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Chapter 401: Heavenly Sword Gate? Kill!

Chapter 401: Heavenly Sword Gate? Kill!

Jin Wuji snorted coldly and cursed in his heart. Then, he slowly turned and did not bother to look at Xiao Chen.


There was a loud sound. Xiao Chen kicked Jin Wuji from behind expressionlessly.

Xiao Chen had used his full force in this kick, a total of 125,000 kilograms. A few dull cracking sounds rang out as a few of Jin Wuji’s ribs broke. He vomited a mouthful of blood, falling to the ground.

Jin Wuji had a pained expression as he used his hands to push himself off the ground and stand up.


However, how could Xiao Chen give him the chance to stand up? He simply stepped heavily on Jin Wuji, forcing him back down.

“Pa! Pa!”

Jin Wuji’s face came in contact with the ground again. This time, he hit the ground even harder than before.

Jin Wuji’s face swelled, as a result, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth ceaselessly. Clearly, his internal organs were significantly injured as well. He looked extremely miserable.

“Chi! Chi!”

Jin Wuji kept struggling on the ground, trying to free himself from Xiao Chen. However, Xiao Chen’s foot used more than a hundred thousand kilograms of force.

Xiao Chen’s foot pressed down on him heavily. This made is such that he could not use any of his abilities, be it the state of metal, his cultivation as a peak Inferior Grade Martial King, or the high ranked Martial Techniques of the Heavenly Sword Gate.

No matter how hard Jin Wuji struggled, he could not get up. Instead, as Xiao Chen put more pressure on him, he felt even more pain as he struggled harder.

Xiao Chen looked at Jin Wuji, who squirmed on the ground. His face was empty as he said indifferently, “Didn’t your master ever teach you not to expose your back after you make a threat?”

“Ah…Xiao Chen. You have got guts! How dare you sneak-attack me! I am the final disciple of the Heavenly Sword Gate’s Vice Gate Leader. Now that you have offended me, you are dead, dead for sure! Not even Su Xiaoxiao can save you…”

As Jin Wuji lay on the ground, he kept crying out miserably. Strength filled his words.

Jin Wuji’s voice was very sharp and frantic. It attracted many gazes from the people in the harbor. Soon, many cultivators came over to watch the excitement.

“Strange, how come when the White Robed Bladesman fights with Jin Wuji, Jin Wuji cannot retaliate at all?”

“Indeed, Jin Wuji is, after all, one of the top hundred contenders of the previous Five Nation Youth Competition. He should not be this weak. Even if he was sneak-attacked, this should not be the result.”

“However, Jin Wuji has the Heavenly Sword Gate shielding him. I do not believe the White Robed Bladesman would dare do anything to him. After all, the Heavenly Sword Gate is one of the top sects in the Great Chu Cation. There are many Martial Monarch experts in that sect. Anyone of them could deal with him.”

“Right! However, not many have the courage to trample on Jin Wuji so heavily.”

When the surrounding crowd saw Xiao Chen trampling on Jin Wuji so heavily, they were very excited. They all felt astonished as they discussed this matter. Jin Wuji was one of the top hundred contenders of the Five Nation Youth Competition.

Jin Wuji had just finished speaking, and Xiao Chen kicked the back of his head, stomping on it cruelly.

Xiao Chen held back this time. Otherwise, he would have crushed Jin Wuji’s head. Seeing his miserable state, Xiao Chen felt bored.

Such a person can make it into the top hundred of the Five Nation Youth Competition. This is disappointing. He does not even have a basic awareness of his surroundings.

Yet, he dares to threaten someone stronger than him. Does he really think that, by using the name of the Heavenly Sword Gate, he can humiliate anyone he wants?

When Xiao Chen saw the ships that would return to the continent slowly arriving and crowding the harbor, he shook his head. He lifted his foot and kicked Jin Wuji aside.

Xiao Chen made it look so easy like kicking aside a piece of trash with no concern at all.

Xiao Chen saw that there were several ships arriving into the harbor. He said to Bai Lixi, “Let’s go!”

Bai Lixi laughed and said, “Brat! I just discovered that your temper is quite a match to mine. This kind of arrogant brat needs to be stomped on a few times before he learns his place.

“However, do you plan on letting him off, just like that? Are you not afraid of him taking revenge on you in the future?”

Xiao Chen said calmly, “It does not matter. Killing him or not is the same. Even if he lives, he’ll never amount to much in the future anyway. There is no need to kill him and thoroughly offend the Heavenly Sword Gate.”

The Heavenly Sword Gate had Martial Sages as well as several Martial Monarchs. Although he would be offending the Heavenly Sword Gate regardless, killing Jin Wuji or not would result in different outcomes.

Xiao Chen was very clear on the consequences. As long as he did now kill Jin Wuji, he could deal with the Heavenly Sword Gate’s retaliation.

However, if Jin Wuji continued to cause trouble, Xiao Chen would not mind killing him. The Clear Sky Medallion and the Heavenly Fiend Medallion could be sufficient to help him resolve this problem.

Bai Lixi felt somewhat speechless as he said, “You little brat, I thought that you did not care about the Heavenly Sword Gate. Since that is the case, why did you still make a move?”

Xiao Chen placed his right hand on his saber hilt as he said indifferently, “How often do you think Jin Wuji will show his back to me unguarded? Since he presented his back to me, if I did not kick it, I would let myself down.”

Bai Lixi was initially stunned before he laughed, “Ha ha ha, you are awesome. You have a trace of the same demeanor that I did when I was young. High-ranked sects? Screw them! No matter how many people shield them, just trample on them.

“Screw the saying: ten years is not too late for a gentleman to take his revenge. Since there is a chance, just take it out violently on him. Otherwise, if you bury it in your heart, problems will occur someday.”

“Hu chi!”

Just as this moment, a cutting sound suddenly rang out behind them. A sharp killing Qi flew at Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen had left his right hand on his saber hilt, keeping his guard up at all times. The moment he felt the killing Qi, he spun around and drew his saber. In the time for a spark to fly, he intercepted the sword rushing at him. His two states intermingled on the saber; the state if thunder and state of massacre burst forth.

Xiao Chen attacked with his full power. He did not hold back in the least. At first contact, he sent Jin Wuji’s sword flying.

Jin Wuji looked extremely miserable, his face swollen and his long hair messy. When he saw his sword knocked from his hands, he was mildly astonished. He could not help but vomit another mouthful of blood.

Earlier, Xiao Chen caught Jin Wuji off guard and kicked him. Then, Xiao Chen proceeded to trample on him. His internal organs had already sustained injuries. He barely managed to launch this sword strike.

Xiao Chen raised his Lunar Shadow Saber and rested it on Jin Wuji’s neck. He said indifferently, “Jin Wuji, do you really want to die that badly?”

When Jin Wuji heard this, he laughed, “Trash! Do you even dare kill me? So what if you injured me severely? You have no sect or power behind you. Even the Bloody Bladesman does not dare to kill me, much less you. If you dared to kill me, you would have done so long ago.

“In the end, you are still afraid of the Heavenly Sword Gate’s revenge.” A ruthless and tyrannical look flashed on Jin Wuji’s face. He said coldly, “If it were not for Su Xiaoxiao, I would have killed you long ago. You would not have had the chance to act arrogantly before me.

“If you dare, then kill me and wait for the Heavenly Sword Gate to kill your entire clan. As of today, you have already completely offended me. If you kneel now and beg for mercy, I can spare you. Otherwise, no matter where you go, even to the end of the world, I will repay this humiliation a hundred folds.”

Jin Wuji’s expressed turned sinister. He felt no fear as he looked at the saber Xiao Chen placed in his neck.

He is seriously reckless, Xiao Chen thought to himself. However, when Xiao Chen thought about it, he felt there was something wrong.

Logically, with my saber on his neck and feeling death so close, he should not be so confident, even with the Heavenly Sword Gate backing him.

Xiao Chen turned his head and looked at where Jin Wuji was looking at. He saw a white-clothed swordsman standing on the bow of a merchant ship returning to the continent. An indistinct smile appeared on the swordsman’s face as he watched the three quietly.

That person’s aura was withdrawn like there was a surging sword intent brewing within him, ready to burst forth. He held a treasured sword that had not been drawn yet.

Jin Wuji smiled, “This is my First Senior Brother. He is the final disciple of the Heavenly Sword Gate’s Gate Leader. He has just returned from experiential training in the Boundless Sea. He is a Martial King and is undefeatable. Don’t think that you are invincible after one fortuitous encounter?”

It looks like this person is the source of Jin Wuji’s confidence. No wonder he remained here for three months. He must have been waiting for this person.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Interesting; he is much stronger than trash like you. However, no one can save you today. Die!”


Right as Xiao Chen was about to kill Jin Wuji, a treasured sword flew over from the merchant ship. Everywhere it passed, massive waves appeared. It looked very frightening.

The sword Qi on the sword did not scatter but concentrated at the tip. The air looked like pieces of paper, pierced through by this sword.

Xiao Chen was mildly astonished. The sword contained sword intent. It was stronger than he had anticipated. Furthermore, it was extremely fast. It reached Mach 3 in an instant.

If Xiao Chen had wanted to continue forcefully, he would have to receive a blow from that sword. Xiao Chen thought very fast, making a quick decision. He withdrew his saber and dodged this sword.


Although Jin Wuji had spoken so easily and casually, he had circled the gates of hell earlier. His heart pounded rapidly, much faster than usual. He felt very frightened. He could not help but fall to his knees.

“Weng! Weng! Weng!”

The sword quickly spun around in the air. Unexpectedly, it did not continue moving in the direction of its previous target. It turned and flew toward Xiao Chen.

“This is the Heavenly Sword Gate’s Heavenly Gate Resistance Fencing. It is a Martial Technique that only the Gate Leader and the successor can learn.”

“Ding Fengchou has arrived. No wonder Jin Wuji became so courageous, making a sneak attack. So, First Senior Brother has arrived.”

“The White Robed Bladesman is in trouble now. Ding Fengchou was one of the top fifty in last year’s Five Nation Youth Competition. He is considered a top talent in the Great Jin Nation. After one year, his strength must have risen explosively.”

When the many cultivators saw the sword flying through the air, they quickly recognize the origin of this move and the identity of the person who executed it.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Xiao Chen did not plan to clash head-on with the sword. Doing that would allow the other party accomplish his goal. Hence, he took three steps back.

The huge energy on the sword blasted three large holes where Xiao Chen previously stood. This displayed this Sword Technique’s strength.