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Chapter 443: Manipulating the Rules

Chapter 443: Manipulating the Rules

With ten thousand swords, even a more powerful person would still turn into a hornet’s nest.

[TL notes: Turn into a hornet’s nest: This means become full of holes. It refers to the many cells in the nest, making it look like it is full of holes.]

Under Ding Fengchou’s control, the eighteen Qi swords danced up and down, forming a storm of swords. This continuously pushed Bai Yunfeng to be pushed back.

“Pu chi! Pu chi!”

The Qi swords were astonishingly fast. As there were so many of them, Bai Yunfeng could only do his best to protect his vitals from any harm. The other parts of his body were at the mercy of the Qi swords. Numerous wounds appeared on his body, dripping with blood.


Ding Fengchou shouted as he gathered his aura. The eighteen Qi swords merged together and formed a realistic-looking sword in the air.

A scarlet light spread throughout the long sword. It was Ding Fengchou’s strong state of massacre. He quickly formed hand seals with his right hand.

The scarlet sword became like flowing light. When it flashed by, A bloody hole appeared in Bai Yunfeng’s chest. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell backwards.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Ding Fengchou executed Using Qi as Swords and easily defeated Bai Yunfeng, ending his opponent in one move. Such strength caused the atmosphere in the crowd to surge.

Defeat, defeat, defeat…

The Heavenly Gate Resistance Fencing and the Using Qi as Swords were coming out alternatively or even simultaneously. Ding Fengchou powered through the fights like a hurricane. The beats of the Golden Cauldron War Drums made his aura soar and he won all eighteen matches.

Adding on the previous two days’ worth of victories, Ding Fengchou now had 46 consecutive wins. He was now just short of forteen victories to meet the highest record of the wrestling ring.

Following that, other contestants came up onto the wrestling ring continuously. However, they were outclassed by Ding Fengchou and could not arouse the interest of the crowd.

Only when Jiang Zimo’s turn came, the atmosphere became lively again.

Jiang Zimo did not disappoint the crowd. Although he did not win as easily as Ding Fengchou did, he finished every match within fifty moves. From the start to the end, he remained very stable in his performance. He managed to win every match and became the second contestant to acquire 46 consecutive victories.

However, the Holy Fire Manor’s Leng Yun, who came out next, was not as fortunate. Unfortunately, someone managed to find his weak point and ended his streak.

Xia Xiyan also ran into a strong bladesman. The two fought an intense battle, exchanging hundreds of move. They seemed evenly matched.

Thus, the match ended in a draw. According to the rules, her streak was also now over.


Back in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu rushed in with dust trailing behind him. He quickly said, “Am I too late? Has that brat gone up yet?”

Someone immediately replied, “You are not late. As instructed, we have moved his turn to the very end.”

Desolate City was relatively far from Longyang Island. With Gao Yangyu’s strength, a return journey would take more than a night.

Hence, Gao Yangyu could only play some tricks and arrange Xiao Chen to go last.

Gao Yangyu said, “Did the brat ask why?”

“No, he was extremely calm and peaceful.”

Gao Yangyu laughed and said, “This brat is pretty wise. He knows who is in charge here.”

“City Lord, did the trip go well?” the old man asked visibly interested. A person who could make Gao Yangyu go and invite him personally from Desolate City could not be simple.

Gao Yangyu nodded and said coldly, “I spent forty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones to borrow this person from the wrestling ring in Desolate City. He practises a peak Earth Ranked Fist Technique. Both the strength of his physical body and his speed are pretty good.

“I can’t be bothered to keep playing with him. Let’s just cripple him directly,” Gao Yangyu said in a downplayed manner.

The fiery-red setting sun dyed the clouds crimson. The battles of the wrestling rings were also slowly approaching the end.

The grey-robed old men looked at Xiao Chen at the side and said, “Number 125, it is your turn.”

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and glanced at the old man indifferently. Then, he slowly made his way into the wrestling ring.

The grey-robed old man looked at Xiao Chen’s expression and thought in astonishment, Why does this brat’s strength seem to improve a little every time he sits in meditation?

Furthermore, Xiao Chen was only an Inferior Grade Martial King. Yet, the grey-robed old man found him unfathomable. This confused the old man greatly.

“I am Xiao Chen from the Great Qin Nation. Please provide me with your guidance!”

Xiao Chen’s unhurried voice rang out in the wrestling ring, immediately causing a sensation.

“I almost forgot about this fellow. I thought he had backed out and was about to leave.”

“That’s right. No matter what, he is still one of the remaining five contestants with full consecutive victories. I wonder if he can maintain that status.”

“Ha ha! I’m interested in that as well. This fellow seemed to be exhausting himself in every match. Yet, he was able to get a victory in every one. This is indeed unfathomable.”

The matches had approached the end. There were already many people who thought of leaving. When they saw Xiao Chen entering the wrestling ring, they suddenly felt interested.


A cultivator in black robed jumped out from the spectator stands.

Upon landing, his sharp aura created small tornadoes in the wrestling ring, making Xiao Chen’s fine black hair flutter.

“I am Bai Zhan from Desolate City. I hope to experience your strong moves!”

Bai Zhan took out a set of gleaming metallic gloves and slowly put them on. He looked at Xiao Chen with a sharp gaze akin to an eagle—his expression extremely cold.

Unexpectedly, the man in front of Xiao Chen was a cultivator from Desolate City. Furthermore, he was a fist master; hence perfectly countering his strengths.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen understood why his iron medallion number was changed to number 125.

This Gao Yangyu had really put a lot of effort into this.

Xiao Chen looked up at the tall tower in the distance. A cold gaze was following him from there. Every time he stepped into the wrestling ring, he could feel this gaze focus on him.


Up in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu noticed Xiao Chen glancing over. He felt a chill down his spine for no reason. However, he quickly shook his head and warded this feeling off.

Gao Yangyu smiled coldly, “No matter how much you struggle, you will not stand a chance this time. This is a fist master that counters you perfectly. You have no chances to win against him in barehanded techniques.”



An explosion rang out, and strong winds instantly filled the air. It was Bai Zhan sending a punch at Xiao Chen after he put on the gloves.

Xiao Chen’s feet rooted themselves on ground tightly as he watched this punch with a grave gaze. He raised his right fist, which wore a black glove, and punched as well.


The two fists met. Suddenly, the wind seemed to freeze, and in the next moment, an explosion followed.

Cracks spread out like spiderwebs on the ground around the two of them. Stones started floating in the air before exploding and turning into dust.

The wind howled as it filled the air with dust, causing the two people’s figures to be hidden within. The crowd could no longer see anything.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Bai Zhan suddenly shouted three times, and each shout was followed by a punch, each stronger than the one before it. The stalemate of the match immediately broke apart.

The sudden burst of strength caused Xiao Chen to be knocked back three times. His Qi and blood could not help but surge.

At the end, the three attacks merged together and exploded forth with an even greater force.

When Bai Zhan’s body left the ground and launched this berserk attack, chasing tightly after Xiao Chen, he seemed to be eagle hunting his prey.

Bai Zhan’s gaze was cold and calm, there were no fluctuations at all. In his eyes, Xiao Chen was his prey.

Bai Zhan only had one motive—to injure Xiao Chen and cripple him, not giving him the chance to admit defeat!

When all these happened out of a sudden Xiao Chen could not help but merge his Essence and Vital Qi. He grasped his right fist and punched.


Countless deep gorges appeared on the ground. The energy from the two clashing fists created an even stronger wind. Sand and stones flew everywhere as the wind howled loudly.

Xiao Chen retreated again. This time, he had to retreat for more than ten steps before he could stand stably. A trickle of blood appeared on the corner of his lips.

Although Xiao Chen’s opponent’s strength was not as great as his, when he merged the force of three attacks together, even though Xiao Chen had merged his Essence and Vital Qi together, Xiao Chen could not go head-on against him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Bai Zhan pressed on while he had the advantage. He instantly sent out hundreds of punches, directing a torrent of attacks at Xiao Chen.

The rhythm of the fight was completely dominated by Bai Zhan. Xiao Chen could not do anything but continue to exchange moves with him.

His opponent’s gloves seemed to be a Secret Treasure. His attacking speed was even faster than Xiao Chen’s.

Xiao Chen was suppressed and was at a disadvantage. After they exchanged a few hundreds of moves, about half of the opponent’s fist winds landed on his body, causing him to retreat.

Bai Zhan had strong explosive power, exquisite technique, lightning fast attacking speed, and an incredibly calm mind. In terms of barehanded combat techniques, he far surpassed Xiao Chen.

Interesting, I am not able to send him to his doom. This feels really dissatisfying.

Bai Zhan used his full power in every move. Clearly, he would not rest until he crippled Xiao Chen.

If any mishap were to happen, I will be ruined. After just one setback, I would get a streak of countless defeats, Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself, Unfortunately, I am not a fist master in the first place.

Using a fist master to deal with me? What a joke!

Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations, split!

After retreating for a long time, Xiao Chen’s figure suddenly trembled and split into nine. The nine Xiao Chens quickly spread in nine different direction, immediately breaking free from Bai Zhan’s attacks.

The nine figures looked exactly identical to each other. In the dust-filled air, it was impossible to make out which was the real one.

Bai Zhan mocked, “Cloning Techniques…in front of absolute strength and speed, such unorthodox methods will not work. What is the point of learning this as a fist master? Break for me!”

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Absolute speed? Are you sure you have that?”

“Blood Flame Shoes, secret technique activate!”

Xiao Chen shouted and the black-winged Blood Flame Eagle patterns of the shoes suddenly lit up. Suddenly, his speed achieved Mach 4.

“Ka ca!”

The instant the nine figures merged back together, a saber appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand out of nowhere. The saber was sharp and glinted with cold light as he executed Drawing the Saber.

A dazzling flash of lightning streaked through the dust-filled air. It looked like Xiao Chen was trying to hack Bai Zhan into half with his saber.

Bai Zhan’s previously relaxed face revealed an expression of extreme horror. Damn it!, Gao Yangyu did not tell me that this fellow is a bladesman.

Bai Zhan’s punch moved very fast. Originally, he was prepared to use this move to destroy all of Xiao Chen’s clones. However, he did not expect that Xiao Chen was not using his clones to distract him.

Instead, Xiao Chen used an even faster speed to attack head-on. Furthermore, he used his overwhelming momentum not to execute a barehanded technique but a Saber Technique.

Bai Zhan did not even have the opportunity to dodge. Xiao Chen’s explosive speed had already reached Mach 4. It was impossible for him to dodge, all he could do was to avoid getting damage in his critical areas.


A miserable cry accompanied a scarlet flash. Xiao Chen’s saber had chopped off one of Bai Zhan’s arm.

Bai Zhan lay on the ground, grasping his wound. He trembled as he said, “How hateful, you are unexpectedly not a fist master.”

The method used when a fist master had to deal with another fist master was completely different compared to when he deals with a bladesman. Furthermore, the measures taken were completely different.

By using the measures made to deal with a fist master against a bladesman would make it hard for Bai Zhan to avoid a tragedy even if he wanted to.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Sorry, I never said I was a fist master.”