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Chapter 434: Mu Xinya Fell in Love?

Chapter 434: Mu Xinya Fell in Love?

Ding Fengchou raised his palm, and a ball of lightning-attributed Essence floated below his hand. The unconscious Jin Wuji immediately felt more comfortable.


Ding Fengchou casually tossed the ball of electricity onto the ground. It exploded and created a deep pit, sending dust into the air.

“What a strong lightning-attributed energy. This person might cultivate a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique. Otherwise, he would not have such surging energy as an Inferior Grade Martial King.”

Ding Fengchou frowned slightly and muttered to himself, “This is only the remnant energy. If this were his full power, it would be even stronger.”

Ding Fengchou had incredible insight. Even though it was only some remnant energy, he could make a rough estimation of Xiao Chen’s strength.

“Ding Fengchou, I told you long ago not to bring trash here. Now you have embarrassed yourself.” Beast Taming Abode’s Pei Shaoxuan laughed as he walked over.

Seeking death! Ding Fengchou’s expression chilled. His use two fingers as a sword and pointed them at Pei Shaoxuan.


The long sword at Ding Fengchou’s waist hummed and quickly emerged from its sheath. Under Ding Fengchou’s control, it flew towards Pei Shaoxuan with a surging sword intent.

“Wu! Wu!”

The air rang out with sword hums. Water-like ripples spread out from the sword. Space seemed to blur.

Pei Shaoxuan’s expression changed. He had not expected Dong Fengchou to attack. He quickly formed hand seals.

Circular formation markings appeared behind Pei Shaoxuan. A realistic ape with muscles and skin like metal appeared before him and blocked the strike.


The moment the ape appeared, a huge bloody hole appeared on its chest. The sword had pierced through it, and it died on the spot.

“Hu chi!”

Clearly, Pei Shaoxuan had not expected the attack to destroy the Steel Ape with strong defenses in an instant.

Pei Shaoxuan quickly did his best to dodge. However, the sword still slashed a wound on his right shoulder. Blood gushed from the wound. Soon, his entire right shoulder was covered in the scarlet liquid.

“Pei Shaoxuan, on account of your First Senior Brother, I will not kill you now. Watch what you say in the future. It is not your turn to disrespect the people of the Heavenly Sword Gate.”

“Ka ca!”

Ding Fengchou waved his hand, and the sword returned to its scabbard. He picked up Jin Wuji’s body and did not bother looking at Pei Shaoxuan before leaving.

As Pei Shaoxuan looked at the other party’s face, revealing a hateful glare. His hatred of Ding Fengchou had begun long ago.

During their first encounter, they fought each other over natural treasures. Pei Shaoxuan received severe injuries, and Ding Fengchou snatched all of the treasures. He had always viewed it as an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

Otherwise, Pei Shaoxuan would not have eliminated Jin Wuji in such a miserable fashion during the previous Five Nation Youth Competition.

Pei Shaoxuan withdrew his gaze and stopped the bleeding on his shoulder. He knelt down and pointed at the bleeding Steel Ape lying into a pool of blood with the finger wearing a scarlet ring.

“Chi! Chi!”

The ring flashed red, and it sucked in the Steel Ape’s corpse and blood.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!” The ring emitted bone-chilling sounds and looked quite odd.


The moon hung high in the sky like a silver plate illuminating the world. Xiao Chen and Mu Xinya sat on a rooftop in the city.

Even though Mu Xinya had asked if they could talk, she had done most of the talking.

Xiao Chen, more or less, understood what happened after Mu Xinya left the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. After she inherited the Heavenly Wolf King’s strength, her strength had rapidly soared.

Now, Mu Xinya was a peak Superior Grade Martial King. Most importantly, she would not encounter any bottlenecks. As long as she faithfully continued to absorb the Heavenly Wolf King’s strength, her strength would soar; her potential was limitless.

When Mu Xinya fought an enemy, she could draw from the Heavenly Wolf King’s energy and even challenge a half-step Martial Monarch.

Furthermore, it was not like how Xiao Chen had managed, needing an opportunity to flee.

Because of Mu Xinya, the Heavenly Wolf Race, which was in a precarious position, had gained a large number of resources from the Myriad Fiend Palace, and the overall strength of her clan had increased.

“Ye Chen, did you know that the month in that underground world was the most relatively ordinary moment of my life?”

Mu Xinya looked up at the bright moon as the moonlight illuminated her silver hair, adding a layer of radiance and looking like an illusion.

“Ha ha…however, I cannot stop. The burden of my clan falls on me alone. There are twenty spots for the Ancient Desolate Tower, and I must obtain one.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Then, I wish you success. Out of the twenty spots, I have to obtain one as well.”

Mu Xinya smiled embarrassedly, “Let’s work hard together, then. After that, we can work together in the Ancient Desolate Tower once again. The tacit understanding we have might even reach a level no one else has ever reached before.”

“I’m going now. Thank you for accompanying me for so long. I finally can dismiss the worry I have held on to from that time.”

Mu Xinya waved her hand, and her exquisite figure jumped off of the rooftop and into the distance.

Xiao Chen got up and watched the distant Mu Xinya. He sighed gently, “There are more than a thousand peak geniuses. This group alone has people like Ding Fengchou, Jing Zimo, and Mu Xinya, geniuses amongst geniuses. These twenty spots are going to be difficult to obtain.”

However, regardless of the situation, Xiao Chen had to obtain one. There were a total of nine floors in the Ancient Desolate Tower. In the past, the genius Thunder Emperor climbed to the seventh floor before he rose to prominence.

In the past years, although there were not many who managed to climb to the fifth floor, without exception, they all had gained great benefits.

Some had obtained an increase in their cultivation; some found ancient Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques, or even Heaven Ranked Cultivation Techniques.

There were people who were stuck at bottlenecks in the comprehension of various Martial Techniques. They had made breakthroughs in the tower, massively increasing their combat prowess after they left.

None of these stories were exaggerations. Without the Ancient Desolate Tower, the cultivators of the other four nations would find it hard to enter the top fifty of the Tianwu Rankings.


The second day, the sun had just broken through the darkness. The radiance of dawn shone on every corner of Wrestling City.

The two hundred-odd outstanding talents from various places had gathered in the hall of the residence Li Xiuzhu had led them to.

Xiao Chen stood in the corner of the crowd, waiting calmly for Li Xiuzhu’s arrival. This was only the first round of the selection. He believed that he could pass it with his strength.

After a long time, Li Xiuzhu emerged from the back. Aside from his three assistants, there was also an unknown cultivator beside him.

That person wore tight cultivator robes. Muscles bulged throughout his body; he looked very strong. He seemed to be forty-odd years old and was a half-step Martial Monarch.

A faint scar on his right cheek gave him a fierce and tough appearance. His eyes were dim and without light, giving the same impression as a gloomy forest.

Li Xiuzhu looked for Xiao Chen’s figure in the crowd. He smiled coldly before he withdrew his gaze. He said, “Let me introduce this person to everyone. This is the City Lord of Wrestling City, Gao Yangyu. We are no longer governing the following matters. After six days, I will return to pick up the people who have obtained sixty victories.

“I will bring those who meet the standard to Desolate City and meet up with the other three groups to proceed with the second round of selection. For those who fail, you will have to return home.”

After Li Xiuzhu spoke, he departed with his three assistants, handing everything over to Gao Yangyu.

Gao Yangyu looked at the crowd calmly. Then, with the flip of his hand, he took out stacks of contracts before distribution them to the crowd.

Xiao Chen took the contract and examined it. It was a life-and-death contract. The main contents were: ‘I participate in the Rank A wrestling ring willingly, and my life or death is unrelated to Wrestling City.’

“Let me say this first; Wrestling City is not connected to the Heavenly Extermination Union. They do not have any authority over us.

“In fact, news of you undergoing the first round of selection in the Rank A wrestling ring had only reached me one week ago. I will not give any of you special privileges. You are all the same as the other cultivators in the Rank A wrestling Ring. Life and death are in your own hands. If you want to participate in the wrestling ring, you have to sign this contract.”

Gao Yangyu’s statement was calm and firm.

Li Xiuzhu had explained most of this to the crowd already. All of the outstanding talents present had calm expressions. They signed the contract without hesitation.

Perhaps people would die in the Rank A wrestling ring. However, everyone here was an outstanding talent of their region. They were all very strong. No one believed they would actually die.

After signing the life-and-death contract, Xiao Chen joined the back of the queue and was the last to hand over his contract.

Gao Yangyu looked at the name on the life-and-death contract and could not help but glance at Xiao Chen. A hard-to-trace killing Qi flashed in his eyes.

Xiao Chen felt this killing Qi. His expression did not change as he slowly moved to the back.

Xiao Chen had no grievances with Gao Yangyu. Logically, he should not have any murderous intent for Xiao Chen. The only explanation was that Li Xiuzhu had given him some instructions.

This old man really seems to have a problem with me, Xiao Chen thought to himself. I have endured this before and will keep an eye out.

After Gao Yangyu collected all the contracts, he smiled faintly, “Very good. No one backed out. I shall wish you all good luck, then.”

Gao Yangyu activated the ring on his right hand and space fluctuated intensely. A door of light appeared in the hall.

“Let’s go!” Gao Yangyu took the lead and stepped through the doorway of light.

No one here was an ordinary cultivator, and they knew that this was the rarely-seen Transportation Gate. There was nothing to make a fuss over. They all followed Gao Yangyu, one after another.

Xiao Chen was still the last one to cross the threshold. When he stepped through the doorway of light, he felt a mysterious force pulling him forward. Every sensation vanished.

If felt like, for an instant, an eternity had passed before Xiao Chen regained control over his movements.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Just as Xiao Chen regained his footing, earth-shattering roars resounded in his ears.

Xiao Chen looked up and discovered that he and the others had appeared in a vast wrestling ring. The circular wrestling ring seemed to be at least ten thousand square meters.

Spectator stands surrounded the Wrestling Ring. There were several ten thousand seats filled to the last. It looked very lively.

Gao Yangyu summoned the crowd and pointed in a direction, “Later, there will be a thousand Demonic Beasts coming out from that cage. There are a total of two hundred iron medallions on the Beasts’ bodies. You have to kill the Demonic Beasts and obtain an iron medallion before you qualify to compete in the Rank A wrestling ring.”