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Chapter 448: Bai Mufeng

Chapter 448: Bai Mufeng

“Of the seven people with consecutive victories, only this person who originally did not stand much of a chance is left. Unfortunately, no matter what happens, it has nothing to do with me. I only placed a bet of five hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones on him.”

“I placed even less than you—only two hundred. The rest went to betting on Ding Fengchou.”

“Me too. I placed most of my money on Jiang Zimo, and only placed seven hundred Medial Grade Spirit Stones on Xiao Chen.”

“Let’s just keep watching. If he falls today, then everyone with consecutive victories would have fallen. With no one to bet on, it would be like the wrestling ring ending early.”

When Xiao Chen went up, his familiar voice and expression made many cultivators perk up.

Many spectators were already convinced that this match would be the last one worth watching.

If there was no one with consecutive victories remaining after today, then the greatest charm of the wrestling ring would be gone.

It would not matter if they did not stay to watch.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

A hurricane appeared without any reason as the winds howled loudly. The dust on the ground was raised into the air, creating a thick cloud.

Xiao Chen thought, This strong wind is the result of just pure aura. Even before this person has arrived, his aura is already so strong. He is definitely not simple.

Xiao Chen squinted, and he saw an old man slowly descending from the sky.

The arriving person landed firmly on the ground. His beard and eyebrows were white and his face was filled with wrinkles. He looked very old and his voice was hoarse. He said indifferently, “I am Bai Mufeng, I’ve come to seek your advice!”

“Unexpectedly, it is Bai Mufeng. This old fellow has not come out for decades. I thought he had died already.”

“I seem to recall that this fellow would frequently come out to end the consecutive victories of cultivators fifty or sixty years ago. After that, there was no news of him. Unexpectedly, he reappeared today.”

“Fifty years ago, he was already a Superior Grade Martial King. Think about how horrifying his cultivation is now—he should be able to kill Xiao Chen easily.”

“At this rate, we are completely finished. The last person with consecutive victories is about to be defeated.”

Up on the spectator stand, when the crowd heard the white-haired old man report his name, they all shook their heads.

Some of them were previously optimistic and thought that Xiao Chen could still win a few more matches in a row. Now, they no longer dared to keep hoping.

Unfortunately, the difference in cultivation was too great.


Bai Mufeng ignored the surrounding sounds. Right after he spoke, a one-meter-long sword appeared in his hand and he attacked.

Bai Mufeng sent out a thick sword Qi, more than twenty meters long. When the sword Qi moved, it seemed to even slice the air into halves.

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and quickly dodged to the side.


Xiao Chen’s foot had just left the ground when the thick sword Qi landed where he previously stood. There was a loud explosion and a deep and long gorge appeared in the ground.

“This is interesting. Instead of declining, his Essence seems to be even more surging than it was before,” the crowd in the spectator stands exclaimed when they saw this scene unfold.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A strong wind blew as Bai Mufeng’s figure flashed. He sent out four strands of sword Qi one after the other. The four sword Qi blades intertwined with each other and rotated non-stop.

Each strand of sword Qi was more than twenty meters long. They moved akin to whirlwinds as they fell from the sky, pressing towards Xiao Chen.

“Hurricane Sword Chop! This is the technique that Bai Mufeng is famous for. This Sword Technique descends from the sky and cannot be dodged.”

“This old fellow is still so strong. I remember he used to only be able to send out two strands of sword Qi. Now, he can send out four.”

When the crowd saw the Hurricane Sword Chop, some sword experts started to comment on it.

Xiao Chen looked up but he could no longer clearly see the four spiraling strands of sword Qi—he could only see a blurry image.

The Sword Technique that rose into the sky carried a supreme might. When it slowly pressed down, Xiao Chen felt as though there was a mountain pressing down on him, not allowing him to dodge.

When a mountain falls on you, where can you dodge? The Hurricane Sword Chop was a technique that had indeed reached such a horrifying level.

What an exquisite Sword Technique. Xiao Chen frowned as he praised it silently in his heart. Unexpectedly, he could not dodge it.

Since I cannot dodge, then break for me!

Shouting a warcry, Xiao Chen opened the acupoint on his palm. A strand of Dragon Qi started gathering on his right arm.

In an instant, Xiao Chen felt that he was filled with a boundless energy; he felt that he could even shatter a mountain.

Xiao Chen channeled the Dragon Qi into his fingers and clenched his hand into a fist. Then, he rose into the sky, heading to the center of the Hurricane Sword Chop.

“You are overestimating yourself. So what if you can break it!”

Bai Mufeng snorted coldly. His Essence surged and his clothes fluttered.

“Hu! Hu!” The wind moved back and forth, turning into a storm and howling above the wrestling ring. It rose and fell like waves in an ocean.

“Hurricane Sword Chop, Fifth Sword!”

“Hurricane Sword Chop, Sixth Sword!”

“Hurricane Sword Chop, Seventh Sword!”

Bai Mufeng’s momentum kept rising as he continued waving his sword. The strong wind howled, and the sky changed color.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The sword Qi became bigger and bigger as it flew towards Xiao Chen continuously. When the sword Qi spiraled, it created horrifying hurricanes.

The ground cracked—several large pieces of dirt could not withstand this horrifying force and floated in the air.

“Damn it! What is this Bai Mufeng doing? He is clearly trying to kill Xiao Chen!” someone exclaimed.

Because of the wind, several Martial Saint Cultivators were not able to stand firmly; their bodies swayed left and right.

However, Bai Mufeng did not stop attacking. Only when he sent out a total of ten Hurricane Sword Chops did he slowly come to a stop.

“Hu! Hu!”

Bai Mufeng could not stop panting. After he finished sending out these ten sword moves, he seemed to have aged another ten years.

He seemed to have turned very weak and feeble, unable bring out any strength.

The layers of Hurricane Sword Chop became bigger and stronger with each turn. It looked like an endless chain of mountains merging together.

The expression of all the outstanding talents on the spectator stands changed. This was especially so for those cultivators not on good terms with Xiao Chen.

Their faces brimmed with joy. They could tell that this seven layered sword move had boundless might—it was not something an ordinary Martial King could withstand.

Xiao Chen might even die under this multi-layered sword move, and to them, this was something to celebrate.

As for Jiang Zimo, Xia Xiyan, and the others, their faces were filled with worry. They had not expected such an intense battle to occur in the wrestling ring.

Xiao Chen, however, maintained his calm. He ignored the surrounding strong winds, as well as the stone fragments flying around. He raised his left fist and struck the core of the foremost Hurricane Sword Chop.


The Hurricane Sword Chop shattered, and a huge force surged into Xiao Chen’s body, making his internal organs churn.

The shards of sword Qi rained down on Xiao Chen like knives, leaving many bloody wounds behind.


Xiao Chen opened up the second acupoint on his left arm and merged two strands of Dragon Qi. His punch broke through the second Hurricane Sword Chop.

Then, Xiao Chen opened a third acupoint and broke through the next, stronger Hurricane Sword Chop.

By the time Xiao Chen gathered five strands of Dragon Qi, he had already broken the ninth Hurricane Sword Chop.

Now, only the final Hurricane Sword Chop remained—the strongest one. It contained ten strands of sword Qi.

Xiao Chen’s clothes had been already ripped to shreds by the shattered sword Qi, and his body was covered in wounds of various sizes.

In fact, there was not a single part of Xiao Chen clothes that had been left intact. If not for his strong body, these shattered sword Qi would have shredded him to bits.

Seeing that this was the final Hurricane Sword Chop, Xiao Chen roared, and the Azure Dragon tattoo on his right arm suddenly came to life.

The right fist that Xiao Chen had not yet used finally exploded forth.


A dragon’s might spread out and suppressed the mountain-like aura. A loud and blast resounded, and the entire wrestling ring could not help but tremble.


The last Hurricane Sword Chop shattered into countless tiny strands of sword Qi, and they fell to the ground like rain.

As the sword Qi poured down, Xiao Chen descended from the sky and punched towards Bai Mufeng.

When Bai Mufeng saw Xiao Chen breaking the ten Hurricane Sword Chops one after the other, his eyes filled with shock. Not even in his wildest dreams did he expect such a result.

Even if he wanted to, he discovered that he could not do anything. He had already expended all of his Essence on the Hurricane Sword Chop, and he did not have any strength left.


With just one punch from Xiao Chen, Bai Mufeng’s frail body flew into the sky like a kite with its string snapped.

“Pu chi! Pu chi!”

The falling sword Qi struck him endlessly body, and soon, thousands of bloody holes opened up in his body.

When Bai Mufeng finally landed, he was long since dead.

The strong winds settled. The crowd was not able to accept what happened before their very eyes. The sword Qi that Bai Mufeng had sent out had been all broken and he ended up dead.

“Damn, even after all these, he did not die.” Yun Ping endured the pain as he watched Xiao Chen stand tall in front of him. His heart was filled with hatred.

Xia Xiyan and the others heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, they were astonished by Xiao Chen’s strength.


Up in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu maintained a calm expression. He looked at Xiao Chen, who was covered in wounds and panting slightly, and said, “Get Tuoba Liuyun to prepare to make his move. Don’t give this fellow anytime to catch his breath. I do not just want him defeated—I want him dead!”

The strength that Xiao Chen had exhibited made Gao Yangyu not garner any more hopes of defeating him in one go.

Bai Mufeng’s lifespan had been coming to an end anyway, so Gao Yangyu was already satisfied that he managed to put Xiao Chen in such a miserable state.

Looking at Gao Yangyu’s cold expression, the other old men in the room all felt a slight chill.

Unexpectedly, Gao Yangyu did not even bat an eyelid when one of his subordinates died. Such cold-bloodedness made them tremble in fear.

“Di ta! Di ta!”

The blood from Xiao Chen’s wounds dripped on the ground drop by drop. His entire body was in pain.

It was hard to imagine that a Martial King could send out a ten-layered Hurricane Sword Chop. Given Xiao Chen’s Essence, he would not be able to support such expenditure.

Only an old monster like Bai Mufeng, who lived for more than 150 years, could have sufficient Essence for this.

Unfortunately, Bai Mufeng did not expect that Xiao Chen had the Azure Dragon’s Qi, something that was equivalent to the power of a half-step Martial Monarch.

This was also a trump card that Xiao Chen would not have used unless he had no other choice. However, once he used it, any killing moves under half-step Martial Monarchs would be nullified.

Even if, Xiao Chen found his newly acquired injuries somewhat hard to bear, given his state of mind, they would not affect the fight. His external injuries seemed horrifying, but they were a small matter. It was just some pain—he could just endure it.