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Chapter 452: Mad Person Shi Feng

Chapter 452: Mad Person Shi Feng

After the woman in black leather armor spoke, she gently floated down. She somersaulted through one of the tower’s windows and entered the place where Gao Yangyu and the old men were having a discussion.

“My apologies, everyone, I am late.”

Seeing the woman who suddenly appeared, the faces of the old men in the room instantly lit up with joy. One of them said, “Shi Feng, you finally came back.”

Gao Yangyu looked at the women before him with an extremely sullen and terrifying expression. He said coldly, “Do you know how much I have lost as a result of you moving about as you please?!”

Shi Feng smiled faintly, but her smile was hidden by her mask, “I’m aware. A few million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Gao Yangyu snorted coldly, “Don’t forget what your adoptive father promised me. He still has not returned me the favor he owed me.”

Shi Feng’s expression sank. She said, “What my adoptive father promised was that I would help you once to the best of my capabilities in the Rank A wrestling ring. However, there was no mention of when that should happen.”

Gao Yangyu raged in his heart. However, when he remembered the woman’s identity, he calmed himself down, “Very well. Just make sure that you end him before he obtains a hundred consecutive victories. After that, the matter between me and your adoptive father will end.”


Back in the wrestling ring, Xiao Chen finished off his opponent with a final strike, ending the matches of the fifth day.

Everyone was surprised by today’s matches. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen had held the advantage all the way. He had firmly obtained 18 more consecutive victories, bringing the total count up to 82.

Xiao Chen’s sudden burst of power made several people regret not persisting regardless of the all-or-nothing system.

After the all-or-nothing system had been established, if Xiao Chen managed to obtain a hundred consecutive victories, the ones who bet on him would enjoy a payout of 32 times the bet. Ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones could turn into 320,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

When the grey-robed old man took out the Spirit Stones this time, his expression was no longer conflicted like before. Instead, it was a pained expression that came from the depth of his heart. Bearing a smile that looked uglier than a crying expression, he said, “Congratulations, you have obtained 82 consecutive victories.”

82 consecutive victories…that meant a reward of more than 200,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Xiao Chen felt somewhat shaken by the number.

Originally, all Xiao Chen had was slightly more than ten thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Now, he had almost 500,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Ding Fengchou, Jiang Zimo, and the others saw Xiao Chen slowly walk into the spectator stands. They were not too surprised at him being able to continue his streak.

Without Gao Yangyu’s interference, they would have been able to obtain more consecutive victories as well, so there was nothing wrong with Xiao Chen being able to carry on with his streak.

They only felt somewhat disappointed. They had not expected Xiao Chen to show his strength on the wrestling ring and gain so much success.

It seemed like accumulating points in the arena for the second round of selections had just become even more difficult.

As for the other people, they were not as fortunate. Many found it hard to even obtain one victory in the wrestling ring that day. In order to get enough victories in the wrestling ring,


The night sky was very bright. Like before, Xiao Chen carefully reviewed all the matches he had been through that day.

For the past four days, Xiao Chen had been dragging his injured and tired body back to this small courtyard each night.

However, only today did Xiao Chen finally see the benefits. Now, he could rely purely on his Vital Qi to power his Martial Techniques and still achieve the same results as if using his Essence.

Xiao Chen was fully confident in achieving the level of might of the Wukui Saber Technique by using a Fist Technique of the same level powered purely by Vital Qi.

Of course, that was when talking about a Wukui Saber Technique without a state fused into it. Xiao Chen discovered that he was unable to fuse his state into his Fist Technique when only using Vital Qi.

As far as he knew, Bai Lixi did not have a state either. It was very difficult for a cultivator who focused on tempering the body to comprehend a state. Thus, that was the next problem that Xiao Chen had to tackle.

However, that was a problem for the future. The main matter at hand would be to focus on the cultivation of the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer and to try to push it to the peak of Consummation tomorrow.


Even before the Rank A wrestling ring opened for the last day of the competition, several ten thousand cultivators gathered outside the wrestling ring.

Gao Yangyu had more than doubled the price of the tickets but they still sold out rapidly; the tickets were extremely popular.

If Gao Yangyu could stop Xiao Chen before a hundred victories, just based on the entry fee alone, he would be able to earn a large sum.

However, if Xiao Chen won, no matter how much tickets they sold, and even if Gao Yangyu handed over everything he owned, the Wrestling City would still have to be handed to another person.

Gao Yangyu looked at Shi Feng, “If you win, I will give you 500,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones from the admission fees. There will not be a cent missing.”

Shi Feng said indifferently, “Not necessary. Since I have decided to make my move, I will do it to the best of my capability.”

When Gao Yangyu heard this, he felt a little more reassured. Even he would be somewhat afraid of Shi Feng if she fought at full power.

When the doors of the wrestling ring opened, the crowd that had waited for a long time immediately squeezed in, pushing their way to their own seat.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

As the drums resounded, Yun Ping, the one with the first turn, went up. He seemed very weak as his chest pounded with pain.

When Xiao Chen kicked Yun Ping, he had used at least half his strength. Thus, Yun Ping’s injuries had worsened even further. It would be very difficult to recover from such injuries in a short period of time without any miracle medicine.

If nothing unexpected happened, Yun Ping would not be able to escape the fate of eighteen consecutive defeats and would be eliminated in the first round of selections.

Indeed, by the time he reached the third round, after using his Essence wildly, his injuries worsened and he was forced to give up.

However, the crowd in the spectator stands w as not paying any attention to Yun Ping’s matches. They could not even be bothered to jeer. So, he ended up leaving the wrestling ring in silence.

Following that, the contestants managed to win some and lose some. There were still several very interesting matches.

As for Jiang Zimo, Ding Fengchou, and the others’ fights, they were as intense as before, and everyone enjoyed watching them.

However, the amount of attention these fights received was not much better than that of Yun Ping’s.

When Jiang Zimo returned to the spectator stands, he looked at Xiao Chen, who was immersed in cultivating as usual. Then, he sighed to himself.

Today, Jiang Zimo and Ding Fengchou had completely become side characters. Now, Xiao Chen was the main star of this wrestling ring.

Everyone present was just waiting for Xiao Chen’s turn. They wanted to see if he could break the record and create history—the legend of a hundred consecutive victories.

As time passed, the rising sun now reached the peak, shining directly above everyone’s heads, scorching hot. Then, dusk came, and the sun started to set.

Several people had already had enough of waiting and were feeling impatient. To vent off their pent-up frustration, some of them even cursed the grey-robed old man.

For no apparent reason, the grey-robed old man had moved Xiao Chen from number 15 to number 125, making everyone wait the entire day.

Regardless of how they suffered in the meantime, what should happen will happen eventually. As the sun set, the grey-robed old man finally called out, “Number 125, go out quickly.”

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and left his state of cultivation. He got up and gently jumped down. His figure flickered, and he reappeared on the wrestling ring.

“I am Xiao Chen of the Great Qin Nation! Please show me your guidance!”

It was the same familiar voice, the same familiar white robe, and the same familiar expression. Xiao Chen had appeared in the wrestling ring once again.

The moment Xiao Chen appeared, the crowd erupted out in cheers, breaking the long silence. They were so loud that they even managed to cover up the sound of the drums.

Although Jiang Zimo, Ding Fengchou, and the others did not care much about fame. However, when they saw the atmosphere created by Xiao Chen’s entrance and thought of the silence during their matches, they could not help but be somewhat envious. After all, they did not acknowledge Xiao Chen as stronger than them.

Indeed, Xiao Chen had improved rapidly in these six days. As for them, they had also progressed a little. However, the insights they had gained during the battles were not as obvious as Xiao Chen’s.


Up in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu’s eyes seemed like they were about to spew fire as he looked at Xiao Chen. He coldly commanded, “Beat the Heavenly Tone War Drums!”

The moment Gao Yangyu spoke, someone immediately passed along his intention. The four towers at the corners of the wrestling ring immediately switched to the Heavenly Tone War Drums—the drums made from flood dragon skin and tendons.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The drums stopped for a while. Then, when they resounded again, everyone present could sense that they were different from before.

Not only was the sound more imposing and resonant, it’s rhythm could cause one’s Qi, blood, and fighting spirit to surge.

Although the Golden Cauldron War Drums had similar effects, they were much weaker than the current drums.

When the drums from the four towers resonated together, the crowd felt as if they wanted to go down and fight as well. The crowd’s hearts beat in tandem with the rhythm of the drums.

“These are the Heavenly Tone War Drums—the War Drums used only in the once-a-decade Rank S wrestling ring. Unexpectedly, they are using them for Xiao Chen. Gao Yangyu is really putting a lot of effort into this!”

“The Heavenly Tone War Drums can awaken one’s desire to fight even when they are unwilling to do so. They would unknowingly exert their full power during the fight. It seems like Gao Yangyu is very worried about the hundred consecutive wins!”

“A hundred consecutive wins…I hope that Xiao Chen can create a miracle!”

The rhythm of the drums sped up together with their hearts. As they watched Xiao Chen, they felt like they were the ones in the wrestling ring.

Even after five minutes, no one from the spectator stands came up to challenge Xiao Chen. Now, challenging Xiao Chen required several hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Without any confidence in winning, it would be hard for anyone to muster up the courage to fight. The challenge fee was a large sum that few could afford to lose.

After another five minutes, Xiao Chen’s first challenger finally appeared. He was a middle-aged man over forty. He held a sword in his hand and his gait was very stable.

His eyes were as sharp as a blade and his sword intent was very solid. He looked at Xiao Chen with a piercing gaze and said, “I am Zhong Zishi, I hope to be able to experience your exquisite techniques.”

The instant Zhong Zishi spoke, his sword intent was already just a meter away from Xiao Chen. A strong wind blew, causing Xiao Chen’s hair to flutter non-stop.

Feeling the sharp sword intent approach, the Qi in Xiao Chen’s heart automatically left his body and welcomed it.


The sword intent clashed with the Qi that was about to condense into saber intent. Their clash gave off a metallic sound, as though they were real weapons.

Then, the two energy scattered and formed tornados, causing fluctuations in the air around them.


The two of them moved simultaneously. Before the tornadoes disappeared, they launched their killing moves at each other.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

A tiger and a dragon roared while Zhong Zishi’s sword hummed ceaselessly. The fight became more intense.

Their figures flashed as their speeds were raised to their peaks. Punches and swords clashed, and they quickly exchanged over ten moves.

The surging sword Qi flew everywhere, knocking away Xiao Chen’s Vital Qi. As the two fought, the ground became covered in holes.

“Hu! Hu!”

The two of them moved around quickly, not giving any way to each other. One second they were up in the sky; the other they were on the ground. There were no places where they did not fight.

After three hundred moves, an intense energy spread through the air. The sword Qi pervaded the two’s surroundings and the horrifying energy exploded.