’s comprehensively., Ever since they had been gifted to him, he had been using them. The Windwalk Shoes had allowed him to have the speed of a Martial King while he was a Martial Saint.

The protective jade pendant had helped Xiao Chen in fights several times already. As for the peak Inferior Grade inner vest he recently obtained, it had already saved his life once.

The Palm Sword in Xiao Chen’s hand forced Bai Lixi into a standstill, as frustrated as he was.

Without all of these Secret Treasures, Xiao Chen’s strength would decrease by ten percent, and his speed would decrease at least twenty percent. This showed how important Secret Treasures were to him.

However, now that Xiao Chen had advanced to the Martial King realm, his Secret Treasures could no longer keep up with his growth. The jade pendant, for example, could only defend against a Medial Grade Martial King’s attack. It would be useless against anything stronger.

As for the Windwalk Shoes, while Xiao Chen was a Martial Saint, they had raised his movement speed by twenty percent. However, now that he was a Martial King, they could barely raise his speed by ten percent.

Yang Wen and the Greedy Dream Wolf King had struck and damaged the Inferior Grade inner vest. Xiao Chen did not know how much longer he could use it.

The only Secret Treasures that were still effective for Xiao Chen were the Palm Sword and the always-useful Clear Wind Robes. Medial Grade Secret Treasures held great allure for him.

Xiao Chen gently set the teacup on the table and said, interested, “Tell me more.”

Bai Lixi said, “You have heard of the Demon Battlefield in the Ancient Desolate Land before, right? Now, most of the Secret Treasures on the continent come from there.”

Xiao Chen had heard of the Demon Battlefield while he was at the auction in Xihe City. Cultivators who had risked their lives going to the Demon Battlefield had placed the Secret Treasures on auction there.

Bai Lixi continued, “With your strength, there should be no danger for you in the periphery of the Demon Battlefield. The inner region would be more problematic. As for the core region…I can only say good luck.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and said, “What are you trying to say? Just be direct.”

Bai Lixi laughed and took out a piece of paper. He wrote down a location and drew a map before handing it to Xiao Chen. He said, “Normally, Medial Grade Secret Treasures can only be found in the inner region of the Demon Battlefield. The Medial Grade Secret Treasure I am talking about can be found in the periphery. Of course, there is still some danger. Whether you can obtain it or not is up to you.”

Xiao Chen took the note from Bai Lixi and glanced at it. With the location and a map, it would be easy to find the place.

After that, Bai Lixi took out boxes of Medial Grade Spirit Stones before handing over the Snow Ginseng. He said, “Five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones, one thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng, and the news of a Medial Grade Secret Treasure. That is enough already right?!”

Xiao Chen carefully put away the map and swept everything into his Universe Ring. Then he smiled faintly and said, “That’s enough!”

“Then take out the manual!” Bai Lixi said expressionlessly.

Xiao Chen took out a handwritten copy of the secret manual from the Universe Ring and placed it on the table. Then, he got up, turned away, and left.

Bai Lixi was extremely excited. His eyes blazed with fire as he quickly grabbed the secret manual and started reading. He exclaimed excitedly, “It’s real! It’s real! The Firmament Body Tempering Art! Ha ha ha! I, Bai Lixi, have finally obtained a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique!”

Soon Bai Lixi flipped to the last page of the secret manual. When he finished reading it, his expression changed as he grabbed his large axe and ran out to look for Xiao Chen.

“You bastard! How dare you cheat me! Why are there only six layers? Heaven Ranked Cultivation Techniques all have at least twelve layers. Where is the other half?”

Xiao Chen, who had already reached the staircase, turned around and said, “Naturally, it is in my hands.”

Bai Lixi stomped heavily on the wooden floor, hacking his large axe down on Xiao Chen. Relying only on his physical strength, his speed was unexpectedly close to Mach 3.


Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber with lightning speed and merged his two states. The state of thunder and state of massacre intermingled as a purple and red light flashed alternatingly on the saber.

Xiao Chen executed the Drawing the Saber; his speed instantly reached Mach 3 as well. He blocked Bai Lixi’s heavy strike in mid-air without being pushed back.

A loud, dull sound followed, and a horrifying force spread out from their weapons, instantly ripping off the inn’s roof and tossing it into the air.

Fortunately, the other cultivators were wise and had fled earlier. Otherwise, if this shockwave struck them, they would end up in a miserable state.

When Bai Lixi saw that Xiao Chen had blocked his strike while he was in a violent rage, he was somewhat astonished. He shouted angrily, “Brat! What exactly do you want?! I already gave you your price, yet, you tricked me!”

Xiao Chen held onto his Lunar Shadow Saber and said calmly, “Don’t treat me like a three-year-old. Just because you say there is a Secret Treasure, there will be one? If it were so easy to obtain, then why didn’t you retrieve it?”

Bai Lixi said, “If I had not rushed to Qianren Island, I would have obtained that Secret Treasure long ago. You would not even have the chance to find it.”

Xiao Chen maintained his calm expression as he said indifferently, “You can say what you want. I can only give you the other half after I have obtained that Secret Treasure.

“I advise you not to make a rash move. If I am in a bad mood, I might burn the other half. Your Spirit Stones and Snow Ginseng will go to waste.”

Bai Lixi was enraged in his heart. Xiao Chen had completely ripped him off in this deal. The most crucial point was that he could not do anything to this fellow.

Regardless of when, this fellow can always catch hold of my weak points, taking advantage of me!

Damn it!

Bai Lixi cursed and smashed his large axe around the inn in a berserk rage. A horrifying force caused the entire inn to collapse, turning it into rubble.

Xiao Chen walked casually on the broad streets of Green Wind Island. Bai Lixi followed behind with a depressed expression.

“Hey, isn’t that the White Robed Bladesman? The person there looks like Bai Lixi. What’s going on? Why are they together?”

“Exactly, I remember that Bai Lixi had been played by the White Robed Bladesman several times on Qianren Island. This is really strange. Given Bai Lixi’s temper, it is odd that he is walking like that, as though nothing had happened.”

“Earlier, I heard that they were fighting at Tianhe Inn. I think there is a good chance that Bai Lixi could not do anything to Xiao Chen.”

Now, Xiao Chen was already somewhat famous on Green Wind Island. As for Bai Lixi, he became famous long ago. Hence, when they walked outside, many cultivators immediately recognized them.