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Chapter 473: Chu Chaoyun Draws His Sword

Chapter 473: Chu Chaoyun Draws His Sword

“Look! Chu Chaoyun is going to draw his sword!”

Not many people paid attention to the arena Xiao Chen was on as the matches there were too boring. His opponents always surrendered before the fight even began.

However, the moment Xiao Chen drew an opponent that was of equal standing, his arena attracted everyone’s attention.

In the first round of selection, Chu Chaoyun obtained sixty consecutive victories before taking the initiative to surrender for the rest of the matches. During those sixty matches, he had never drawn his sword.

However, at that time, Chu Chaoyun was in the same wrestling ring as Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo overshadowed him, so no one paid too much attention to him.

However, in the second round of selection, Chu Chaoyun did not suffer any defeat in the fifteen matches of the first day. Furthermore, just like in the first round of selection, he did not draw his sword.

Even when facing Pei Shaoxuan, he still refrained from drawing his sword. The sword seemed to be a mere decoration.

The more times this happened, the more curious the crowd became. They wanted to see how he would fight Xiao Chen.

They were both from the Great Qin Nation. In addition, the crowd wanted to see how strong Chu Chaoyun was with his sword drawn.

Amidst the crowd, Hua Yunfei and the others were watching Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun. They watched them speechless and felt very bitter in their heart.

It was not too long ago that these two people were about as strong as them. Then, Xiao Chen alone managed to defeat all of them as a group.

Who knew that somebody like Chu Chaoyun would appear as well. Now that such an outstanding talent appeared from the Great Qin Nation as well, the frustration in their hearts was easy to imagine.

Up in the arena, the auras of the two intensely clashed with each other. A strong wind started to blow, spreading to the outside of the arena.

The wind kicked up the dust and creating a cloud, hiding the arena from the crowd. The spectators could not help but squint and try to see through it.


The surging wind suddenly came to a stop. The sound of two weapons rang out; Chu Chaoyun and Xiao Chen had made a move at the same time.

The crowd only saw a golden light filling the air behind Chu Chaoyun. The light was resplendent and dazzling; it was so piercing, that the crowd’s eyes hurt.

“State of light! The state Chu Chaoyun has comprehended is unexpectedly the state of light, the strongest of all states!”

The onlookers were all shocked.


An even brighter sword light appeared within the golden light. The sword light shot out, and a vast sword intent rushed towards Xiao Chen at lightning speed.

The instant the light appeared, the state of thunder and state of massacre that Xiao Chen had been suppressing immediately burst out.

A purple light behind them spread out and electric sparks flickered amidst it. When infused with the state of massacre, the scarlet and purple lights alternated.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two started to compete with their states. The incredibly resplendent golden light clashed with the extremely strange purple and scarlet light.

Intense explosions rang out around them. The stone tiles covering the arena cracked and pieces of flooring floated in mid-air.


Two figures flashed on the chaotic arena. They moved so fast that the crowd could not follow their movements.

The scene seemed very chaotic: lights of many colors flickered, and countless pieces of shattered stone flooring flew everywhere. The crowd simply could not see how did this happen.

“Pu ci!” Two mouthfuls of blood shot into the air and splattered onto the ground, dying it red.

However, no one could figure out whose blood it was. Even Jiang Zimo and the others were not capable of doing so. The speed of the two attacking with all their might was simply too fast.

The many colored lights and the different states intermingled on the arena—there was no way to see clearly.

In two opposite corners of the arena, Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun stood with their backs facing each other. Blood slowly dripped down from both the saber and the sword.

“Is it a draw?” the crowd below wondered.

The weapons were stained with blood. That meant that they had struck each other simultaneously. The two mouthfuls of blood seemed to have also come from both of them.

“It was too fast, I could not see it clearly. Unexpectedly, they managed to end up in a draw.”

“The scene was very chaotic. I could not see their attacks at all.”

The result seemed to be decided. Thus, the onlookers shook their heads and sighed. The fight had been too fast. Although it had been a breathtaking fight, they could not understand what had happened.


Just then, Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun turned around at the same time. Even though the fight seemed to have ended, the golden light and the alternating purple and red light quickly poured into their weapons.

The spectators were flabbergasted. They muttered, “Is the fight not over yet? Have they not made their move yet, despite such a big commotion?”

Chu Chaoyun’s sword left his hand and hovered in midair. Then, it started spinning.

He quickly and continuously made hand seals. As more hand seals were made, his fair hands started to glow with a golden light.

Xiao Chen stayed expressionless. He used his Lunar Shadow Saber to direct a strange energy. Dark clouds started churning in the sky and thunder rumbled.

When the golden light reached its brightest, Chu Chaoyun separated his hands. The flickering golden light on his left hand looked like a mirror.

He then moved the light around his sword, forming a circle.

“Chi! Chi!”

As Chu Chaoyun’s hand moved, a golden sword light appeared. When the circle was completed, a halo of sword light appeared around the sword.

“Life-Extinguishing Blood-Reversing Swordplay!” Chu Chhaoyun shouted. The instant the circle of sword light formed, he grabbed the spinning sword with his right hand and struck the ground with it.

The sword instantly turned into a golden light and carrying the aura of extermination flew directly at Xiao Chen.

Its trail did not fade. Instead, it formed a long and thin beam of light.

Xiao Chen pointed to the sky with his saber. His strongest move, the Wukui Moves Heaven, formed instantly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The sky shook and a scarlet Divine Wukui Tree carrying the supreme might of thunder descended.

Countless scarlet bolts of lightning appeared amidst the clouds. This Wukui Moves Heaven had been infused with the state of massacre. Aside from being very tyrannical, it also seemed very strange.


The divine scarlet Wukui Tree landed before Xiao Chen. He waved his hand and the divine tree crashed towards the golden beam of light.

“Ka ca!”

The radiant sword of golden light and the scarlet divine Wukui Tree rushed towards each other in the arena.

A crunching sound resounded and the sword went through the divine tree, leaving a hole in the trunk.

Cracks extended from the hole and covered the divine Wukui Tree. It seemed to be about to collapse.

The sword radiating golden light did not go undamaged either. Its originally resplendent and dazzling light became much dimmer.

However, the speed of the two did not change; only their might decreased by half.

“Dang! Bang!”

Two intense sounds rang out. Chu Chaoyun smashed into the divine tree flying at him with both his palms.

The state of thunder and state of massacre exploded out. They turned into an overwhelming scarlet shockwave which headed for Chu Chaoyun.

On the other side, the sword that had already dimmed arrived in front of Xiao Chen, just as Chu Chaoyun clashed with the divine Wukui Tree.

Xiao Chen adjusted his stance and raised his saber. When he blocked the tip of the sword, a surging energy burst forth from it.


The two stepped on air, they had been both struck out of the arena by their opponent’s Martial Technique and landed on the ground. Blood trickled down from their lips.

According to the rules, once they fell out of the arena, they would automatically lose. However, the two had fallen onto the ground at the same time. Thus, it was a draw.


Chu Chaoyun withdrew his palm and sheathed his sword, returning it to his back.

“After not meeting for half a year, you are already able to force me into such a state. I hope that you will continue to be as lucky after half a year.”

Chu Chaoyun wiped off the blood at the corner of his lips. He ignored the astonished looks of the crowd and walked to the side. Then, he closed his eyes and started recuperating.

Xiao Chen muttered to himself for a while, he did not have a dispirited expression. Although he had not managed to defeat his opponent, he had figured out the limits of his opponent’s strength. He was not afraid of a strong opponent, but he was afraid of an unfathomable one—one which he could not understand at all.

Having an opponent like Chu Chaoyun on the path of cultivation was not a bad thing for Xiao Chen. It would even make his life more exciting.

“Wow! The Great Qin Nation managed to groom out two absolute geniuses like them! How unbelievable! I mean, that is a place that is lacking in Spiritual Energy!”

“Given the existence of these two, no one will dare to say anything about the Great Qin Nation cultivators in the future.”

The crowd looked at the two, who were sitting cross-legged and recuperating, and discussed them in soft voices. Xiao Chen’s strength was clear for all to see. Now that Chu Chaoyun had obtained a draw against him, everyone acknowledged his strength as well.

The arena matches continued. Soon, the second round of drawing lots began. Xiao Chen drew the number 17 red token, becoming part of the first batch of contestants to fight.

Xiao Chen’s opponent was a cultivator from the Great Xia Nation. That person knew that he had suffered from significant internal injuries in his fight with Chu Chaoyun.

Thus, it would be impossible for Xiao Chen to recover so quickly. After hesitating for a moment, that person chose to fight. He wanted to see if he could obtain victory.

Even if that person could not win, he would be willing to accept a draw; that would at least get him one point.

However, the results disappointed him. Xiao Chen had just taken the healing Medicinal Pill that Shi Hailong gave him. Its effects were very good and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The internal injuries caused by Chu Chaoyun had already mostly recovered. While it could not be said that he had completely recovered his combat prowess, he had at least recovered ninety percent of it.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

After ten moves, Xiao Chen forced back his opponent with his saber. He pressed forward and used the Dragon Claw Fist to toss his opponent off the arena.

“Thank you for going easy!” Despite the other party’s depressed expression, Xiao Chen walked off the arena calmly.

The arena matches continued batch after batch. There were a few more people who chose to try their luck and fight Xiao Chen.

Nothing unexpected happened. Everyone lost to him within fifty moves. When everyone saw how the strong combat prowess he displayed was, the following opponents came to the conclusion that his wounds have recovered. Thus, when they drew him as an opponent, they immediately gave up without hesitation.

There were fewer and fewer matches left, so there was no more room for mistakes.

As the sun set and dusk approached, Xiao Chen entered the arena feeling bored.

This was the final match of his thirty matches. The results of the earlier 29 matches already guaranteed him one of the twenty spots.

The result of this final match did not make a difference for him at all. It did not matter whether he won or lost—he would be able to enter the Ancient Desolate Tower anyway.