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Chapter 444: Regardless of How the Wind Blows

Chapter 444: Regardless of How the Wind Blows

Up in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu and the old man by his side suddenly heard a heart-wrenching, miserable cry coming from the dust-filled wrestling ring.

The two could not help but reveal a smile on their faces. The old man quickly said, “Congratulations, City Lord. You finally ended this brat. From the sound of it, he must have lost a limb at the very least.”

Gao Yangyu seemed relaxed. He smiled and said, “The person I found is naturally much more reliable than the Bai Lixi you found. I did not spend forty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones for nothing.”

Knowing that Gao Yangyu was in a good mood, the old man continued to flatter him, “City Lord’s insights are naturally great. When you act, everything is achieved in one move and all future troubles are removed.”

“Ha ha! You are very good at flattery, but I like it. Ha ha! Come, let’s go and look at the materials for the bets,” Gao Yangyu said as he laughed.

Just at this moment, the dust in the wrestling ring settled. The two stopped and turned around, prepared to see Xiao Chen’s miserable appearance.

However, the situation on the wrestling ring was greatly different from what they had expected. Bai Zhan’s arm had been chopped off and he was lying on the ground in pain.

Xiao Chen had a faint smiled on his face and was calmly looking at the two people in the tall tower like nothing ever happened.

The smiles of the two immediately froze. The old man started trembling slightly and said in a quivering voice, “City…Lord, The person you…called…seems to be…crippled.”


Anger appeared on Gao Yangyu’s face as he kicked the old man’s chest. He shouted angrily, “I can see for myself, do I need you to tell me?! Scram!”

The old man had an incredibly pained expression as he cried out in his heart. His ribs had not completely healed yet. Now, after giving off a few loud cracks, they broke again.


When Gao Yangyu saw Xiao Chen’s faint smile, he snorted in disdain. Then, he smashed down heavily on the window with his palm.

After that, he turned around and moved to the east corner of the room. The old man on the ground got up and Gao Yangyu looked him up and down with eyes filled with disgust.

When he recalled what the old man had said earlier—“great insights” and what not. He felt like he had been mocked.

Annoyed, Gao Yangyu kicked the old man again, causing him to crash into the wall and faint.

“Trash! If you haven’t found that Bai Lixi, we would have already dealt with that brat by today.”

When Gao Yangyu arrived at the west corner, his gaze stopped on the seven cultivators with strong auras.

In the end, Gao Yangyu focused on a old man with white hair and beard. He said, “Old Bai, I need you to make a move earlier than expected. Help me to kill that brat tomorrow.”

Old Bai slowly opened his eyes and an intense bright light shot out of them. He said in a calm and aged voice, “As you wish.”

Bai Zhan…this was a name that many people would find familiar if they went to the Desolate City’s wrestling rings.

Desolate City had ties with the four great cities. They were one of the two centers of the Tianwu Continent. They were as famous as the Great Jin Nation’s Imperial Capital.

For Bai Zhan to become famous there, he was undoubtedly strong. However, such an expert in barehanded techniques had unexpectedly gotten his arm chopped off by Xiao Chen and was rolling around in the dirt. His future was lost in the wrestling rings of Longyang Island.

The one who had caused all this was that Great Qin Nation’s calm and indifferent youth who everyone looked down on.

As the matches continued Xiao Chen gained a rough idea of how Gao Yangyu intended to deal with him. He would most likely send an expert that countered him on the first match of each day.

As long as Xiao Chen got severely injured in the first match, he would undoubtedly lose the remaining matches of the day. This method would save Gao Yangyu from expending too many resources.

Thinking about it, Gao Yangyu probably did not have that many means at his disposal. He could not place them all on dealing with Xiao Chen alone.

In this selection, there were still people like Dong Fengchou and Jiang Zimo. If such geniuses managed to achieve sixty consecutive victories, when adding in the horrifying about of bets on them, no matter how rich Wrestling City was, they would not be able to afford it.

As such, Xiao Chen did not have any intentions of using his saber in the following matches. He continued to use his Vital Qi and his modified Great Dragon Tiger Fist to fight.

Like the previous day, Xiao Chen won every match in a miserable fashion.

Adding in Xiao Chen’s victories from today, he had already accumulated more than thirty consecutive victories. In a few more matches, he should be able to obtain more than a hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

The challengers who could afford to pay half of this sum, naturally, had to be extraordinary. Otherwise, they would not risk their money like this.

Xiao Chen’s victories were even more arduous than yesterday’s. The wounds accumulated on his body had already reached a horrifying level.

However, as long as he could withstand it, and his opponent was not a peak fist master, he would persist in only using his Vital Qi to fight his enemy.

After the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer reached Small Perfection, his strength increased by another ten thousand kilograms of force. Although it did not seem obvious, Xiao Chen could clearly feel his strength rising.

Compared to the matches from yesterday, Xiao Chen had gained a deeper insight into his Vital Qi.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Maintaining the mindset of needing to win, and accompanied by the sound of the drums, Xiao Chen persisted on. If the enemy did not fall, he would not either.

Total victory!

Xiao Chen once again achieved total victory—he had won all his eighteen matches. His tally of consecutive victory already reached 46.

Although Xiao Chen was in a miserable state and was covered in wounds, his gaze remained calm, without any fluctuations. He just ignored the crowd’s gasps of astonishment.

Xiao Chen dragged his fatigued body over to the grey-robed old man and received his reward for the day—130,800 Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

This was a ridiculously high sum, and was the true attraction of gaining consecutive victories in the wrestling ring.

The people who had no consecutive victories, even if they won seventeen matches today, they had obtained no more than fifty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. It was a far cry compared to what Xiao Chen had obtained.

If Xiao Chen continued gaining victory streak, the amount of Spirit Stones he would obtain tomorrow, the day after, or the third day would reached an inconceivable level.

The grey-robed old man’s face twitched a little, clearly showing signs of heartache. However, he still smiled and said, “Congratulations on obtaining 46 consecutive victories.”

Xiao Chen nodded and thanked him. Then, ignoring everyone’s gazes, he left the wrestling ring and headed for his courtyard.

Xiao Chen had suffered from even more internal injuries that day than from the previous two days combined. It would have been difficult to recover quickly just by relying on the nourishment of Essence.

Xiao Chen had no other choice but to take out the treatment Spirit Herbs he had obtained from the herb garden on Qianren Island.

Xiao Chen took out all the Spirit Herbs that were above five hundred years old. Then, he categorised them according to what they treated: internal injuries or external wounds.

Finally, Xiao Chen picked out two Spirit Herbs. These two were seven-hundred-year-old Spirit Herbs with gentle natures.

He decocted them in water and drank the resulting medicine. Then, he sat cross-legged and circulated his Essence to accelerate the effects of the Spirit Herbs.

With the assistance of the Spirit Herbs and Xiao Chen’s ridiculously strong body, the wounds on his body healed at a visible pace. The Vital Qi choked up by the internal injuries started to flow slowly.

Two hours later, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. He spat out a mouthful of black blood. He felt much more relaxed and had completely recovered from his internal injuries.

When Xiao Chen saw the stalks of Spirit Herbs left on the table, he said softly, “Spirit Herbs are indeed great. Internal Injuries that would require a week to recover from, healed completely within two hours with the aid of two stalks of Spirit Herbs.

“Unfortunately, there are too few of them. There are still two stalks of treatment Spirit Herbs above a thousand years old. I will keep them for tomorrow and the day after. Then, I will be able to start the final day of the matches without any injuries.”

After Xiao Chen ate his dinner, he went out of the room and started his daily routine. He carefully reviewed the battles he went through during the day.

That was especially so for the battle with Bai Zhan. He reviewed it repeatedly. The conclusion of the match left Xiao Chen rather dispirited.

If he did not draw his Lunar Shadow Saber, against such a peak fist master, no matter how he altered the Great Dragon Tiger Fist, he would not be able to stand his ground.

This further reinforced Xiao Chen’s resolution to obtain a peak Earth Grade Fist Technique or Fist Mantra.

Only then he would be able to perfectly bring out his strong physical body and Vital Qi.

Night slowly fell and a silver moon slowly rose up, giving off a gently glow.

Xiao Chen sat in the middle of his courtyard and started to infuse his insights of the day into the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer.

Like Bai Lixi had said, sensing the advantages of the physical body by purely fighting with Vital Qi would allow one to improve rapidly.

Each day, after the matches ended, Xiao Chen gained new understandings of Vital Qi. This made cultivating the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer easier.

Xiao Chen finally understood how Bai Lixi completed the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer in two months.

Aside from talent, the amount of Vital Qi combat experience Bai Lixi had was something that Xiao Chen could not compare to.

Time slowly went by. The chirpings of bugs and birds, or even the whisper of men seemed to make the otherwise tranquil night noisy.

In the end, noise was something relative and defined by one’s heart. It was not separated into day or night.

For the past few days, Xiao Chen cultivated non-stop through day and night. His mental state became more steady and calm.



On the second day, when the sky became bright, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. The third acupoint on his left arm exploded open. A strand of azure Dragon Qi filled his left arm.

A bright light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he looked at the third opened acupoint in his left arm.

He revealed a joyful smile and muttered to himself, “I have opened another acupoint. It looks like, before I reach Great Perfection in the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer, I can open two more acupoints. When I reach Consummation, I might be able to open all twelve acupoints in my left arm.”

When Xiao Chen reached the wrestling ring, he did the same as before—focused on cultivating.

In the spectator stands, the contestants who had mocked Xiao Chen previously did not know what to do. They were at a loss their hearts were full of complicated feelings.

No matter what they said, they could not ignore the fact that Xiao Chen had a glorious 46 consecutive victories.

If they continued to say that Xiao Chen was stupid and had low talent, that would be like slapping their own faces.

If such a stupid and inept person like Xiao Chen could obtain 46 consecutive victories, then wouldn’t people like them, who could not obtain 46 consecutive victories, be even more stupid and inept?

Yun Ping said in hatred, “I don’t believe that he can continue his winning streak today. How can a stupid person who relies on last minute works and miracles get fifty consecutive victories.”