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Chapter 406: Killing Demonic Beast to Expose Secret Treasures

Chapter 406: Killing Demonic Beast to Expose Secret Treasures

“What should we do then, Big Brother? I can’t really bear to see such a fattened lamb get away!”

Wei Tong said sternly, “Even if you can’t bear it, you have to. This Demon Battlefield is full of lambs for us to slaughter. Be careful not to offend someone you can’t afford to. Even if you have ten lives, that won’t be enough. Let’s go.”



Drops of blood fell from the Lunar Shadow Saber. Xiao Chen hacked apart a Rank 7 Demonic Beast blocking his way.

Not long after Xiao Chen separated from Wei Tong’s group, Demon Beasts attacked.

The Demonic Beasts here were especially crafty and patient. Several times, after expending a lot of effort to kill a Demonic Beast, a few Demonic Beasts would attack Xiao Chen as he relaxed.

If Xiao Chen had not kept his guard up, he might have fallen under their assault.

As Xiao Chen dug out the Demonic Cores, he thought somewhat doubtfully, Weren’t there supposed to be countless Secret Treasures littering the Demonic Battlefield? Why haven’t I seen a single one?

“Bang! Bang!”

At this moment, an intense sound reached Xiao Chen from ahead with the wind. He stopped what he was doing and looked around. He found a high vantage point and scanned the area.

The sound came from about two thousand meters ahead. Xiao Chen could not see that far, but fortunately, he still had his Spiritual Sense.

Two Medial Grade Martial Kings in the distance fought an intense battle with an early Rank 7 Demonic Beast.

That Demonic Beasts looked like a raging bull. A sharp horn protruded from its head, its bulk covered in fiery-red fur. It looked like a ball of blazing flame. As it walked, the ground trembled.

The Demonic Beast appeared frightening, but when the two Martial Kings worked together, it was no match for the two. The Martial Kings’ strength forced it into retreat. After all, it was only an early Rank 7 Demonic Beast.

The two Martial Kings’ attacks were immensely powerful. Furthermore, they did not exert themselves or take any unnecessary risks. They could advance or retreat anytime they wanted. The Demonic Beast’s defeat was only a matter of time.

“It’s just killing a Demonic Beast, nothing impressive,” Xiao Chen commented indifferently and prepared to withdraw his Spiritual Sense. However, he discovered something interesting.

“Pu ci!”

The Demonic Beast died, and the two Martial Kings tore its stomach open with a sharp knife. A blood-stained Secret Treasure fell out.

This Secret Treasure was an exquisite bronze beast carving. This should be a Demonic Beast or Spirit Beast that existed in the Ancient Era.

Spiritual Energy wafted from the Secret Treasure. Even though it was stained with blood, nothing could conceal that extraordinary Spiritual Energy.

Xiao Chen watched this scene and found it incredulous. “Killing Demonic Beast to expose Secret Treasures…is this similar to the MMORPGs in my previous life? That is impossible, right? I have killed so many Demonic Beast, but I did not obtain any Secret Treasures. Is it a problem with the drop rate?”

Xiao Chen could not understand what was happening. When he saw the Martial Kings obtain their prize, he was confused. He could not help but let his Spiritual Sense linger in the area.

Only one Secret Treasure appeared, but a team of two killed the Demonic Beast. Distributing the Secret Treasure would be a problem. Even if they did not decide ownership now, deciding who would hold on to it would cause its own issues.

This moment would test their characters.

A complete Secret Treasure, even the weakest Inferior Grade Secret Treasure, would be worth at least a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. If one were lucky, they could possibly sell it for several thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Regardless of the situation, this was a valuable item. It would excite most cultivators. Xiao Chen continued to watch with interest.


As Xiao Chen expected, after the two verified it was a Secret Treasure, they attacked at the same time. They fought to the death over the Secret Treasure.

When Xiao Chen saw this, he smiled bitterly, “Just an Inferior Grade Secret Treasure. If they trusted each other, this would not have happened. Thinking about it, they probably formed this team on the fly.”

The two’s eyes turned red as they launched all sorts of killing moves. They hated that they could not kill the other party immediately. The fight grew intense, and soon, they both received significant injuries.

Regardless of who won, they would suffer great injuries to their bodies and Essence.

After a while, when a victor had emerged, blood poured out from the ground.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed. That was a Blood Demon, one of the races from the Demonic World.

Xiao Chen had seen them before in that strange space in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. They ate the hearts of humans and were utterly cruel.


The blood transformed into a pale figure. He emitted a baleful aura as he attacked with lightning speed. His sharp nails pierced towards the cultivators’ hearts.

The fight between the two cultivators reached the crucial moment. How could they have expected this? They cried out miserably, and the Blood Demon ripped out their hearts.

“Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga!”

The Blood Demon laughed strangely as he held the two hearts in his hands. He revealed a wicked smile on his pale face.

Xiao Chen could not bear to watch the following scene. The Blood Demon swallowed the two hearts directly, revealing his pleasure.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense informed him that, after the Blood Demon swallowed the cultivators’ hearts, his baleful aura became denser.

“Pu! Pu!”

The Blood Demon casually kicked the two corpses, and they exploded, drenching the surrounding area in blood and gore. The bronze beast Secret Treasure flew into the Blood Demon’s hand.

The Blood Demon revealed a mocking expression on his face, “Humans are indeed the most inferior race. They cannot resist even the slightest temptation. They have proven this over and over again. Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga!”

Xiao Chen felt it was unfortunate. This Blood Demon should be a low-rank Blood Demon. He was only about as strong as a Medial Grade Martial King.

If the two Medial Grade Martial Kings had faced the Blood Demon properly, they could have killed him easily. However, because of one Secret Treasure, they lost their rational and died without even leaving behind a corpse.

That Blood Demon looked around. When he saw no one nearby, he found another early Rank 7 Demonic Beast.

The baleful aura of the Blood Demon terrified the Demonic Beast. He easily subdued the Demonic Beast and stuffed the Secret Treasure into it.

A scarlet light flashed on the Blood Demon’s hand. The Demonic Beast’s wound instantly recovered, showing no signs of previous injuries.

After he completed this task, the Blood Demon released the Demonic Beast, satisfied. He licked his lips and said with a greedy expression, “I wonder what the next prey will taste like? Human hearts are truly delectable.”

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly; he finally understood why the Demonic Beasts’ contained Secret Treasures in their bodies.

Naturally, the Secret Treasures were in the hands of the Demons. Since humans wanted to hunt them down and obtain the Secret Treasures, the other party would treat humans as their prey as well.

The more capable opponent would have the last laugh. Xiao Chen watched the hidden Blood Demon and said calmly, “Since I have seen the bronze beast Secret Treasure, I should retrieve it!”

The scarlet clouds in the sky appeared endless and permanent. They would only ripple when a sharp wind blew.

This sky was like a painting with only one color: scarlet.

Xiao Chen moved quickly across the land. With one leap, he traveled several hundred meters. Everywhere he passed, he left behind a strong wind.

Xiao Chen did his best to avoid the Demonic Beasts in his way. If he could not avoid them, he would try to end the fight quickly.

Xiao Chen spent a full hour to cross a distance of two thousand meters.

Xiao Chen scanned the area with his Spiritual Sense and found the Demonic Beast in which the Blood Demon chose to hide the Secret Treasure. It was an early Rank 7 Demonic Beast, Purple Python Tiger.

It looked like a ferocious tiger. Its legs were ten meters long and faintly purple. Occasionally, it would emit a black gas from its pores.

A purple tail that looked like a purple python coiled on the Purple Python Tiger’s back. The purple tail was as thick as an adult’s arm. There was a bump on the end of the purple tail that looked like a snake’s head.

The early Rank 7 Demonic Beast was as strong as a regular Medial Grade Martial King. Given Xiao Chen’s strength, he could deal with it easily within twenty moves.

However, for the sake of the Blood Demon hidden behind, Xiao Chen had to put on a good show before he could lure it out. Otherwise, his effort would go to waste if he scared it off.

Xiao Chen revealed himself and landed before this Demonic Beast. He waved his hands and sent a wave of energy at it.

Xiao Chen did not use too much Essence. The Purple Python Tiger easily dodged by tilting to the side. A fierce look appeared in its eyes as it launched itself at Xiao Chen.

This Purple Python Tiger leaped across a distance of two hundred meters and arrived before Xiao Chen. It opened its large jaws and revealed four huge fangs. They glinted with a cold light as it bit towards Xiao Chen’s neck.


The massive Purple Python Tiger created a strong wind as it moved through the air, causing Xiao Chen’s hair to flutter around.

Xiao Chen drew his saber, and a purple saber light appeared. He swung it towards the Purple Python Tiger’s neck.

The Beast roared angrily as it struck the blade with its right paw. Xiao Chen was pushed back several steps before he stabilized.

The tiger roared excitedly and shoved Xiao Chen back. Its aura blazed as it launched itself at Xiao Chen.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Every strike the Purple Python Tiger made with its front paws created an imposing sound. It carried several ten thousand kilograms of force as it smashed towards Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen held his saber in front of him, preventing the sharp claws from slicing into him.

It seems somewhat strong. Its paws carry about forty thousand kilograms of force. However, this should not be its killing move. I have to continue acting.

As Xiao Chen dodged, he analyzed his enemy calmly in his heart. In the blink of an eye, he exchanged hundreds of moves with the Purple Python Tiger.

When the Purple Python Tiger saw that it was unable to knock Xiao Chen to the ground, it became thoroughly enraged. It opened its jaws and spat a black energy wave at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen focused, and his saber flickered with a purple light. He cut the energy wave in half.

“Hu chi!”

After he hacked apart the energy wave, a purple snake head darted for Xiao Chen with lightning speed.

Unexpectedly, the tail of the Purple Python Tiger was a purple python. This startled Xiao Chen, making him jump back.

However, this Purple Python Tiger moved with astonishing speed. As Xiao Chen retreated, it managed to grab hold of his leg.

“Chi! Chi!”

The snake’s body wrapped around Xiao Chen several times and stretched its jaws to bite.

Xiao Chen saw the dark, venomous fangs. Not only would the bite injure him, but it would also contain poison. He moved his left hand with lightning speed and snapped the snake’s jaws shut.

Energy poured into Xiao Chen’s arm, allowing his two fingers to clamp down on the snake’s jaws.

As Xiao Chen dealt with the purple python, the Purple Python Tiger’s huge body smashed over. Xiao Chen suffered a strike to his chest and fell over.

This should be enough. If I don’t fight seriously, this beast will end up eating me for real, Xiao Chen thought to himself as he watched the Purple Python Tiger open its jaws, targeting his neck.


There was a crunching sound as Xiao Chen increased the strength in his left hand, causing the snake head to explode. Then, he slammed his fist into the Purple Python Tiger’s chest.