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Chapter 411: Blood Flame Shoes

Chapter 411: Blood Flame Shoes

“Weng! Weng!”

The red saber Qi instantly penetrated through the massive boulder ahead, leaving a finger-sized hole.

After that, its strength had not diminished. It only stopped after penetrating hundreds of huge stones and flying at least a thousand meters.

When Xiao Chen saw this, he revealed a shocked expression. He had not even used a tenth of his strength in this saber Qi, yet, the effects were astonishing.

If Xiao Chen had used the pure lightning-attributed Essence, this move would only smash through ten huge stones at most.

Furthermore, it had smashed through, not penetrated, the stones. Lightning-attributed energy was too berserk. It was not as dense as the state of massacre and would scatter easily.

That was to say, after infusing the state of massacre, the might of his saber Qi had more than tripled. Furthermore, it became denser and sharper.

Xiao Chen pondered, The power of the scarlet throne is outrageous, even shocking.

Xiao Chen had not cultivated any Cultivation Technique or Martial Technique that involved the path of killing. Logically, he should not have been able to comprehend the state of massacre.

However, with the scarlet throne, Xiao Chen’s state of massacre was much stronger than some of the cultivators who cultivated the path of killing.

The Secret Treasure left by the ancient Evil King had too many secrets. It would be challenging for Xiao Chen to unravel all of them with his strength.

Xiao Chen shook his head and decided not to think about this problem, as long as he could guarantee that he would not sink into depravity. When he became strong enough, all the secrets would naturally reveal themselves.

When Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense picked up the location of the red-robed Blood Demon’s Demon Core, he quickly flew over.

The Demon Core that could compare with one from a high-rank Blood Demon was a valuable item. Cultivators who wanted to temper their mental energy would spend a large amount to buy it.

Xiao Chen landed and waved his hand, sucking the Demon Core into his grasp. After that, he revealed a faint smile.

Now that Xiao Chen had finished his target, it was time to check on his prize. Xiao Chen took out the pair of black shoes from his Universe Ring, a true Medial Grade Secret Treasure.

When cultivators reached the Martial King realm, the effects of Inferior Grade Secret Treasures would start to weaken. As for Medial Grade Secret Treasures, they were useful until the Martial Monarch realm.

With these shoes, Xiao Chen would not have to worry about Secret Treasures of such type for a long period.

A Medial Grade Secret Treasure had a stronger mark than Inferior Grade Secret Treasures. After spending some effort, Xiao Chen finally managed to brand his own mark onto it.

Since Xiao Chen had become the owner of these shoes, he had to give this them a name.

These shoes did not look much different from ordinary shoes; they seemed rather normal. Only, their color was deeper, and their Spiritual Energy aura made them extraordinary.

Xiao Chen touched the shoes gently with his hand. He could feel a fine pattern on them. As he touched them, the pattern slowly released a faint radiance.

When the pattern completely illuminated, it turned out to be a black-winged Blood Flame Eagle covering the entire shoe. The wings spread apart like it wanted to fly, looking very lifelike.

Legend said that the Blood Flame Eagle was the Spirit Beast with the fastest flying speed. A Blood Flame Eagle with black wings was the king of this type of Spirit Beast.

However, this Spirit Beast was already extinct on the continent. Black-winged Blood Flame Eagles had not been seen for the several thousand years.

Xiao Chen muttered, “Since there is a pattern of the black-winged Blood Flame Eagle, let’s call these the Blood Flame Shoes.”

Xiao Chen put on the Blood Flame Shoes and walked around. It was time for him to test out the might of this Medial Grade Secret Treasure.

Relying on the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, Xiao Chen could reach at least Mach 2. With the aid of the Windwalk Shoes, he was very close to reaching Mach 3.

Xiao Chen did not know what impact these Blood Flame Shoes would have on his speed. Anticipation filled Xiao Chen as he quickly circulated the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art.


Xiao Chen’s figure sped through the air, and he almost crashed violently into the huge stone two hundred meters ahead of him.

What amazing speed! Xiao Chen was startled. If I really crash, it will be too embarrassing. Xiao Chen quickly pushed off the ground and changed his direction.

Xiao Chen darted around the stone forest, turning corner after corner. After the initial fluster, he finally grew accustomed to the Blood Flame Shoes’ speed.

After that, Xiao Chen used his full power, not holding back his Essence as he executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its limits. He wanted to test the full extent of the Blood Flame Shoes’ speed.

Xiao Chen weaved in and out of the stone forest. In this complicated environment, testing the Blood Flame Shoes also tested his reaction speed.

After a while, Xiao Chen stopped. An excited smile appeared on his face as he said, “My speed reached Mach 3.5, faster than my original speed by thirty percent. Medial Grade Secret Treasures truly deserve their fame.”

Xiao Chen could not help his excitement. For the Martial King realm, unless he had some special fortuitous encounter or had the wind-attribute, his peak speed could only reach Mach 4. To most Martial Kings, Mach 4 represented an unsurpassable hurdle.

Furthermore, with Xiao Chen’s speed of Mach 3.5, even if he met a peak half-step Martial Monarch, he was confident that he had a fifty percent chance of fleeing. His chances of survival had increased significantly.

However, Xiao Chen felt unfortunate at the fact that the Blood Flame Shoes achieved this so easily. That was to say, if Xiao Chen’s base movement speed increased, his overall movement speed could also increase.

After all, the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art was a Heaven Ranked Movement Technique. Xiao Chen moved faster than cultivators of the same cultivation realm.

Xiao Chen had practiced the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to Small Perfection long ago. However, his progress stopped there. He could not break through the bottleneck.

Heaven Ranked Movement Techniques had rigid requirements. If one’s cultivation did not reach a certain level, it would be impossible to improve.

According to the records in the secret manual, after the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art reached Consummation, Xiao Chen could roam the heavens and earth, riding on eighteen Azure Dragons.

With the aid of the Azure Dragons, he could break through the barrier of the sky and enter the world above. He could travel to the boundless depths of the sea, reaching the deepest point of this world freely.

Clearly, Xiao Chen had only scratched the surface of this Movement Technique. For now, there was no possibility of advancing it further. Hence, he felt it was unfortunate for the pair of Blood Flame Shoes.

When Xiao Chen looked at the black shoes, at the faintly inscribed black-winged Blood Flame Eagle, he felt curious.

Secret Treasures would certainly not contain anything useless. The materials needed to make Secret Treasures were rare. No blacksmith would waste his materials.

Hence, the black-winged Blood Flame Eagle pattern was definitely not just used for decoration.

I have to try it, Xiao Chen thought. He slowly circulated his Essence to his feet and passed it through the soles of the shoes. He slowly sent his Essence to the indented pattern.

Just as Xiao Chen’s Essence just touched the pattern, the remaining Essence liquid in Xiao Chen’s purple Qi whirlpool surged and drained rapidly.


The pattern on both shoes lit up at the same time. Its light became resplendent as two piercing bird cries resounded.

The Blood Flame Eagles on the shoes seemed to come to life. They spread their wings and flew. Before Xiao Chen could react, he felt a strong force lifting him.

An immense force developed Xiao Chen as he rushed forward. He looked like an out-of-control train crashing towards the huge stone ahead.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen crushed the boulder into dust. Then he destroyed another…and another…eventually, all of the boulders in his way for five hundred meters shattered into sand.

The sudden change did not even allow Xiao Chen to put up a protective Essence shield. He simply crashed directly into anything and everything in his way.

This all happened in the time for a spark to fly. From the time Xiao Chen infused Essence into the Blood Flame Eagle pattern to when he crashed through five hundred meters of huge stones, it did not even take half the time needed to blink.

Xiao Chen’s face had become swollen as he lay on the ground miserably. He felt like his entire skeleton had dislocated. He was in incredible pain and could not help but moan softly.

The pain was simply too great; it felt like an ordinary person used his head to smash into a wall. Furthermore, Xiao Chen had not crashed into walls, but massive rocks the size of small mountains, much harder than walls.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen had not crashed into those boulders passively, but at high speeds. For those huge stones to be crushed into dust, it would be easy to imagine how fast he had traveled.

Even though Xiao Chen had cultivated the Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone and had not received any real damage, the pain did not feel any less.

Xiao Chen lay on the ground for half an hour before he caught his breath. Although he felt depressed, he also felt joy.

“Unexpectedly, the Blood Flame Shoes hide a secret technique. It can help me break through the limit of Mach 4 in an instant. Although it is only effective for five hundred meters, it can give an opponent a shocking surprise in the middle of a fight.”

Unfortunately, the problem was that it exhausted too much Essence. Just executing it once exhausted one quarter of Xiao Chen’s Essence.

Never mind; this is sufficient. I have earned a lot already. It looks like the Blood Flame Shoes are a peak Medial Grade Secret Treasure.

Xiao Chen revealed a faint smiled on his bruised face before withdrawing it.

Now, how do I leave this strange place? Is it really like that blue-robed Blood Demon had said? Do I really have to wait a hundred years before I can escape? That will be very problematic. Humans do not live as long as Demons.

“White Robed Brat! Are you here? If you are, say something and make it loud!”

As Xiao Chen pondered, a vigorous voice rang throughout the stone forest. An uncertain expression flashed on his face. Why had Bai Lixi come here?

“If you are not here, say something! Damn it! Did he really die?” Bai Lixi’s rough voice rang out once again.

Xiao Chen hesitated for a while before replying loudly.

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he did not hear any reply from Bai Lixi. As Xiao Chen felt suspicious, a huge noise suddenly came from above him. A black dot appeared in the air and fell quickly.

The black dot grew larger in Xiao Chen’s view. Soon, he could make out the image of Bai Lixi’s huge axe. It broke through the spatial barrier and chopped down.

It moved as fast as lightning. Xiao Chen quickly dodged. “Bang!” The huge axe landed where he had rested, creating a long crack in the ground.

Xiao Chen took in a deep breath of cold air. If this had fallen on his head, he would be severely injured, if not dead. Anger flashed in his eyes. Was Bai Lixi trying to kill him?

“Brat! Don’t overthink this. Quickly jump onto the axe; I’ll take you out.”