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Chapter 402: Ding Fengchou

Chapter 402: Ding Fengchou

The Heavenly Gate Resistance Fencing is quite interesting, Xiao Chen thought to himself. It was hard to imagine that a sword could still be so fast and strong after it has left the user’s hands.

Furthermore, it could kill at a distance, allowing the user to gain an advantageous position.

However, in the end, someone controlled the sword. Xiao Chen turned his head to look at the white-clothed swordsman with a casual expression on the ship’s bow. A ferocious purple flame started burning in his right eye.


Soon, the flames in Xiao Chen’s eyes quickly condensed into a purple whirlpool. With a thought, the Purple Thunder True Fire containing the Origin Flame spewed forth.

Watching from a distance, the surging purple flame was like a huge coiling dragon. Its purple light was indistinct. The winds howled, and thunder roared.

Ding Fengchou, who stood on the bow, frowned slightly. His right hand quickly formed hand seals, and the flying sword chasing Xiao Chen relentless pierced through the dense purple flames with a ‘xiu’ sound, returning to Ding Fengchou’s hand.


Ding Fengchou shouted a warcry as he brandished his sword. A 33-meter-long surging sword light appeared on the sword and hacked the purple flames in half in an instant.

Ding Fengchou leaped through the forging purple flames while gripping his sword. He arrived at the harbor in one leap.

“First Senior Brother, help me kill him!” When Jin Wuji saw this person, he joyfully walked over.

Ding Fengchou smiled faintly and ignored Jin Wuji. He stared at Xiao Chen; his gaze was like a sharp sword piercing at Xiao Chen.

What a sharp sword intent! Xiao Chen exclaimed in his heart. He is only a Medial Grade Martial King, but his quantity and quality of Essence are no less than mine. In fact, it is superior to mine.

It looked like the other party was a genius swordsman that the Heavenly Sword Gate had heavily invested in. He certainly had more Spirit Herbs available to him than others.

Bai Lixi whispered to Xiao Chen, “You are probably not a match for this person. Not only has he comprehended sword intent, but his Essence is also denser than yours. He should have just returned from the Boundless Sea’s Deep Sea Battlefield. This is when his killing Qi is at its strongest.”

Without needing Bai Lixi to remind him, Xiao Chen had already felt it. He placed his right hand on his saber hilt and quickly merged his state of thunder and state of massacre.

The snow-white blade flickered between red and purple alternatively; it looked very odd.

A dense fighting intent appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He did not shrink back at all. He had been searching for a true opponent to test his strength.

The Ding Fengchou before Xiao Chen was undoubtedly a suitable person.

When Ding Fengchou saw the two alternating lights on Xiao Chen’s saber, a look of interest flashed in his eyes. “Interesting; he has comprehended the state of massacre and state of thunder. Maybe he can withstand a few of my strikes.”


Ding Fengchou’s sword trembled and gave off a melodious hum. He made his move in an instant, piercing his sword toward Xiao Chen’s forehead.

A dense red light illuminated Ding Fengchou’s sword. This Ding Fengchou had comprehended the state of massacre as well.


Xiao Chen swung his saber lightly and deflected Ding Fengchou’s sword. He pushed himself off the ground and activated the Windwalk Shoes as he executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art.

Xiao Chen’s speed increase explosively. He moved like a roaming dragon as he sent out nine saber strikes towards Ding Fengchou.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Ding Fengchou’s expression changed slightly. He did not expect Xiao Chen to be so fast. However, he was not overly astonished. He moved strangely, changing his position as Xiao Chen swung his saber.

Although Dong Fengchou was slightly slower than Xiao Chen, he was not at a disadvantage. He obviously used an extremely exquisite Movement Technique.

When the weapons clashed, countless sparks flew from the blades. The two’s states of massacre clashed intensely as they made their moves.

The horrifying states of massacre spread throughout the harbor. Many cultivators felt a huge pressure.

It was like a sword or a treasured saber hanging above their head, ready to fall at any time. It was terrifying.

“Gale Sword Dance, Wind From All Sides!”

Suddenly, Ding Fengchou shouted and merged another state into his sword, the berserk state of wind. Then he sent out a horrifying Sword Technique.

The Wind From All Sides created a strong gale. There seemed to be a supreme sword intent hidden in each gust of wind. The sword intent merged with the gale and the state of massacre.

When Ding Fengchou made this move, Xiao Chen was instantly helpless to it. This was especially so when he used the two merged states. Xiao Chen was suppressed when they competed regarding Essence.

Xiao Chen broke apart the wind. When the sword flew toward his face, his figure flashed and trembled. In that instant, he split into nine. Then, the nine figures split into another nine each.

This was the high leveled technique of the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, the Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations. Now that Xiao Chen had advanced to Martial King, he had enough Essence to execute it twice consecutively.

Instantly, 81 Xiao Chens appeared in the air. A strong boundless wind blew.

Each of the Xiao Chens executed Wukui Transforms to Qi at the same time. Instantly, countless purple saber Qi filled the air.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The relentless strings of saber Qi and the sword Qi hidden in the gale gave off metallic clangs, reverberating throughout the harbor.

With the support of the gale, Ding Fengchou’s state of massacre became more vast and faster. Its area of influence expanded, and the state of massacre became berserk.


All of the Xiao Chens merged, and he broke the Wind From All Sides. He had also executed the state of thunder to its limits, resisting the two states.

When Bai Lixi saw signs of the two intending to fight to the death, he felt impatient. If they keep fighting like this, they will fight for at least half a day.

A two-meters-odd stout figure leaped off the ground with pure force and landed between the two in an instant.

Bai Lixi immediately swung his axe at Ding Fengchou violently. It was unknown how much force was behind the axe. When the axe swung downwards, space seemed to twist apart.

It was hard to imagine that Bai Lixi had achieved this with just pure force.


Ding Fengchou’s Sword Technique struck the axe and gave off a loud sound. A formless shockwave radiated, and the two retreated several steps before they stopped.

“I say, Brat, he merely trampled on trash from your sect a few times. Is there really a need to fight so hard?!” Bai Lixi rested his axe on the ground, holding it upright as he shouted.

When Jin Wuji, who was at the side, heard this, his expression reflected his rage. He scolded, “Bai Lixi, who are you calling trash? What are you?”

Bai Lixi laughed, “What a joke. After being trampled on like a dead dog, you still dare to say you are not trash. Yet, someone like you dares chase others from Yue Chenxi. What are you? Just a piece of trash!

“If it were not for the Heavenly Sword Gate, this old man would have smashed trash like you to death with a palm strike.”

“You?!” Jin Wuji was so angry that his face turned purple. His hands trembled as he gripped his sword tightly, wanting to rush up.

Ding Fengchou stopped him, and his face sank. He said coldly, “Have you not embarrassed yourself enough? Go down!”

Jin Wuji turned ashen. He was extremely upset. From the very start, Xiao Chen had spoiled all of his plans.

Now, Xiao Chen caused Jin Wuji embarrassment. He was the bane of Jin Wuji’s existence, suppressing him heavily.

Ding Wenzhou pulled Jin Wuji down and sheathed his sword. He glanced at Xiao Chen and said, “Not bad. It looks like I have another competitor worth paying attention to in the next Five Nation Youth Competition. Live well and don’t die early. You will not be so lucky the next time.”

After Ding Fengchou spoke, he dragged Jin Wuji away, heading for the city on the Green Wind Island.

After the fight ended, there was nothing else to see. The crowd slowly scattered. Most of them had not expected Xiao Chen to be so strong.

Even Ding Fengchou, who had entered the top fifty in the last Five Nation Youth Competition, could defeat Xiao Chen in a short time.

Bai Lixi looked at Xiao Chen, who felt it was unfortunate. He said, “Brat, don’t make that look. He only used seventy percent of his strength. The fight would have tilted in his favor after five hundred moves at most.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “And what percent of my strength do you think I used? He may have a small chance of defeating me, but there is no chance of him killing me.”

After Ding Fengchou and Jin Wuji left, Jin Wuji said in dissatisfaction, “First Senior Brother, why did you not kill him? He humiliated me so badly. If I don’t take his life, it will be difficult for me to quench my hatred.”

Ding Fengchou said calmly, “Bai Lixi was beside him. It would have cost too much to kill him. It is not worth this small matter.”


The sky now completely became dark. The harbor slowly filled with ships returning to the continent.

Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi random boarded a ship that would pass the Ancient Desolate Land. After Xiao Chen handed over the Spirit Stones, he walked onto the deck.

There were many exhausted cultivators on the deck. These people were all very strong. The most crucial thing was that Xiao Chen could feel a heavy killing Qi on them.

It was like Ding Fengchou. The only difference was that he had merged this killing Qi into his state of massacre and could control it well.

As for these people, they were unable to control it freely. It was clear that they had not comprehended the state of massacre.

These cultivators had no intention of staying on the ship. They left in groups of two or three. They should be planning to go to the Green Wind Island to rest for a period.

Soon, all the cultivators on the deck left. Only Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi remained. Xiao Chen recalled something, “Bai Lixi, you mentioned earlier that Ding Fengchou had just come from the Boundless Sea’s Deep Sea Battlefield. Is it the same for all these cultivators?”

Bai Lixi nodded and said, “That’s right. If they went to the Boundless Sea for experiential training, they must have gone to the Deep Sea Battlefield. However, because of their difference in strength, the people who just left must have experienced a different level of battle than Ding Fengchou.”

“Battlefield? What exactly is this battlefield? Can you explain in more detail?” Xiao Chen asked out of interest.

Earlier, while Xiao Chen fought Ding Fengchou, the other party only had to use the state of massacre to block the might of his two combined states.

Clearly, Ding Fengchou’s comprehension of the state of massacre was deeper than Xiao Chen’s. Hence, Xiao Chen felt somewhat interested in this Deep Sea Battlefield. Ding Fengchou must have trained his state of massacre there.

Bai Lixi muttered for a while before saying, “The battlefields in the Deep Sea and Shallow Sea can be said to be the battle between humans and Demons. The Deep Sea is the base of the Demonic World in this world.”