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Chapter 449: Bullying the Exhausted Youth

Chapter 449: Bullying the Exhausted Youth

The more serious thing was Xiao Chen’s internal injuries. Everytime he attacked, he would receive eighty percent of the damage he dealt. Every time he shattered a Hurricane Sword Chop, his internal organs were shaken.

After several such occurrences, Xiao Chen’s internal organs had been significantly damaged. If he continued to fight, the injuries would only become more severe.

“Chi! Chi!”

Just at this moment, Bai Mufeng’s corpse gave off clumps of invisible red light.

This red light quickly headed for Xiao Chen’s forehead. The amount of red light was unexpectedly about the same as the one that came from high-rank Blood Demons he killed in the past.

Furthermore, it contained much less baleful aura and negative emotions than the Demons’. This made Xiao Chen’s body feel very comfortable in an instant.

“Weng! Weng! Weng!”

The scarlet throne in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness started to surge non-stop. He could feel his body recovering the exhausted energy.

The pool of blood in the throne started to expand.

Xiao Chen cut off that pleasurable sensation and spat out a mouthful of black blood. He instantly felt more relaxed after that.


With a heavy thud, the second challenger stepped forward. Xiao Chen’s eyes returned to being clear. He looked up and saw it was Tuoba Liuyun—the one who had defeated Pei Shaoxuan.

Tuoba Liuyun took out his mace and the black wolf tattoo started to slowly spread out. He said sullenly, “I’m sorry. I do not like to take advantage of people when they are in a dangerous situation. However, this is the wrestling ring. To you, there is no such thing as fairness here.”

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “There is no need to speak so much. Since I have entered the wrestling ring, I never assumed that there would be any fairness in the first place.”

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen activated the Blood Flame Shoes. He moved as fast as lightning. The tiger and the dragon roared, as he took the initiative to attack.

Tuoba Liuyun’s black wolf tattoo was rather odd. Xiao Chen did not wish to give his opponent too much time. He wanted to stop the black wolf tattoo’s continuous spreading.


Tuoba Liuyun calmly swung his mace and welcomed Xiao Chen’s punch. The two clashed violently.

A ripple immediately spread out in the air. Xiao Chen used the rebounding force from the mace to perform a somersault in the air.

Fist wind howled as Xiao Chen punched towards Tuoba Liuyun’s head.

Tuoba Liuyun reacted very fast. He stepped back and swung his mace at Xiao Chen again.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Once again, Xiao Chen used the force of the mace to dodge. He moved as fast as lightning, attacking Tuoba Liuyun with the Great Dragon Tiger Fist without stopping.

Tuoba Liuyun’s black wolf tattoo was forced to stop spreading. It could only keep defending.

Tuoba Liuyun increased the force of his swing several times, wanting to knock Xiao Chen away and give his black wolf tattoo a chance to spread. However, Xiao Chen managed to block all of his attempts.

How is this fellow so strong? Tuoba Liuyun started to feel frustrated after not succeeding with his attacks for a long time.

Tuoba Liuyun was a barbarian. The black wolf was a tribal totem. If he could not summon it, his strength would be heavily discounted.

Tuoba Liuyun knew that Xiao Chen was very strong. However, he initially did not care about it. After all, he was a barbarian who used brute force.

However, after clashing with Xiao Chen, Tuoba Liuyun finally realized that he could not knock his opponent away. If not for his mace being special, he might have even been suppressed by his opponent.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

By using the Great Dragon Tiger Fist together with the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, Xiao Chen became akin to a soaring Azure Dragon.

As he moved up and down, he disrupted Tuoba Liuyun’s rhythm, forcing him to retreat continuously.

I can’t go on like this. This fellow does not seem to be injured at all. I need to knock him back with one strike and summon out my totem.

“Wolf Tooth Burst!”

Touba Liuyun shouted and, as he swung his mace, a realistic image of a black wolf appeared. It carried a vicious aura that enveloped the mace.

The black wolf’s strange eyes stared at Xiao Chen, like a divine beast. Its gaze made one feel fear in their heart.

Unexpectedly, this strange energy also had a mental attack.

Xiao Chen smiled to himself, Unfortunately for you, it is useless against me. It is time to end this.


Xiao Chen no longer intended to hide his strength. He merged his Vital Qi and Essence together. In an instant, his strength achieved 400,000 kilograms of force. The surging energy in his fist wind could not help but explode.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The explosive power of the black wolf instantly shattered. It lasted only for a split second in front of the fist wind.

Tuoba Liuyun laughed, “Unexpectedly, you were still hiding your strength. Unfortunately, you are too late.”

In the instant in which black wolf managed to delay the strike, the tattoo on Tuoba Liuyun’s body completely spread out. The image of a black wolf slowly appeared behind him.

“Too late? I don’t think so.”

WhenTuoba Liuyun summoned out his totem, after Xiao Chen shattered the initial black wolf, his right hand landed on his opponent’s chest.

“Pu chi!”

The Palm Sword fired out and a bowl-sized hole appeared in Tuoba Liuyun’s chest. Blood trickled out of the corner of his lips and shock filled his eyes.

The image of the black wolf which nearly finished taking shape slowly scattered. Tuoba Liuyun did not expect that just when the situation was about to turn around, Xiao Chen ended the battle.


Xiao Chen sent out another attack with his Vital Qi and Essence merged. Tuoba Liuyun got blasted back, and his body got lifted off the ground entirely.

The Palm Sword circled around and returned to Xiao Chen’s palm.

“Xiao Chen had obtained 48 consecutive victories already, can he continue winning?”

When the many cultivators in the spectator stands saw Tuoba Liuyun not getting up, their emotions were stirred up. This was the Tuoba Liuyun that defeated even Pei Shaoxuan.

Unexpectedly, Tuoba Liuyun fell at the hands of Xiao Chen. Furthermore, he did not even have the opportunity to use his totem.



Gao Yangyu’s palm violently descended onto the window sill. His expression turned sullen again. After he calmed himself down, he said, “Never mind, I still have Mo Yan. He is a person that even Ding Fengchou could not defeat.”

The only people Gao Yangyu had left to use were Mo Yan and Shi Feng. The other experts that he invited over had already been used on Jiang Zimo and the others.

If Gao Yangyu knew that Xiao Chen was so hard to deal with, he would have reconsidered his lineup.

“When can Shi Feng come back?”

Gao Yangyu asked, feeling somewhat frustrated.

As the wrestling ring’s final line of defense, Shi Feng moved as she pleased. Even Gao Yangyu could not do anything about him.

Shi Feng left as she wished, he did not care about the matches at all.

“City Lord, Shi Feng left two days ago. The earliest he would return would be tomorrow.”

Gao Yangyu shouted angrily, “Bastard. To think that I give her such a high remuneration. She does not even give me any face at such a crucial moment. If Xiao Chen continues winning, I will lose at least one million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.


Back at the wrestling ring, Xiao Chen watched Mo Yan summon out his three tower shields and stopped moving. He smiled faintly and asked, “Are you still intending to use the strategy of turtling up?”

As the tower shield flew around Mo Yan, he replied in an unhurried manner, “As long as it can end your consecutive victories, it will be a good strategy.”

Xiao Chen stopped smiling and stomped on the ground heavily. A crack immediately appeared on the ground.

As the crack extended, strands of saber Qi quickly flew towards Mo Yan.

Mo Yan formed seals with his hands and the three tower shields quickly became larger. At the same time, he also stomped on the ground.

A formless energy spread out and the crack stopped extending three meters away from the tower shields.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Seeing that this move was useless, Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he quickly punched at Mo Yan. His fist winds struck the shields, resounding across the whole wrestling ring.

Xiao Chen kept attacking until his fist felt somewhat numb. However, Mo Yan, who was behind the shields, was only slightly flushed red. He barely seemed affected.

This tower shield should be a Medial Grade Secret Treasure. Furthermore, Mo Yan should have comprehended some Shield Techniques. Otherwise, he would not be so hard to deal with.

Xiao Chen only used his Vital Qi as he sent out hundreds of moves. After not seeing any effect for a long time, he could only give up on using brute force.

Mo Yan mocked from behind the shields, “Are you starting to feel pain in your hands? Keep it up, before your arms are crippled, I will not fall.”

Xiao Chen could not help but rage in his heart. This fellow is too noisy. He is like a turtle, no, he is worse than a turtle.

Seeing this scene, Ding Fengchou shook his head slightly. He had experienced the might of these shields for himself before.

Ding Fengchou could only describe this defensive power as ridiculous. He even suspected that even if a half-step Martial Monarch appeared, he would not be able to do anything to this fellow.

“You already have 49 consecutive victories. If you win this, you will have fifty consecutive victories. Are you going to let this end like this?”

Up on the spectator stands, those who invested some Spirit Stones in Xiao Chen mumbled to themselves in dissatisfaction as they watched the seemingly helpless Xiao Chen.

The three tower shields floated quietly around Mo Yan. He had a relaxed expressing as he looked at Xiao Chen tauntingly.

“Are you out of energy, or has your hand really been crippled already?”

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and ignored his opponent’s words. He started to try and think of a countermeasure.

Ding Fengchou had the Heavenly Gate Resistance Fencing and a state of massacre that was even stronger than Xiao Chen’s. However, he was still unable to break these shields.

This meant that it would be impossible for someone below half-step Martial Monarch to break this person’s shields by relying on brute force. Xiao Chen had to think of another way.

It would be very hard to rely on speed to get close to Mo Yan. The shields had an ability to automatically follow the enemy’s movements. This would not work unless Xiao Chen was able to move faster than Mach 4.

Since one could not approach this problem with speed or strength, these shields were a headache for anyone under half-step Martial Monarch. This problem felt unsolvable.

Someone as strong as Ding Fengchou could only obtain a draw.

That’s it! After a long time, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. His lips slowly curled up. He had finally thought of a method.

Since I cannot break through with speed or force, then physical attacks are useless. However, what about mental attacks?

Xiao Chen’s Mental Energy was currently very strong. It was even stronger than that of a Martial Monarch.

At the moment, Xiao Chen lacked in attacking methods and required a long time to prepare. Thus, Mental Energy attacks were not very suitable to use in proper battles.However, against someone like Mo Yan, who would not take the initiative to attack, they were extremely suitable.

As long as Xiao Chen could make his opponent show some weakness, he could break in instantly. Without the protection of the shields, this fellow was nothing.

The Mental Energy in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness started slowly surging up. After a while, it formed into a deity. Under Xiao Chen’s control, it left his sea of consciousness and headed towards Mo Yan, who was hiding behind his shields.

“Chi! Chi!”

When the deity went through the shields, Xiao Chen was surprised to discover that the glow of the deity dimmed significantly. These shields unexpectedly have the effect of weakening Mental Energy.