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Chapter 441: Increasingly Difficult Battles

Chapter 441: Increasingly Difficult Battles

Aside from Bai Lixi, no one else in the Ancient Desolate Land fitted the description given by the old man from the tower.

Bai Lixi smiled somewhat awkwardly, “Before I came, I did not know it would be you. They did not tell me your name.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “Why do I care? Well, we can fight if you want, but you would just have to return that Medial Grade Secret Treasure to me first.”

Bai Lixi helplessly looked at Xiao Chen and cursed, “Damn! Every time I meet you, nothing good happens. I heard that Wrestling City is opening up the Rank A wrestling rings and wanted to come earn some money. Who knew, I would end up running into you.”

Since Bai Lixi found out that the one Gao Yangyu wanted to deal with was Xiao Chen he, naturally, no longer had any intention of making a move. Although he was greedy, loud mouthed, and bad tempered, he was not an ingrate.

Since Bai Lixi had already become friends with Xiao Chen, he would not betray him.

Furthermore, Bai Lixi managed to obtain a Medial Grade Secret Treasure because of Xiao Chen. As far as logic or emotions go, it made no sense to help an outsider instead of a friend.

“Argh!! Damn it, just casually hit me a few times. That way, at least I can give an account to the person who hired me. However, let’s make this clear first. You can’t hit the face, chest, or below the belt. And, the most important thing is, make sure you don’t really hit me, making me feel pain.”

Bai Lixi had a bitter look on his face as he muttered all of that.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “No problem, it shall be as you wish.”

As for the tens of thousands of people in the spectator stands, since Wrestling City got established several thousand years ago, no one had seen such a scene before.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed and arrived behind Bai Lixi. He merged his Essence with his Vital Qi and kicked Bai Lixi’s butt.


A loud sound rang out and Bai Lixi shot towards the sky like a launched cannonball. The wrestling ring and the spectator stands were several thousand meters apart; however, Xiao Chen managed to kick him back up.

Bai Lixi felt a burning pain on his butt, making him almost collapse. His boorish face scrunched up tightly.

As Xiao Chen could not hit the face, the chest, or below the belt. Aside from the butt, he could not think of any other place.

As for no pain, that was not possible. How could there be no pain when hitting someone? Anyway, that fellow’s physical body was even stronger than Xiao Chen’s, even a full power kick would not do too much damage.

“Bang! Bang!”

Seeing Bai Lixi fly back into the spectator stands, the crowd immediately moved to a side, just in time to see his huge body crush the stone seats into dust.

“Damn it!”

Bai Lixi got up and cursed violently. Then, he quickly rushed out of the wrestling ring.

Gao Yangyu’s people would definitely seek trouble with him, he had to run quickly. He did not even have the time to lose his temper with Xiao Chen. Thus, he felt very depressed.

Everyone’s jaws dropped open. They were so shocked that they did not know what to say. They had not expect such a scene to occur even in their wildest dreams.

The jaw of the old man beside Gao Yangyu was opened even wider. His face was filled with astonishment and doubts filled his eyes. He also had not expect such a scene to happen.

“You filthy thing!”

Gao Yangyu’s voice rumbled like thunder as he kicked the old man, breaking several of the latter’s ribs. The other old men in the room remained silent and did not dare to say anything.

Even though this scene had ended, Xiao Chen still had to continue with the duels. As of now, he had already obtained eleven consecutive victories. The prize for defeating Xiao Chen had already become quite substantial.

Although the amount was still not high enough to attract the attention of any peak experts, it was still quite a big amount for most cultivators.

In the following seventeen matches, Xiao Chen only used his Vital Qi to fight. He did not use his Essence at all.

Xiao Chen did that so he could break through to the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer.

In Bai Lixi’s records of his comprehensions on body tempering, he said that the key to temper the body quickly was to only use Vital Qi for combat.

The fastest way to comprehend the mysteries of Vital Qi was to feel the Vital Qi circulating through the body in the midst of a battle.

As long as Xiao Chen did not feel any possibility of severe injury or any fatal threats, he would choose to use his Vital Qi to fight all seventeen battles.

The people who appeared today were clearly stronger than those who had showed up yesterday. Many of them were already familiar with Xiao Chen’s techniques and thought up of corresponding countermeasures.

Xiao Chen fought every match arduously. He even suffered some injuries. He could no longer be as relaxed as yesterday.

There were even some cultivators who spotted some slip-ups in Xiao Chen’s fight from the other days and wanted to take advantage of them.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen had carefully analyzed his own matches, so did not make the same mistakes again.

Instead, he could even make use of these arrogant thoughts and act accordingly, achieving unexpected results.

“This fellow has very high fighting talent. Although he did not win every match with ease today, he has still won them all.”

“Let’s continue to watch first. If Jiang Zimo and the others do not perform well, I will bet five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones on him.”

“Unfortunately, Wrestling City has too little information on him. They did not advertise him at all, but focused on Ding Fengchou and the others instead.”

Xiao Chen successfully won match after match, making the crowd hold some expectations for him and arduously discuss his strength.

When all the eighteen matches ended, Xiao Chen had already paid a significant price—he even seemed to be in somewhat of a miserable state. However, he still managed to climb up step by step, obtaining a complete victory.

Xiao Chen’s clothes were tattered and wounds of various sizes covered his body. Anyone could tell that Xiao Chen did not obtain these victories easily.

“I think it’s best not to bet on him. Normally, when the prize of Medial Grade Spirit Stones breaks ten thousand, some experts would become interested. Thus, if he manages to it up to that amount, the peak experts would start coming out.

“He would not be able to win as easily as today. He will definitely not find it easier tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be even worse.”

After the eighteenth match ended, Xiao Chen became the first to obtain 28 consecutive victories. Although he had proven his strength, the crowd did not think much of it.

Hence, Xiao Chen was not very popular. Most people thought that when he accumulated a sufficiently high Spirit Stone prize, his streak of consecutive victories would be broken.

Xiao Chen suppressed his internal injuries and walked up to the grey-robed old man. There, he received his reward of 7,400 Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Adding in the three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones from yesterday, Xiao Chen had already obtained more than ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stone. That was about a tenth of his fortune already.

The grey-robed old man who handed the Spirit Stones to Xiao Chen felt a pinch in his heart. He said, “Congratulations, you are the first contestant to obtain 28 consecutive victories.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and thanked him. Then, he received the Spirit Stones and walked back to his corner.

He sat cross-legged and started to treat his injuries. Today’s fights’ intensity had at least doubled compared to the previous day. Furthermore, he had not used any Essence at all. Thus, there were a lot of hidden injuries left in his body, and he had to quickly get rid of them.

Putting the injuries aside,, Xiao Chen had continuously used only his Vital Qi for seventeen high intensity battles, so he managed to gain some new understanding in the path of body tempering.

If nothing went wrong, Xiao Chen could end up shortening the time taken to cultivate the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer.

Many of the people present looked at Xiao Chen and shook their heads slightly; they still felt that it was useless to cultivate at this point.

“Ha ha! No wonder he has to work so hard. Every victory was difficult for him. It would be strange if he wasn't this hard-working.”

“The people of the Great Qin Nation do not seem to have much talent. They are not very smart either. If last minute cultivation would be effective, then why would we work so hard normally?”

“Indeed, it is clear with one look, he normally does not put in that much effort. Otherwise, he would not think of cultivating in such a situation.”

“Carefully observing the opponent’s techniques and skills is more important at this point. What he is doing is just stupid.”

All kinds of sharp and unkind words rang out when the crowd saw Xiao Chen sit down cross-legged once again. They all mocked him, but a tone of jealousy could be heard in their voices—they were jealous of Xiao Chen’s streak of victories.

That was especially so for the contestants who fought before Xiao Chen. None of them had obtained this many consecutive victories. Furthermore, none of them thought themselves weaker than him.

Xiao Chen was able to do it, but they were not—the disappointment in their hearts could be easily imagined.

When these people saw Xiao Chen’s strange actions, naturally, they could not resist taunting him out of spite.

That was especially so for Yun Ping. Today, he had continuously won up until he got defeated in the last match again. He was in an especially bad mood, the person who spoke the most unpleasant words was him.

“He is even able to obtain 28 consecutive victories with such strength, he’s really got a shit-ton of luck!”

Xia Xiyan, Jiang Zimo, Mu Xinya, and the others whom Xiao Chen got along with did not find this weird. Furthermore, they knew that he did not care, so they just ignored this group of people.

However, Xiao Rou could not resist. Back then, Xiao Chen helped her obtain an iron medallion. This had improved her impression of him significantly.

Furthermore, Xiao Rou was still quite young, her way of thinking was still quite naive and pure. When she saw the crowd taunting Xiao Chen continuously, she could not help but defend Xiao Chen. She said, “You all are not even able to match up to his results. Yet, you are not embarrassed to mock others. You are all truly shameless.”

Yun Ping laughed loudly and said, “All we are doing is stating facts, how is that mocking him? Furthermore, what is the point of consecutive victories? All we need is sixty victories in total.”

“That’s right, all we need is sixty victories. With his strength, he had already found it hard to gain victories today, so will he still be able to continue this tomorrow?”

“Furthermore, what qualifications do you, a little girl, have to lecture us? You did not even manage to obtain five victories yesterday. Ha ha ha!”

When the group of people heard Xiao Rou say what was buried deep in their hearts aloud, they were instantly displeased. Thus, they started criticizing her.