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Chapter 408: Bloody Battle in the Stone Forest

Chapter 408: Bloody Battle in the Stone Forest

“With so many eagles, one Blood Demon cannot shatter them all instantly. By then, I can make use of the opportunity to control the eagles to snatch the Secret Treasure.

“Unless there are other Blood Demons…” Xiao Chen muttered to himself as he revealed a cautious gaze.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The eagles that flew towards the Secret Treasure shattered into dust, one after another. Xiao Chen focused all his Spiritual Sense on one of the eagle within the group.

The eagle nimbly dodged the attacks and took the opportunity to snatch the pair of shoes with its claws, quickly retreating.


Before this eagle could fly far, a blood arrow shattered it. The shoes fell to the ground.

Another Blood Demon appeared on the stone pillar. He wore long blue robes, and his aura was no weaker than the first. Unexpectedly, it was another middle-rank Blood Demon.

Two middle-rank Blood Demons…this is rather problematic, Xiao Chen thought to himself. However, regardless of the situation, I have to give it a try. Medial Grade Secret Treasures are not that easy to find.

A fierce purple flame burned eagerly in Xiao Chen’s right eye. Then, it quickly compressed, becoming increasingly smaller.

Soon, the boundless purple flames formed a rhombus-shaped purple light. With a thought, the purple light quickly elongated.


The purple light turned into a purple arrow and sped towards the second middle-rank Blood Demon.

The purple arrow moved like a beam of light, tearing through the obstruction of space. Soon, its speed reached Mach 3. The blue-robed Blood Demon did not have time to react, and a bloody hole appeared on his shoulder.

At the same moment Xiao Chen had fired the purple flame arrow, he activated the Windwalk Shoes and advanced with lightning speed. He managed to grab the black shoes as they fell to the ground.

When the two Blood Demons saw Xiao Chen snag the Secret Treasure, they were not astonished. It looked like they had anticipated this.

The Blood Demon that the Purple Thunder True Fire had struck licked his lips. He wore a sinister expression as he smiled, “Another fat lamb delivers himself to us. What thick killing Qi; I like it. Regardless of the situation, you can’t fight me over this one.”

The other Blood Demon stared Xiao Chen coldly and smiled, “That will depend on your capabilities. If you can’t finish him, I don’t mind helping you.”

“Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga!”

The blue-robed Blood Demon laughed strangely. The wound on his shoulder healed quickly as his flesh wriggled. He laughed and said, “I can’t finish him? What a joke. I will deal with him in ten moves.”

How strange! It seems like these two Blood Demons were waiting for me to fall into their trap.

Maybe the Demon allowed the Purple Thunder True Fire arrow to strike him to lure me out.

Xiao Chen revealed a pondering gaze. Then, he quickly placed the Secret Treasure in his Universe Ring. He decided to think about it later, after he left this place.

Regardless of the situation, facing two middle-rank Blood Demons simultaneously was too dangerous. Realizing this, Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and turned to retreat.

“Human, don't leave. No one ever escapes after entering this stone forest. Ga! Ga! Ga!” the Blood Demon laughed as he chased after Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Chen heard this, he was somewhat stunned. A few large stones ahead rose up and blocked his path.


Xiao Chen instantly drew his saber and used a sharp saber Qi to hack the stones in half. However, before he could relax, the strange stones merged, repairing themselves.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen struck out relentlessly as the purple Qi whirlpool in his body spun quickly. The Lunar Shadow Saber flickered with electric light. He infused his saber with the state of thunder and hacked down.

The stone that had just merged instantly shattered into dust.

“Zi zi!”

A strange energy was transmitted, and the dust and rocks gathered again. Soon, they formed a new stone to block Xiao Chen’s way.

Xiao Chen prepared to try a few more times when, suddenly, a dangerous aura came from behind him. It was the blood arrow fired by that middle-rank Blood Demon.

“Ga! Ga! Ga! Stop running, human. Stay here; I will not make you suffer any pain.”

Xiao Chen tilted his body slightly and dodged this attack. He leaped over the stone blocking his way and continued flying forward.

Xiao Chen looked up and discovered something odd. The road, which he previously traveled, seemed to have changed. The direction through the messy stone forest had altered.

Xiao Chen clearly went the way he came from. However, there was no way to distinguish direction anymore. It was astonishing.

Since I cannot find my way out on the ground, I shall leave by the sky. Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and rushed into the sky.


After flying about a hundred meters up, Xiao Chen’s head crashed forcefully into a formless barrier.

Xiao Chen could not help fall back to a stone pillar on the ground. Then, he looked up. The direction that he had just ascertained had shifted again.

The entire stone forest seemed chaotic; it changed every second. There was no way to escape normally.

The blue-robed Blood Demon quickly reached Xiao Chen and revealed a playful smile. He said hoarsely, “Give it up. The natural laws of this forest change every second. Without living here for at least a hundred years, you cannot find your way out.”

Xiao Chen turned his back to the blue-robed Blood Demon. He continued to gaze ahead, pondering the problem. It looked like he did not hear what the blue-robed Blood Demon had said.

“Brat, are you scared silly? Are you going to kill yourself, or should I do it? Ga! Ga! Ga!” the blue-robed Blood Demon laughed as he watched the silent Xiao Chen.

Never mind. Since I can’t leave for now, I won’t overthink this. Bai Lixi did not cheat me. That is not something to think about now.

Xiao Chen removed the blue strip of cloth from his forehead. Then, he turned slowly. The red mark on his forehead made his fair face look utterly charming.

The blue-robed Blood Demon looked at Xiao Chen’s appearance and was mildly stunned. He felt that something was wrong, but he could not make out what it was.

“Since you want me to stay that badly, I shall do as you wish. I won’t leave!” The corner of Xiao Chen’s lips curled up, revealing a sinister smile on his demonically charming face.

“Trying to scare me? You are only an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial King. How reckless!”

The blue-robed Blood Demon shouted angrily as he wriggled his ten fingers. He instantly fired countless dense blood-arrows containing an intense, baleful aura.

With a glance, it looked like countless evil spirits crawling out from hell and launching themselves at Xiao Chen. Even auditory hallucinations of ghostly cries reached the ear.

Cultivators with weak willpower would fall under this hallucination.

A brilliant light flashed from Xiao Chen’s eyes, and the evil spirits of hell vanished.

Thunderclouds filled the sky as Xiao Chen held the Lunar Shadow Saber and stood on the huge rock. As the thunder roared, the saber light flickered restlessly.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The blood arrows were very solid. When Xiao Chen’s saber light struck them, a clear, metallic sound rang throughout the forest.

Sparks flew from the saber blade. Xiao Chen’s saber light moved everywhere, leaving no gaps that could be exploited and knocking away all the blood arrows. When the blood arrows struck the huge rock, finger-sized holes appeared in it.

After a while, when all the blood arrows entered the boulder, the stone exploded. This showed how powerful these blood arrows were.

However, with Xiao Chen’s saber light blocking them, the blood arrows could not advance. No matter how fast or how torrential they were.

With the saber in my hand, when the thunder roars, I cannot be moved.

The hallucinations and blood arrows did nothing to Xiao Chen. They had not even caused Xiao Chen the slightest bit of trouble. The blue-robed Blood Demon revealed some astonishment.

The Blood Demon’s hallucinations were no ordinary illusions. He had killed over several hundred thousand Demonic Beasts and humans.

The baleful aura that formed, as a result, could prevent regular Superior Grade Martial Kings from struggling free in a short period. Even if they struggled free, their mind would be fuzzy for a while.

However, nothing happened to Xiao Chen. His Martial Techniques were not disturbed at all. This brat is a little challenging to deal with.

The blue-robed Blood Demon’s gaze started to grow cautious. He glanced at his companion in the distance, thinking of calling him over to help. However, he resisted the urge.

If the Blood Demon could not even deal with an Inferior Grade Martial King, the other fellow would snatch benefits from him in the future. The blue-robed Blood Demon’s gaze became ferocious as he abandoned the thoughts of asking his companion for help.

The blue-robed Blood Demon roared angrily and condensed a red ball of light in his hand. The ball of light had a multicolored surface. Occasionally, the screams of resentful spirits came from within.

“Fragmented Blood Wave!”

A faint radiance appeared around the scarlet ball of light as it flew at Xiao Chen. It spun in the air until it became a horrifying scarlet tornado, tearing even the air apart.

Xiao Chen focused himself; he neither advanced nor retreated. He gathered Essence onto his saber’s blade and spun the Lunar Shadow Saber in a counterclockwise direction on his palm.

“Si Si!”

The saber created a tornado that spun in the opposite direction from the Fragmented Blood Wave. Purple electricity flickered in the tornado, crackling ceaselessly.


The two tornados crashed into each other. The huge energy spread throughout the surroundings. The surrounding boulders shattered into dust, filling the air.

The blue-robed Blood Demon retreated ten meters before he stabilized himself. However, Xiao Chen did not move back at all. He shouted a warcry and held up his Lunar Shadow Saber as he charged forward.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

Xiao Chen leaped into the air before descending, carrying the might of the surging thunder as he hacked down on the blue-robed Blood Demon.

A cold light flashed on the saber’s blade as electricity flickered, making one tremble in fear.

The blue-robed Blood Demon held his arms in a cross-guard and formed a scarlet barrier. Evidently, he intended to block Xiao Chen’s attack.

However, even though Xiao Chen’s state of thunder was only in Small Perfection, because he cultivated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, a heaven ranked Cultivation Technique, it was much stronger that a regular cultivator’s Great Perfection state. How could the other party block it?

The scarlet barrier only held for an instant before shattering. The surging force knocked back the blue-robed Blood Demon.

Then, the Blood Demon crashed through countless massive stones. Clearly, he looked somewhat miserable. When the red-robed Blood Demon a thousand meters away saw this, he mocked his companion, “It seems like you have some indigestion. Do you need help?”

“Never you mind!”

The blue-robed Blood Demon replied firmly. As he watched Xiao Chen flying towards him, he said angrily, “I will make you experience pain worse than death. I will grant the experience of dying while a Blood Demon eats you alive. Chained Fragmented Blood Wave!”

As the blue-robed Blood Demon spoke, nine red balls of light appeared around him. The light balls spiraled around the blue-robed Blood Demon, and countless screams of restless spirits came from within.