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Chapter 466: Best of the Four Great Nations?

Chapter 466: Best of the Four Great Nations?

Zuo Mo was slightly red. His surging Essence was like a gushing river as it poured into his bright, jade-white palm. The light became brighter and brighter.

Interesting, this is the first this I met someone with such surging Essence. Xiao Chen could not help but feel excited. The Qi whirlpool in his body spun quickly, and his Essence and Vital Qi merged together.


Xiao Chen’s strength increased instantly. The dragon head roared angrily, and Zuo Mo flew out instantly.

Xiao Chen shouted another warcry and took five steps forward in midair. He turned his fist into a claw and executed the claw form of the Berserk Dragon.

“Hu chi!”

The dragon head twisted and changed. Soon, it turned into an azure claw. Xiao Chen pulled back his hand and then dashed forward.

“Chi! Chi!”

The Azure Dragon claw instantly left five horrifying, bloody wounds on Zuo Mo’s chest.

Xiao Chen coldly glanced at him as the dragon claw opened up. Then, the claw pressed heavily on Zuo Mo’s chest. Zuo Mo vomited a mouthful of blood and fell onto the ground like a heavy sandbag.

Xiao Chen proudly stood in midair. He scattered the energy of the Azure Dragon and the berserk energy instantly vanished into the wind.

“Unexpectedly, Zuo Mo is not even his opponent. Could this Xiao Chen be the strongest person in the Four Nations?”

“It’s hard to say. Zuo Mo’s true strength lies in summoning Spirit Beasts to fight for him. I heard that he already has a Rank 8 Spirit Beast in his Spirit Blood Jade.”

“Nothing is certain, Xiao Chen is a bladesman in the first place; however, he had not even drawn his saber.”

“Regardless of the situation, Xiao Chen only had an advantage when they fought in close combat. As for who is stronger or weaker, we will still need to seem them fight with their true strength before we will know.”

When the crowd saw Zuo Mo fall to the ground, they were all shocked. He had already become famous two years ago.

His position as one of the top twenty in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition had been gained with his sweat and blood; there was no luck involved.

It was unexpected that Zuo Mo got defeated so miserably by Xiao Chen, someone who had only emerged recently.

Jiang Zimo laughed softly and said, “Chu Mo, I was correct, right? The defense of Xiao Chen’s physical body can be said to be second to none under the Martial Monarch realm.

“Now that he has obtained a peak Superior Grade Earth Ranked Fist Technique, he is like a tiger that obtained wings. In terms of close combat technique, regular fist masters would not be a match for him.”

Chu Mu muttered in a soft voice, “It looks like I have underestimated him. Obtaining a hundred consecutive victories cannot simply be explained by luck. In two years, this person will definitely become my main competitor.”

Zuo Mo got to his feet in a somewhat miserable fashion. He looked at Xiao Chen, who was still in the air, and smiled bitterly, “It looks like it was rude of me to compete with you in close combat. I will be using my true strength from here on so please draw your saber!”


Xiao Chen landed on the ground and stretched out his left hand, tightly grasping onto the Lunar Shadow Saber that was stuck in the ground.

The Beast Taming Abode focused on summoning and raising Spirit Beasts. Xiao Chen’s opponent fighting him for so long in close combat had already far exceeded his expectations.

If Xiao Chen continued to use close combat, the exhaustion would be too great. He said, “You are too polite. Please, make your move!”

“Zuo Mo…Zuo Mo…it has only been a year since we have last met and you are not even able to deal with an Inferior Grade Martial King? This is too disappointing.”

Just at that moment, a disharmonious voice came from the air. The crowd looked up and saw four handsome young men above the courtyard. They wore embroidered robes and their aura was surging. Their gazes looked sinister as they floated in the air.

Zuo Mo’s expression changed greatly. Suddenly, a boundless hatred appeared in his eyes. He clenched his teeth and said, “Xie Ziwen!”

The more knowledgeable people below all had unsightly expressions as well.

Xie Ziwen was the second disciple of the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. This Evil Moon Pavilion was one of the ten great sects of the Great Jin Nation. Furthermore, he was the person who had eliminated Zuo Mo from the previous Five Nation Youth Competition.

“Why is he here in the Ancient Desolate Lands?” Everyone felt it was suspicious.

“Ha ha! There are many familiar people here. Ding Fengchou, Jiang Zimo, Chu Mu, and Pei Shaoxuan are here as well!”

Xie Ziwen led the other three people and slowly lowered their altitude to a hundred meters above the ground, casually mentioning the names of some people in the crowd as he did so.

Aside from the people whom he had called out, he could not even be bothered to look at the others.

Although most of the people here were not happy about it, they did not show any dissatisfaction on their faces.

In the previous Five Nation Youth Competition, Xie Ziwen had ranked twelfth. He was just a little shy of entering the top ten and standing at the peak of the entire continent.

Xie Ziwen definitely had the capital to be arrogant and not care about most of them.

“Senior Brother, it seems like there are no experts worth paying attention to here. Even if they entered the Ancient Desolate Tower, it would be for naught.”

The marks of the Evil Moon Pavilion were embroidered on the collars of the three people behind him as well. They were clearly from the Evil Moon Pavilion as well.

“It seems like the people from the other four Great Nations are as weak as they were in the past!”

Xie Ziwen smiled faintly and said, “That’s not a problem, This is good for us. This means that our chances of entering the Ancient Desolate Tower are better.”

The expressions of the people below immediately changed when they heard this. Since when could the people of the Great Jin Nation participate in the selection of the Ancient Desolate Tower?

Looking at the expressions of the people below, Xie Ziwen smiled, “Ha ha! Don’t be too shocked. The current Heavenly Extermination Union’s Union Leader owes my master a huge favor. This is him paying back this favor.

“All of you must be very upset. Now, you have four spots less. Ha ha!”

Xie Ziwen revealed a playful smile in the air. He did not care about the crowd below at all. He behaved like he could easily defeat everyone here and had already secured four spots for his group.

“Let’s go, it seems like there are no opponents worth taking note of. Unexpectedly, Zuo Mo could not even defeat an Inferior Grade Martial King. This is pointless.”


A blue vein was bulging out on Zuo Mo’s forehead. He quickly formed hand seals with his right hand and immediately summoned out a peak Rank 7 Red-Tailed Eagle.

It was unknown for how long the Red-Tailed Eagle had lived for already. Its body was extremely huge and its wingspan was at least twenty meters. Zuo Mo stood on it as it flew and prevented Xie Ziwen and the others from leaving.

“I don’t seem to recall inviting you to this gathering. Do you think this is your house, and you can come and leave as you please? Have you even asked me, the owner, for permission?”

As the Red-Tailed Eagle flapped its wings, Zuo Mo looked expressionlessly at the person who had eliminated him in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition.

Xie Ziwen stood straight up in the air and looked at Zuo Mo indifferently. He said, “Are you looking for a fight? Have you thought it over carefully? If I injure you, you will lose your chance to participate in the arena battles happening five days later. By then, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Zuo Mo said coldly, “Feel free to make your move. I have already waited for more than two years to take my revenge. It had been a long time since then. Now that you have delivered yourself to me, I won’t have to wait anymore.”

“Senior Brother, should we make a move? From the way he looks, he has just advanced to Superior Grade Martial King not too long ago. He is still far from reaching peak Superior Grade Martial King. There is no need for you to make a move yourself.”

Xie Ziwen smiled gently and said, “It’s fine, I will let him know how big is the gap between us. The me from two years ago is completely different from who I am now. That way, I can squash his dreams of climbing to the top twenty again.”

When the group heard this, they did not say anything else. They quickly made way and gave the two space to fight in the air.

Zuo Mo had a very grave expression on his face. He did not dare to be careless. His figure flashed and left the Red-Tailed Eagle he was standing on, rushing at Xie Zimo.

“Boom! Boom!”

As Zuo Mo moved, he quickly formed hand seals with his hands. Accompanied by some loud sounds, three Rank 7 flying Spirit Beasts appeared in the air behind him.


Zuo Mo waved his hand and the three flying Spirit Beasts flew quickly at Xie Ziwen. They worked together with the Red-Tailed Eagle to deal with him.

A Rank 7 Spirit Beast was equivalent to a Superior Grade Martial King. Furthermore, these Spirit Beasts were specially trained. Hence, they were stronger than Spirit Beasts of the same rank.

The Beast Taming Abode would make every tamed Spirit Beast undergo all sorts of competitions and fights for long periods of time. Thus, the ferocity of this kind of Spirit Beasts were even more horrifying than that of regular cultivators.

However, these were not their trump cards. The most dangerous thing was that the disciple of the Beast Taming Abode had a special method to control these Spirit Beast like they were their own arms.

That was why although Xiao Chen had suppressed Zuo Mo in terms of close combat, many people were still holding on to the opinion that Zuo Mo would not lose.

Controlling Spirit Beasts was the true strength of a Beast Taming Abode’s disciple. Close combat was merely supplementary.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xie Ziwen sent a flurry of palm strikes to block the attacks of the four flying Spirit Beasts. A strong wind blew, making many of the Spirit Beasts’ feathers fall off.

Although Xie Ziwen could not break out of the Spirit Beasts’ encirclement, he did not feel any pressure.

With a relaxed expression on his face, he relied on his palm strikes alone to suppress the four flying Spirit Beasts

When Zuo Mo saw that the battle was tilting in his opponent’s favor, he summoned out another two flying Spirit Beasts and did his best to control the four Spirit Beast simultaneously.

Now, there were six flying Spirit Beasts surrounding Xie Ziwen. As Zuo Mo was controlling so many Spirit Beasts simultaneously, he had an exhausted expression on his face, and sweat trickled down from his forehead.

However, Zuo Mo’s efforts paid off. Under the attacks of the six Spirit Beasts, Xie Ziwen’s expression became more serious. He was no longer as relaxed as before.

“How strong! Unexpectedly, Zuo Mo is now able to control six Spirit Beasts at the same time. He has probably reached the seventh layer of his Beast Controlling Art.”

“Maybe he will be able to take his revenge this time. No matter how strong the geniuses of the Great Jin Nation are, they are still limited by their cultivation realm!”

When the crowd saw that the fight was tilting in Zuo Mo’s favor, they became excited.

Regardless of the situation, everyone was a member of one of the other four Great Nations. No one would feel good when the people of the Great Jin Nation won.

However, they all knew that they were not a match for Xie Ziwen. If Zuo Mo could help them vent their frustrations, they would naturally feel good about it.


Just at that moment, Zuo Mo clenched his teeth and formed more hand seals. Another two Rank 7 flying Spirit Beasts appeared.

“There are eight Spirit Beasts now! There is hope!” the crowd could not help but say excitedly.

Xiao Chen grasped his Lunar Shadow Saber tightly as he glanced at Xie Ziwen’s three Junior Brothers. He discovered that they were very calm.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, It seems that things are not as simple as they think. No matter how many Rank 7 Spirit Beasts there are, they might not be able to suppress Xie Ziwen.

“This is neverending, break for me!”

Seeing Zuo Mo summon another two Spirit Beasts, Xie Ziwen’s expression turned cold. He snorted and a blazing and resplendent flame started burning on his palm.

“Flaming Ring Wind Palm!”

Xie Ziwen clapped his hands together and the blazing flames instantly shot out from his body, moving into the surroundings in the shape of rings.


The first flame ring knocked the six Spirit Beasts back. Then, the second flame ring burnt all the feathers of the six flying Spirit Beasts.