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Chapter 457: Ancient Desolate Underground Market

Chapter 457: Ancient Desolate Underground Market

The surrounding ships and the cultivators riding Spirit Beasts all gave way when they saw the flag on the black warship.

The guards at the gate took a quick glance at the crowd on the ship and ignored them.

They did not even have to pay the entry toll, and entered directly, unhindered.

After they passed through the tunnel under the city wall, the area in front of them became wide and spacious. Countless people were walking on the streets of both sides of the shore.

There were many cultivators from the various nations and Fiend Cultivators—it was very bustling.

The buildings in the surroundings were all incredibly grand. They maintained the characteristics of the Tianwu Dynasty, making one feel like they had travelled ten thousand years into the past.

“Is this Desolate City?” the outstanding talents on the deck said, feeling moved.

The young cultivators, including Xiao Chen, looked around curiously. Just at that moment, a huge, towering ship appeared before them.

It was so big that it was no longer on the scale of a ship. It was more of a fortress moving on the water.

There were three golden banners fluttering on its helm, and three words, ‘Jeweled Moon Pavilion’, were written in calligraphy on the banners.

Xia Xiyan, who was beside Xiao Chen, said, “This is the Jeweled Moon Pavilion. It is the largest auction house in Desolate City. They organize a large auction every month.”

Xiao Chen whispered in surprise, “You came to Desolate City before?”

Xia Xiyan nodded and said, “Several times. There are many good items in the Jeweled Moon Pavilion. There will definitely be plenty of the close combat secret manuals that you are seeking.”

Xiao Chen felt it was strange and asked, “How did you know that I am looking for close combat secret manuals?”

Actually, Xiao Chen was not weak at close combat. A Medial Grade Fist Technique was sufficient for most people in his same cultivation realm. However, when compared to the geniuses of his generation, it was inferior.

Within the same generation, when they reached this cultivation realm, all of them would use Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Techniques, if not peak Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Techniques.

Xia Xiyan smiled and said, “Everyone can tell that if you have a better Fist Technique, when coupled with your strong physical body, you would be able to draw even with Shi Fen, without having to draw your saber.”

Xiao Chen now understood. After seeing so many of his matches, it was not strange that Xia Xiyan saw what he was lacking.

“Unfortunately, the Jeweled Moon Pavilion would only host a truly grand auction once every half a year. At that time, you would be able to see the true peak treasures.”

“If you are in urgent need of close combat manuals, you can go and look around the Ancient Desolate Underground Market. There are all sorts of people there, and you might be able to find something good.”

Xia Xiyan could not stop speaking and introduced many things to Xiao Chen. The matters of Desolate City were really an eye-opener for him.

Rivers flowed everywhere in Desolate City, so the black warship flowed along one of them. After several turns, it stopped at a riverside.

Li Xiuzhu came out of the ship’s hold and led the group to the land. After walking for about an hour, he stopped in front of a plaza.

A hundreds of meters tall sculpture stood erect on the tall platform in the center. The sculpture held a sword in one hand, pointing it angrily at the sky. This was the first Tianwu Emperor, who had established the Tianwu Dynasty. It was unknown for how long had this sculpture stood here already.

A simple but vast aura came from the sculpture, spreading through the entire plaza. When the crowd walked to the center, they felt a strange solemness.

There were about ten arenas arranged neatly around the sculpture, and many people had already gathered at its feet.

An assistant beside Li Xiuzhu said, “The arena battles of the second round of selection will take place in this Tianwu Plaza. The date is not fixed yet.

“However, you can rest assured. We know that you all have just been through continuous battles and would need some time to recuperate. The arena battles will not take place anytime soon.”

When the crowd heard this, they felt more at ease. They have fought a hundred high-intensity battles over a period of six days. Without sufficient time to rest, it would be hard for them to return to their peak state.

The crowd at the feet of the sculpture were gathered in three separate groups. Unless there were some special reasons, the ones who had passed the first round had been split into these three groups according to the group of islands they came from.

Xiao Chen was just looking through the people from the other three groups of islands, when he revealed a surprised expression. Duanmu Qing, Ji Changkong, Chu Chaoyun, Mu Chengxue, and Hua Yunfei were there as well.

These five people were now Medial Grade Martial Kings. However, the more Xiao Chen thought about it, the less surprised he was.

If Xiao Chen did not cultivate a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique and had used large amounts of natural treasures for his breakthrough, he would have already been a Superior Grade Martial King. Furthermore, the cultivation realm was not truly indicative of combat prowess.

Unless Xiao Chen’s opponents were stronger by an entire realm, he was confident in dealing with them—even with half-step Martial Monarchs. The weak half-step Martial Monarchs were simply no match for him.

When the groups at the sculpture’s feet noticed Xiao Chen and the others, they looked over.

“I heard that someone on Longyang Island obtained a hundred consecutive victories, I wonder who it is?”

“This is truly a difficult feat. Even with the strength of Beast Taming Abode’s Zuo Mo only managed seventy consecutive victories in the northern islands before being stopped by a draw.”

“One of the three experts of the Myriad Fiend Palace, Chu Mu, only obtained sixty consecutive victories. This person actually managed to obtain a hundred consecutive victories. He definitely is not simple.”

Soft whispers enveloped the crowd. Everyone was curious about the contestant who had obtained a hundred consecutive victories.

Hua Yunfei swept his gaze across the incoming group and his expression changed. He said to Mu Chengxue and Ji Changkong, who were beside him, “Look there, see who is here.”

The few of them quickly looked over and discovered a white-robed Xiao Chen standing calmly amongst the crowd.

Ji Changkong clenched his fists so tightly, that they made crackling sounds. His gaze turned sinister, and he said in a cold voice, “Good, just in time. I will pay back for the humiliation I have suffered back then a hundred times over.”

Mu Chengxue’s expression was rather unsightly as well. When he sensed Xiao Chen’s cultivation, he felt it was strange. So he said, “He seemed to only be an Inferior Grade Martial King. How did he get invited to the selection for the Ancient Desolate Tower?”

Hua Yunfei mocked, “He probably got in by means of his connections. This is good, his true colors will be revealed in these arena battles.”

Half a year ago, in the battle at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Xiao Chen had defeated all of them in a one versus many match before the various big powers of the Great Qin Nation, becoming famous.

To these people, who were proud talents of the Great Qin Nation since young, this was undoubtedly a great humiliation.

The most important thing was that, not too long before that, Xiao Chen had been only a minor character they could have casually squashed with one hand.

However, one year later, he defeated everyone. No one would feel resigned at such a thing happening.

On the contrary, Duanmu Qing’s gaze was very calm, without great fluctuations.

To Duanmu Qing, the battle at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had ended all grudges between her and Xiao Chen. If she kept harping on this, her own mental state would only become more unstable.

Chu Chaoyun seemed like he did not hear the words of those around him. He simply kept staring at the Tianwu Emperor’s sculpture. His expression was unfathomable.


Suddenly, several old man descended onto the platform. They were dressed similar to Li Xiuzhu; however, there were two extra gold embroidered lines on their collars. Clearly, they were ranked higher.

The person leading them looked through the crowd. A formless might spread out, causing everyone to quiet down.

“The second rounds of selection will begin in ten days. I hope everyone will gather back here on time. Those who are late will be considered to have given up.

Following that, the old man gave a simple explanation of the arena battle rules. They would be fighting thirty matches in two days.

There would be fifteen matches each day. The victor would gain two points, the loser would lose two points. A draw would result in one point being awarded to both.

The opponents would be decided by the means of drawing lots. After the arena battles ended, then top twenty people would obtain the right to enter the Ancient Desolate Tower.

After the old man explained the rules, he did not speak anymore. Everyone left the place and made their final preparations in the remaining ten days.

Ten days were sufficient for Xiao Chen to reach Consummation in the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer. The four remaining acupoints on his left should open by the beginning of the second round of selections.

Xiao Chen’s pure physical strength had now reached 400,000 kilograms of force. When combining it with his Essence, it was easy for him to achieve 450,000 kilograms of force.

If Xiao Chen could obtain a Superior Grade Earth Ranked or peak Superior Grade Earth Ranked Fist Technique, obtaining one of the twenty spots would be a done deal.

He wandered out of the plaza, buried in thoughts.

“Xiao Chen, wait for a moment!” Xia Xiyan called out to Xiao Chen from behind.

Xia Xiyan said softly, “You don’t have a place to stay at in Desolate City, right? There is a branch of my Thousand Sword Pavilion here. Would you like to stay there? I guarantee that you will be able to cultivate in peace there.”

After Xia Xiyan spoke, she looked at Xiao Chen in anticipation. She hoped that he would agree to this arrangement.

The strength that Xiao Chen had displayed was already sufficient to rank within the top fifty in the next Five Nation Youth Competition.

Thus, he was definitely someone who would obtain Luck; it was just a matter of how much.

Such a person was worth recruiting. Furthermore, she was now the true inheritor of Thousand Sword Pavilion. If nothing unexpected happened, she would be the next leader of the sect.

It would be good for Xia Xiyan to build good relationships with Xiao Chen now. When he matured, he would definitely be a great help to the Thousand Sword Pavilion.

Even ignoring Xiao Chen’s strength, his character suited Xia Xiyan very well. He was neither arrogant nor impatient; he was calm and collected. He was someone who would definitely not betray his friends.

No matter from what angle Xia Xiyan looked at this situation, such a person was worth making friends with.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and rejected her, “Many thanks for your kind intentions. I am used to moving around on my own.”

Xia Xiyan seemed slightly disappointed. She said, “Very well. If you get into any trouble, you can come to the Thousand Sword Pavilion to look for me at any time.”

After that, Xia Xiyan told Xiao Chen the address of the Thousand Sword Pavilion’s branch.

Xiao Chen nodded and thanked the other party. He knew that by doing this Xia Xiyan was making a promise to him.

Indeed, Xiao Chen was now in some trouble, even though he had arrived at the Ancient Desolate Lands not long ago. Although he could easily settle it with the two medallions he had, they were last resorts and were not to be used unless absolutely necessary.

After Xiao Chen left, he first went to a restaurant to have some food. Then he asked a waiter where he could rent a courtyard.

Before the sky turned dark, he found a courtyard he was satisfied with. The rent was two thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones a day.

Xiao Chen practiced a round of his Fist Techniques in the courtyard and then practiced the Wukui Saber Technique. Finally, he took out two Medial Grade Spirit Stones and sat down cross-legged, starting his cultivation.

The vast energy of the Spirit Stones quickly poured into Xiao Chen’s body. After a great cycle, it turned into the purely liquid Essence and started dripping into the Qi whirlpool.