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Chapter 410: Blood Shadow Clone

Chapter 410: Blood Shadow Clone


A loud sound resounded. The huge stone below Xiao Chen instantly shattered into tiny fragments. The Wukui Flowerbud alternating with purple and red lights landed on the ground.

Behind the Wukui Flower bud, the huge stone started to reform and landed firmly on the ground.

Within the flower bud, Xiao Chen could not help but vomit a mouthful of blood. His organs had been intensely shaken.

The energy threads from the inner vest broke, one after another. The might of the Great Blood Demon Seal far exceeded Xiao Chen’s expectations.

Even after the double-layered protection of the flower bud and the inner vest, it still caused such severe damage to Xiao Chen’s internal organs. Without these two layers of protection, his organs might have shattered immediately.

The red-robed Blood Demon floated quietly in the sky. When he saw the undamaged flower bud, his sinister face revealed astonishment.

The blood-robed Blood Demon had the clearest understanding of the Great Blood Demon Seal’s might. Even though he only practiced it to the first layer, after he swallowed the strength of the blue-robed Blood Demon, the might of this strike would even cause significant internal injuries to a high-rank Blood Demon.

“I don’t believe that you can really block this move. What is this nonsense? Break for me!”

The red-robed Blood Demon shouted angrily and formed claws with his fingers as he grabbed at the flower bud.


Just before the red-robed Blood Demon touched the flower bud, it blossomed. A horrifying shockwave spread out, catching him with its force.

The red-robed Blood Demon flew back with a pained expression over a hundred meters before he stabilized himself.

A strong wind blew, and petals filled the stone forest. Xiao Chen leaped out and passed through the dancing petals, heading for the red-robed Blood Demon.

The flower petals, alternatively flickering with purple and red light, gave off an invisible Spiritual Light. The Spiritual Light entered Xiao Chen’s body, and his speed quickly increased to Mach 3.

At this moment, Xiao Chen did not face any obstruction. His saber light danced as he swung the saber, sending limitless Saber Techniques at the red-robed Blood Demon.

The unending chain of attacks had a might akin to rushing lightning as they surged over. They suppressed the red-robed Blood Demon into a retreat.

The more the red-robed Blood Demon blocked Xiao Chen’s attacks, the more astonished he became. The speed he was proud was not enough for him to escape Xiao Chen’s attacks.

The red-robed Blood Demon wanted to gather his energy to retreat, but he discovered that his earlier move had exhausted too much of his strength. He was now drained and had no way to flee from Xiao Chen.

“Despicable human! You think you can trap me like this? Blood Shadow Clone!”

The red-robed Blood Demon cursed, and his body flickered with red light. He split into three in an instant but did not attack. Instead, they fled in different directions. He would make further plans after escaping.

The red-robed Blood Demon firmly believed that, once he left the area, he could completely digest the strength of the blue-robed Blood Demon. Xiao Chen, who could not flee from the stone forest, would become his meal sooner or later.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. He said, “Cloning technique…I seem to know one too!”

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!” Xiao Chen’s figure trembled, and nine figures instantly appeared. The nine figures trembled again, creating a total of 81 figures floating in the air.


Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and took the risk of exhausting his Essence. The 81 figure trembled in the air once more.

They divided into nine again. Instantly, 729 figures appeared in the air, packed densely together. Xiao Chen’s figures filled the sky.

After waiting for this fellow to exhaust his energy, if I let him leave now, I will lose all opportunities to capture him.

Furthermore, after this experience, the other party will definitely not clash head-on with me again. Regardless of the situation, I cannot allow him to escape.

There is only one chance. I cannot miss it.

The red-robed Blood Demon watched as his surroundings filled with Xiao Chens. Finally, a look of horror appeared on his face for the first time. Hundreds of Xiao Chens surrounded each one of his clones. At this moment, he felt minuscule.

Under the influence of the Wukui Flower Petals, the speed of each of Xiao Chen’s clones was no slower than the red-robed Blood Demon’s. There was no chance for him to flee.

The red-robed Blood Demon’s path to escape was sealed!


The red-robed Blood Demon shouted, and the two other clones turned into balls of red light and returned to the main body. A ruthless expression appeared in his eyes.

The red-robed Blood Demon’s entire body exploded with red light. His eyes gave off a dazzling scarlet light. His baleful aura acted like a fog moving around his body.

The red-robed Blood Demon sent out countless killing moves without consideration for the cost. Scarlet lights flashed, and strong winds blew as the attacks flew at their target.

Several of Xiao Chen’s clones shattered. This red-robed Blood Demon went utterly berserk.

“Trying to leave? Too late! Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

The Lunar Shadow Saber hummed gently, and the several hundred Xiao Chens swung their sabers at the same time, executing the Wukui Transforms to Qi of the Wukui Saber Technique.

Instantly several hundred ancient divine Wukui Trees appeared in the air. The Wukui Trees then scattered and turned into boundless saber Qi.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

In this small space, the interchanging purple and red saber Qi poured down like torrential rain. Xiao Chen locked the Blood Demon in place; he could not escape.

This reasoning was simple. In a storm, even if you held an umbrella, you would still get wet. Furthermore, the thousands of saber Qi in the air were even more torrential than a storm by several hundred times. Even with the red-robed Blood Demon’s speed, he could not dodge them all.

“Xiu! Xiu!”

In the blink of an eye, the saber Qi shredded the Blood Demon’s red robes. Blood trickled from countless wounds across his entire body. It looked too horrible to endure.


Xiao Chen shouted, and his several hundred clones transformed into countless flowing lights, gathering back at the original Xiao Chen.

When the flowing light had fully returned, Xiao Chen leaped up as pierced his saber forward. He easily cut open the defensive shield the red-robed Blood Demon laid down.

Now that the red-robed Blood Demon was severely injured, how could he defend against the Saber Technique merged with the state of massacre and state of thunder?

“Pu ci!”

The saber tip pierced deeply into the red-robed Blood Demon’s chest, slicing open a wound about the size of a fist. The red-robed Blood Demon felt so much pain that he wished he was dead. Blood poured from his eyes, and he said in a maniacal state, “Even if I die, I will take you with me, you despicable human being!”

All the energy in the red-robed Blood Demon gathered non-stop. His skin started swelling relentlessly. At the time of his death, the other party unexpectedly thought of detonating himself.

Xiao Chen’s saber thrust forward again as he said calmly, “Do you think you still have the chance?”

“Wukui Blossoms!”

Then, Xiao Chen pulled his saber out, and a fountain of blood spurted from the red-robed Blood Demon’s wound. The flower petals that filled the sky formed a huge whirlpool and poured into the red-robed Blood Demon’s wound.


A huge energy surged, and the red-robed Blood Demon’s body crashed through several huge stones before coming to a stop.

The red-robed Blood Demon’s swelling body instantly shriveled. A tree trunk grew out of his wound, and multiple branches extended, reaching for the sky.

Not long later, a humongous Wukui Tree with dense branches and leaves grew at a visible pace. Purple and red flowers blossomed on the branches.

This time, Xiao Chen did not hold back at all. He allowed the Wukui Tree to grow wildly.

When the Wukui Flowers bloomed, the Wukui Tree absorbed all the energy in the red-robed Blood Demon as nutrients. His flesh mummified.


Xiao Chen formed a seal with his left hand and directed the mysterious energy in the air. He shouted, and the Wukui Tree instantly exploded. This red-robed Blood Demon died.

No matter how strong the red-robed Blood Demon’s lifeforce was, it would be useless.

The instant the red-robed Blood Demon exploded, all the red light formed by the baleful aura flew quickly towards Xiao Chen’s forehead.

Within the sea of consciousness, the scarlet throne greedily absorbed the aura. The throne trembled excitedly, the entire sea of consciousness churning with it.

The baleful aura of the red-robed Blood Demon far surpassed Xiao Chen’s expectation. His body grew uncontrollably excited. A red glow appeared in his eyes. It looked extremely sinister.

This feeling could not compare to when Xiao Chen had killed those low-rank Blood Demons in the past. He only needed a thought, and his Spiritual Sense could easily put down that sense of depravity.

Even for that blue-robed Blood Demon, who was a middle-rank Blood Demon as well, Xiao Chen only had to spend a few breaths of time to curb that desire to massacre.

However, this time, it was intense. All the blood in Xiao Chen’s body, every single cell, surged. The strength of massacre filled his mind.

Xiao Chen tried several times to stop this excitement that would cause him to sink into depravity. However, he gave up at the last moment. That surging feeling in the body caused one to sink deeper without the desire to escape.

Even though Xiao Chen knew it was not good and would drive him berserk, he could not do it. He was afraid of losing the feeling after stopping it.

Right before Xiao Chen completely lost himself, he resolutely bit down on the tip of his tongue. His teeth immediately bit off a small chunk of flesh.

An intense pain caused Xiao Chen to regain some clarity. The pain from his tongue lingered for a long time.

A resolute look appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes. As the pain faded, his Spiritual Sense turned into a knife and cut off this pleasurable feeling coming from his sea of consciousness.


Five minutes passed before this pleasurable feeling left him completely. Xiao Chen slumped down with cold sweat trickling down his back. He seemed completely drained.

Xiao Chen felt mentally fatigued. This action had unexpectedly drained him of half his Mental Energy.

The red-robed Blood Demon was originally very strong; he had been a peak middle-rank Blood Demon. After he swallowed his companion, he could have actually been considered a high-rank Blood Demon.

Not only had the red-robed Blood Demon had several times more baleful aura, but it had also been stronger in quality. A low-rank Blood Demon could not compare to it.

Furthermore, the baleful aura of this kind of Demon was stronger than humans of similar strength. These kinds of Demons were characterized by cruelty, bloodiness, massacre, and many other negative emotions at a level far more intense than humans.

Xiao Chen leaned against a huge stone. His eyes regained their previous clarity. He said softly, “It looks like I have to be more careful when I absorb the baleful aura of Demons in the future. They are of a completely different level from cultivators.

This danger Xiao Chen had just experienced was mostly due to the fact that he had not been mentally prepared for it.

If Xiao Chen had made the necessary preparations, even if he could not digest the baleful aura in a short time, he would not have been in danger of sinking into depravity.

After resting for a while, Xiao Chen recovered most of his spirit. He got up and said, “After absorbing so much baleful aura, the state of massacre should have become a little stronger.”

Xiao Chen gently flicked out a finger, and a pure saber Qi infused with the state of massacre shot out.