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Chapter 428: Sidetracked from the Mission

Chapter 428: Sidetracked from the Mission

“How stubborn! Giant Whale Palm!”

When the cultivator in green saw that Xiao Chen would not agree, he immediately launched the killing move he had prepared.

The air filled with an aqueous light and ripples appeared on the ground as if it had become water. It moved up and down like waves. The cultivator in green had merged his state into his Martial Technique.

The huge whale made of Essence was very detailed; even the wrinkles on its skin were visible. Its sharp teeth flickered with a cold light. It looked extremely realistic.

Xiao Chen squinted slightly. The Essence of this cultivator in green had become stronger by at least a level compared to the previous month.

Unfortunately for the cultivator in green, he had chosen to attack Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen’s improvements in the past month were greater than his. He was destined to fail miserably.

The pure state of thunder continuously infused into the Lunar Shadow Saber. Surging Essence poured out relentlessly.

After Xiao Chen broadened his meridians, the amount of Essence he could move in an instant had increased by about twenty percent. Naturally, the might of his Saber Techniques had increased significantly as well.

As Xiao Chen swung the saber, the electricity on the saber crackled. Countless bolts of electric light shot from the saber.

Strands of purple light tore through the air. The power of thunder spread out. The entire space felt covered in a layer of electric light.

The hidden weapon in Qin Pengyu’s hand gave off ‘zi zi’ sounds as it flashed with a purple electric light. The electricity shocked his hands until they were numb.

“How strong is this brat’s state of thunder? Why does it seem like it is suppressing the state of water?”

Qin Pengyu mumbled with some astonishment as he circulated his Essence and got rid of the electric light.

Xiao Chen shouted and stomped on the ground. His Essence merged with his physical strength, instantly achieving 350,000 kilograms of force.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The ground that moved like waves on the sea instantly stilled. The entire mountain could not stop shaking.

This stomp had broken the cultivator in green’s state of water in an instant.


Xiao Chen tilted to the side. Then, he stabbed the huge whale in its right side with his saber. His feet kept moving as his saber drew a long line of electric light down the body of the whale.

The electricity flickered and crackled ceaselessly. Every time it flickered, the light of the huge whale dimmed significantly. By the time Xiao Chen removed his saber, the whale had exploded with a loud sound. Xiao Chen’s Essence surged and neutralized the shockwave generated.

Instead, the cultivator in green was knocked back several steps. Qin Pengyu was also knocked back.


Xiao Chen focused his gaze. His feet did not stop moving. He carried an overwhelming momentum and a boundless might of thunder as electricity covered his body. He looked like a thunder god rushing forward.

The cultivator in green revealed a greatly startled expression. He had not expected Xiao Chen, who needed some time to destroy his whale a month ago, to destroy his strengthened huge whale with even more ease. He had not even used his state of massacre.

The cultivator in green stabilized himself. As he watched Xiao Chen surge towards him with a blazing aura, he did not dare hold back.

The cultivator in green raised his aura to the limit and shouted a warcry. He stepped forward and sent out six palm strikes with lightning speed.

With each palm strike, the cultivator in green sent out, a colossal whale made of Essence appeared from nowhere. He sent a total of six palm strikes, creating six whales. They moved in a line and crashed towards Xiao Chen violently.

“Five Toxin Soul Breaker!”

Qin Pengyu, who had been silent for a while, finally made his move. His figure flashed in the air five times, and five multicolored darts flew at Xiao Chen from different angles.

The multicolored lights were different from each other. They looked incredibly strange. Clearly, they were toxic. The angles which he had fired them from was odd, and they were incredibly fast.

The five darts’ movements complemented each other. After dodging one dart, another would follow. They moved very fast, and the angles they were thrown from were ingenious. There was no way to dodge them all.

At this moment, there were six huge whales with strong auras moving forward in a line. If Xiao Chen were not careful, it might result in a chain explosion. The might of six whales exploding was easy to imagine.

Behind Xiao Chen were five darts that he could not dodge, forcing him to clash head-on. All of his paths of escape were sealed; he could not flee.

Xiao Chen revealed a sullen expression and quickly tried to think of ideas. Within a breath, he imagined thousands of scenarios in his mind and quickly made a decision.

“Ding dang! Ding dang!”

Xiao Chen executed the Icefire Flowing Cloud Arrow. His figure moved in a circle and created a huge storm of electricity. This instantly knocked the five toxic darts away.

“Chi! Chi!”

The toxic darts pierced many trees. A black Qi spread out, and the trees started withering.

When the cultivator in green saw the situation, he only laughed. After dealing with the darts, Xiao Chen could not dodge his chain of whales. The power of six whales exploding was something even half-step Martial Monarchs would dare to go against.

Qin Pengyu’s expression became slightly sullen, but he did not become careless. A golden dart appeared in his hand. He pushed off the ground and landed in the top of a big tree, preparing to make a move at any time.

After knocking back the five toxic darts, the huge whale arrived to less than a meter from Xiao Chen. There was simply no time to dodge.

The surging auras merged, making breathing difficult. The fierce aura caused Xiao Chen’s hair to flutter messily.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen returned the Lunar Shadow Saber to its scabbard and stuck it into the ground.

An illusion of a tiger and a dragon appeared and spiraled around Xiao Chen’s body. Their roars resounded fiercely.

Xiao Chen clenched his fingers tightly and took a deep breath as he watched the huge whales arrive. Then, he punched out, one after another.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Sounds of explosions rang throughout the valley. Huge pits instantly appeared in the ground as dust and dirt flew into the air.

However, the chain explosion that the cultivator in green had expected did not happen. Every time Xiao Chen destroyed a whale, he could use his body to stop the Essence from spreading.

Every time Xiao Chen destroyed a whale, he did not show any intentions of retreating. He simply plowed forward and sent out six punches.

“Wild Dance of Whales!”

Seeing Xiao Chen emerge unhurt from the cloud of dirt and dust, the cultivator did not hesitate to use his killing move.

The black-winged Blood Flame Eagle on the Blood Flame Shoes lit up, and Xiao Chen’s speed instantly increased by twenty percent, allowing him to move at Mach 4.

As Xiao Chen rushed forward, he raised his leg and kicked the right side of the cultivator in green’s head.


The half executed Wild Dance of Whales instantly broke. The cultivator vomited a mouthful of blood as his body flew into the air.

Using the might of a Medial Grade Secret Treasure, the speed and strength of Xiao Chen’s kick had reached the limits of a Martial King. Even a half-step Martial Monarch would not dare claim he could block it.

The cultivator in green landed in the dirt and seemed to have stopped breathing. The force of the kick had destroyed half of his brain.

The brain was a weak point of humans. After one side was destroyed, naturally, he died. A ball of red light instantly poured into the space between Xiao Chen’s eyebrows.

Given the other party's talent, without a good fortuitous encounter and the longer time went on, the further the distance he would be from Xiao Chen.

From the very start, Xiao Chen had never considered him a danger. Even when he killed the cultivator in green with a kick, he felt nothing.


A strong sense of danger assaulted Xiao Chen. A dazzling golden miniature sun appeared from nowhere behind him. That light was so dazzling that one could not look at it directly.

Qin Pengyu’s Golden Flash that could achieve Mach 4 finally appeared. Earlier, he saw Xiao Chen use the Secret Treasure on his feet.

Qin Pengyu felt sure that Xiao Chen could not use it twice in a row within a short period. So, he did not hesitate to make his move.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and turned around. He landed beside the Lunar Shadow Saber and grasped the hilt, drawing the weapon.

All of his movements seemed as fluid as water. They seemed utterly natural.

A dazzling purple light exploded out from the saber. It seemed even more dazzling than the golden light.

“Ka ca!”

The golden light extinguished, and there was a crunching sound. The golden dart split into two and landed on the ground.

Horror filled Qin Pengyu’s face. He had never expected Xiao Chen to slice his offensive peak Inferior Grade Secret Treasure in half.

How much explosive force is required to split an attack moving at Mach 4 in half?

Qin Pengyu was horrified in his heart. He did not care whether the cultivator in green was dead or not; he simply turned and fled.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. A bloody hole instantly appeared on the left side of Qin Pengyu’s chest. Blood gushed endlessly.

Qin Pengyu’s wound burned with a purple flame, stopping the Essence from treating the wound. In his panic, he did not care about the wound and continued to flee.

“You think you can run?!”

Xiao Chen snorted coldly, and a miniature sword flew out of his palm. A basketball-sized wound appeared on Qin Pengyu’s chest, and he slowly fell.

Xiao Chen retrieved the spatial rings. However, he could not be bothered to check them; he simply tossed them into the Universe Ring. He still had work to do. So, he continued to pick the Illusionary Yin Grass.


The largest inn in the city, the Clear Spring Inn, did not conduct any business on the seventeenth of this month. They left a signboard at the entrance stating that they were closed for business.

Two rows black-clothed cultivators stood in front of the entrance. Occasionally, youths stepped forward and handed over an invitation before entering the inn.

On the street, a large crowd had formed at two sides. They did not understand what was going on. However, based on the atmosphere, something big was about to happen.

“The person who just entered seemed to be Xia Xiyan of the Great Xia Nation’s Thousand Sword Pavilion. This girl is one of the Thousand Sword Pavilion’s rare geniuses. At the age of sixteen, she comprehended sword intent. She is one of the outstanding talents of the Great Xia Nations. She is a top contender for the top twenty positions in the next Five Nation Youth Competition.”

“There is also Ding Fengchou and Jin Wuji of the Great Chu Nation’s Heavenly Sword Gate. These two have arrived as well. They are part of the top hundred in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition.”

“The people from the Great Tang Nation’s Beast Taming Abode have arrived too. That person seems to be the second disciple of the Beast Taming Abode’s leader. He is very strong, and he is also a first-rate expert in the Great Tang Nation.”

“That person is the Holy Fire Manor’s Young Manor Lord, Leng Yun. Among the younger generation in the southern islands, his strength ranks fourth. He is unexpectedly here as well. What event is this? How mysterious!.”

As the surrounding crowd watched these youths hand over an invitation and enter, they discussed them. The feeling that something big was about to happen grew stronger.

Those entering the Clear Spring Inn were outstanding geniuses of the various nations. Aside from the Great Jin Nation, there were many geniuses from the other four.

“Could this be something to do with the opening of the Ancient Desolate Tower? The Ancient Desolate Tower opens once every three years. I think it’s about time for it to open again!” someone in the crowd suddenly thought of something and shouted excitedly.