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Chapter 465: Luck is a Kind of Strength

Chapter 465: Luck is a Kind of Strength


The fist wind exploded out and a surging shockwave swept through the surroundings, causing the fallen leaves to fly up.

Shi Yong’s arm trembled slightly, and his saber nearly flew out of his hand. He had not expected Xiao Chen to be so strong.

Shocked, Shi Yong quickly retreated backward. Xiao Chen remained calmed and activated the Blood Flame Shoes on his feet. In a blink of an eye, he arrived before Shi Yong.

He opened his fist and changed it into a claw. Then, he gathered back all the scattered energy. He swung heavily and the claw left bloody wounds on his opponent’s chest.

“Damn it, I got tricked. It turns out that this person uses Claw Techniques!”

Shi Yong retreated once again. As the same time, he swung his saber, trying to stop Xiao Chen from swinging the claw again.

Xiao Chen instantly clenched his hand and turned the claw into a fist. An intense fist wind flew out; this time, Xiao Chen infused it with the Azure Dragon Qi.

The might of this punch blasted away the saber in Shi Yong’s hand. However, it did not lose its might and continued onwards to the latter’s chest.


It tore Shi Young’s clothes and tossed him more than a hundred meters into the air.

The might of this fit completely exceeded everyone’s expectations. They felt frightened when they saw this.

Xiao Chen had not even drawn his saber, but he only used three attacks to defeat Shi Yong—a defeat that was overwhelming and easily obtained.

Only the person who went to the same wrestling ring as Xiao Chen were not surprised.

Xia Xiyan smiled gently and said, “This fellow finally found a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Fist Technique. Indeed, his strength has increased tremendously.”

Shi Yong heavily fell onto the ground only after a long time. Then he gave off a dull thud and fainted.

Sho Yong’s friends stared at Xiao Chen in a hostile manner as they quickly rushed over to carry him away. This was especially so for the swordsman—a faint murderous intent appeared in his gaze.

When Hua Yunfei and the others saw that Xiao Chen dealt with Shi Yong in three moves, their hearts could not help but sink. It was like something had shattered in there.

Back at the plaza, when they first saw Xiao Chen, they even said that they would beat Xiao Chen up personally.

Who knew that they were unable to even deal with a single minor character in this gathering. As for their target, he easily defeated that person in three moves.

A sense of helplessness appeared in their hearts. They had not expected Xiao Chen would put so much distance between them within half a year.

It seemed that there was no way they could surpass him anymore. Perhaps they might not even have the opportunity to close the gap, even by a tiny bit.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Zuo Mo, who sat at the center, watched the white-robed Xiao Chen with great interest. He started clapping and laughed, “The White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen, truly deserves his fame for obtaining one hundred consecutive victories. You are truly formidable!”

“He is that contestant with a hundred consecutive victories?”

Many people in the courtyard instantly glanced over curiously. Hushed whispers filled the place.

Although most of them had heard the story of someone obtaining a hundred consecutive victories, many had not seen what he looked like or knew who he was.

At this moment, everyone focused on Xiao Chen. The astonishment on their faces grew even larger than before.

When Ji Changkong, Hua Yunfei, and the others heard that, they could not help but exchange glances with each other. There were only bitter smiles between them.

Duanmu Qing calmly said, “That day, at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, we have been all defeated. We had lost a significant portion of our Luck there. We should have already expected such a scene today.

The few of them sighed, feeling agony in their hearts. They did not wish to say anything else. This was probably how it felt to become someone else’s stepping stone.

As for them, they were not even qualified to be Xiao Chen’s stepping stone anymore. One could easily imagine how upset they were now.

Xiao Chen looked at Zuo Mo, Pei Shaoxuan’s mysterious Senior Brother. He said gently, “I was merely lucky, that was nothing much.”

Zuo Mo smiled gently, “Have nobody ever told you that Luck is a kind of strength? I have wanted to experience your exquisite moves for a long time already. I wonder if I can have the opportunity to do so now?”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “It is my honor.”

“Very well, I shall not stand on ceremony then!”

Zuo Mo’s gaze turned cold and he gently pushed off the ground. He leaped up and sent a palm strike at Xiao Chen.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen stuck his saber, together with its scabbard, into the ground. Then, he stepped forward to welcome Zuo Mo.

Xiao Chen executed the Dragon Claw Fist and sent a punch at his opponent’s palm strike. A huge force exploded out and ripples spread into the surroundings, akin to waves on water.

“Hu! Hu!”

The two retreated the moment they came into contact. Then, they turned around at the same time. As they turned, they dissipated the force of their opponent’s strike.

When the two landed, they looked at each other. Clearly, they were both somewhat astonished.

The Essence from the palm strike made Xiao Chen’s finger hurt. His opponent’s Essence was purer than he had thought.

It was unknown how much natural treasures he had consumed. Perhaps his Cultivation Technique was a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique as well.

Zuo Mo’s astonishment was not smaller than Xiao Chen’s. A pure Vital Qi surged over from his opponent’s fist wind.

However, when Zuo Mo looked at Xiao Chen, he could tell that his Essence was as dense as his. He had not expected Xiao Chen to be able to stand his ground against him when only using Vital Qi.


After a short pause, the two started another round of exchanges. They fought each other in close combat, moving all over the courtyard.

The two moved very fast. The weaker cultivators could only see two blurry figures moving about; they could not even see their exchanges.

“These two fellows are interesting. One uses the saber and the other summons Spirit Beasts. Yet, they are fighting in close combat.”

The Myriad Fiend Palace’s Chu Mu laughed softly and said, “Zimo, Xinya, who do you think will obtain the victory in close combat?”

“Xiao Chen!” the both of them said together without any hesitation.

Xiao Chen’s close combat prowess and physical body strength had left a very deep impression on the two of them.

At this moment, it was already very clear that Xiao Chen had obtained a higher ranked Fist Technique. His only flaw had been patched up, so it was hard to imagine him losing.

Chu Mu smiled and said, “I afraid the both of you will be disappointed. Zuo Mo is using the Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique—Flowing Cloud Palm. It has already reached Great Perfection, and in combination with his extremely pure Essence, it would be hard to defeat him.”

The figures of the two flickered around the place. A strong wind howled and swept up all the fallen leaves in the courtyard.

“Dang! Dang!”

When the fallen leaves struck the tables and chairs, they pierced into them like knives. Several cultivators who were caught off guard ended up injured by them.

Their clothes became tattered. Some people quickly worked together to shatter the fallen leaves flying at them.

“What a strong wind. The aftershock of their fight is so strong!”

“This is not even their true power. They are merely using their supplementary techniques. Imagine how strong it would be if they were to fight for real!”

The crowd exclaimed as they watched the two fight. Astonishment appeared on their faces. It seems like these two were guaranteed a spot in the Ancient Desolate Tower.

Xiao Chen swung his hands around in midair. Sometimes, his left hand changed into a claw and his right hand into a fist, or vice versa. Occasionally, he would directly send out a fist wind.

Xiao Chen’s combat style seemed very strange, making it hard for his opponent to catch his rhythm. Zuo Mo’s face sank as he kept sending out palm winds. He did his best to prevent Xiao Chen from advancing.

It was hard to find an opening that he could attack. With the two interchanging styles, he did not dare to make any rash moves.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Explosions came from the air again. Vital Qi and Essence clashed with each other, generating shockwaves. The strong wind in the courtyard blew even stronger.

The both of them retreated by five steps, standing in midair. Their clothes and hair fluttered in the strong wind.

“This is the first time I have seen a Martial Technique that changes between the claw and fist. However, if that is all the ability you have, then this is how far you will go.”

Zuo Mo shouted a warcry and his figure flashed forward. He sent out palm winds and the clouds in the sky joined together, merging into a sea of clouds.


Zuo Mo sent out another palm strike and the flowing clouds gathered even more. When they got close to Xiao Chen, they exploded. A horrifying shockwave surged out.

Xiao Chen criss-crossed his arms and took the stance of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Following that, he moved back a hundred meters.

“Flowing Cloud Burst!”

The unending chain of palm strikes sent flowing clouds at Xiao Chen akin to a fleet of cannons.

Xiao Chen stood his ground in midair, not moving back even half a step. A tiger and a dragon roared around him as he withstood this unending chain of Flowing Cloud Burst head-on.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The churning flowing clouds exploded in the air. The energy from the pure Essence burst apart, forming new, bright and enchanting clouds in the air.

The boundless beautiful clouds enveloped Xiao Chen, not allowing the crowd to see the situation inside.

When Xhu Mu sensed the energy of the beautiful clouds, he smiled faintly and said, “I guessed correctly, right? After reaching Great Perfection, the Flowing Cloud Palm’s might at least doubles. The mysterious phenomenon it creates becomes very astonishing. The moment the light from the cloud fades away will be the moment Xiao Chen is defeated.

“Even if he has Saber Techniques that he had not used, Zuo Mo also has Spirit Beasts that he had not summoned. In the end, Xiao Chen is still slightly weaker than Zuo Mo. His hundred consecutive victories can only be explained as luck.”

Jiang Zimo looked at the bright beautiful clouds in the air. Then, he shook his head and said, “That might not be so!”

“Are you still insisting on your opinions? We shall wait for the outcome of this fight then!” Chu Mu could not understand why Jiang Zimo persisted on with his belief.


When the light completely scattered, Xiao Chen slowly revealed himself. His white Clear Wind Robes fluttered non-stop in the air. His hair flew all over the place, but he did not seem to have a miserable expression on his face.

Zuo Mo’s expression changed slightly. He found it incredulous. He thought to himself, How strong exactly is this fellow’s physical body? Even half-step Martial Monarchs would not dare to receive my Flowing Cloud Burst lightly.

Xiao Chen lowered his criss-crossing arms and slowly landed. He suppressed the surging Qi and blood in his body. Then, he said, “Flowing Cloud Burst? Not bad! It’s your turn to receive an attack from me!”

“Berserk Dragon Fist!” Xiao Chen shouted and his figure flickered. He circulated his Vital Qi for a cycle in his abdomen and then quickly sent the berserk Vital Qi into his arm.

The muscles in his right arm instantly bulged up. The Azure Dragon tattoo also started to move around quickly. Xiao Chen felt like he was filled with limitless energy.


The faint illusion of an Azure Dragon head appeared on Xiao Chen’s arm. It quickly rushed at Zuo Mo carrying the might of the Azure Dragon.

“Flowing Cloud Burst!”

Xiao Chen’s move looked very powerful, so Zuo Mo did not dare to be careless. He immediately infused all the floating white clouds into his right palm. A brilliant jade-white light appeared in the middle of his palm.

The crowd held their breath as they focused and looked carefully. The Myriad Fiend Palace’s Chu Mu had a surprised expression on his face. He had not expected Xiao Chen to be able to send out such a powerful attack.


The bright palm clashed with the dragon head. An ear-splitting explosion roared out, and a semi-circular sphere of energy appeared before the two as they clashed intensely.