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Chapter 413: Making a Move

Chapter 413: Making a Move

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense had caught sight of the corpse of a half-step Martial Monarch. It looked like the miserable cry that those people spoke of was real.

Xiao Chen glanced up. The number of cultivators standing in the air numbered over a hundred.

These people all maintained calm gazes and withdrawn auras. They stayed still as they watched the situation on the battlefield. It seemed as if the dust that filled the air could not obstruct their vision.

Martial Kings could fly in the air. However, if they wanted to stay in the air for a long time, they would exhaust a significant amount of Essence.

Obviously, the cultivators in mid-air had higher cultivations than the ones on the ground.

Obviously, once the battle ended, those rushing down from the sky would be faster than those on the ground.

The Martial Kings on the ground wanted to hover in the air as well. However, they could not keep up with the exhaustion of Essence. This resulted from their difference in strength.

Xiao Chen continued to look around, looking for Bai Lixi. Eventually, he found the robust cultivator about a thousand meters northeast.

Several cultivators with strong auras stood around Bai Lixi. He spoke to these people in whispers. It looked like he had found his companions and would take action with them.

Xiao Chen retracted his gaze and casually found a stone from which to carve an eagle. Then he spoke softly, executing the Life Bestowal Spell.


An eagle appeared below Xiao Chen, slowly carrying him into the sky. Undoubtedly, the sky was a better place to make a move from.

When the few cultivators beside him heard the activity, they inspected Xiao Chen’s cultivation. They could not help but laugh, “This brat overestimates himself. It is not that easy to stay in the air.”

“If we could go up, we would have done so long ago. He is truly ignorant. He thought that, by riding on something, others could not touch him.”

“Just watch the excitement. After all, it will still take some time for the battle to end. Just enjoy the show.”

Mockery appeared on their faces as these cultivators watched Xiao Chen fly higher. Anticipation filled their gazes.

Some people even had a ferocious gleam in their eyes; they hoped that Xiao Chen would be severely injured so they could take advantage of him.

When Xiao Chen heard this, he was somewhat astonished. It looked like the situation was not as he had expected. Aside from Essence exhaustion, the other cultivators had other reasons for not hovering in the air.

Never mind. I’ll deal with the situation as it unfolds. Xiao Chen did not fear anyone under half-step Martial Monarch. Even if he could not match up to some peak Martial Kings, he could easily flee.

“Brat, is this somewhere you can be? Scram!” Xiao Chen had just stopped as a bald cultivator flew over.

When the other cultivators in the air heard the bald cultivator, they all looked over. Interest colored their expressions.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! This brat is dead for sure. Of all the places to be, he chose Shi Feng’s territory. That fellow is famous for his violence.”

“He must be new. Shi Feng is pretty famous in the south side of the Ancient Desolate Land.”

When they cultivators on the ground saw Xiao Chen fly to the bald cultivator’s side, they all laughed.

As Xiao Chen stood on the eagle, he held the Lunar Shadow Saber. He gazed calmly at the bald cultivator in front of him.

The sky was spacious. However, cultivators had already occupied the good vantage points.

If Xiao Chen wanted to find a good spot, he had to knock someone down. At the same time, he had to demonstrate his strength to deter others from launching any attacks. The person before him not only had a good position, but Xiao Chen also considered him to be the best candidate for establishing his might.

The bald cultivator, Shi Feng, had a ferocious appearance. He held at large saber in his hand and emitted killing Qi from his whole body.

As Xiao Chen remained silent, the murderous intent in Shi Feng’s eyes grew more intense. He said coldly, “I will say it again; this is my territory. Scram now!”

When the other peak Superior Grade Martial Kings in the air felt Shi Feng’s killing Qi, they all thought, This brat on the eagle is going to die.

Several hundred cultivators came to this area. However, only a hundred qualified to occupy the airspace. For Shi Feng to be one of them, his strength was clearly not that of a regular Superior Grade Martial King.

It would be too simple for Shi Feng to deal with an Inferior Grade Martial King.

Shi Feng’s expression turned sullen as his killing Qi seemed to solidify and spread through his surroundings. A murderous intent appeared in his eyes as he glowered Xiao Chen.

“Since you did not treasure the chance I gave you, die!”

When Shi Feng saw that Xiao Chen had no intentions to retreat, he roared ferociously. He pushed off the air, and his figure flashed, leaving after images.

“Berserk Dragon Burst!”

A flame lit up on Shi Feng’s saber and formed a blue dragon. The dragon spiraled around the saber quickly as it roared. Unexpectedly, a trace of dragon’s might appeared.

“What a strong Berserk Dragon Burst, Shi Feng’s comprehension of the state of fire has deepened. Now, he can infuse the dragon might in his body into his Saber Technique.”

“This move’s might can compare to a peak Earth Ranked Martial Technique. There is no way that white-robed brat can block it. We should move quickly and prepare to grab his corpse.”

The alert cultivators leaped behind Xiao Chen and Shi Feng. No one dared lag behind.

Dragon might…Xiao Chen thought to himself. It was indeed as Xiao Chen had guessed. The Martial Technique of this Shi Feng relied on dragon might.

This made things easy. If Xiao Chen had picked another peak Superior Grade Martial King, he might have had to expend a lot of effort and not dealt with his opponent within a short period.

However, as for this Shi Feng…. The Azure Dragon was an ancient Holy Beast. It was the ancestor of all dragons. Using dragon might before Xiao Chen was like seeking death.

Xiao Chen grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber with his left hand and stood calmly on the eagle. Just as the Berserk Dragon Burst surged towards him, he sent his right hand forward and spread his fingers to form an open palm. With a thought, the Azure Dragon tattoo on his right arm came to life; it slowly crawled across his skin.


The berserk flaming blue dragon started shaking intensely. The entire saber trembled.

Shi Feng felt that the dragon might in his body seemed to have sensed something terrifying. It trashed in his body, and no matter what he did, he could not calm it.

Xiao Chen shouted a warcry and thrust his palm forward. The moving Azure Dragon on his arm emitted a loud dragon roar.

“Bang! Bang!”

Two crunching sounds resounded. The flaming blue dragon spiraling around the saber suddenly shattered. The saber also shattered and fell to the ground.

Shi Feng vomited a mouthful of blood. His body was like a kite with a broken string, falling to the ground.

Shi Feng became frighteningly pale. The dragon might he had painstakingly cultivated for decades unexpectedly scattered in a moment. Without a year or two, it would not recover back to its original state.

Shi Feng crawled up from the ground. He revealed an incredulous expression. He gazed at Xiao Chen with eyes full of fear. Then, without a word, he fled.

Shi Feng moved very fast. In the blink of an eye, he vanished from sight.

Within the battlefield, strong winds still blew wildly, and dust filled the air. Cracks of thunder and the horrifying energy never ceased for an instant.

However, all of the cultivators two thousand meters outside the battlefield stared, their jaws hanging open. They were speechless; the place fell utterly silent.

How can this be? This white-robed brat easily broke a peak Earth Ranked Martial Technique with one palm strike. Furthermore, that palm strike did not seem to contain any might.

This white-robed brat simply scared away a peak Superior Grade Martial King with a gentle palm strike. How strong is he exactly?

However, the crux of the problem was that, although Xiao Chen’s aura seemed thick, he was indeed only an Inferior Grade Martial King.

Even if Xiao Chen had cultivated a peak Cultivation Technique and obtained nourishment from all sorts of natural treasures, he should only be able to reach a draw with Shi Feng. It seemed impossible for him to scare his opponent away with one palm strike.

Doubts appeared in everybody’s minds. They could not understand what had happened.

The people on the ground waiting for entertainment were even more horror-stricken. If even Shi Feng were not a match for Xiao Chen, they certainly would not come close.

Xiao Chen withdrew his palm and glanced at the ground, at the cultivators waiting to grab his corpse. He smiled faintly and sent out a palm strike.


A strong wind blew, and eight peak Medial Grade Martial Kings were startled as they scattered and fled.

What a joke, this palm strike could easily defeat Shi Feng. How could they dare face it head-on?

However, after a while, the horrifying energy they expected did not arrive. Nothing had happened.

Xiao Chen withdrew his right hand, and the Purple Thunder True Fire in his eye started to gather. He looked at the people on the ground and smiled, “Sorry, that was just a joke. Unexpectedly, the people who came for my corpse are so cowardly.”

So, it had only been a joke. The eight people on the ground sighed in relief. Although they were angry in their hearts, they did not dare behave as unbridled as before.

“Hu chi!”

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen suddenly made a move. A purple arrow flew from Xiao Chen’s right eye.

The hair of a Medial Grade Martial King ignited as a result.

“Hot! Hot! My hair! My hair…” That person was startled and started to hit his head frantically, trying to extinguish the flames.

However, the other seven took a deep breath of cold air, afraid. The hair and the forehead were only a small distance apart. Such a feeling did not need an explanation.

When they looked at the white-robed youth on the eagle again, they saw that he had a calm expression as he smiled faintly. Clearly, he seemed very casual about it, very relaxed.

The seven said nothing, fleeing quickly. If this person were upset, the next target of those strange purple flames would not be hair.

When they realized that they had mocked Xiao Chen and even had vicious intentions of launching attacks after he was injured, they did not dare remain.

After this move, many cultivators clearly saw Xiao Chen fire an extremely fast flame arrow. It seemed completely different from that strange palm strike from earlier. They could feel his strength.

This youth did indeed qualify to stand in the air. Everyone withdrew their gazes and continued to watch the center of the battlefield. However, they all listed Xiao Chen as someone very dangerous.