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Chapter 403: Thousand-Year-Old Snow Ginseng’s Effect

Chapter 403: Thousand-Year-Old Snow Ginseng’s Effect

“A Demonic Calamity always begins in the Deep Sea. It contains the largest spatial crack in the world. It is impossible to seal that spatial crack completely. Hence, there is an inexhaustible horde of Demons in the Deep Sea. The war there has never stopped.”

Xiao Chen’s expression changed greatly. He was somewhat astonishment as he said, “Why is there such a horrifying thing? Why have I not heard of it before, not even a single word?”

Bai Lixi laughed, “That is normal. The last Demonic Calamity was ten thousand years ago. According to the usual patterns, the next Demonic Calamity will not arrive for another few thousand years. Only, the Deep Sea’s spatial crack is not completely sealed, so strong Demons will emerge occasionally.”

“Going from your expression, you look like you intend to go to the Deep Sea Battlefield for experiential training. If you want to understand a little more before you go, I can tell you about my experience in the Deep Sea Battlefield in detail.”

Xiao Chen glanced at Bai Lixi and felt suspicious. He said, “Have you been to the Deep Sea Battlefield?”

Bai Lixi glared at Xiao Chen and said, “Why, based on your tone, you make it sound like this old man cannot go there. Let me tell you this; not only I have been there, but I have also been to the Grade 3 Battlefield.”

It looks like agitating Bai Lixi is useful, Xiao Chen thought to himself. A smile appeared on his face as he said, “Tell me in detail then. What is a Grade 3 Battlefield? How big is the Battlefield? Do the different grades mean there are different enemies?”

Bai Lixi shrugged and smiled, “Don’t think that you are so smart. Although this old man looks stupid, agitating me became useless long ago. If you want to hear news about the Deep Sea Battlefield, all you need to do is to give me one more layer of the Firmament Body Tempering Art. I risked my life to obtain this information.”

Xiao Chen could only sigh helplessly. He had expected this fellow to make this move long ago. He shook his head slightly and turned around to head for the ship’s hold.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with the loud and boisterous Bai Lixi behind him. After he spent two thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, he successfully obtained a comfortable room within the ship’s hold.

Xiao Chen sat on the bed in the room. He took out the thousand-year-old- Snow Ginseng and muttered to himself, “Thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng…this should help me to stabilize my cultivation as an Inferior Grade Martial King.”

A thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng could normally raise Xiao Chen’s cultivation by twenty years worth of effort. However, that was in the situation where Xiao Chen had not ingested a large amount of Spirit Herbs.

At this moment, Xiao Chen’s resistance to Spirit Herbs was quite high. Furthermore, his cultivation was pretty powerful already. Hence, this thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng could only increase his cultivation by ten years of effort.

This was acceptable though. As of now, the five-hundred-year-old Snow Ginseng could not even exhibit twenty percent of its effects. Ten years of cultivation effort would allow Xiao Chen’s cultivation to become extremely firm.

Xiao Chen had used a Snow Ginseng once before. He was already familiar with the process.

After Xiao Chen melted the frost on the Snow Ginseng and infused it with the Spirit Herb, he poured his Essence in and slowly mixed the insides.

Xiao Chen was not anxious. After working carefully for an hour, the solid insides of the Spirit Herb were refined into a liquid.

Xiao Chen placed it in his mouth and bit a corner of it. A cool, refreshing liquid immediately flowed down his throat.

When all the medicinal liquid had traveled to Xiao Chen’s stomach, a robust medicinal energy immediately appeared and flowed within the meridians as a gushing river.

Xiao Chen felt his entire body grow warm, and his face flushed red. The Qi and blood in his body surged, becoming extremely vigorous. It was like his entire body was burning up.

The thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng had somewhat exceeded Xiao Chen’s expectations. The medicinal energy was slightly faster and more violent than he had anticipated.

Xiao Chen sank his consciousness down and quickly circulated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation.

The speed of the sixth layer was triple that of the fifth layer; it was no longer the same as before. It quickly absorbed the energy within the medicinal liquid.

As the medicinal energy poured in, the purple Qi whirlpool became more resilient. Although it did not show any obvious expansion, it became capable of taking more stress, raising the quality of Essence.

The vastness of the thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng slightly surpassed Xiao Chen’s expectations. He spent four entire days before he absorbed all the medicinal energy.

After that, Xiao Chen used three days to advance his cultivation to peak Inferior Grade Martial King.

In total, Xiao Chen spent seven days accomplishing these tasks. He opened his eyes and clenched his fist tightly. He immediately felt a surging energy gather in his palm.

“I have finally become a peak Inferior Grade Martial King. Only now can I be considered a true Martial King,” Xiao Chen said joyfully. “When I had just advanced to Martial King, the quality of my Essence was somewhat unstable. Only after reaching peak Inferior Grade Martial King did it stabilize.”

If Xiao Chen ran into Ding Fengchou again, he had the confidence to compete with Essence without losing.

Xiao Chen pushed open the door and stepped out, casually heading to the deck. He had not left the room for seven days and wanted a breath of fresh air.

Bai Lixi felt utterly bored as he sat on the deck of the merchant ship. There were no other cultivators on the ship, only Xiao Chen and himself.

When Bai Lixi heard footsteps, he quickly spun around and looked. When he felt Xiao Chen’s aura, he was astonished. He asked, “You advanced to peak Inferior Grade Martial King?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “It’s all thanks to that thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng. It saved me half a year of time.”

Bai Lixi felt a pinch in his heart. He felt some regret as he said, “The Snow Ginseng is originally a Rank 7 Spirit Herb. It is very rare for it to reach a thousand years of age. In a regular great sect, they could not even bear to let their genius disciples use one.”

After sighing, Bai Lixi continued, “If there is an elder who needs it, they would definitely give it to the elder before even considering their disciples.”

“You, brat, are very lucky. You actually monopolized the fortuitous encounter on Qianren Island. In the end, you even took this old man’s thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng.”

Xiao Chen said softly, “Don’t worry; as long as I obtain the Secret Treasure, I will hand over the latter half of the Firmament Body Tempering Art to you. Actually, you don’t have to keep following me. Once I obtained the Secret Treasure, I will deliver it to you personally.”

Bai Lixi said, “Brat, you have many tricks up your sleeves. I’d be a fool to believe you. Unless I follow you, I can’t rest assured…”

Xiao Chen looked at the scene ahead. He interrupted Bai Lixi and said, “Let’s stop speaking. We’re approaching the Thunder Emperor Valley.”

The two looked up, and the towering Thunder Emperor Valley loomed in their vision. Interestingly, Bai Lixi stopped speaking and remained silent.

The merchant ship slowly advanced into the Thunder Emperor Valley. The instant it entered, the sun above them disappeared. Dense clouds cast a shadow over the deck.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The boundless thunderclouds churned. Thunder roared in the sky. Xiao Chen felt the supreme might of thunder.

The huge sculpture of the Thunder Emperor in the ravine was as grand as before. It looked like it could leap out of the ravine at any moment.

Given Xiao Chen’s past experience, he had placed the Lunar Shadow Saber into his Universe Ring before he entered the Thunder Emperor Valley. Although it trembled within the Universe Ring, it could not leap out.

Xiao Chen looked up and saw boundless thunderclouds filling the sky, stretching over a large expanse, endless.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen frowned. Unexpectedly, he saw several figures at the top of the towering ravine; several people stood on each side.

That should be the closest distance to the immortal will of thunder. Why are there people who dare to go up there?

Xiao Chen felt curious. He slowly extended his Spiritual Sense up. As the thunder roared, Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense seemed to weaken.

Normally, all it took was a thought, and Xiao Chen could extend his Spiritual Sense by several thousand meters. Now, it was difficult to move it an inch; he had to be careful.

No matter how hard Xiao Chen tried, he could not advance his Spiritual Sense forward any faster. When he noticed this situation, he could only let it be.

After an hour, Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense arrived at the top and revealed the scene in his mind.

Several hundred cultivators lined up the two sides, seated cross-legged on the ground.

A sword rested next to many of the cultivators. All their auras were different, but all of them were, at the least, half step Martial Monarchs.

Xiao Chen even discovered quite a few Martial Monarchs on some of the higher areas. Like the rest, they sat cross-legged with closed eyes.


Just as Xiao Chen tried to take a closer look, the immortal will of thunder sent a bolt of lightning toward Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense.

The bolt of lightning illuminated the dark sky till it was as bright as day. The expressions of all the cultivators, who were seated with their eyes shut, changed; they all opened their eyes simultaneously.

Xiao Chen was startled by the thunder’s rage. He wanted to pull his Spiritual Sense back but discovered that this strand of Spiritual Sense was no longer under his control. It was fixed in the air, unable to move.

Damn it! The Spiritual Sense is connected to my consciousness. The most horrifying thing is that bolt of lightning. If it struck my Spiritual Sense, it would take at least three months to recover my mind, spirit, and Qi.

Xiao Chen thought to himself in horror. In the past, even if his Spiritual Sense were blocked, he could break off the connection. This was the first time he had ever encountered such a situation.


Just as the bolt of lightning was about to hit Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, a whirlpool suddenly appeared in the sky and pulled the bolt of lightning back.

After escaping the danger, Xiao Chen quickly yanked back his Spiritual Sense before heaving a sigh of relief.

When Bai Lixi, who stood next to him, sensed the situation above, his expression changed greatly. He said softly, “Brat, are you seeking death? You even dared to mess around in the Thunder Emperor Valley. If you want to die, do it by yourself. Don’t drag me into it.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly and said, “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

On the top of the ravine, all the half step Martial Monarchs were feeling suspicious. The bolt of lightning sent out by the immortal will of thunder withdrew unexpectedly. This was the first time they witnessed such a thing.

The merchant ship finally left the Thunder Emperor Valley. The blazing sun warmed the deck once more. Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi both exhaled and relaxed.

Bai Lixi shouted angrily, “Brat! What did you do earlier?! I felt like a sharp sword was hovering right above my head. If it fell, I would have died!”

Xiao Chen turned around to looked at the Thunder Emperor Valley and said, “I saw some people at the top of the Thunder Emperor Valley and thought it was odd.”

Bai Lixi said, “What’s so strange about that. Those are all strong cultivators tempering their states. If you have the guts to, you can go as well. I seem to recall that you have comprehended the state of thunder as well.”