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Chapter 433: Rushing Thunder Saber Technique

Chapter 433: Rushing Thunder Saber Technique


The arclight sealed off all possibilities of counterattacking; there were no weaknesses. So, Jin Wuji had to retreat once again.

I cannot retreat anymore. If I keep retreating, I will lose all my momentum, Jin Wuji thought anxiously. I have to go on the offensive and control the rhythm again.

Jin Wuji swung his sword and prepared his killing move. However, just as he was about to make his move, he saw Xiao Chen rushing at him with his saber.

If Jin Wuji did not retreat, Xiao Chen would slash him in the chest. He would cut him in half, and he would die without a corpse.


How hateful! Jin Wuji was utterly depressed. He dispersed his killing move and retreated once again.

Xiao Chen’s figure paused in the air, and he watched Jin Wuji retreat below. It looked as if he were frozen.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

In the next instant, thunder roared behind Xiao Chen. It shook the dust from the roof as his momentum increased again.

Xiao Chen’s saber hacked down as it carried the boundless might of thunder.

Jin Wuji wore a horrified expression. This saber felt like lightning; there was no opportunity to dodge at all. Xiao Chen’s aura locked down on him as though he had predicted where he would land.

A sword light flashed, Jin Wuji exhausted his Essence without holding back. He quickly sent out multiple solid walls made of swords, trying to block the saber strike.

However, Jin Wuji had already exhausted his momentum. No matter how strong the sword walls were, it would be useless against Xiao Chen at his peak momentum.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sword walls crumbled like dead branches on a tree. The intense shockwaves spread into the surrounding. All the watching cultivators quickly defended themselves.

“Pu ci!” The force of the saber entered Jin Wuji’s body. He vomited a mouthful of blood and grew very pale.

“Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop!”

After Xiao Chen landed, he did not hesitate. The accumulated lightning-attributed energy from four moves exploded forth in an instant. The saber lit up with a resplendent electric light.

Jin Wuji did his best to block, but the saber strike knocked him flying. His clothes were tattered, and blood flowed from his wounds.

Jin Wuji lay miserably on the ground. The electric light on his body had yet to scatter, crackling relentlessly.

The hall became incredibly quiet. All the cultivators who had mocked Xiao Chen earlier were stunned.

Xiao Chen had not even used ten moves. He only used five to defeat Jin Wuji utterly. Even if they counted that first stomp, that was only six moves.


Li Xiuzhu flushed with anger. He smashed his palm on the wooden table and shattered it. When he watched Jin Wuji climb to his feet arduously, his gaze filled with disgust.

“Trash, you cannot even deal with in Inferior Grade Martial King. How are you qualified to participate in his selection? Scram!”

Li Xiuzhu punched the air and struck Jin Wuji heavily. He vomited another large mouthful of blood and was blasted out of the hall. After that, he rolled down the steps before coming to a stop.

Li Xiuzhu glared at Xiao Chen. Then, he stood expressionlessly before leaving the hall without a word.

Liu Xiuzhu left piqued. His three assistance followed after him. Naturally, this banquet had ended on an unpleasant note.

Within the hall, all of the outstanding talents looked towards Xiao Chen. They no longer dismissed him as before. They now saw him as a strong competitor.

They all wore depressed expressions. There was yet another competitor to worry about. Clearly, that was not a good thing.

However, there were about ten people whose eyes lit up with a blazing fighting spirit. They were not afraid of a challenge. The more competitors they had, the more excited they became.

“Pei Shaoxuan, what do you think?” the Holy Fire Manor’s Young Manor Lord, Leng Yun, looked at the Beast Taming Abode’s Pei Shaoxuan as he asked indifferently.

Pei Shaoxuan played with the scarlet ring he wore on his index finger. He said softly, “He is very strong. However, there is no need to be astonished. If you can catch Jin Wuji off guard as well, you can also defeat him within ten moves.”

Leng Yun nodded and said, “Naturally, I understand this principle. Unfortunately, it is hard to seize the initiative against someone whose cultivation realm is higher than yours. This is where he displays his brilliance.”

Pei Shaoxuan stood. Before he left, he said, “A hundred battles all have to be fought with strength. He might be able to catch someone off guard once or twice. However, if he wants to continue fighting, his foundational strength is the most important. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

All of the outstanding talents in the hall discussed the earlier fight before they left. The banquet had ended there was no reason to remain.

Xia Xiyan led her Junior Sister over and congratulated Xiao Chen, “Congratulations. It looks like I have another competitor for a spot in the Ancient Desolate Tower.”

Xiao Chen smiled gently, “Miss Xia, you praise me too much. If I fight against you, my odds of winning are only fifty percent.”

“Hmm! My First Senior Sister had comprehended sword intent at the age of sixteen. Now, she is a Superior Grade Martial King. Her Cultivation Technique is a peak Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique, and her Martial Techniques are peak Earth Ranked Martial Techniques. Within the same generation, she is not inferior to anyone. You overestimate yourself.”

When Xiao Rou, who stood beside Xia Xiyan, heard Xiao Chen claim to be about equal to Xia Xiyan, she felt somewhat dissatisfied.

In Xiao Rou’s opinion, even though Xiao Chen was strong and managed to defeat Jin Wuji in six moves, he mostly relied on tricks.

If it were not for that stomp delaying Jin Wuji and forcing him back over and over again, there was no way Xiao Chen could defeat Jin Wuji within then moves.

Xiao Rou had not considered Xiao Chen’s tactics as a form of strength.

Xiao Chen looked at Xiao Rou but was not angry. He could tell that she only defended First Senior Sister like a little girl defending her idol.

When Xia Xiyan heard Xiao Rou’s words, she glared at Xiao Rou before saying apologetically, “I’m sorry., This girl always speaks without thinking. Don't mind her.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly in response.

“I shall take my leave first. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Seeing that Xiao Rou was about to say something else, Xia Xiyan pulled her to the side and quickly took her leave.

Xiao Chen sheathed his Lunar Shadow Saber. He did not intend to linger and was about to leave. The fight in the Wrestling Ring tomorrow was the true battle. This was only an appetizer.

“Brother Xiao, please wait a moment.”

Just as Xiao Chen reached the doors of the hall, Jiang Zimo stopped him and walked over with Mu Xinya.

Although Xiao Chen did not know the cultivator well, Jiang Zimo had helped him once again, displaying intentions of friendship.

This was especially so after Jiang Zimo had risked offending Li Xiuzhu. Compared to those who tried to pander to the old man, such a friend was even more precious.

Xiao Chen stopped and turned. Then, he cupped his hand and gave thanks, “Thank you, Brother Zimo, for speaking up for me, helping me fight for this chance.”

Jiang Zimo smiled gently and said, “It was just a small matter. I am not afraid of Li Xiuzhu. He does not dare act against me.”

Jiang Zimo seemed very confident. It appeared as though a large power supported him, a power that even Li Xiuzhu feared.

Xiao Chen did not continue with the niceties and asked directly, “Why are you looking for me? If it is something that I can help you with, just say it.”

“I shall remember that. For now, there is nothing,” Jiang Zimo said with a smile before pointing to the silver-haired girl beside him. He said, “She is the one looking for you. I shall take my leave first.”

After Jiang Zimo left, Xiao Chen suspiciously examined the silver-haired girl before him. Although she seemed familiar, he could not recall seeing her before.

“Have we met before?” Xiao Chen probed.

Mu Xinya looked at Xiao Chen. A bitter smile appeared on her exquisite face. “Tell me this; will you kill me again?”

Xiao Chen felt astonished. When he heard Mu Xinya’s voice, he finally recalled who this silver-haired girl was.

Back in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, for the sake of rescuing the Heavenly Wolf King, she had pretended to be the human girl, Mu Xinya. They had spent more than a month together.

No wonder the moment I entered the hall, this girl’s gaze had never left me. She must have recognized me.

Xiao Chen recalled the previous events clearly. The expressions of those miners begging him appeared in his mind.

However, Xiao Chen had a different view of the matters of the past. Those miners were people the Heavenly Saber Pavilion sacrificed on purpose. It was hard to differentiate who was in the right or wrong.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and shook his head, “I won't. Let’s not mention the past again. Everyone has their own beliefs. It's just the angles which they look from are different.”

When Mu Xinya heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief. She asked, “Can we talk?”

Xiao Chen nodded, and the two flew out.


Outside the hall, Jin Wuji’s clothes were tattered as he lay miserably on the ground. Occasionally, a light flickered on his body.

The bones in Jin Wuji’s chest were indented. That was the result of Li Xiuzhu’s punch. As a Martial Monarch, his punch was far more destructive than Xiao Chen’s attacks.

Furthermore, when considering the injuries Xiao Chen had caused, without the aid of Medicinal Pills and half a year to recuperate, it would be difficult to recover to his peak state.

To these geniuses, wasting half a year was a cruel matter. It would result in a gap that they could never close.

When the passing cultivators saw this, they felt that he was very ill-fated.

Fifteen minutes ago, everyone envied him. As long as he could withstand ten moves, he would easily clear the first round.

However, fifteen minutes later, an Inferior Grade Martial King had defeated him in six moves. His reputation had taken a great hit.

Then, Li Xiuzhu had injured him further, destroying his qualifications to participate in the selections. This was such a tragic sight. He had experienced disaster after disaster.

The crowd had learned a big lesson; never to underestimate someone with a lower cultivation realm than you in the future. That person might be another Xiao Chen.

The miserable Jin Wuji was the best example.

Ding Fengchou slowly walked to Jin Wuji and sighed. Jin Wuji was now a cripple. He had lost the rights to stand amongst the first-rate geniuses forever.

This era of geniuses was just budding. This was an age were geniuses came forth in great numbers. This was undoubtedly a tragedy for him.

“I told you long ago; you should know yourself well. If you do not have sufficient strength, do not use the name of the Heavenly Sword Gate to flaunt your might. You had asked for it.”

Ding Fengchou placed his hand on Jin Wuji’s chest. He circulated his Essence, and the electric light in Jin Wuji’s body quickly moved towards Ding Fengchou’s palm.