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Chapter 431: Rank A Wrestling Ring

Chapter 431: Rank A Wrestling Ring

There were three other places like this Wrestling City in the Ancient Desolate Land. They were on the other three main islands of the other groups.

“Strange, there are more than a dozen cities on Longyang Island. Why is everyone heading to the Wrestling City?” Xiao Chen could not understand when he saw so many cultivators heading for that particular city.

“I really don’t understand. Wrestling City had not organized Rank A matches on such a large scale for ten years.”

“Hehe, it does not matter. Rank A duels are a great opportunity to earn money. If we can win ten matches in a row, we will earn five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. If we win twenty in a row, they will give us an Inferior Grade Secret Treasure.”

“I heard that the rewards have increased this time. I wonder if that is true? If it is, that will be a large sum.”

A cultivator who passed Xiao Chen chatted excitedly. From what they said, he figured out why they were going to Wrestling City.

Xiao Chen’s expression became sullen. He looked to the sky, at the cultivators rushing to Wrestling City. He muttered to himself, “The news has traveled very fast. It looks like, in the first round, there will be many famous cultivators from the Ancient Desolate Lands.”

The full moon hung high in the sky, and stars flickered. The bright moonlight outshone the light of the stars, making them hard to see.

Within Wrestling City, in a residence, the four people in charge from the Heavenly Extermination Union led the two hundred odd geniuses, hosting a banquet in their honor.

Starting tomorrow, this group of cultivators would begin a cruel selection, fighting high-intensity battles for six days.

Hence, the organizer had decided that, before this happened, they would host a banquet to help them relax. At the same time, they would make use of this opportunity to answer some of the cultivator’s questions.

Within the hall, Old Li sat in the middle. Next to him were his three assistants. A long table sat before the four.

Long tables had also been placed along the two walls on each side. Wine and food filled the tables. Behind each table, there were three or four cultivators.

Everyone chatted with each other and relaxed. The atmosphere was lively.

“Senior Li, I heard that, in the next Five Nation Youth Competition, the people ranked highly in the Tianwu Rankings will have a chance to go to the upper realm.”

From the right side, a young cultivator set his wine cup down and looked respectfully at Old Li as he inquired.

The moment he spoke, the hall immediately fell silent. Everyone focused their gazes on Old Li.

The so-called upper realm seemed to be a mysterious place to everyone. Rumors stated that the Three Holy Lands were similar realms.

No one knew what kind of place that realm was. According to rumors, on the Tianwu Continent, only a Martial Emperor was strong enough to break through the void and witness the upper realm.

Without reaching the Martial Emperor Realm, if one wanted to see it, they would only encounter an opportunity from events like the Five Nation Youth Competition.

Of course, not every Five Nation Youth Competition would offer such an opportunity. Only when the era flourished with geniuses would they gain the interest of the upper realm, resulting in such an opportunity.

However, in the past several thousand years, there were no stories of someone qualifying to enter the upper realm during the Five Nation Youth Competition.

Only those in the first Five Nation Youth Competition during the Thunder Emperor’s era had an opportunity to reach the upper realm presented itself.

However, four thousand years was a long time. Most stories from that time had become legends. Now, the young cultivators could only guess what had happened and could not verify the authenticity of such things.

However, there were some clues hidden within the upcoming round of the Five Nation Youth Competition. Not only would the various nations and powers of the Tianwu Continent send people, but the powers in the Shallow Seas of the Boundless Sea would also send participants. If there were no chances to enter the upper realm, such things would not happen.

When Old Li heard the question, he smiled gently, “I know about this matter. The older generation Supreme Elders in the sects behind you know as well. Since they have not told you, naturally, I will say nothing.”

“Why?” confusion swept through the crowd as they asked.

Old Li shook his head and said, “It is not time yet. This is currently the budding period of this era of geniuses. Your generation has not matured yet. Telling you now will only harm you and have no benefits.

“I can only advise you to, advance with all your might. The fortunate ones will certainly be in for a big surprise.”

Towards the back on the right side, Jin Wuji and Ding Fengchou sat behind a table. Jin Wuji felt somewhat suspicious as he said, “That is strength. Why are his words the same as Master’s? First Senior Brother, you are the apple of Master’s eye. Do you have any inside news?”

Ding Fengchou took a sip of wine, and a deep look flashed in his eyes. It was very mysterious.

Ding Fengchou set his wine cup aside and shook his head. He said, “I am not sure either. Don’t overthink this. If your strength or talent is not sufficient, reaching that realm will not benefit you.”

The banquet continued. In the meantime, someone asked about the detailed rules of the Rank A Wrestling Rings. Old Li answered all of the questions without hiding anything.

“When we reach the Wrestling Rings, this old man will no longer be in charge. Let me tell all of you this first; if there is any danger, please pull out and do not force yourself. As for the rules, they will use the standard rules of the Wrestling Ring. You do not have any special privileges. You just have to think of how to obtain sixty victories.”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Just at this moment, urgent footsteps came rushing over. An attendant outside the hall held an engraved card and quickly walked over to Old, whispering something in his ear.

Old Li’s expression changed slightly. He instructed, “Go down and bring him to me. Let me see for myself.”

The assistants at the side were astonished when they saw the engraved card. They said, “That is Elder Huang’s engraved card. Who is he recommending?”

Old Li put the engraved card away, and a sullen look crossed his face. He said indifferently, “It’s that brat we debated so heavily on. I want to see why this Old Huang has vouched for this insignificant Inferior Grade Martial King repeatedly.”

When the outstanding talents in the hall saw Old Li’s expression, they could not figure out what was happening. However, they sensed that something big was about to happen.

The atmosphere immediately became very strange. The hall became extremely quiet. Everyone’s gazes fixed on the entrance of the hall. They wanted to see who had offended Old Li.

Mu Xinya whispered to Jiang Zimo, “Do you think the person you spoke of is here?”

Jiang Zimo whispered back, “It’s hard to say. However, if it is really him, I cannot do much. This Elder Li is not from our Myriad Fiend Palace’s faction.”

“Ta! Ta!”

Soft footsteps came from outside the doors. Xiao Chen, who wore blue robes, stepped into the hall with the Lunar Shadow Saber in his hand.

Xiao Chen swept the hall with his eyes, scanning everybody’s faces. He saw a few that were familiar.

There was Xia Xiyan who he had once fought with, Jiang Zimo who he had once met, and the girl with silver hair beside Jiang Zimo seemed familiar, but Xiao Chen could not recall where he had seen her.

His two friends, Jin Wuji and Ding Fengchou, were also here. When he felt Jin Wuji’s malicious gaze, he ignored the cultivator.

The atmosphere in the hall seemed odd, but Xiao Chen did not think much about it. He looked up to Old Li in front and cupped his hands in respect, “Junior Xiao Chen greets Senior.”

Old Li ignored Xiao Chen’s words and said unhurriedly, “Personally, I have always thought that Cultivation Realm was the foundation of a cultivator. Back then, I had suggested the requirement of Medial Grade Martial King. I want to know; what is an Inferior Grade Martial King like you doing here? Seeking death?”

Xiao Chen’s face sank, and he remembered the words of the old man from the Heavenly Extermination Union. It seemed like he was not very lucky. The old man before him was a member of the faction against him qualifying for the Ancient Desolate Tower.

“Go back to where you came from. Entering the Wrestling Ring requires you to sign a life-and-death contract. Come back when you are a Medial Grade Martial King. It will be too unfortunate if you fall here at such a young age.

“Don’t think that, after becoming famous in the Great Qin nation, you have outstanding talent and can ignore the rules. The Great Qin Nation is the weakest amongst the five great nations.”

When the people below heard Old Li’s words, playful expressions appeared on their faces. It turned out that this person had used his connections to enter, trying to compete with them for spots.

Unfortunate, his backer did not seem to have any power here. Not only did Elder Li not allow it, but he also humiliated him.

An intelligent young cultivator in the crowd saw that Older Li did not like Xiao Chen. He immediately picked up from where Elder Li left off and mocked, “An Inferior Grade Martial King wants to fight for spots to the Ancient Desolate Tower against us? You overestimate yourself.”

The others instantly chimed in, “Indeed, go home. If you die in the Wrestling Ring, there will be nothing left for you.”

“This is not the Great Qin Nation. You may be a genius there, but you are nothing here.”

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression. He would not respond to the surrounding people’s words, but he did commit them to memory. He looked directly at Old Li and said, “Cultivation Realm is indeed the foundation of a cultivator. However, combat experience, Marital Technique, and Cultivation Techniques are equally important. In fact, they might even be more important.”

Old Li snorted coldly and said, “You think you are qualified to speak to me? I do not need you to teach me what is important. Scram!”

Jiang Zimo could not bear to continue watching. He said, “Senior Li, as far as I know, Elder Huang has an engraved card. He is within his rights to recommend someone.”

Old Li seemed to fear Jiang Zimo’s identity somewhat, so he gave no rebuttal. Jiang Zimo’s words were also correct.

However, back then, he was the one who suggested setting Medial Grade Martial King as the requirement. He had also done his best to prevent an invitation from being sent to Xiao Chen. If he agreed to let Xiao Chen participate, he would feel very uncomfortable in his heart.

If Old Li could persuade Xiao Chen to leave, he could claim that Xiao Chen left of his own accord. Elder Huang could do nothing to him.

However, given the situation, Xiao Chen was very patient, and Jiang Zimo had spoken up for him. It was no longer possible to chase Xiao Chen away.

Old Li’s gaze focused on Xiao Chen. Suddenly, a countermeasure came to him. He smiled gently and said, “Very well; I will give you a chance. Since you say that combat experience and Cultivation Techniques are more important that Cultivation Realm, choose a cultivator in his hall. If you can obtain a victory in ten moves, I will give you this chance. Let’s show everyone how exquisite your combat techniques are.”

The hall fell silent. When they looked at Xiao Chen, they took joy in his misfortune. Clearly, this person had offended Old Li.

It was impossible for Xiao Chen to defeat any of them in ten moves. The weakest cultivator here was a peak Medial Grade Martial King.