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Chapter 416: Fleeing for One’s Life

Chapter 416: Fleeing for One’s Life

“If he can survive this, I will dig out my eyes myself.”

“Ha! Ha! You really picked a good time to say that. However, this brat is definitely dead. It looks like you can keep your eyes.”

“This brat is crazy. He thought he could play some trick to sneak past. If we could have done so, we would have long ago. It would not be his turn to do so.”

“This is the result of being too conceited. He died without a complete corpse. This is the reality of the situation.”

It looked as if fireworks filled the sky, exploding endlessly and filling the sky with resplendent light. The crowd all sighed.

When all the energy scattered, and the blurry sky turned quiet again, the watching crowd saw three white figures moving under the scarlet clouds. Each of them headed quickly for a Medial Grade Secret Treasure.

The three figures all wore white robes. They were pale, delicate, and handsome. A strip of blue cloth covered their foreheads, and a saber hung from their waists. They could not be anyone other than Xiao Chen.

“Damn it! How can this be? Not only did he not die, but he also became three people.”

The people below were astonished. They mouths gaped, and their eyes looked like they were about to pop out. They could not understand what had just happened.

Even a Martial Monarch would not withstand those attacks. How could he, as an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial King, survive that unscathed?

Nothing made sense. It far surpassed everyone’s imaginations.

Even the cultivator who said he would dig out his own eyes had an incredulous look on his face. He muttered continuously, “How can it be…how can it be…?”

“It’s a Cloning Technique! Chase him! We can’t let him snatch the Secret Treasures!”

Seeing a white figure in the air obtain a Medial Grade Secret Treasure, Old Ge became furious. He sent out a strong wind and rose into the sky.

After the three Xiao Chens in the air had grabbed the Medial Grade Secret Treasures, they smiled faintly. They executed the Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations, and the three figures instantly became 27 figures.

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

The Xiao Chens brandished their sabers as the blades flickered with a dazzling purple light. Countless purple saber Qi covered the sky chaotically, moving over a large area like a torrential storm.

Some of the flying Secret Treasurers in the air were knocked to the ground when the saber Qi struck them.

“Secret Treasure!”

When the Secret Treasures arrived before them, all of the cultivators recovered their wits as they started reaching for the Secret Treasures. The scene dove into madness.

The Xiao Chens formed by the wooden sculptures smiled, satisfied. Instantly, all 27 figures laughed.

“Bang! Bang!”

Old Ge swept his arm across and shattered seven Xiao Chens in an instant. The remaining clones quickly rushed into the crowd on the ground.

As for the three Xiao Chens holding the Medial Grade Secret Treasures, they found three desolate rocks with cracks and turned back into wooden sculptures under the cover of the other clones. They carried the Secret Treasures into the cracks with them.

The palm-sized Secret Treasures and the finger-sized wooden sculptures hid within the cracks in the stones. In that chaotic situation, no one would notice them.

After the three Xiao Chens turned back into wooden sculptures, the scattered fleeing clones disappeared when they no longer had energy pouring into them.

“Damn it! They are clones! Where did the brat go?” several cultivators distracted by the Xiao Chen clones all cursed.

Within the crowd of several hundred, occasionally, miserable cries resounded out as they fought over the Secret Treasures that had fallen from the sky.

Even the relatively calm peak Superior Grade Martial Kings could not hold themselves back. Xiao Chen had driven the place into pandemonium.

However, the peak Superior Grade Martial Kings could not find Xiao Chen. If they did not make any moves now, not only would they miss out on the Medial Grade Secret Treasures, but they would also lose the Inferior Grade Secret Treasures as well.

“Old Ge, what should we do?” The seven half-step Martial Monarchs remained in the air as they looked at each other.

Old Ge became sullen. He said somewhat irritably, “Old Qin himself said that we needed to obtain the three Medial Grade Secret Treasures. If we cannot obtain them, we probably will not receive a share from the Demon Core. What do you think?”

Old Qin kept them in reserve, preserving their strength was so they could resolve such a situation.

However, that simple matter had been utterly ruined. When they thought that they lost all hope of getting a share of the Demon Core, they could not help their dismay.

“Don’t put on that expression. Split up and search; there might still be a chance. I don’t believe that this brat, an Inferior Grade Martial King, can run fast enough.”

Old Ge snorted coldly and ran south, searching. He moved with lightning speed, traveling a long distance in an instant. The others perked up and started searching with all their might.

Naturally, these people would not find Xiao Chen. They looked in the wrong places. No matter how fast they were, it would be useless. The further they flew, the more off they were.

Even if they really found Xiao Chen’s position, they would only find three pieces of wood.

As for the real Xiao Chen…where was he hiding?

Within the boundless scarlet clouds, where even the air seemed solid, the real Xiao Chen hid quietly in a corner, drifting about in the scarlet clouds.

The scarlet clouds contained all sorts of horrifying negative states. Xiao Chen had used his Spiritual Sense to lay an air-tight shield around him, preventing these states from attacking him.

The scarlet clouds were made from the corpse Qi, baleful auras, the resentment of the dead, Demonic Qi from the Demons, and killing Qi.

One required strong Mental Energy to hide within these clouds. Otherwise, even if they were half-step Martial Monarchs, no one would dare hide in such a place.


Right below Xiao Chen was the core where the fight took place earlier. The corpse of the Blood Demon lay quietly as the deep red Demon Core gave off a dense glow.

Old Qin’s wrinkled face looked extremely fatigued. He walked arduously in the red light. The distance of a hundred meters seemed like a rugged road to the heavens. He had barely traveled half the journey after a lot of effort.

Behind the red light, ten half-step Martial Monarchs formed a circle and stood guard.

To them, they do not mind losing the Secret Treasures. However, the peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core could not be lost or have anything undue happen to it.

The Demon Core was their hope for advancing to Martial Monarch. If they wanted to run into another peak high-rank Blood Demon in the inner region of the Demon Battlefield again, it would be impossible.

Xiao Chen looked around and saw the chaos happening a thousand meters behind. Then, he saw six half-step Martial Monarchs searching for him.

Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile. He looked at the glowing, deep red Demon Core below and took a deep breath. Then, his gaze slowly turned resolute.

Xiao Chen knew what he was going to do next. He was going to snatch away what that they cared for the most from ten half-step Martial Monarchs.

Any one of the half-step Martial Monarchs could kill Xiao Chen easily. Even if they had exhausted most of their strength and suffered severe injuries, they still could kill him without much effort.

It was just like how Xiao Chen could easily kill a regular Inferior Grade Martial King even when severely injured. This was the difference in strength. However, at this moment, the roles were reversed. He now became the one that could be killed easily.

However, this was a rare opportunity. The ten-odd half-step Martial Monarchs were exhausted and severely wounded.

After preparing for such a long time and running into such a good opportunity, if Xiao Chen did not try, he would regret it in the future!

Being servile had never been in Xiao Chen’s character. When it was time to make a move, he would do so without hesitation. As long as there was more than a 50% chance of success, it would be sufficient.

The six half-step Martial Monarchs who were not exhausted moved about and had already completely disappeared from Xiao Chen’s vision.

The moment has arrived! It’s time to move!

Xiao Chen thought to himself as he scattered the Essence in the air.

With the aid of gravity, Xiao Che fell swiftly towards the ground like a falling mountain.

“Chi! Chi!”

In an instant, Xiao Chen’s falling speed reached his limits. It surpassed the barrier of Martial Kings, Mach 4.

When the ten-odd Martial Monarchs standing guard saw Xiao Chen falling like a meteor, their expressions changed greatly and wanted to make a move.

However, Old Qin, who had already walked a significant distance in the red light, relaxed. He smiled maliciously, “No need to bother with him. Let him come down. The baleful aura will smash him to death. Reckless fool, we can use him to decrease the pressure on me.”

When the other Martial Monarchs heard that, they agreed. Given Old Qin’s strength, he still found it hard to press forward.

As for this brat, he fell from the sky so fast. When the aura attacked him, it would only hit him harder. Coincidentally, he could attract a significant portion of the aura away. This would allow Old Qin to finish walking the final distance easily.

Xiao Chen fell like a meteor and crashed into the red light. The baleful aura immediately transformed into countless malicious spirits. A sea of corpses rushed at Xiao Chen.

The Mental Energy in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness flowed continuously, and his eyes suddenly shone with a gold light. A deity appeared in each of his golden pupils, standing quietly in the depths of his eyes.

“Pu chi!”

Xiao Chen glared, and the two deities moved at the same time. The overwhelming sea of corpses and malicious spirits were purified in an instant, vanishing without a trace.


With the assistance of gravity, Xiao Chen landed heavily on the ground, causing it to tremble.

Old Qin felt the pressure lessen as he saw Xiao Chen land beside the Demon Core. He revealed a mocking smile as he said, “You overestimate yourself. Mental Energy attacks are more horrifying that Essence attacks. How dare you, an Inferior Grade Martial King, join the excitement?

“Scram!” Old Qin shouted ferociously as he prepared to kick Xiao Chen away.

However, Old Qin discovered that, when he stretched his leg out halfway, Xiao Chen already started rolling on the ground. When Xiao Chen stood up again, the deep red Demon Core had disappeared.

“What’s going on with his brat? Even if the baleful aura’s attack had not destroyed his soul, he should be unconscious for a year and a half at least.”

The ten-odd half-step Martial Monarchs standing guard were stunned. It seemed like their brains had short-circuited. Why had the baleful aura that Old Qin withstood so bitterly not affected this brat?

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. In the instant these people were stunned, his figure flashed.

Xiao Chen quickly swept the three half-step Martial Monarch corpses into his Universe Ring. Then, he activated the Blood Flame Shoes.

Xiao Chen rushed towards the group of people snatching Secret Treasures at Mach 3.5.

From the moment Xiao Chen had fallen from the sky to him rushing out, this all happened in the time for a spark to fly.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate at all as he did all this. It was as though he had practiced it in his mind countless times. He seemed familiar and confident in his movements.

“Stop staring into space! Quickly, chase him! That brat stole the Demon Core!” Old Qin roared angrily.