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Chapter 422: Disposing Stolen Goods

Chapter 422: Disposing Stolen Goods

If Xiao Chen wanted to compete in perseverance, his opponent would definitely win. He had to knock him back in one breath.

Xiao Chen’s eyes widened, and the purple Qi whirlpool in his dantain spun rapidly. He merged his physical strength and Essence, and the force in his fist increased explosively.


The suddenly increase knocked Jiang Zimo back five steps before he slowly came to a stop.

The shattered stones floating in the surrounding fell as well.

The exchanged had ended. Jiang Zimo did not follow up with another more. He looked utterly calm; he did not even have to regulate his Essence before he walked over to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen withdrew his fist and relaxed, regulating his Essence slightly as he did so. After that, the surging aura in his body calmed.

When Xiao Chen saw Jiang Zimo looking at ease, like he had only sent out a casual strike, Xiao Chen could not help but feel curious about the Cultivation Technique he practiced.

Jiang Zimo cupped his hands in respect and said, “Not bad! You are the first within our generation to knock me back with one punch.”

Xiao Chen smiled bittered, “How is that not bad? I had used my full power. Looking at your relaxed demeanor, you probably only used twenty percent of your strength.”

Jiang Zimo smiled as he explained, “You don’t have to be so humble. I used my full power as well. It’s just that my Cultivation Technique is a little special. Even if I am beaten to death, I will still look this relaxed.”

Xiao Chen smiled at this statement. This person’s words were interesting. He seemed to be rather broad-minded, and his temperament suited Xiao Chen.

However, this Cultivation Technique was really strange. The aura and might displayed when using twenty percent and full power were different; there would be different levels of exhaustion as well.

No one would use their full power from the beginning. If they did, they would not last long, and their Essence would immediately drain.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Xiao Chen, Perhaps the amount of time Jiang Zimo can last using his full power is equivalent to me maintaining twenty percent of my strength.

If that is the case, Jiang Zimo’s Cultivation Technique is extremely horrifying.

Jiang Zimo continued, “Your strength definitely meets the requirements. It is their loss that they did not send you an invitation. I have not asked for your name yet. Which nation and sect are you from?”

Xiao Chen cupped his hands and said, “Xiao Chen of the Great Qin Nation. Currently sectless.”

As Jiang Zimo repeated Xiao Chen’s name, he found it somewhat familiar. However, he could not recall where he heard it. “Brother Xiao Chen, how about this? On the seventeenth of the next month, if you have the time, visit the backyard of the Clear Spring Inn. I think you will be interested. Coincidentally, I have a recommendation letter I can give to you.”

Clear Spring Inn…isn’t that the inn Xia Xiyan is staying in? Did Jiang Zimo and Xia Yiyan come for the same purpose?

Xiao Chen did not bother to think about this for now. He looked up at the impressive and imposing Jiang Zimo. He felt suspicious as he inquired, “Speaking of which, this is the first time we have met, right? Why are you so cordial?”

Jiang Zimo laughed and said, “Are you afraid that I will set a trap for you? Let’s put it this way; I will not force you or persuade you. On the seventeenth of the next month, if you are interested, take some time to take a look. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I will take my leave first.

“That’s right; those Tiger Fiends will probably ambush you later. Do go easy on them.”

Jiang Zimo turned around and leaped back into the restaurant. Xiao Chen did not linger either. He headed for the largest shop in the city.


In the restaurant, at a table beside a window, a silver-haired girl stared Xiao Chen’s back, deep in thought.

The silver-haired girl had a pretty face. She looked like an elf of Xiao Chen’s previous world. However, her silver eyes contained no emotion; they appeared extremely cold.

When the silver-haired girl saw Jiang Zimo return, she asked anxiously, “Zimo, who is that? Which sect is he from?”

Jiang Zimo looked at the silver-haired girl’s anxious expression and felt astonished. This was the first time he had seen her so concerned about another person.

“Xinya, do you recognize this person?”

The silver-haired girl shook her head. She said, “He has a very similar aura to someone I once knew, but they look different.”

Jiang Zimo nodded and said, “He is Xiao Chen. He looked pretty strong but is not affiliated with any sects.”

When the silver-haired girl heard this, she felt somewhat disappointed. She said softly, “Oh, it looks like I recognized the wrong person. The one I know has the surname Ye.”


There were many shops in the city catered to cultivators. Xiao Chen stopped in one of the largest shops. The shop had a simple atmosphere and was built of wood.

There were many people going in and out; it was very bustling. The words ‘Flowing Wind Pavilion’ adorned the signboard in gold. Xiao Chen followed the crowd and entered.

The shop was massive. Xiao Chen looked around and saw all sorts of goods in the hall on the first floor.

There were racks specifically for Spirit Weapons, containing row upon row of various weapons. All grades and ranks of Spirit Weapons were present. There were even hundreds of Profound Ranked Spirit Weapons and above.

Next to the Spirit Weapons was the shelf for all types of Battle Armor. Along with the Spirit Weapons, they formed a circular area for weapons.

The weapons zone lay in the middle of the hall. The shelves along the walls contained all sorts of Herbs and Medicinal Pills.

The items were very well organized. Xiao Chen felt like he was in a supermarket of his previous life. The only difference was that it looked more ancient and natural.

“Young Hero, are you here for Spirit Weapons or Battle Armor? Or perhaps you are here to order a custom weapon? Our shop is one of the few partners of the Heavenly Craft Manor in the Ancient Desolate Land. No matter what you want, we can make it.”

When a manservant saw Xiao Chen looking around the weapons zone, he quickly rushed forward with a smile and greeted him warmly.

When this manservant mentioned the Heavenly Craft Manor, he radiated pride. It was as though working with the Heavenly Craft Manor was an incredibly impressive feat.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “I am not here to buy, but I have things to sell. Does the Flowing Wind Pavilion accept them?”

The manservant’s smile did not change as he said, “Yes, we do!. Go up that staircase. After you pass the treasure pavilion on the second floor, you will arrive at the third floor where we have specially trained appraisers. I guarantee that Young Hero will not suffer a loss there.”

There were very few people in the treasure pavilion. It was less than half the size of the hall on the first floor. With one glance, Xiao Chen knew why.

The treasure pavilion sold all sorts of Cultivation Techniques and Martial Techniques. There were also some early Inferior Grade Secret Weapons, some precious Medicinal Pills, and all sorts of valuable ores.

These items were very expensive. Only a small portion of cultivators could afford such things.

Xiao Chen continued climbing the stairs and arrived at the third floor of the Flowing Wind Pavilion. Compared to the second floor, there were even fewer people there.

The third floor was also quieter; it did not have the noise and bustle of the first floor. All the people simply waited in silence. Xiao Chen sat on a wooden chair, and a servant girl immediately came and poured him tea; their service was excellent.

Xiao Chen picked up the teacup and took a sip. Then, he asked that servant girl, “How long do I have to wait before my turn?”

The servant girl smiled and answered, “Young Hero, the appraisal hall of the Flowing Wind Pavilion will only entertain three customers and any given moment to ensure fairness. Some treasures are easy to appraise and some are very difficult. It is hard to measure the time taken.”

Looking around and counting the number of people waiting, it seemed like it would take at least two hours. Xiao Chen set down the teacup and closed his eyes to doze off.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen had a lot of patience. He did not find the wait boring. Some people near him could not bear the boredom and started chatting with each other.

“Have you guys heard? The Holy Fire Manor’s Seventh Elder Qing Feng led a group of people to the Demon Battlefield to kill a Blood Demon. In the process, three half-step Martial Monarchs died. After killing the peak high-rank Blood Demon with much difficulty, someone robbed him,” suddenly, someone mentioned the recent events from the Demon Battlefield.

The Holy Fire Manor was a considerably famous power in the southern islands. When someone mentioned the Holy Fire Manor, it captured the attention of some people waiting in the hall.

A cultivator in yellow garments asked, “When did that happen? Why have I not heard anything about it?”

“He he, it happened a week ago. Of course, you have not heard about it. So far, the news only spread throughout Boulder Island and the headquarters of the Holy Fire Manor, the Holy Fire Island. However, it will probably soon spread throughout all of the southern islands,” the cultivator in green, who spoke initially, proudly proclaimed.

“Who is so powerful to rob the peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core from under the noses of ten-odd half-step Martial Monarchs? He must be at least of the Martial Monarch realm.”

The cultivator in green garments laughed, “Your guess is very wrong. Think about it. Why would Martial Monarch cultivators want a peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core? They have already opened their sea of consciousness. If they wanted, they would need a Blood Demon General’s Demon Core. The Demon Core of regular Blood Demon is useless to them.”

“Then it must be another peak half-step Martial Monarch. He probably needed a peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core to open his sea of consciousness.”

The cultivator in green garments continued to laugh, “Wrong again. The one who snatched the Demon Core away was merely an Inferior Grade Martial King. Not only did he snatched the Demon Core, but he also grabbed the three Medial Grade Secret Treasures from the hands of the Blood Demon and the corpses of three half step Martial Monarchs. He stole all the benefits of that battle.”

“How can it be? How could an Inferior Grade Martial King do all this under the noses of so many half-step Martial Monarchs?”

“That is absolutely impossible. You must be exaggerating.”

The few people at the side shook their heads. They obviously did not believe the cultivator in green.

The cultivator in green garments smiled faintly and did not try to defend himself. “It is up to you whether you want to believe me or not. Soon, you will know the truth.”

This topic continued for a while until someone brought up a new topic, “The Trial of the Ancient Desolate Tower seems to be starting again. I wonder how many people will qualify to participate this time?”

“I guess that there will be more people than previously. There are simply too many geniuses in this generation. It is going to be hard for the Great Jin Nation to continue monopolizing the top spots in the Five Nation Youth Competition.”

“That might not be so. The Great Jin nation has the most Spirit Veins in the Tianwu Continent. They have even more geniuses than the others. It is going to be challenging for the other four nations to occupy the top ten.”

“Let’s see the results of the Ancient Desolate Tower. If someone can make it to the Ancient Desolate Tower’s seventh floor, there might be a chance of that happening.”

“It’s difficult. Aside from the people from the Thunder Emperor’s era, no one has ever made it to the seventh floor in the past few thousand years. Right now, the geniuses of this era are only budding. We will have to wait for at least ten years.”