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Chapter 458: Reckless Fly

Chapter 458: Reckless Fly

After two hours, Xiao Chen exhausted the two Medial Grade Spirit Stones. He opened his eyes and smiled bitterly, feeling helpless.

When the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation reached the sixth layer, the amount of Spiritual it used was too astonishing. Two Medial Grade Spirit Stones only converted to ten-odd drops of liquid Essence.

“It looks like there is still some time before I can advance to Medial Grade Martial King. I am still far from filling up this container.” Xiao Chen sighed.

He entered the house and lit up the lamps. Then, he started reading Bai Lixi’s notes on body tempering.

Xiao Chen had to acknowledge that Bai Lixi was a genius when it came to body tempering. The experiences recorded in there had been extremely useful to him. The previous time when he continuously fought using only Vital Qi, his Firmament Body Tempering Art’s cultivation advanced very quickly, and it had all been due to these notes.

The most important thing was that Xiao Chen’s comprehension on Vital Qi had increased significantly. This proved that what Bai Lixi had said was correct.

Xiao Chen estimated that Bai Lixi’s physical strength had already reached at least 500,000 kilograms of force. With one punch, he could easily shatter mountains.

Thus, Xiao Chen continued to study these cultivation notes. Lest he could end up walking down the wrong path and wasting time.


It was now late in the night. An unknown amount of time had already passed. The flames in the oil lamps swayed gently. Everytime the flames swayed, it seemed like they were about to go out.

Xiao Chen gazed out of the window. He sent out his Spiritual Sense. After a while, he recalled it back and put down the notebook in his hands.

He blew out the lamps and said indifferently, “Indeed the large amount of three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones would attract some reckless flies.”

Three cultivators with withdrawn killing Qi stood under a large tree outside Xiao Chen’s courtyard. Two of them were very familiar to him.

The person on the right was the person who wanted to use Xiao Chen and Xia Xiyan as a scapegoat in the qualifying round for the first round of selection. He was the second disciple of the Lamenting Valley’s Valley Lord—Mu Nan.

The one on the other side was the one who had been mocking Xiao Chen throughout the first round of selection, but ended up getting crippled in the first round and losing his qualifications to continue. These two people had deep grudges with Xiao Chen, so it was not surprising that they worked together to bring him down.

As for the final person, he was dressed in black and wore a black mask. He only revealed his eyes, which made him seem mysterious.

Mu Nan said somewhat worriedly, “Would we offend the Heavenly Extermination Union by doing this? He is someone who had obtained one hundred consecutive victories after all!”

A vicious look flashed in Yun Ping’s eyes. He laughed coldly and said, “It’s not like we are killing him. We are just chopping off an arm. What are you afraid of?”

The black-clothed person nodded and said, “That’s right. A genius missing an arm is just trash. Would the Heavenly Extermination Union care about trash?

As mentioned before, the two of you can split the three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones among yourselves. I am only after the other things on him.”

When Mu Nan heard the three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones being mentioned, a greedy look flashed in his eyes. In the end, the worry in his heart vanished. He said resolutely, “Let’s do it. This brat nearly got me killed by Demonic Beast. I should make him pay for that.”

After the three reached a common understanding, they did not speak anymore. They quietly went over the walls of the courtyard.

However, when they prepared to break into Xiao Chen’s bedroom, they suddenly discovered that Xiao Chen was already waiting quietly under a small tree in the yard. He did not seem surprised at their arrival.

“It’s about time!”

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen ignored the shocked looks on their faces. He instantly drew his saber, momentarily blinding them with its dazzling electric light.

The three of them were incredibly astonished. They were initially prepared to beat Xiao Chen to the point he would become helpless. Who knew, that he would end up snatching the initiative instead.

Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations, Clear Wind Chop!

Xiao Chen’s figure trembled and split into nine . Nine cool breezes blew in the courtyard, creating a soothing atmosphere.


When the group felt no killing Qi, but a strange cool breeze, they did not bother thinking too much. They immediately drew their weapons and fled.

“You think you can run?!” Xiao Chen focused his gaze on Yun Ping and snorted coldly.

He activated the Blood Flame Shoes and leaped towards him, reaching Mach 3.5 instantly.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Yun Ping knew he could not escape, so he stopped trying. A resolute look flashed on his face as he unleashed his sword light’s peak power. He tried to block the nine figures which were attacking from different directions.

However, Xiao Chen had used the Clear Wind Chop in his attacks. Thus, one could only see the cool breeze and not the saber. It was extremely hard to grasp the movement as there was also no killing Qi leaking.

Yun Ping could only block using his instincts. Not long into the battle, Xiao Chen had already left behind many bleeding wounds of various sizes on his body.

When Xiao Chen saw Mu Nan and the black-clothed person rushing at him with the corner of his eyes, his nine figures merged together.

He moved back, leaving afterimages in the air. He did not let himself get surrounded by the three.

The earlier attacks had already caused Yun Ping to suffer significant injuries. The three could not help but feel a little afraid.

“I will distract him while the two of you find an opportunity to ambush him, ok?” The black-clothed person suggested with a sullen voice, coldly looking at the other two.


The moment the black-clothed person spoke, he brandished his sword. A pale white flame surged up onto his sword, looking very sinister in the dark night.

“It looks like it is an extreme Yin flame. In that case, I will use my extreme Yang flame to completely suppress you!”

With just a thought, the flickering electricity on Xiao Chen’s saber started burning and turned into strands of purple flames.


The weapons clashed and so did the flames. They exploded out in the dark night, making it as bright as day.

Yin and Yang were opposing attributes. The moment they clashed with each other, the scale of the destructiveness that followed was extremely astonishing. The air became incredibly scorching.

The coldness of the night was now nowhere to be found.

Yun Ping and Mu Nan took advantage of this opportunity to attack. However, Xiao Chen’s figure flashed and unhurriedly dodged Mu Nan’s attack. Then, Xiao Chen clenched his left hand and sent out a fist wind, forcing him back.

As for Yun Ping’s attack, Xiao Chen had found its weakness with just one glance. He smiled coldly and kicked Yun Ping’s wrist.

The bones in Yun Ping’s wrist immediately shattered and he dropped his sword. However, Xiao Chen did not stop moving his feet and followed up with another kick to his chest.


Blood trickled out of Yun Ping’s mouth as he flew backward, crashing into the wall.

Anger flashed in the black-clothed person’s eyes. He had not expected Yun Ping to last for even one attack. He said coldly, “Mu Nan, why are you still hiding your true strength?!”

Mu Nan did not retort. He casually stuck the sword in his hand into the ground. Then he spread his palm out and holding it parallel to the ground, he started moving it up and down.

When Mu Nan’s palm reached his lower jaw, he spat out strands of turbid Qi. His expression changed, becoming mournful and pained.

“Lamenting Palm!” Mu Nan shouted and locked onto Xiao Chen with his aura and sending a palm strike at him.

Yun Ping’s attack had caught Xiao Chen unprepared. This state of lament made him feel depressed. Unexpectedly, he even felt like giving up on life.

It was truly a powerful state. It actually affected the consciousness and prevented one from mustering up any fighting spirit.

It was somewhat similar to Bai Zhan’s state—it was a state of emotions as well. Unfortunately, it had not been comprehended to Great Perfection and did not have too much impact on Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense turned into an ancient bell and rang in his mind. The state of lament that had affected him was immediately chased out.

Wukui Shakes the Heavens!

Xiao Chen used a strong move to temporarily push the black-clothed person back. Then, he quickly turned around.

He merged his Vital Qi and Essence and welcomed Mu Nan’s Lamenting Palm infused with the state of lament with a fist. When the attacks clashed, eight acupoints on Xiao Chen’s arm exploded out.

“Since you want to clash head on, then I shall go head on with you. I will use my full power and cripple you!”

Xiao Chen’s gaze turned cold. He gathered the Dragon Qi together and violently pushed it forward with his left fist.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

In front of Xiao Chen’s absolute suppressive power, Mu Nan’s palm strike, with an ineffective state, was knocked back.

The might and force of Xiao Chen’s punch did not decrease. With three crunching sounds, Mu Nan’s arm broke into three pieces, splattering blood everywhere as it flew into the air.

When the black-clothed person, who had just dealt with the Wukui Shakes the Heavens, saw this scene, his expressed changed greatly. He had not expected that Yun Ping and Mu Nan would be disabled in a few moves.

One was severely injured and the other had lost an arm. They had completely lost all their combat prowess.

Damn it! I should have known. These two people did not even manage to obtain sixty victories. They should not have been very strong. Yet, I still came to them seeking a cooperation. I must have been blinded by the gains.

To think I believed that I can simply do away with them at the end and take everything for myself.

The black-clothed person thought in frustration when he looked at the two people who could not even last an attack. There are no more chances, retreat!

“Flaming Cross Chop!” the black-clothed person shouted and his sword slashed horizontally. The pale white flames immediately flared up.

After he pulled back the sword, he lowered it, sending out a vertical line of white flames.

The two lines of flames formed a cross as they moved towards Xiao Chen. The cross-shaped flames grew larger in the wind. A short while later, they had already become humongous.

Without even bothering to see how powerful or how effective this move was, the black-clothed person quickly fled backward.

“Thinking of running?! You think that is possible?!” Xiao Chen said coldly as he watched the Flaming Cross Chop. He tightened his grip on his saber.

“Wukui Breaks the Heavens!” Xiao Chen shouted and executed his state to its peak. Thunderclouds churned in the sky, rumbling angrily without end. Bolts of lightning tore through the night sky.

A Wukui Tree quickly formed above them. The light on the saber slowly grew brighter.

When the Wukui Tree completely formed, the beam of light on the saber also became complete. A resplendent and boundless purple beam of light quickly extended towards the front.


In an instant, the light beam broke through the intersecting point of the flaming cross, shattering it.

The flaming cross turned into sparks and scattered into the night sky like crystalline flowers.

The black-clothed person felt startled. He had not expected his trump card to be broken by Xiao Chen so fast.

It did not even manage to hold Xiao Chen back for a moment. He could not help but do his best to increase his speed.

Mu Nan, whose arm had been broken off, stood up weakly. He had lost most of the blood in his body.

He quickly tried to run away. He did not even bother to bandage his wound—he just needed to flee first.

Xiao Chen’s gaze swept past the fleeing Mu Nan, and his expression turned cold.

Since they planned to sneak in and attack him, they should have been prepared for the consequences of failing.


A silvery light flashed. The Palm Sword flew out, and a bowl-sized hole appeared in Mu Nan’s chest—no signs of life remained after that.

On the other side, Yun Ping had already crawled to the wall. His ribs were broken. Normally, he only needed to leap up gently to get onto the wall. Now, he had to spend a lot of strength to climb up.