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Chapter 418: Rank 8 Treatment Holy Medicine

Chapter 418: Rank 8 Treatment Holy Medicine

Countless grains of sand flowed like liquid and quickly formed a huge cage that captured Xiao Chen within as he sank.

“Wukui Breaks the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen struggled out from the sand-filled ground and did not hesitate to execute his strongest killing moves.

At this point, he could not afford to hesitate. If he could not break out of this cage, he would be completely sealed. The moment he had an opportunity, he immediately used the Wukui Breaks the Heavens.

A white beam of light rapidly elongated on the snow-white blade of the saber. Soon, it reached a thousand meters. This beam of light had two strong states merged into it. It tore open a large hole in the wall of sand.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he rushed out.

“Brat! You can’t run anymore, right?!”

The moment Xiao Chen emerged, he saw Old Qin flying at him with a sinister expression. He was about a hundred meters away, and his fingers were spread apart, reaching for Xiao Chen.

“Chi! Chi!”

The sharp fingers carried a powerful force. Everywhere it passed, it created marks in the air.

The old man moved extremely fast. He traveled one hundred meters in the blink of an eye. He swung his arm down, and before he pierced Xiao Chen’s shoulder, at the critical moment, Xiao Chen spun around and struck the old man’s shoulder with two fingers of his right hand.

Old Qin felt a strong force on his right shoulder and some pain. He circulated his Essence and dissipated the force. He smiled faintly and said, “Based on your strength, I can stand here all day and let you hit me, but you will still not break through my defenses. How dare to snatch my things! Die!”


The moment Old Qin spoke, his right hand move down, and a bloody hole suddenly appeared on his shoulder. Then, he fell.

Xiao Chen waved his hand, and the tiny Palm Sword returned.

Xiao Chen did not bother to see how much damaged the Palm Sword had inflicted to Old Qin. He immediately moved towards the pillar of light.

Old Qin clenched the wound on his shoulder and revealed a miserable expression on his pale face. He did not expect Xiao Chen to have hidden an offensive peak Inferior Grade Secret Treasure in his palm.

Old Qin waved his hand and took out a medicinal pill. He revealed a pained expression and hesitated for a moment before he swallowed the pill.

The pill melted upon entering his mouth. The bloody wound on Old Qin’s right shoulder visibly healed.

This was a Rank 8 Treatment Holy Medicine. It could cause an unexpected recovery at a crucial moment. For the sake of instantly healing his wound, he had not hesitated to use it.

For the sake of the Demon Core, Old Qin had willingly used a Treatment Holy Medicine. The hatred in his eyes intensified. When he saw Xiao Chen escape through the pillar of light, he quickly resumed the chase.

When Old Qin went through the pillar of light, his figure turned blurry. He left the Demon Battlefield and returned to Boulder Island. He quickly glanced around, searching for Xiao Chen.

“Strange, where did that brat go? Why do I not see him anywhere? Mach 3.5 can’t be that fast.”

Old Qin looked around and saw nothing. Suspicion filled his gaze.

Just as Old QIn began to feel suspicious, a strong aura of massacre suddenly appeared above him. A state of massacre and a tyrannical dragon might followed the aura.

Old Qin’s expression changed greatly as he looked up. He saw Xiao Chen descending from the sky. The image of an Azure Dragon spiraled on his right arm as he clenched his fist and punched down.


The dragon roared, and space rippled. Old Qin immediately felt a supreme dragon might descend from the sky like a mountain pressing on him.

Old Qin found it difficult to move. He could only express his horror. He quickly took out an exquisite shield and blew on it.

The shield quickly grew and emitted a blue light, shielding Old Qin.

The blue light was translucent, and its Spiritual Energy was immense. This shield was a defensive early Medial Grade Secret Treasure.

However, the light of the shield seemed rather dim. Clearly, Old Qin had exhausted too much Essence and did not have any way to use its full power.


The dragon head crashed into the shield, and the blue light rippled and broke. Blood leaked from the corner of Old Qin’s mouth.

“Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

Xiao Chen shouted, and the image of the Azure Dragon focused its last bit of energy on its tail. It moved in an arc and bypassed the shield as it whipped Old Qin.

“Pu ci!”

Old Qin flew backward as he vomited mouthfuls of blood.

When Xiao Chen saw the miserable Old Qin, many thoughts appeared in his head. In the end, he resisted the idea of going forward to kill him.

The other party still had companions who had not yet arrived. If they arrived at this moment, everything would be over.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he left swiftly. He felt it was somewhat unfortunate. This time, he had almost used all of his trump cards and still could not kill his opponent.

Xiao Chen would never again run into this opponent with exhausted Essence and Mental Energy.

Not long after Xiao Chen left, the pillar of light flickered a few times. The few half-step Martial Monarchs chasing Xiao Chen’s clones had finally arrived.

They looked at the ground and saw a shield tossed aside and Old Qin, pale with blood leaking from his mouth. The few of them were greatly astonished and quickly rushed over.

“Old Qin! Are you fine?!”

Old Qin stood up somewhat weakly and looked in the direction Xiao Chen had left. His gaze looked like it would spew fire at any moment. He said coldly, “I won’t die. This brat cannot possibly leave the southern islands so fast. Quick, bring me to the Holy Fire Manor. I can’t resolve this hatred until I find this brat.”

The few of them exchanged glances then they looked at the severely injured Old Qin. They could not understand. Xiao Chen was an Inferior Grade Martial King; how could he have injured Old Qin?

Even if Old Qin were exhausted, he was still very strong. It should have been easy for him to crush an Inferior Grade Martial King.


Northeast of Boulder Island, a small silver ship sped through the sky.

Xiao Chen sat cross-legged in the ship’s hold. He held a Medial Grade Spirit Stone in his hand as he slowly recovered his Essence.

Using the Blood Flame Shoes for a long time had exhausted Xiao Chen’s Essence. At the same time, he had used the Life Bestowal Spell and Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations, exhausting his Essence even faster.

In a matter of four hours, Xiao Chen’s Essence was mostly gone. Fortunately, he managed to escape the pursuit of Old Qin and the others before he ran out.

Everything went almost as Xiao Chen had planned. There were not many deviations.

After Xiao Chen broke through to the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s sixth later, the rate of Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Energy absorption had tripled. A Medial Grade Spirit Stone, which had originally lasted him half a day, drained in half an hour.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and checked his purple Qi whirlpool. He saw that it was only half full, and he frowned slightly.

Two Medial Grade Spirit Stones could only last Xiao Chen an hour. Furthermore, its efficiency was halved. The exhaustion of a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique seemed to be greater than he had expected.

If Xiao Chen counted it by the day, that was at least ten Medial Grade Spirit Stones. When his Purple Thunder Divine Incantation advanced further in the future, the exhaustion would increase as well.

Currently, Xiao Chen had more than fifty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. He did not have to worry about it. However, it would be hard to say in the future.

No wonder those peak geniuses all sought a strong power to back them. When geniuses compete, it was not just their individual talents that mattered.

Natural treasures and superior quality resources were equally important.

It was simple reasoning. The difference between two cultivators with the same talent but different resources, one with access to unlimited support and one without, would be massive in the later stages. The gap might even be impossible to overcome.

Furthermore, this was only for cultivation below Martial Monarch. If Xiao Chen wished to continue with the same rate of cultivation by then, he would need to use Superior Grade Spirit Stones.

When Xiao Chen calculated this, the exhaustion of Spirit Stones became even more horrifying. Given the condition of the Great Qin Nation, even the Royal Courts would find it challenging to maintain such upkeep.

Who could afford to groom Martial Monarch Geniuses? Perhaps only the strong sects of the Great Jin Nation could afford to raise such geniuses.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and took out the Clear Sky Medallion from the Universe Ring. He grasped the Clear Sky Medallion tightly in his right hand and pondered.

The Supreme Sky Sect was one of the ten peak sects in the Great Jin Nation. It was unknown if they could support the upkeep of their own Martial Monarchs.

However, once Xiao Chen accepted the resources of others, he would be shackled to that source. There was no such thing as a free lunch.

“Never mind. There is no need to think about all this now. With the resources I have now, it is sufficient. I will deal with these problems when they come. Let’s inspect my harvest this time.”

Xiao Chen put away the Clear Sky Medallion and took out the corpses of the three half-step Martial Monarchs. The wounds on the three corpses were horrifying.

A black Qi lingered in the wounds. The surrounding flesh so was extremely corroded that Xiao Chen could not bear to look at them. A strong smell wafted from the wounds.

Xiao Chen gently prodded the wounds and picked up some of black Qi on his fingertip. The black Qi continually corroded his flesh, trying to enter his body.

What gave Xiao Chen a headache was that his emotions seemed to have become jittery. A strand of purple flames lit up on the tip of his finger and burned the black Qi into nothing.

Illusionary screams rang out in Xiao Chen’s mind. The black Qi seemed to be alive.

What a horrifying baleful aura. If this attack pierced the flesh and he could not get rid of it in time, even the smallest wound would be fatal when it reached the meridians.

This should not be a regular state of massacre. Some of the Demon’s special negative states were infused in it, such as desperation, pain, anger, and some others. Otherwise, it could not achieve such effects.

In the future, if I incurred any wounds like this, I cannot be careless. Otherwise, it may result in a great disaster. These three people might have died like this.

Xiao Chen removed the spatial rings from the corpses and tossed the corpses into the lake. He then began to investigate the treasures in the spatial rings.

Xiao Chen opened the first spatial ring with his Spiritual Sense. He was instantly dazzled. He saw a large pile of Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

A rough count gave Xiao Chen at least twenty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. As for Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, there was a staggering amount of at least a hundred thousand.

What a rich fellow! Xiao Chen had killed many peak Martial Kings, and the total number of Medial Grade Spirit Stones he possessed was only fifty thousand. This one half-step Martial Monarch had twenty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones of his own.