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Chapter 415: Two Dogs Strive for a Bone, and a Third Runs Away With It

Chapter 415: Two Dogs Strive for a Bone, and a Third Runs Away With It

With sufficient Mental Energy, one could open their sea of consciousness and step into the Martial Monarch realm. They would become one of the few experts on the continent.

Half-step Martial Monarchs had raised their states and cultivation to the limits already. With a Martial Monarch and above coming out, they were unrivaled.

Killing Medial Grade Martial Kings or Superior Grade Martial Kings felt as easy as killing dogs to half-step Martial Kings. The only thing that might cause them trouble was the peak Superior Grade Martial Kings in the air.

As for the others, it was no longer a problem of quantity but quality. With their strength, no matter how many attacked, it would not make a difference.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The six elders stepped forward another hundred meters and made another move. With the influence of their various peak states, the normally ordinary Martial Techniques became killing moves. Many cultivators lost their lives on the spot.

The old man in the middle stopped and looked at the peak Superior Grade Martial Kings with their auras raised to their limits hovering in the air. He frowned slightly and muttered, “Everyone, just go back to where you came from. These are not yours. Don’t try to reap without sowing. Otherwise, well…I don’t have to tell you what the consequences will be.”

The hundred peak Martial Kings stayed in the air with expressionless faces as they watched the Secret Treasures flying everywhere. Clearly, they did not wish to leave.

One of them said coldly, “Unexpectedly, there are still the six of you who have not made a move yet. No wonder a newly advanced peak high-rank Blood Demon could kill three of you. However, the six of you will not be sufficient to monopolize these Secret Treasures.”

“In the worst case, both the fish dies and the net breaks; no one will get anything. The baleful aura of a peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core is overwhelming. Without strong willpower, it will be difficult to extract. If you don’t let us get the Secret Treasure, we won’t let you get the Demon Core.”

“That’s right; you can take the Demon Core and leave. If you want to stop us from getting the Secret Treasures, that is impossible. We will not return empty-handed.”

The hundred peak Superior Grade Martial King stood in the air; their auras were withdrawn as they retorted. For a moment, both sides entered a stalemate.

If no one gave way, an even more intense fight would begin.

The Medial Grade Martial Kings and ordinary Superior Grade Martial Kings were already afraid. They had retreated to two thousand meters from the half-step Martial Monarchs.

When these Martial Kings saw the hundred peak Superior Grade Martial Kings holding their ground, they all slowly grew excited. As they watched the Secret Treasures flying around, desire appeared in their eyes.

When Bai Lixi saw the situation before him, he heaved a sigh of relief. He focused on cultivating the physical body. Before Great Perfection, he could not compete with other cultivators in speed.

If Bai Lixi rushed in, even if he could retreat, he could be covered in injuries.

Xiao Chen continued watching the Secret Treasures flying through the air; he focused on the three Medial Grade Secret Treasures. The other Inferior Grade Secret Treasures could not catch his eye.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense continued to observe that group of people. When Old Qin spoke to the six, Xiao Chen had immediately checked on the conditions of these six people.

These six people had not exhausted themselves at all. Their purpose was to prevent the current situation. The person called Old Qin had made a decisive move.

Even if someone died, Old Qin wanted to preserve the strength of these six. Thinking about it, the power behind him had to be immense. Otherwise, he would not have suppressed these six and would get into trouble.

Xiao Chen looked at the three Medial Grade Secret Treasures in the air. Then, he looked at the nervous group of people. After that, he took out a sculpture from the Universe Ring. He seemed to have already formulated a plan.

There was a deep red Demon Core in the middle of the Blood Demon’s corpse. It gave off a strange red light, bathing the surrounding in scarlet. At the same time, it contested an indistinct, formless barrier.


A hundred meters away from the Demon Core, Old Qin and the others had varying numbers of bleeding wounds.

However, despite their tired faces, they all had blazing eyes; they looked excited. Even so, they still maintained their rationality. They did not allow their desires go to their head. One of them seemed worried as he asked, “Old Qin, you have exhausted most of your Essence, and you are injured. Can you the attacks of the baleful aura?”

“This Blood Demon died with a lot of resentment. I believe that the attacks of the Demonic Core’s aura will be stronger than a regular peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core.”

Old Qin snorted coldly, “If you think that your Mental Energy is stronger than mine, you can try. You don’t have to speak such nonsense with me.”

When the others heard this, they quickly said, “Old Qin, that’s not what we meant. Naturally, your Mental Energy is the strongest amongst us. We are just a little worried for you.”

When Old Qin heard this, he smiled coldly, “This old man’s Mental Energy is only a step shy of opening the sea of consciousness. After spending some effort, I should still be able to accomplish this.”

As Old Qin was about to step into the red light, he heard the exchange between the group of peak Superior Grade Martial king and Old Ge. His expression became malevolent as he said, “Tell Old Ge just to grab the three Medial Grade Secret Treasures. Let them have the rest. After we settle this, we will make them pay a hundredfold. We will allow them some benefits for now.”

After Old Qin spoke, he turned around without looking back and stepped into the red light. The moment he stepped in, countless illusions appeared before him.

All sorts of horrifying scenes appeared before Old Qin. It was difficult for him to differentiate illusion from reality. He felt as if he had descended into hell, and a malicious spirit loomed, waiting to swallow him.

Old Qin maintained his calm; his eyes appeared peaceful. He sharpened his Mental Energy into a blade and sliced through the illusions.

However, that baleful aura was challenging to deal with. Old Qin’s Mental Energy could not break through it completely. Resentful spirits, malevolent spirits, and vengeful spirits continued to pour out relentlessly. It was just a hundred meters away, but every step felt arduous. Sweat poured from his forehead. He was obviously struggling.


The hundred peak Superior Grade Martial Kings in the sky stared at the six old men on the ground with cold expressions.

Their auras were withdrawn as they grasped their weapons tightly, preventing these six from attacking. Regardless of the situation, their opponents were half-step Martial Monarchs.

If they fought any of the old men one-on-one, they would not even last a hundred moves; they would even find it difficult to flee unscathed. The only thing they could rely on was their advantage of numbers.

As for the cultivators scattered on the ground, they could not match up to the half-step Martial Monarchs. They did not even qualify to speak of conditions.

In fact, these people had not expected six half-step Martial Monarchs who had not exhausted themselves at all. Otherwise, they would not have rushed forward so recklessly.

“Hurry up and make a decision. Give us the Secret Treasures, and the Demon Core is yours. Stop trying to buy time,” one of the half-step Martial Monarchs in the air said impatiently. He was obviously uneasy.

Once the half-step Martial Monarchs obtained the peak Superior Grade Demon Core, they no longer had anything to fear from the peak Superior Grade Martial Kings.

“Make your decision quickly. Stop dawdling.”

“Stop dragging this out. Worst case scenario, we both lose out. No one will gain anything, and you all can forget about advancing to Martial Monarch in this lifetime.”

The patience of the peak Superior Grade Martial Kings in the air slowly diminished. If they continued to wait, they would not obtain anything.

“Scram quickly. If you take another step forward, we will kill you without hesitation!”

The six old men wore grave expressions. They did not have any intentions of giving in to these threats. More than a hundred Secret Treasure would be a large fortune wherever they went. How could they just give it away?

Furthermore, there were three Medial Grade Secret Treasures. Even for half-step Martial Monarchs, not all of them had Medial Grade Secret Treasures. It was all the more reason they could not give those up.

The atmosphere became very volatile. The air seemed to thicken. If felt like it would explode the moment anyone made a move.

Just at this moment, an old man came flying over. He gently whispered something into Old Ge’s ear.

Old Ge’s expression changed slightly. After he muttered to himself for a moment, he spoke to the crowd in the air, “Aside from the three Medial Grade Secret Treasures, the rest is yours.”

“You are too naive! A Medial Grade Secret Treasure is the equivalent of several dozen Inferior Grade Secret Treasures. Do you think we are fools?!”

“You still intend to monopolize all the benefits? Do you think we are monkeys?” The crowd was not satisfied. A few more short-tempered cultivators wanted to make a move.

Old Ge said coldly, “What are you thinking of doing? Don’t be reckless.”

“Chi! Chi!”

Just at this moment, the cry of an eagle suddenly came from the air. The cry was deafening like it was meant to attract everyone’s attention.

All of the cultivators, including the seven half-step Martial Monarchs, could not help but look to the sky.

They only saw an eagle spreading its wings and casting down a huge shadow. It flew rapidly towards the scattered Secret Treasures in the air.

“It’s that white-robed brat! He is snatching the Secret Treasures! Is he crazy?!” the people below exclaimed.

Old Ge’s expression changed greatly. He emitted killing Qi from his entire body. The surrounding air moved and created a tornado as he said coldly, “You’re seeking death!”

Old Ge waved his hands and fired an extremely dense energy.

“Boom! Boom!”

The remaining six half-step Martial Monarchs made a move about the same time as Old Ge. The torrent of sharp attacks flew towards the eagle.

At the same time, the peak Superior Grade Martial King cursed. This brat was too dishonest. He unexpectedly dared to snatch Secret Treasures alone before they had any chance to act.

All types of sharp killing moves were launched simultaneously. They instantly turned into thousands of dense attacks, covering the sky as they surged towards the eagle.

Frost, flames, saber Qi, sword Qi, fist wing, sword lights…there was a wide variety and not just one of each.

With such an onslaught of attacks, even a half-step Martial Monarch could not a dodge and would not dare clash head-on against this bombardment.

It was like the principle of ants biting an elephant to death. Furthermore, Xiao Chen was not an elephant.

Thus, in the crowd’s opinion, Xiao Chen would have to be mad to do something so attention-grabbing.

As for the eagle carved from stone, it instantly shattered under the countless attacks. It first shattered into fragments, then dust. Eventually, it completely vanished from this world.

However, there was no one on the eagle, only three incredibly spiritual wooden sculptures. The instant the eagle shattered, the strong and chaotic energy tossed them high into the air.

The finger-sized wooden sculptures did not seem to have any weight. The shockwave generated by the explosion tossed them several thousand meters into the sky, allowing them to evade the horrifying attacks.

“Is he dead yet? With so many attacks, this brat has probably been blasted till nothing is left of him.”