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Chapter 426: Martial King Training Partner

Chapter 426: Martial King Training Partner

The servant girl looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Young Hero, what are your orders?”

Xiao Chen said softly, “Prepare some hot water for me and a nice meal. That’s right; call a training partner over as well.”

The servant girl remembered everything. After Xiao Chen finished speaking, she followed up, “What cultivation realm of training partner do you want? Different realms and grade possess different rates.”

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “Peak Superior Grade Martial King.”

The servant girl felt mildly startled. Peak Superior Grade Martial King…this youth is clearly only an Inferior Grade Martial King. Isn’t he overestimating himself by seeking a training partner two grades above his cultivation realm?

Seeing the servant girl’s delayed reaction, Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He asked, “What’s wrong? Are none available? In that case, a Superior Grade Martial King will do as well.”

“No, no, that’s not it. They are available, but you have to wait for a while. The charge is ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones for fifteen minutes,” the servant girl replied quickly after she recovered her wits.

Ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, that was not expensive for a peak Superior Grade Martial King.

Xiao Chen took out a wooden box filled with Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and handed it over. Then, he said, “As long as someone comes, I don’t mind waiting for a while.”

The servant girl counted the Spirit Stones and placed them in her own spatial ring. After that, she left to make the necessary preparations.

The hot water arrived first. As Xiao Chen soaked comfortably in the bath, his entire body relaxed.

After Xiao Chen’s bath, he cleared away all the fatigue accumulated from cultivating for almost a month. He felt more spirited and refreshed after that.

As Xiao Chen changed his clothes, he hesitated for a moment as he was about to wear the Clear Wind Robes.

Xiao Chen had not hesitated because the clothes were unclean. Such Secret Treasures had functions to keep them clean, so they were normally cleaner compared to something washed. They could even mend holes on their own.

There were no problems wearing this for ten years.

The crux was that the color was eye-catching. Many had recognized Xiao Chen in the Flowing Wind Pavilion because of this get-up. Hence, the cultivator in green followed him.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen used a technique within the Shapeshifting Spell to color the clothes blue.

As for changing his appearance, Xiao Chen did not even consider it. He did not like doing that. Furthermore, things had not escalated to that level yet. It was just a mere Holy Fire Manor.

After Xiao Chen emerged, a feast spread across the table in the room. After not eating for so long, Xiao Chen was ravenous. He finished all the food voraciously like a tornado sweeping through a town.

After Xiao Chen digested the food, he slowly made his way to the courtyard. A middle-aged man with a cold and imposing aura in tight robes stood there, waiting for him for an unknown period already.

Xiao Chen felt the opponent’s aura and verified that he was indeed a peak Superior Grade Martial King. However, he did not know if this cultivator had practiced his state to Great Perfection.

“My humble self is Liu Yu. Can we begin now?” the middle-aged man said with an indifferent expression. His measured up Xiao Chen and paid him no further attention.

He is merely an ordinary Inferior Grade Martial King. He is not worth my time.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Yes, we can begin.”

Liu Yu took out an hourglass and placed it upside down on the table. As the sand trickled down, he smiled as he said, “My time is limited. You should tell me what you want me to do quickly. I am only familiar with bare fist fighting; weapons are out of the question.”

A cultivator who fought with his bare fist suited Xiao Chen’s needs. He said, “Punch me with your full power, and that will do.”

Liu Yu was astonished. He even suspected that he might have heard wrong. Is this brat joking? What if I kill him accidentally?

This was not the first time Liu Yu had received such a request. However, if he punched an Inferior Grade Martial King with his full power, that was just asking for death.

“Don’t overthink this. I am confident of dealing with it,” Xiao Chen said when he saw Liu Yu’s hesitation.

Xiao Chen’s physical form had achieved Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone. Now, his body had been born anew again by a Heaven Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique. His defense and resilience had increased significantly.

There was a pressing need for Xiao Chen to know how strong his defenses were. Only then would he have a better estimation of his abilities during a fight.

Xiao Chen would be more aware of which attacks he had to dodge and which he did not, counterattacking instead.

Liu Yu said nothing else. He took up a stance and prepared to attack.

Since Xiao Chen had asked for it, Liu Yu would grant it. However, he only used forty or fifty percent of his strength. If he really killed Xiao Chen, it would be difficult to account for his actions. It would suffice to teach him a bitter lesson, teaching him not to be so arrogant.

“Hu chi!”

Liu Yu shouted a warcry, and his aura exploded. A strong wind blew. In that instant, the fallen leaves and dust flew into the air.

Liu Yu stepped forward and punched violently at Xiao Chen’s chest, carrying along a fist wind as he did so.


As expected, the attack did not knock Xiao Chen back. Instead, Liu Yu felt like he had punched an iron wall, pain shooting up his arm.

When Liu Yu saw Xiao Chen had not moved an inch and remained calm, astonishment filled his face.

How can it be? Even though I did not use my full power, there would be more than enough to deal with an Inferior Grade Martial King, someone whose cultivation is two grades lower.

Furthermore, Liu Ru had not felt any fluctuations of Essence from the other party. Xiao Chen had blocked his punch using only his physical body.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and said, “Why did you not use your full power?”

Liu Yu took three steps back. His expression turned grave as he said, “As you wish. Don’t blame me for being too heavy-handed.”

Liu Yu raised his aura to its limits and shouted a warcry. He leaped into the air and punched, his fist carrying a strong force.

Liu Yu created a long tear in the air as a piercing sonic boom rang out. Its aura was incredibly frightening.

Xiao Chen focused himself as he circulated his Vital Qi and prepared to receive this punch.


A thunderous explosion rang out when the fist wind struck Xiao Chen. His body shook for a bit, but his feet did not move.

The surging Essence exploded across Xiao Chen’s chest. The resultant wind fluttered his hair and clothes ceaselessly.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and checked his body’s condition. He discovered that his internal organs had shifted a little, but it was not a big problem.

Thinking about it, Xiao Chen’s skin, flesh, and bones had blocked most of the Essence’s force. He had completely blocked this move.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes. He did not wish to waste any time. He continued, “This time, hit me continuously with your full power. You can use Martial Techniques. Start with Yellow Ranked Martial Techniques first.”

Over time, the rank of the Martial Techniques increased until they reached Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Techniques.

After that, Liu Yu infused his state and tried for a few times. Only then did Xiao Chen start to feel tired and called him to stop.

After the round of testing, Xiao Chen was now aware of his limits. Without the use of states, he could easily withstand the attack of a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique.

If Xiao Chen continued to fight head-on after a state was used, he could, at most, withstand three strikes before he received severe injuries.

“You can leave after you receive one of my punches. Remember to defend with your full power. Do not be careless.”

Liu Ru nodded and held his arms up in a cross guard. He no longer had the careless mentality of when they began.

Xiao Chen had already astonished Liu Yu far too much. If he were careless, the youth might even severely injure him.

Xiao Chen clenched his fist tightly, and his bones started cracking. He gathered all the Vital Qi in his body.

The purple Qi whirlpool spun quickly. Xiao Chen’s Essence flowed through his broad meridians and quickly to his hand.

After Xiao Chen’s meridian’s broadened, the amount of Essence he could move instantly had increased by at least twenty percent. Xiao Chen felt pleasantly surprised by this.


Without pausing, Xiao Chen clenched his fist tightly. The instant his Vital Qi and Essence merged, he punched.

Xiao Chen wanted to know, at his current stage, what amount of power he could bring forth in an instant was. How strong would it be?


A surging force stuck Liu Yu. He felt both his arms tremble, and the intense force blasted him back.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

Liu Yu flew backward through the air for several dozen meters. After he landed, he continued stepping back before he could stabilize himself.

Liu Yu felt pain in his arms; both were broken. His bones had snapped in half. He would not recover without half a month of rest.

Liu Yu’s expression became horrified. He thought to himself. That was 350,000 kilograms of force. This fellow did not even spend time storing up energy. He can strike with 350,000 kilograms of force in an instant.

In the end, Liu Yu had still underestimated Xiao Chen. If he had truly defended with everything he had, his arms would not have broken. He had completely lost this time.

Widening my meridians can indeed increase my explosive power. In the past, after merging my Vital Qi and Essence, I could only achieve 250,000 kilograms of force. Now, it has increased by one hundred thousand kilograms.

The Firmament Body Tempering Art lives up to its name as a Heaven Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique, Xiao Chen revealed a happy expression.

When Xiao Chen saw Liu Yu’s broken arms, he took out three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones and said, “I’m sorry. I caused these injuries. Consider this compensation!”

Liu Yu’s pale face finally revealed a smile. He swept the Spirit Stones into his Spatial Ring and said, “Thank you, Brother! I will take my leave now!”

After that, Liu Yu left quickly in search of someone who could heal him.

Xiao Chen looked outside the courtyard and muttered, “The seventeenth is the day after tomorrow. If I run into Jiang Zimo, I should have a fifty percent chance of defeating him. I should have enough strength now to go to the Clear Spring Inn.

“However, before I go there, I have to settle something first. I have to get an Ancient Desolate Pass.”

Xiao Chen now realized the importance of the Ancient Desolate Pass. Not only could he save Spirit Stones when paying the entry toll, but he also needed it to make transactions in the shop.

Even now, as Xiao Chen stayed at this cultivation courtyard, he paid significantly more Inferior Grade Spirit Stones because of his lack of an Ancient Desolate Pass.

Xiao Chen finally understood that without the Ancient Desolate Pass, there would be a lot of inconveniences.

Xiao Chen called over the servant girl and asked for the location of the Heavenly Extermination Union. Then, he left the courtyard.


In an inn located in Heavenly Spring City, the cultivator in green and Qin Pengyu chatted at a table on the second floor.

“This brat has hidden in a cultivation courtyard for close to a month already. I wonder how much longer he will remain in hiding? If the Holy Fire Manor’s people find him first, we will gain nothing.”

The cultivator in green took a big gulp of wine as he spoke depressedly.

Qin Pengyu, who sat across from his companion, clearly seemed more relaxed. He smiled coldly and said, “Just relax. The Holy Fire Manor will not uncover news of him anytime soon. Furthermore, he cannot hide in the cultivation courtyard forever.”

The after they separated from Xiao Chen, they immediately went to look for a clan specializing in information trade. They spent a large sum to track Xiao Chen’s whereabouts and started a long wait.

The cultivator in green smiled sinisterly, “One month! Although my state of water has not reached the limits yet, my Medial Grade Earth Ranked Autumn Water Art has reached the seventh layer. If I meet that brat again, I can deal with him in ten moves.”