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Chapter 424: Wild Dance of Whales

Chapter 424: Wild Dance of Whales

A huge whale formed by Essence appeared behind the cultivator in green. Then it launched itself forward with the palm strike.

The colossal whale opened its mouth wide and revealed cold, sharp teeth as it rushed at Xiao Chen.

The cultivator was very confident in this palm strike. He believed that with this palm strike he could kill Xiao Chen quickly.

He already practiced this to perfection. Furthermore, he comprehended the state of water. With these two factors, this move would achieve 120 percent of its original might.

Not only was this move powerful, but its strong, mysterious phenomenon could also break the other party’s Movement Technique, making him unable to dodge.

Several cultivators stronger than the cultivator in green had suffered under this palm. Even if an Inferior Grade Martial King could block it, he would sustain severe injuries.

Xiao Chen circulated his energy and rooted himself firmly to the ground. In an instant, he increased his weight by fifty thousand kilograms. He anchored himself firmly where he stood and did not move at all.

When Xiao Chen saw the huge whale flying towards him, he did not dare be careless. He exhibited his state of thunder to its limits and thunder crashed above them in the sky.

“Wukui Shakes the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen shouted and hacked vertically with his Lunar Shadow Saber. The divine Wukui Tree loomed like a mountain as it crashed down on the approaching whale, carrying a boundless electric force as it did so.

Within the Wukui Saber Techniques, Wukui Shakes the Heavens was the powerhouse for clashing head-on. There were no tricks to it; it merely turned the vast state of thunder into a strong force.

The stronger the state and the thicker the Essence, the mightier this move would become.

Since the other party wanted to clash head-on, Xiao Chen would give him this opportunity. He wanted to see whose strength would prevail in the end.


The huge whale made from Essence clashed with the divine Wukui Tree. A strong force immediately dispersed throughout the surroundings. Thunder and waves roared, and the walls around the alley collapsed.

The whale made of Essence held on for a while before scattering. However, Xiao Chen’s Wukui Tree had only dimmed but did not disappear.

The Wukui Tree landed on the ground and the ground that had previously moved like water calmed. Xiao Chen’s attack had broken the other cultivator’s state of water as well.

The cultivator in green grew very pale. He fell back by several steps before slowing. He could not believe that Xiao Chen had managed to break his move.

The cultivator suppressed the surging Essence in his body as he smiled coldly, “You have some strength. No wonder you could snatch that Demon Core. However, you will still die!”

“Wild Dance of Whales!”

A wave of water instantly appeared on the ground. It was not an illusion caused by a mysterious phenomenon. Instead, it was a real wave.

Xiao Chen noticed that his pants had become wet as a result, and he frowned slightly. He pushed off the ground, wanting to leap away. However, he discovered that there seemed to be a pair of invisible hands holding his feet in the water.

Behind the cultivator, his Essence formed into hundreds of massive whales. They roared, and when their aura combined, it was overwhelming.

“This Wild Dance of Whales is the equivalent of an Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Martial Technique. I can only use this once every three months. Unless you have the strength of a half-step Martial Monarch, you can forget about breaking through. Just die!”

He laughed maniacally as the school of whales covered the sky and headed for Xiao Chen.

At the critical moment, Xiao Chen removed the blue strip of cloth on his forehead.

The scarlet throne mark on his forehead immediately appeared. Xiao Chen’s aura suddenly changed.

The state of massacre started to merge with the state of thunder. The Lunar Shadow Saber alternatively flickered between purple and red.

“Ka ca!”

A saber light flashed through the water and chopped the invisible hands grabbing Xiao Chen’s feet in half.

“State of massacre!”

The cultivator in green garments quickly increased the speed of his whales. The aquatic mammals suddenly accelerated.

Xiao Chen grasped his saber with both hands and activated the Blood Flame Shoes. His figure flashed as he weaved through the pod.

The saber light containing the killing Qi of the state of massacre danced around. Every time it slashed, it shattered a massive whale.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Explosions rang out in that narrow space. The berserk water-attributed energy crashed violently.

Xiao Chen executed his Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its extreme. Afterimages followed him as he darted through the alley. He relied on the Blood Flame Shoes to boost his speed to Mach 3.5.

Xiao Chen managed to dodge the instant a huge whale exploded. He appeared to dance on the surface of the sea in the middle of a berserk storm. However, none of the waves hit him. Instead, he hacked down on every one of them. The boundless electric light, as well as the state of massacre, seemed to suppress the ferocious waves.

“Damn it! He has comprehended two states at the same time. Furthermore, he is so fast.”

As the cultivator in green saw Xiao Chen hack apart his whales, horror colored his expression.

The cultivator hesitated for a moment. However, he glanced in a particular direction and decided to persevere. Fortunately, he had prepared for this battle beforehand.

The cultivator knew about Xiao Chen’s escape from the hands of fifteen half-step Martial Monarchs. Thinking about it, he should be one of the genius-level cultivators who could defeat those of higher cultivation realms.

Hence, when the cultivator in green decided to follow Xiao Chen, he had used a messenger bird to inform his companion. As long as he could hold on until his companion arrived, this brat would be finished.

A peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core was worth this risk. Whether he sold it or used it to open his own sea of consciousness, it was extremely valuable.

Thinking of this, the cultivator’s expression slowly became resolute. When Xiao Chen killed the final huge whale, the cultivator’s figure flashed.

The cultivator in green sensed where Xiao Chen was as the sound of wind roared next to his ears. Then, he attacked from a strange angle from behind.

Xiao Chen did not turn around. He sent out a strange arc of light from his saber, flickering between red and purple. It formed a hemisphere and enveloped him.


The palm wind of the cultivator struck the light, and it exploded. A shockwave blasted his body back.

Xiao Chen took advantage of this opportunity to spin around. He looked at the pale-faced cultivator and said calmly, “Since you’re not trying to flee, you must have companions coming!”

Xiao Chen’s comment startled the cultivator, but he did not dignify that statement with a response. He simply charged forward again.

Xiao Chen had read the answer in the other party’s eyes. He said indifferently, “You overestimate yourself. You don’t even qualify to challenge me before you have comprehended your state of water to its peak.”

Lightning crackled as Xiao Chen took a great stride forward. He rushed forward with a surging aura and substituted defense with offense.

The berserk force, combined with the boundless state of massacre, completely suppressed the cultivator in green. He had no other choice but to retreat.

“Pu ci!”

When Xiao Chen found an opportunity, he thrust his saber forward and broke past the weakest spot of his opponent’s palm wind, leaving a wound in his chest.


After getting in a strike, Xiao Chen did not give his opponent any time to react. He quickly used the simplest of the eight Basic Saber Techniques.


In the time for a spark to fly, just before the saber struck the cultivator’s chest, he clapped his hands. He captured Xiao Chen’s blade between his palms, halting his attack.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself, You are really brave to use your bare hand to catch my saber. Lightning! Strike!

The electric light, infused with the state of massacre, exploded. Instantly, it broke through the Essence covering the cultivator’s palms.

When the electricity broke through, the cultivator’s palms swelled. Xiao Chen continued to push down with his saber, and the saber light struck his opponent’s inner vest.

“Zi! Zi!”

Scarlet electricity crackled and flickered on the saber, elongating into a long electric light. With the aid of the state of massacre, it easily broke through the inner vest.

The attack lacerated the cultivator in green’s flesh, leaving a deep wound on his chest.

Xiao Chen stepped forward and placed his saber on his opponent’s neck a moment before he could flee.

“If you don’t want to die, don’t move. Answer my questions!”

“Ti da! Ti da!”

The cultivator’s wound was deep to the bone, blood spilling to the ground relentlessly. He had an extremely pained expression but did not show much fear.

“Do you think I will believe you? If you want to kill me, just do it. I have already come to realize that, if I do not climb on the corpses others to rise, another will kill me, and I will become their stepping stone.”

This person had a pretty good awareness. However, Xiao Chen was confident of obtaining his answers. He pressed the saber against the other party’s neck and leaned forward.

“Do you think you have a choice? Answer my question, and you might buy some time. Maybe your companions will arrive in time to rescue you. If not, I will kill you now.”

The saber broke the skin, and blood trickled down his throat. With death so close at hand, the cultivator in gave in to his fear. Xiao Chen’s final words sparked hope within him.

If the cultivator in green garments could buy enough time, his companion might be able to save him, “What is your question?!”

“Very good. What’s up with the Ancient Desolate Tower? Tell me about it in detail,” Xiao Chen demanded with a calm gaze.

When the cultivator heard this, he could not help but sigh in relief. He originally thought that Xiao Chen would ask him about some secrets. It turned out that he wanted to know about this. In that case, there was no need for him to resist.

There was a stone tower that had existed for an unknown amount of time in Desolate City. Rumors said that it had been there since the Ancient Era.

There were many mysterious things in the tower. There were strong Martial Techniques, mysterious Secret Treasure, profound Cultivation Techniques, and even Holy Weapons falling from the sky.

Cultivators could find what they could only dream of there. If one cultivated in the tower, their cultivation speed would increase significantly.

There were a total of nine floors. The further one climbed, the more benefits one could gain. Furthermore, the strangest thing was that the stone tower only allowed people under the age of 25 to enter.

Once the bone age surpassed the limits, no matter what cultivation one had, even the Martial Emperor realm, one could not enter. It was like a land of fortuitous encounters specifically prepared for geniuses.

The cultivator in green continued, “Of course, it is difficult to enter the tower. The Ancient Desolate Tower only opens once every two years. You need to undergo examinations from some external organization and then fight for the limited number of spots. Finally, you need to face the test of the Ancient Desolate Tower itself.”

“Hu chi!”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to ask about how to qualify to take the examination, a golden dart suddenly flew towards Xiao Chen’s forehead.

The golden dart was utterly brilliant like a miniature golden sun. It hurt Xiao Chen’s eyes.