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Chapter 436: Calamity

Chapter 436: Calamity

Wrestling City had been in operation for hundreds of years. It became a chain business long ago. Not only could the challenging cultivators win fantastic prizes, but the ordinary spectators could also place bets and earn something that way.

Wrestling City was no more than five kilometers away from the main city, Longyang City. Several ten thousand cultivators would come and watch the matches everyday. The number of people currently in the stands had reached at least a hundred thousand. Almost everyone would place a bet.

Even if everyone only gambled a few hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones, it would generate a betting pool of several hundred million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. That was an extremely large sum.

Since they could earn some extra Spirit Stones and watch powerful fighting techniques in the match, Wrestling City had a great allure to cultivators.

Suddenly, someone in the spectator stands exclaimed, “Look, Ding Fengchou has already obtained an iron medallion. The Heavenly Gate Resistance Fencing is indeed extraordinary.”

“Not bad; he is strong enough. He killed the Demonic Beasts with one strike. In the next round, I will bet on him.”

“The Beast Taming Abode’s Pei Shaoxuan has also obtained an iron medallion. He controlled seven or eight Rank 7 Spirit Beasts on his own, steamrolling the Demonic Beast.”

“Jiang Zimo and Mu Xinya have obtained iron medallions as well. Their reputation as the two of the Myriad Fiend Palace’s three great experts is not in vain.”

“The Holy Fire Manor’s Young Manor Lord has obtained an iron medallion as well.”

“Leng Yun has been famous in the southern islands for a long time already. It is not strange that he obtained an iron medallion so early.”

Some of the young experts who had been famous for a while quickly obtained iron medallions and leaped out of the wrestling ring. From the very start, these people had demonstrated their strength.

After these people killed several Demonic Beasts, the Demonic Beasts no longer dared attack them. They left to find weaker opponents.

Those who were weaker fell to tragedy. The number of Demonic Beasts they faced increased. The situation had been difficult to begin with, but this made it worse.

Several cultivators did not even have enough time to surrender before the Demonic Beasts tore them to shreds and ate them. It was a tragedy.


Xiao Chen had faced four Demonic Beasts on his own without even drawing the Lunar Shadow Saber. With his strong aura, none of the Demonic Beasts rushed in to attack.

Instead, the Demonic Beast focused on cultivators who struggled.

The two Flame Wolves finally fell to Xiao Chen’s fists. Xiao Chen tore apart the Demonic Beast’s corpse. He discovered that he was pretty lucky. Of the four Demonic Beasts, two had iron medallions.

However, no matter how many iron medallion Xiao Chen obtained, one was enough. Before he left, he discovered that Xia Xiyan and her Junior Sister were still fighting seven or eight Demonic Beasts.

Xia Xiyan already grasped an iron medallion in her hands. Unfortunately, her Junior Sister had too little combat experience; facing two Demonic Beasts simultaneously left the girl flustered.

When four or five Demonic Beasts attacked together, it became even more dangerous. Xia Xiyan had no choice but to assist her Junior Sister.

Because of Xiao Rou, the number of Demonic Beasts they faced increased. They had started with four, but now fought eight.

If this kept going on and the number of Demonic Beasts increased, Xia Xiyan might find it difficult to even protect herself.

Xiao Chen hesitated for a moment and decided to help the girls. After all, when he had first arrived at Heavenly Spring Island, Xia Xiyan left a good impression on him.

Furthermore, it was not something that would require much effort. If Xiao Chen could assist, he would. There were no disadvantages to making a friend.


Xiao Chen pushed heavily off the ground and leaped into the air. With the aid of the Blood Flame Shoes, he flashed through the air, smashing into a Demonic Beast that was about to attack Xia Xiyan with a roundhouse kick.

Half of the Demonic Beast’s head caved in. It fell to the ground, dead, shocking Xia Xiyan and Xiao Rou.

At Xiao Chen’s assistance, Xia Xiyan’s face lit up in joy. She said, “Many thanks, Brother Xiao, for helping us.”

Xiao Chen nodded in response. He tossed over an iron medallion and said, “Take your Junior Sister away first. I will deal with these Demonic Beasts.”

When Xia Xiyan heard this, she refused and said, “No way! How can you deal with seven Demonic Beasts alone? Even if you can, you will be forced to reveal your trump cards.”

“It doesn’t matter. I have the advantage of speed. I am not afraid. Go,” Xiao Chen smiled faintly and casually sent out a few sharp fist winds, attracting the seven Demonic Beasts’ attention.

The pale Xiao Rou instantly sighed in relief. When she saw the Demonic Beasts focus on Xiao Chen, her expression became one of embarrassment.

Xiao Rou had not expected Xiao Chen, whom she had slighted before, to have already obtained two iron medallions. Furthermore, he gave her one of them. Now, he helped lure away the other Demonic Beasts.

After Xiao Chen led the Demonic Beasts a distance away, Xia Xiyan said to Xiao Rou, “More Demonic Beasts are already heading over here. Take the iron medallion and leave first. I will help him kill the Demonic Beast. Regardless of the situation, we cannot owe him to much.”

Xiao Rou understood that she would not be of much help. So, she took the iron medallion and quickly made her way out of the wrestling ring.

The seven Demonic Beasts continued to launch their attacks at Xiao Chen. He used his advantage of speed and dodged.

As for some of the attacks that covered a large area, Xiao Chen simply took the hits. Such attacks did not inflict much damage, so he had no problem shrugging them off.

“Ka ca!”

Just as Xiao Chen wanted to make a forceful breakthrough, a sharp sword light flashed and blood spurted. The head of a Flame Wolf flew into the air.

Xia Xiyan had returned and landed beside Xiao Chen.

Xia Xiyan said nothing. Her sword light danced as her figure darted like a butterfly. She moved naturally within the crowd of Demonic Beast.

Xia Xiyan’s sword Qi was thick and imposing. With sword intent supporting it, its might was startling. It did not seem as delicate as her Movement Technique.

Everytime Xia Xiyan attacked, a strong Demonic Beast would suffer significant injuries. When their defenses weakened, she removed their limbs.

This was probably her true strength. Without Xiao Rou holding her back, she would have been among those to obtain iron medallions first.

Xiao Chen had no intention to leave immediately. He clenched his fists and relied on the strength of his physical body to battle head-on against the Demonic Beasts.

As the two worked together, the seven Demonic Beasts fell quickly. They both spent some time extracting the Demonic Cores and discovered that none of the seven Demonic Beasts contained iron medallions.

Xia Xiyan said, relieved, “Fortunately, you helped us and gave us an iron medallion. Otherwise, after expending so much effort to kill these Demonic Beasts, we would not have even obtained one.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “That is how luck works; nothing is guaranteed. Let’s go.”


Just at this moment, a man suddenly landed by their side. He smiled at the two and said, “Help me to hold them back for a while. I will take my leave first.”

The two’s expression changed when they saw ten-odd Demonic Beasts rushing that them with surging auras. This fellow had used the two as a shield.

The markings of Xiao Chen’s Blood Flame Shoes suddenly lit up, his speed instantly increased to Mach 4. He quickly arrived before the cultivator.

As that man watched, astonished, Xiao Chen kicked him. He said expressionlessly, “Get back there!”

Xiao Chen simply moved too fast. That person had no time to react. When he got kicked in the chest, that person flew back into the encirclement of the Demonic Beasts.

Xia Xiyan also took advantage of this opportunity to leap forward. The two quickly left the wrestling ring and arrived at the spectator stands prepared especially for the participants.

Up on the spectator stands, there were already a hundred people who had obtained an iron medallion. They looked at Xiao Chen, measuring him up, before shifting their gaze back to the wrestling ring.

Within the wrestling ring, sixty or seventy people held on bitterly. The situation forced them to work together against the remaining three hundred odd Demonic Beasts.

Actually, all these people had to do was to jump out of the wrestling ring. Even if they did not have an iron medallion, they would not suffer any penalty. However, they would be giving up on their participation rights.

Several dozen bodies lay scattered around the wrestling ring. Some of the Demonic beasts ate these corpses under the watchful eyes of tens of thousands of people.

Dying without a complete corpse and getting eaten by a Demonic Beast was the most tragic way for geniuses to fall. When Xiao Chen saw this, a ripple appeared in his calm heart.

In this budding era of geniuses, there were as many geniuses as there were fish in a river and more emerged as time passed.

For the cultivators with startling talents, this was the best time to be alive—only in this era could they find a stage for themselves to shine.

If they succeeded, just like the Tianwu Emperor who founded the Tianwu Dynasty, or the Thunder Emperor from a thousand years ago, their names would be passed down through the ages. Even after ten thousand years, they would not buried in the pages of history.

This was also a cruel era. Be it a regular era, all the people present would have been peak geniuses of their time.

However, now, geniuses that used to appear once in a hundred years became ordinary. If they did not work hard, they would be eliminated from the race, losing their chance to shine on this stage.

The owners of the bodies in the wrestling ring had thought of giving up; however, the moment they gave up, they would have been left behind in the dust.

They would have become a mere spectator in this era of geniuses—to these proud geniuses, nothing would be worse than remaining a silent spectator.

Xiao Chen clenched his right fist tightly as these thoughts flashed through in his mind. The era of geniuses has arrived. Since I already came to this world, I will not remain a spectator.

Three hundred odd Rank 7 Demonic Beasts were surrounding the remaining sixty or seventy cultivators. The battle could no longer be described as intense, it was just cruel.

Soon after, another ten cultivators obtained iron medallions and broke out of the encirclement of the Demonic Beasts, returning to the crowd.

When made Xiao Chen somewhat surprised was that the cultivator who wanted to use Xiao Chen and Xia Xiyan as a shield was one of the ten.

After that cultivator came up, he glared at Xiao Chen in passing, before joining the rest.

Xia Xiyan said, “Don’t underestimate him, he is the second disciple of the Great Xia Nation’s Lamenting Valley’s Chief. His Lamenting Palm is very powerful. He probably did not want to expose his trump cards early, so he delayed obtaining an iron medallion.

Xiao Chen nodded in agreement. In reality, he had concealed his strength as well. If he had drawn his saber, he was confident that he would have been one of the first ten to obtain the iron medallion.

After a long time, there were no more people obtaining iron medallions. Instead, the cultivators persevering on died one after another. Gao Yangyu shook his head and said something to the person beside him.

After a while, ten half-step Martial Monarchs descended into the wrestling ring. Their strong auras merged and suppressed the Rank 7 Demonic Beasts.

“Hu chi!”

In front of the strong aura, the previously insufferably arrogant Rank 7 Demonic Beasts retreated in fear.