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Chapter 404: Exploring the Demon Battlefield

Chapter 404: Exploring the Demon Battlefield

Xiao Chen muttered to himself, “The immortal will of thunder is impressive. I can give it a try in the future.”

Bai Lixi said, “After lasting a thousand years without weakening, of course, it’s impressive. In the past, there were even Martial Sages who tried to plunder this immortal will of thunder. However, they all failed in the end.”

There was nothing to see on the deck. After Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi exchanged a few words, Xiao Chen returned to his room and continued cultivating.


Seven days later, Xiao Chen sat on the bed with his eyes shut while he cultivated. A knocking roused him.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and put away the half-used Medial Grade Spirit Stone into the Universe Ring. He got up and quickly opened the door.

Bai Lixi appeared and said, “Brat, we have arrived!”

Xiao Chen felt suspicious. He said, “How did we arrive so fast? That makes no sense!”

The Ancient Desolate Land was far away. By Xiao Chen’s estimation, they could not travel half the distance in seven days.

Bai Lixi said, “Brat, you are pretty unlucky. The ship you chose is from the Great Chu Nation. We can only disembark at a harbor near the Ancient Desolate Land and walk the rest of the way.”

The two emerged from the ship’s hold. Many cultivators already arrived on the deck. With Bai Lixi taking the lead, no one blocked their way.

“Where is the Demon Battlefield? How much further do we have to walk?”

After they left the harbor, Xiao Chen inquired.

Bai Lixi frequently spent his time wandering around the Ancient Desolate Land, so he understood the area well. He replied, “We are going to the first stop of the Ancient Desolate Land now. That is the city nearest to the southern borders, the Underworld City. As for the Demon Battlefield, it is still far away.”

Xiao Chen stopped and looked at the silhouette of a city far in the distance. He muttered to himself, “Walking there will waste too much time. Since we have already arrived at the Ancient Desolate Land, we should rush over at full speed.”

Bai Lixi said, “You aren’t thinking of flying, right? I focus on cultivating my physical body. Before reaching Martial Monarch, I am not capable of sustained flight. Furthermore, it is a long distance. It will use a lot of Essence if you want to fly all the way.

“More importantly, when did I say we were in the Ancient Desolate Land? We will only reach the Ancient Desolate Land after we travel over fifty kilometers past the Underworld City.

“Anyway, we should get to Underworld City. There are flying relay stations there with Spirit Beasts that travel directly to the Demon Battlefield.”

Unexpectedly, it is still so far away, Xiao Chen frowned slightly. It looked like this Ancient Desolate Land was much larger than he had expected.

However, Xiao Chen still had his ways. A silver warship flew out of his right eye as he said, “Get on; just tell me the direction. I will give you a lift.”

As Bai Lixi watched the silver warship suddenly fly out, his eyes were full of astonishment. He said, “This is a flying Secret Treasure! I have seen this in the Ancient Desolate Land’s auction before. It is impossible to obtain one without five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Xiao Chen immediately leaped onto the ship, and Bai Lixi followed closely behind. With a thought, the silver warship became a flash of light and flew into the clouds.

Following Bai Lixi’s directions, Xiao Chen navigated the silver warship at full speed. They arrived in the airspace of the Underworld City within an hour.

After they traveled fifty kilometers, Xiao Chen did not see the expected Ancient Desolate Land. Instead, he only saw a vast lake.

Xiao Chen felt doubtful and asked, “Didn’t you say that after fifty kilometers, we would reach the Ancient Desolate Land? Why do I see nothing but a lake?”

Bai Lixi said, “How ignorant! This huge lake is the Ancient Desolate Land. After the Tianwu Dynasty ended, the Imperial Capital was destroyed. The area ten thousand kilometers around it sank into the ground. After that, it rained heavily for ten years, forming this unprecedented massive lake, the Heavenly Extermination Lake.”

A lake formed by ten years of heavy rain…how big exactly was this lake? Xiao Chen thought. Compared to my previous world, this would be about ten times the size of China.

Bai Lixi continued, “However, when people speak of the Ancient Desolate Land, they refer to the numerous islands of various sizes in the Heavenly Extermination Lake. If you want to go to the Demon Battlefield, that is located on Boulder Island.”

Xiao Chen piloted the silver warship to fly in the clouds. Occasionally, people flew by on Spirit Beasts or directly using Essence.

Sometimes, they would shoot a glare at the two on the ship. After all, the value of a flying Secret Treasure was tremendous. It was enough to inspire others to attack.

However, most people quickly left after glancing at the two. Especially when people saw Bai Lixi, they no longer had any designs on the silver warship.

Xiao Chen even saw some who immediately turned and flew away, retreating into the distance after they saw Bai Lixi.

Xiao Chen laughed and said, “I did not realize that you had such a strong deterrence here. You don’t have to do anything, and you frighten people away.”

Bai Lixi objected to that, “I still have some influence in the south, but when we draw nearer to the Desolate City, that is worth nothing. When we reach there, you best hide your flying Secret Treasure. Otherwise, if someone strong wants to snatch your things, no one can stop him.”

“Where is Boulder Island within the Heavenly Extermination Lake? Is it near the core area?” Xiao Chen asked. He did not know anything about the Ancient Desolate Land and had to rely on Bai Lixi.

Bai Lixi answered, “No, it is not in the core region. Boulder Island is rather special. Although it does not have a large population, there are many cultivators on the island because of the Demon Battlefield. Furthermore, most of them are Martial Kings. Occasionally, half step Martial Monarch will show up as well.”

Following that, Bai Lixi introduced Boulder Island to Xiao Chen from various angles, giving him a comprehensive and objective understanding.

Although Boulder Island was about the same size as Qianren Island, there was only a small city on the island, Boulder City. Strong Demonic Beasts occupied the other areas.

This was an island ideal for experiential training. A formation left from the Ancient Era lay in the center of the island.

After one passed through the formation, they could enter the mysterious Demon Battlefield to hunt Demons and obtain Secret Treasures.

“We have arrived!” Bai Lixi said suddenly as he pointed at an island below.

Xiao Chen focused himself. After they descended to a height of a thousand meters, he recalled the silver warship back into his right eye and jumped down with Bai Lixi.

Xiao Chen landed firmly without making any sound. A small, simple city appeared in front of him.

The city walls were low and dim. It looked like a desolated and declined small city; it was even more shabby then Mohe City.

However, the ten-odd guards standing at the city gate would deter such thoughts. The weakest of these guards was an Inferior Grade Martial Saint, and the strongest was a Martial King.

Furthermore, they all had extremely strong auras. Their right hands were always on the weapons hanging from their waists as they emitted an indistinct killing Qi that lingered.

Such a lineup was stronger than anything Xiao Chen had seen in Xihe City.


A loud sound came from behind Xiao Chen, and the ground trembled slightly. Naturally, it was Bai Lixi landing.

“Damn it, brat. You started jumping at a thousand meters without any warning! Are you trying to kill this old man?” Bai Lixi looked pissed; he cursed and swore as he walked forward.

Falling from a thousand meters would definitely not cause Bai Lixi any harm. He was merely being grouchy and whining.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Are we going to the Demon Battlefield first or the city first?”

Bai Lixi asked, “What’s the date today?”

“The ninth.”

Bai Lixi walked forward with great strides. He said, “Let’s enter the city first. The entrance of the Demon Battlefield will only open during the full moon. We still have some time. You can use this time to prepare. The number of cultivators who die on the Demon Battlefield is not limited to one or two each time.”

Xiao Chen could not say anything, only listen to Bai Lixi and follow behind him, approaching the city gates.

Occasionally, Xiao Chen saw cultivators rushing around on the wide street. These people were not weak; he did not see anyone with cultivations lower than Martial Saint.

Compared to other cultivators Xiao Chen met, the biggest difference he noticed was that, aside from being very strong, they all had a dense killing Qi.

Sometimes, a ferocious glint flashed in their eyes. With one look, Xiao Chen could tell they were hardened criminals.

“Entry toll, one thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones for you and three thousand for you,” the leader of the guards said after glimpsing at their cultivation.

Xiao Chen had to pay a thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, but it was three thousand for Bai Lixi. Although Xiao Chen felt it was strange that the entry toll was so high, this was his first time here, and the customs of other places were different. So, he obediently handed over a thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

Bai Lixi laughed and took out a black medallion. Then, he showed it to the guard leader before saying, “I’m a Grade 4 Member. I don’t need to pay the toll. Let’s enter.”

After the two entered the city, Xiao Chen asked depressedly, “What was that medallion from earlier? Why do you not need to pay the entry toll?”

Bai Lixi put away the medallion and smiled cockily, “It’s an Ancient Desolate Pass. You can make one in Underworld City. Although you can only make the lowest grade, you can get a ten percent discount on entry tolls.”

“Ancient Desolate Pass…” Xiao Chen muttered to himself for a while; he still did not understand. So, he convinced Bai Lixi to explain further.

An organization called the Heavenly Extermination Union gained the recognition of all the powers in the Ancient Desolate Land. In this union, cultivators could apply for a medallion. This medallion was the Ancient Desolate Pass.

Using the Ancient Desolate Pass, cultivators could issue or take on missions at the Heavenly Extermination Union. Cultivators raised their Grade by completing these missions.

The lowest grade of the Ancient Desolate Pass was Grade 1 and the highest, Grade 9. The higher the rank, the more privileges a cultivator would enjoy in the cities of the Ancient Desolate Land.

Bai Lixi continued, “This Heavenly Extermination Union has an extremely mysterious origin. Even to date, no one knows who backs it. However, that is not a concern for regular cultivators. Getting an Ancient Desolate Pass is a good way of entering the Ancient Desolate Lands quickly.”

As the two spoke, Bai Lixi led Xiao Chen to the largest restaurant in the city, the Immortal Gathering Pavilion.

When Xiao Chen asked for a superior room, he had to pay for it with Inferior Grade Spirit Stones as well. The silver banknotes from outside were useless.

After a night’s rest, Xiao Chen asked around for information in the restaurant. After all, he could not rely on Bai Lixi for everything.

If Xiao Chen asked Bai Lixi too many questions, he could eventually divert the topic to the Firmament Body Tempering Art, which was very irritating. Many cultivators entered the restaurant every day; it was a convenient place to obtain information.