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Chapter 491: Thousand Flaming Palms; Ferocious Chop

Chapter 491: Thousand Flaming Palms; Ferocious Chop

A so-called half-step Martial Monarch simply meant a Martial King who had cultivated his Essence and his Cultivation Technique to their limits, comprehended his state to the limit, and practiced his Martial Techniques to the limit.

Martial Kings that reached the limits of all their aspects would discover a qualitative difference between themselves and other Martial Kings. All that remained would be for their Mental Energy to attain a certain level before they could successfully become a Martial Monarch.

Xie Ziwen had excellent talent. His state, Cultivation Technique, and Martial Techniques could be said to have reached their limits already. His only deficiency was in his cultivation.

However, his consumption of the Blood Essence Pill made up for this shortfall. Within these thirty minutes, he could be considered a true half-step Martial Monarch.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen could still break his attacks easily; he did not seem to face any pressure.

Only the arena within one meter of Xiao Chen remained intact; the rest was covered in pits and looked quite decrepit.

“Thousand Flaming Palms, gather!” Xie Ziwen shouted and the countless flaming palms in the air merged together. They formed one incredibly huge flaming palm that looked very realistic; even the palm lines could be seen clearly.

This huge palm seemed like a tall wall rapidly crashing down. Its shadow instantly engulfed Xiao Chen.

“I don’t believe that I cannot crush you to death!”

Xie Ziwen continuously formed hand seals and the sea of flames around him surged. Unexpectedly, the huge, falling flame palm continued to grow stronger.


A purple bolt of lightning pierced through the palm like a long spear.

A faintly discernible figure was at the end of the lightning bolt. He held a saber and wore white robes with a blue strip of cloth around his forehead. His facial features were delicate and pretty as he stood in midair.

The palm landed on the arena without pause, and the arena silently sank more than ten meters into the ground.

The might of this palm was astoundingly great. The surrounding crowd found it hard to imagine that the white figure could pierce through the palm with one saber strike.


Xiao Chen ferociously pointed his saber at the sky, and the sharp Qi in his heart poured out from his saber and flew up.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The two-meter saber vibrated continuously. An extremely sharp saber intent instantly spread throughout the entire Tianwu Plaza.

The sabers of the bladesmen in the crowd all could not help but resonate with it, like they would fly out at any moment.

When Jiang Zimo, Zuo Mo, Ding Fengchou, and the other cultivators of the same generation saw this scene, they exchanged glances with one another with strange expressions.

After a while, Zuo Mo said uncertainly, “This is saber intent, right? Ding Fengchou, you are a swordsman who has comprehended sword intent. You should understand this better than us.”

When Ding Fengchou looked at the white figure in the air, he felt very bitter. From today onwards, he could only chase this person from afar.

Ding Fengchou sighed softly and nodded. “There is no need to keep guessing. It is saber intent. Actually, I should have guessed it long ago. After he cleared the test of desire, his state of mind should have reached Consummation. It is natural that the sharpness in his heart would sharpen into saber intent.”

Even though Ding Fengchou said that, he had not expected Xiao Chen to comprehend saber intent so soon. He had estimated that Xiao Chen would need at least another two years to do so.

When the rest heard Ding Fengchou’s answer, they all remained silent. Saber intent was different from sword intent in that it was harder to comprehend.

If one could comprehend saber intent before the age of thirty, one could become an exceptional bladesman.

However, Xiao Chen managed to comprehend saber intent even before he reached the age of twenty. He was comparable to the Ancient Era’s genius bladesmen. The distance between Xiao Chen and the rest had widened once again.

Shi Hailong’s jaw hung open for a long time before he managed to close it again. All the worry that was previously on his wrinkled face now vanished. He relaxed his expression and smiled. “Ha ha ha! Gong Haoyu, you asked for this humiliation yourself. Let’s see how you are going to give an account to your Pavilion Master when you return.”

Xie Ziwen’s Second Martial Uncle, Gong Haoyu, had a sullen expression. He had to struggle to say “Don’t laugh too early. It is just saber intent. It is not sufficient for him to overcome a half-step Martial Monarch.”



When that sharp Qi in Xiao Chen’s heart poured out, his entire body felt very comfortable.

Now that my saber intent has formed, the sharpness in my heart will never fade away. From this moment on, I can truly be called a bladesman.

Xie Ziwen’s expression changed erratically. When he looked at the airborne Xiao Chen spreading his saber intent everywhere, a sense of despair bloomed in his heart.

It’s impossible, this is impossible! Since I became famous, no one has been able to defeat me, aside from those expert geniuses of the Great Jin Nation!

This Xiao Chen is merely a cultivator from the Great Qin Nation. It is impossible for him to defeat me. I have to be victorious, I must be victorious. I will snatch away his Luck and become the top genius of the Great Jin Nation.

Xie Ziwen howled furiously. Veins bulged on his forehead as he shouted, “Dance of Ten Thousand Flames!”

Xie Ziwen formed hand seals. The sea of flames around him surged with huge, strong waves. The temperature of the entire plaza immediately soared.

The scorching air forced everyone to circulate their energies in order to resist it.


Xie Ziwen pointed at Xiao Chen as sweat dripped down his forehead. This move used all the Essence he had, making him extremely pale.

If Xie Ziwen had not consumed the Blood Essence Pill, he could not have executed this move.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Within the sea of flames, thousands of flame ribbons the width of arms rose towards Xiao Chen, trying to kill him.

Xiao Chen’s gaze turned cold and as sharp as knives. He grabbed his saber with his right hand. With the support of the sharp saber intent, the saber light became extremely resplendent.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The sabers of the bladesmen present could no longer be held back. They all flew in the air with buzzing sounds.

Eternal saber intent, inextinguishable sharpness!

Relying on the sharpness of the saber intent, Xiao Chen did not retreat. For the first time since he became a peak Medial Grade Martial King, he unleashed his strength without holding back at all.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The saber light flashed, slicing flame ribbons apart like strips of noodles.

The dazzling red ribbons fell from the air, looking very pretty. Xiao Chen continued chopping down the ribbons until he arrived before Xie Ziwen.

Xiao Chen managed to chop all the flame ribbons into slivers. The Dance of Ten Thousand Flames was the upgraded version of the Dance of a Thousand Flames that had given him trouble in the past. Yet, he easily dealt with it like the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.


His sharp saber intent blanketed the entire arena, and the mysterious phenomenon that Xie Ziwen created out of this state instantly vanished.

Xie Ziwen was only halfway through the execution of his final move when Xiao Chen tyrannically suppressed it.

“You. Lose.”

Xiao Chen placed his saber’s blade against Xie Ziwen’s neck before repeating what he had said previously with a calm expression.

Xiao Chen’s voice was as calm as ever. With his saber pressed against Xie Ziwen’s neck, he could easily kill Xie Ziwen with a single move.

The plaza fell extremely silent. No one said a word as they looked at Xiao Chen. Now, no one believed that he reached the eighth floor as a result of luck.

Xiao Chen had terminated the mysterious phenomenon of the sea of flames in a tyrannical fashion. Xie Ziwen had originally looked very pale due to his overdrawing on his Essence, but now he looked even paler.

“Pu ci!”

Xie Ziwen vomited a large mouthful of blood. The overwhelming aura that he had before shriveled up like a deflated balloon.

It had already been a joss stick’s worth of time. The effect of the Blood Essence Pill ended and the repercussions kicked in.

Xie Ziwen’s eyes became dispirited and completely drained of strength. His cultivation dropped to Medial Grade Martial King.

It would be impossible for Xie Ziwen to recover to his peak state within three months. This was the cruel side effect of the Blood Essence Pill.


The figure of Evil Moon Pavilion’s Gong Haoyu flashed. He grabbed Xie Ziwen and looked coldly at Xiao Chen. He said, “Very good, you have now completely offended the Evil Moon Pavilion. You better not step into the Great Jin Nation. Otherwise, no one will be able to protect you.”

After Gong Haoyu said that, he shouldered Xie Ziwen and was about to rush into the sky, intending to leave the Tianwu Plaza.


Just as Gong Haoyu rose into the air, he discovered a strand of very sharp saber Qi making for his head at lightning speed.

The saber Qi was infused with a sharp saber intent. The support of the saber intent amplified the state of thunder within the saber Qi to at least double strength.

Gong Haoyu’s expression turned cold as he sent a palm strike at the saber Qi. An electric light flickered before it exploded in the air.

The saber Qi turned into sparks lighting up the sky. However, it managed to force Gong Haoyu back to the ground.

“Xiao Chen, what are you trying to do?!” Gong Haoyu shouted after he landed.

Xiao Chen pointed his saber at Gong Haoyu and said calmly, “Did I say that you can leave?”

Xiao Chen’s two-meter-long saber vibrated continuously. It continued to emanate a sharp saber intent, and all the sabers that the saber intent called over quickly started resonating.

When the thousands of cultivators in the Tianwu Plaza heard what Xiao Chen said, they felt like their brains had short-circuited.

What was Xiao Chen thinking of doing? Gong Haoyu was one of the Evil Moon Pavilion’s outer sect elders. He became a half-step Martial Monarch many years ago.

Although Gong Haoyu had limited resources and had no way to become a Martial Monarch in his lifetime, he was still a bona fide half-step Martial Monarch.

Gong Haoyu was not like Xie Ziwen, who relied on a Medicinal Pill to temporarily raise his cultivation to half-step Martial Monarch. A qualitative difference existed between the two.

Although it was shocking that Xiao Chen managed to defeat Xie Ziwen, this was definitely possible for the genius who managed to climb to the eighth floor.

However, making a move against Gong Haoyu was too crazy.

After all, Xiao Chen was too young and had not yet matured. There was still a distance between him and the experts of the older generation.

Gong Haoyu remained expressionless as he gently tossed Xie Ziwen to the audience. Then, he landed on the ground.

“It looks like I really have become old already. The youths of today are so arrogant. You are the one who challenged me first today. Even if I kill you, the Heavenly Extermination Union cannot do anything about it.”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. This person is truly shameless. If he had not made that threat, I would not have made a move against him.

Since they had already fallen out with each other here, there was no need to wait till he went to the Great Jin Nation to settle the matter. Xiao Chen was not a person who was willing to wait for revenge.

If Xiao Chen had the chance to deal with the other party now, why would he wait until he entered the other party’s territory to deal with him?