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Chapter 409: High-Rank Blood Demon Appears

Chapter 409: High-Rank Blood Demon Appears

The screams of resentful spirits chained together, and the scene of hell appeared before Xiao Chen. Mountains of daggers and seas of flames torturing peasants and emperors alike filled his view; a ghastly scene that shocked the eyes appeared.

The Blood Demon wanted to confuse Xiao Chen, startling his spirit and plunging his mind into chaos.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly; mental attacks, unless they originated from Martial Monarch, would not be a threat to him. The mental attacks of the blue-robed Blood Demon could do nothing.

It was like a fleeting cloud in Xiao Chen’s eyes. A few strands of Spiritual Sense turned into countless sharp blades and instantly shredded the illusion.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! So what if you have substantial mental strength. After these nine Fragmented Blood Waves completely form, no one can save you.”

The blue-robed Blood Demon laughed as the nine scarlet balls of light flew at Xiao Chen. The light balls spun rapidly. Soon, they formed nine large scarlet tornados.

After that, the nine scarlet tornados merged and formed a colossal tornado. A red light filled Xiao Chen’s vision.

Aside from the strange red tornado before Xiao Chen, he could not see anything else. He felt as though it would be impossible to block this attack.

“Zi! Zi!”

A scarlet band of light came from the tornado, extending in the air like a tentacle. Every boulder it passed shattered into dust. It even tore apart the air.


Xiao Chen retreated decisively. He pushed off the stone below him, and in the blink of an eye, he retreated several hundred meters.

“Ga! Ga! Ga! Where can you retreat?! The longer it takes, the stronger my Chained Fragmented Blood Wave will become. You will only die more miserably.”

The blue-robed Blood Demon’s maniacal laughter came from the red tornado that covered the sky.

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression. His heart was as calm as still water. He pushed off the ground twice and retreated another thousand meters with lightning speed.

The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated quickly, and Xiao Chen pointed his saber to the sky. Thunder roared, and he exhibited the state of thunder to its limits. A whirlpool of electricity spanning a hundred meters appeared in the sky.


A galloping sound came from among the rumbling thunder in the sky. The sound of a mammoth army merged with the thunder. Even the sky seemed to tremble.

“Rushing Thunder Roars, Breaking a Thousand Soldiers!”

The Lunar Shadow Saber directed the enormous energy in the sky. As Xiao Chen watched the surging scarlet tornado, he executed this move calmly.

A golden electric knight appeared from the whirlpool. It held a spear and descended from the sky, moving a thousand meters in an instant. The golden spear struck the center of the scarlet tornado.


The golden electric knight thrust its spear forward, creating a long golden light.

Light exploded like a thunderous bolt of lightning. The scarlet tornado started to crack.

After a moment, the golden electric knight shouted his warcry and the scarlet tornado that had covered the sky completely broke. The horse the electric knight rode neighed and carried the knight as they crashed into the blue-robed Blood Demon.

“Pu ci!”

The spear tore apart the blue-robed Blood Demon’s defenses. Then, it gouged out a bowl-sized, bloody hole in his chest. His already pale complexion paled further as he vomited large mouthfuls of blood.

The blue-robed Blood Demon grabbed the electric spear with both hands, but he was jolted until he became paralyzed. His body could not help but twitch.

“Save me! Quick, save me!” The blue-robed Blood Demon pleaded continuously as he gazed the distant red-robed Blood Demon.

The corner of the red-robed Blood Demon’s lips curled up slightly as he revealed a cold smile.

By the time the electric knight scattered, the blue-robed Blood Demon had died. His eyes were opened wide and filled with an incredulous expression.

Xiao Chen walked forward expressionlessly and used his saber to stab the blue-robed demon’s body a few time before digging out his Demon Core. He pulled lightly and grasped the middle-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core.

“Hu chi!”

Just at this moment, a sharp scarlet light flew quickly at Xiao Chen. It moved as fast as Xiao Chen had drawn his saber, Mach 3.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave, and he dropped the Demon Core. He left deep footprints on the ground as he leaped across several hundred meters.

Xiao Chen felt a cooling sensation on his chest. He looked down as saw five tears in the Clear Wind Robes. Even the inner vest had torn. The attack had nearly reached his flesh.

What strong explosive power, Xiao Chen thought to himself as he looked at the red-robed Blood Demon before him.

The red-robed Blood Demon grabbed his companion’s Demon Core and revealed a wide grin. He glowered Xiao Chen as he said, “I really have to thank you. I have been waiting for this for several decades. You have helped me greatly. I will repay you by eating your heart after I’ve finished.

“Ga! Ga!”

The red-robed Blood Demon placed the Demon Core in his mouth and chewed with gusto. He revealed pleasure on his face, looking extremely cruel.

“Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga! Do you feel my strength increasing? When I eat your heart, I will break through and become a high-rank Blood Demon.”

As the red-robed Blood Demon laughed strangely, he did not show any signs of guilt over eating his companion. He clearly had no qualms about it.

Xiao Chen sensed the other party’s aura continuously growing stronger. In the end, it rose by twenty percent, making him as strong as a peak Superior Grade Martial King.

The red-robed Blood Demon gazed the silent Xiao Chen as he slowly walked forward. He smiled faintly as he asked, “Why are you not saying anything? You must have exhausted a lot of Essence earlier. I guess that you now have less than thirty percent of your Essence. Should I give you some time to rest?”


Even though the red-robed Blood Demon said he would give Xiao Chen some time, he sent out a palm strike immediately after he spoke.

The intense baleful aura created a strong wind. The cry of mournful spirits howled in the wind. The red light turned the formless wind scarlet.

The red mark on Xiao Chen’s forehead started flickering with a bright crimson light. He activated the state of massacre. The snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber alternated between purple and red light.

Xiao Chen did not move from the spot. He did his best to maintain his calm. His saber light moved continuously as he hacked apart his opponent’s palm wind.

The other party’s explosive power was astonishing. His movement speed could achieve Mach 3 in an instant.

As for Xiao Chen, his movement speed had only reached Mach 2. The only thing Xiao Chen could compete with was attacking speed.

With the aid of the black gloves, Xiao Chen achieved Mach 3 with the Drawing the Saber.

Hence, Xiao Chen could not move. The moment he moved, he would suffer a disadvantage. His opponent moved one Mach faster than he did.

Xiao Chen’s attacks were unable to knock down his opponent successfully. As for the red-robed Blood Demon, he could advance or retreat as he pleased. When he met danger, he could quickly escape, making him undefeatable.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Strong winds blew next to Xiao Chen’s ears, the cries of resentful spirits resounded lingering and reverberating in his mind relentlessly. Occasionally, he heard the strange laugh of the red-robed Blood Demon.

Xiao Chen maintained his state of mind. He became as steady as a boulder; his feet were anchors to the top of that huge rock.

No matter how elusive Xiao Chen’s opponent was, or how many sharp palm winds he sent out, Xiao Chen would not move.

The Lunar Shadow Saber danced in all directions. With every strike Xiao Chen sent, he used Drawing the Saber. Aside from exhausting a lot of Essence, his spirit was also exhausted.

This is tiring, extremely tiring. However, I have to persevere and look for a chance to counter-attack.

Otherwise, all that awaits me is death. There is no other way; I cannot retreat.

“Interesting, he knows that he cannot match me in movement speed. So, he dares not move. He is afraid that I will catch hold of the rhythm. He uses his strong drawing technique to block my attacks. However, how long do you think you can hold on? Twenty minutes? Ten minutes? Or perhaps five minutes?”

The red-robed Blood Demon retreated a few steps with lightning speed. A playful smile appeared on his pale face.

After attacking for so long to no avail, the red-robed Blood Demon started to engage in psychological warfare to damped Xiao Chen’s spirits.


Xiao Chen pointed his saber at the red-robed Blood Demon. He revealed a faint smile on his fair face and said, “You can try. Let’s see if I fall. Or will I grasp your attack rhythm first?.”

“Ga! Ga! Let’s give it a try then!”

The red-robed Blood Demon laughed strangely and launched another red light at Xiao Chen.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The horrifying red light carried a boundless baleful aura. The red-robed Blood Demon continuously sent out all sorts of killing moves from many different directions at Xiao Chen.

When the intense energy of the two clashed, the air became like water, ripples appearing. The strong energy seemed to almost tear space apart.

The red-robed Blood Demon originally had the strength of a Superior Grade Martial King. After he absorbed the blue-robed Blood Demon’s Demon Core, his strength rose explosively.

Xiao Chen merged his two states to the limit. He did not dare be careless as he broke all his opponent’s killing moves, one by one.


After one hour, when the red-robed Blood Demon saw that he could not take Xiao Chen down, an inpatient expression appeared on his pale face as he retreated again.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained calm as he said indifferently, “Is that all you have? If so, you might end up here forever.”

The red-robed Blood Demon snorted coldly and said, “Even on your deathbed, your tongue is so sharp. Later, you will beg for mercy.”

Disdain flashed in the red-robed Blood Demon’s eyes. He interlocked his fingers and started to make hand seals. Rings of red light extended out from his palms.

Horrifying energy gathered on his hand seals. The red light became increasingly dazzling. It throbbed like blood in the arteries, appearing incredibly sinister.

“Great Blood Demon Seal!”

The red-robed Blood Demon roared ferociously. When the brightness of the red light reached its limits, he stopped making hand seals. He pressed the overwhelming energy towards Xiao Chen.

It felt like a huge mountain carrying vast force descending from the sky. Its aura was overwhelming, making one tremble, unable to breathe.

However, Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. Instead, he felt happy. He was not afraid of clashing head-on with his opponent. He was only afraid of his opponent attacking relentlessly from a distance, fleeing when the situation turned from his favor.

If that repeated over and over again, Xiao Chen would have no way to leave the stone forest quickly. His spirit would eventually be exhausted.

Actually, Xiao Chen had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. As long as he could pull his opponent into clashing head-on, giving up the advantage of speed, he felt fully confident of dealing with his opponent in three moves.

Xiao Chen held his saber vertically with the blade in front of his face. Then, his left hand slowly slid up the saber, moving along the edge.

When Xiao Chen’s fingers moved pass the tip, a Wukui Flowerbud, which alternated between purple and red light, appeared on the huge stone below him. Just before the Great Blood Demon Seal struck him, the Wukui Flowerbud completely enveloped him.