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Chapter 427: Ancient Desolate Pass

Chapter 427: Ancient Desolate Pass

When Qin Pengyu heard that, he felt mildly startled. Most Medial Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Techniques only had seven layers. Given what the other party had said, that meant that he had cultivated a Medial Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique to its limits.

That is not easy to deal with. Although the Superior Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique I cultivate has nine layers, I have only cultivated to the eighth layer so far. I am still a distance from the ninth layer.

I do not have much of an advantage regarding Cultivation Technique. I have to think of something else.

Seeing Qin Pengyu remain silent, the cultivator in green smiled coldly. He knew exactly what the other was thinking.

The cultivator rapped on the table with his finger; his eyes squinted slightly. He looked at Qin Pengyu and said, “I advise you to abandon all other thoughts. Let’s just kill this brat together and split the loot honestly. Don’t forget; this brat still has many other treasures on hand.”

Qin Pengyu smiled embarrassedly, “Why would I think that? You are overthinking. This brat is not easy to deal with. If we are divided, we both might die at his hands.”

The cultivator in green snorted coldly, “It’s good that you know that!”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

At this moment, a skinny, shifty-eyed man came up to the second floor. He looked around and immediately spotted the two.

That man pretended to walk over coincidentally. Then, he passed the two a note surreptitiously. After walking around the inn for a while, he left.

The cultivator in green said, “The people from the Wind Whisperer Hall are quite cautious. Even a manservant is so vigilant. No wonder they have established a firm footing in the Heavenly Spring City.”

Qin Pengyu opened the note. After he finished reading it, he revealed a faint smile, “According to the latest news, the brat has emerged. He is currently rushing to the Heavenly Extermination Union.”

The cultivator in green’s eyes lit up. He smiled and said, “This brat should be going to make an Ancient Desolate Pass. The last time I went to the Flowing Wind Pavilion, I coincidentally head that, because a white-clothed youth did not have an Ancient Desolate Pass, he lost out on a lot of Spirit Stones.”

After Qin Pengyu used his Essence to crush the note into dust, he muttered, “Making an Ancient Desolate Pass is more problematic than in other places. He has to complete a mission first. So, he has to leave the city.”


The branch of the Heavenly Extermination Union in the city was easy to find. It sat next to the City Lord Residence. It was a vast, circular building significantly taller than the City Lord Residence.

Even when looking from a distance, it was easily visible. However, the City Lord Residence was not. This clearly displayed the importance of the two.

Many people moved through the wide entrance. However, people only entered; no one came out. Although there were a lot of people, it was not chaotic at all.

Every floor above the second had eight large windows. Occasionally, cultivators would fly out from them. It seemed like that was the exit of the Heavenly Extermination Union.

Xiao Chen explained his purpose to a receptionist on the first floor. After that, the receptionist led him to a counter on the second floor.

“Unexpectedly, you want to make an Ancient Desolate Pass in Heavenly Spring City. We will follow the old rules, then. The mission wall is there. Head over and pick one,” the old man behind the counter said with an apathetic expression.

Xiao Chen looked towards where he pointed. He saw seven walls of different colors standing tall. Many cultivators surrounded each wall.

The old man continued, “You are a Martial King. You don’t have to bother looking at the white wall; you can only pick from the walls behind that.”

Earlier, the receptionist had roughly explained the rules to Xiao Chen. If he had made the Ancient Desolate Pass in out of the periphery cities of the Ancient Desolate Land, like the Underworld City that he had initially entered, he would only need to register his identity. However, after he entered the Heavenly Extermination Lake, the procedure to obtain an Ancient Desolate Pass would be different on every island.

The rule in Heavenly Spring City was to complete a mission for the Heavenly Extermination Union for free. Of course, the requirement of the mission would not be very high.

However, Xiao Chen had no regrets. Since he was here already, he would take it easy.

The first wall, the white wall, had the most cultivators around it. Their cultivations were all rather low, mostly Martial Saints.

When Xiao Chen got to the second wall, the blue wall, most of the missions there were already taken. The remaining ones required a lot of effort.

After looking at the wall for a long time, Xiao Chen tore off a mission notice.

‘Collect ten Illusionary Yin Grass. Mission Reward: five hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones.’

The Illusionary Yin Grass was one of the main ingredients of the Traceless Poison Pill. Peak Rank 6 Spirit Beasts, the Dazzling Shadow Panthers, would be guarding its location.

The Dazzling Shadow Panther was not very strong, but it was particularly skilled at hiding. Furthermore, they often worked in pairs. They were not easy to deal with.

As the rewards of this mission were not high, the notice had remained on the wall for several days.

However, Xiao Chen would have no difficulty in completing this mission. He had the assistance of his Spiritual Sense. The most problematic aspect of the Dazzling Shadow Panther was its stealth. This was not something he would find challenging.

Without its advantage of stealth, the Dazzling Shadow Panther would merely be a peak Rank 6 Spirit Beast.

When the old man behind the counter received the mission notice that Xiao Chen handed over, his pathetic expression warmed. He smiled as he said, “This is a rather challenging mission. If you can complete this, you will have helped us out. Leave your surname behind and a drop of blood. After you complete the mission, we will give you the Ancient Desolate Pass.”

After Xiao Chen did as instructed. He took the mission list and leaped out of the window.

The Illusionary Yin Grass was west of the city, in the inner valley of the Heavenly Spring Mountain Range. This saved Xiao Chen a lot of trouble.

After Xiao Chen left the city, he rushed towards the Heavenly Spring Mountain Range. This mission was rather simple, so he did not think of making any plans.

Xiao Chen intended to head there directly and use strength to clear the mission.


Back in the city, Qing Pengyu and the cultivator in green watched expressionlessly as Xiao Chen left.

The cultivator in green said, “According to the Wind Whisperer Hall, he chose the mission of picking Illusionary Yin Grass. The location has already been verified. However, this brat’s Mental Energy is very strong. I’m afraid he will discover us before we can get close enough.”

The last time the cultivator in green had followed Xiao Chen, his opponent discovered him before he could attack. So, he was quite worried about this.

Qin Pengyu took out two bottles of medicinal pills. He smiled confidently, “I prepared for this long ago. This is the Medicinal Power made from Mouse Tail Grass. All we have to do it to spread this on our bodies and even a Martial Monarch will not sense us.”

The cultivator in green immediately revealed a pleased smile, “You really are invested in this. With this Medicinal Powder, the brat will definitely die.”

“If I don’t pay for bait, how can I catch a big fish? Let’s go; don't let him get too far ahead of us.”


Forest covered the Heavenly Spring Mountain Range. However, it was no more than two thousand meters high. Instead, it covered a large expanse, stretching out over several hundred kilometers.

Xiao Chen spent four hours before he finally found the valley containing the Illusionary Yin Grass. With a quick sweep of his Spiritual Sense, he immediately found the Illusionary Yin Grass.

“Surprisingly, there are at least a dozen Dazzling Shadow Panther around. That is like a small tribe. No wonder no one bothered to take this mission.”

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense. He felt somewhat astonished. It seemed like all of the cultivators here were quite experienced.

However, there was plenty of Illusionary Yin Grass here. There was more than enough for Xiao Chen to pick ten, so his efforts would not be in vain.

Invisible figures wandered around the Illusionary Yin Grass.

These figures did not even leave footprints behind, making it impossible for people to track them with the senses available to a normal human. This aspect made it difficult for regular cultivators to deal with the Dazzling Shadow Panthers.

The Dazzling Shadow Panthers have all gathered. Even a half-step Martial Monarch would have some issues dealing with this. I have to think of a way to separate them.

Xiao Chen casually punched the ground and stone shards of various sizes immediately flew up. Xiao Chen took out his carving knife and starting carving carefully.

Soon, dozens of remarkable lifelike stone eagles gathered around Xiao Chen.

“Life Bestowal Spell!”

Xiao Chen used both of his hands to form hand seals as he shouted. The stone eagles on the ground immediately came to life. They flapped their wings hard as they launched themselves towards the group of Dazzling Shadow Panthers.

“Sha! Sha!”

A lot of noise suddenly echoes through the valley. Under the eagles’ attacks, the group of Dazzling Shadow Panthers turned chaotic. Unknowingly, two Dazzling Shadow Panthers had been lured over to Xiao Chen.

By the time they destroyed the eagles, they had wandered several kilometers from the valley. Xiao Chen smiled faintly. He drew his Lunar Shadow Saber and revealed himself.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Loud sounds came reverberated as an electric light flashed. Without the advantage of stealth and numbers, Xiao Chen did not have to expend much effort to kill them.

Forty-five minutes later, two dead Dazzling Shadow Panthers covered the ground. Xiao Chen dug out their Spirit Cores and continued similarly killing Dazzling Shadow Panthers.

Four hours later, the valley was void of Dazzling Shadow Panthers. Now, they were nothing more than Spirit Cores sitting snugly in Xiao Chen’s Universe Ring.

Xiao Chen took out an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone and quickly replenished the recently exhausted Essence. Then, he quickly prepared to pick the Illusionary Yin Grass.

However, just before Xiao Chen made a move, the Massacre Throne in his sea of consciousness trembled lightly.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave. He held the Lunar Shadow Saber in front of him, staying on guard.

Xiao Chen scanned the area a thousand meters around him several times. Eventually, he finally found the hidden Qin Pengyu and cultivator in green hiding in a tall tree.

No fluctuating energy came from the two. It looked like they used some kind of medicine to prevent Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense from detecting them.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly. His Spiritual Sense was different from regular Mental Energy. The difference was the visuals. Unless there was a special Secret Treasure, no one could avoid his detection.

Qin Pengyu put away the Golden Flash in his hand. He frowned and said, “This fellow is too sensitive to killing Qi. He has probably discovered us already.”

“Never mind. Now that he is within a thousand meters of us, he cannot flee. We will deal with him with a frontal assault.”

The two revealed themselves. They jumped down from the tree and headed for Xiao Chen.

“Sou! Sou!”

The figures of the two flashed through the air. In three breaths, they closed the distance.

The cultivator in green looked at Xiao Chen and smiled coldly, “We have waited very long for you. You will regret not killing me that day.”

Xiao Chen ignored the cultivator’s words. Instead, he settled his gaze on Qin Pengyu. The dart from that day had left a deep impression.

If it were not for the Blood Flame Shoes, he would not have dodged the attack. However, Xiao Chen could now knock away that dart with one saber strike.

Qing Pengyu said indifferently, “Little Brother, if you hand over the peak high-ranked Blood Demon’s Demon Core and the Secret Treasures, we can part peacefully. At such a young age, you still have plenty of unexplored potential. A dead genius is no longer a genius.”

Xiao Chen laughed and said, “A dead genius is indeed no longer a genius. However, you are not qualified to say such things.”