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Chapter 495: Scheming against Gao Yangyu

Chapter 495: Scheming against Gao Yangyu

However, when Xiao Chen compared himself to Bai Lixi, the difference became immediately clear.

Bai Lixi had easily won a huge amount of Spirit Stones in a bet. By relying on his set of ten-odd Medial Grade Secret Treasures, his combat prowess surpassed Xiao Chen’s; the difference frustrated Xiao Chen greatly.

When Bai Lixi saw Xiao Chen’s depressed appearance, the smile on his face grew bigger. He seemed insincere as he comforted Xiao Chen, saying, “Little Brother, don’t overthink this. I am only ahead of you temporarily. However, the path of cultivation is long. In terms of potential, I am not comparable to you.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly, “Never mind, let’s not talk about this anymore. You aren’t being targeted now, right? Help me make some inquiries, see who the people trying to find news about me are.”

Startled, Bai Lixi asked, “What are you thinking of doing? I already made arrangements. I guarantee that you can leave Desolate City tonight.”

Xiao Chen said, “Just do what I say. Some gratitude and grudges have to be ended early. Otherwise, it would just result in future problems.”

“Even if one disappeared, one’s friends or family might end up being harmed. I do not want to leave any regrets for myself, regrets that would be hard to recover from.”

Bai Lixi thought about it for a while, but he still disapproved of Xiao Chen’s rationale. He said, “Gao Yangyu is not easy to deal with. He became famous very long ago in the southern islands. He has already been a Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch for long time as well.”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “This is precisely the reason why I have to make a move fast. He would be harder to deal with after he becomes a Martial Monarch.”

When Bai Lixi saw that Xiao Chen was set on this, he had nothing else to say.

Bai Lixi might seem very coarse and straightforward, but he realized that what Xiao Chen said made sense as well. It was just that he worried for him.

Xiao Chen left to look for a good room to stay in. Then, he continued to stabilized his cultivation.

He was like a Divine Weapon being forged. Currently, only a rough outline had been formed; a lot more work had to be done before it would become sharp and powerful.


After Bai Lixi left, he did not appear for two days. So Xiao Chen spent the two days in the spacious quarters that he rented. When Bai Lixi showed up, he pushed open the doors to Xiao Chen’s suite and sat at the table in the living room.

Xiao Chen slowly opened his eyes and then the door of the bedroom. When he saw the somewhat fatigued Bai Lixi, he asked, “Did you manage to get the information?”

Bai Lixi took out stacks of paper and said, “Brat, you are really popular. There are many people looking for you. I searched all over the Wind Chasing Pavilion and found hundreds of such people.”

Nodding, Xiao Chen thanked him. “You worked very hard. How many Spirit Stones did you spend? I’ll reimburse you.”

Bai Lixi chuckled. “Don’t worry about money. I may lack many things, but money is not one of them. I’ll go first. Just holler when you need me. Don’t act rashly on your own; I am available at any moment for my brother.”

He had already guessed what Xiao Chen wanted to do. By saying these words, it was already as good as him helping Xiao Chen. This fellow was rather interesting.

There was an entire pile of information on the table. The reports introduced the strength, backing, and personal information of every person searching for Xiao Chen.

At the bottom was even some professional evaluation on why these people were searching for him.

The detailed information really gave Xiao Chen a lesson. He now understood why he was so easily found.

The information broker in Desolate City known as Wind Chasing Pavilion was really complex.


Four hours later, Xiao Chen finished looking through all the information on the table. Then, he spent another hour categorizing them.

The first group was of no threat, consisting of the relentless big sects trying to extend an olive branch to him.

The second group was rather interesting, consisting of youths who wanted to challenge him, to use him to become famous; there were many of them.

There was no need to care too much about the first two groups. They had no malicious intentions towards Xiao Chen. As for the third group, this was the danger he had to guard against.

The Holy Fire Manor’s Qin Yu had spent a large amount three times to track down Xiao Chen’s location. He had even asked the Wind Chasing Pavilion to keep an eye on his movements, wanting them to inform him when Xiao Chen left the city.

Xiao Chen thought back briefly and recalled who this Qin Yu was. He was the Holy Fire Manor’s inner sect elder whom he had snatched the peak high-rank Demon Core from in the Demon Battlefield.

“It looks like this fellow is preparing to ambush me when I exit the city. He is also a Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch; he will not be easy to deal with.”

Xiao Chen continued reading and found Gao Yangyu’s records; he had gone to the Wind Chasing Pavilion together with Qin Yu.

Xiao Chen frowned. Two Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs were working against him. This was going to be hard to deal with.

When Xiao Chen looked down and saw the Wind Chasing Pavilion’s analysis, his eyes brightened and a smile appeared on his face.

Unexpectedly, Gao Yangyu was not staying with the Holy Fire Manor. Xiao Chen felt surprised at such an opportunity.

However, there was no report on Chu Chaoyun in the pile of information. This made Xiao Chen suspicious. If this person had not gone through the Wind Chasing Pavilion to find him, then how had he done so?

Xiao Chen could not think of an answer to this, so he set this question aside temporarily. After he destroyed the information, he called Bai Lixi over to explain his plan.

“You want to take the initiative to deal with Gao Yangyu before wiping out the Holy Fire Manor’s Desolate City branch?”

When Bai Lixi heard Xiao Chen’s plan, he could not help but show a startled expression.

Xiao Chen said calmly, “That’s right. We can’t give Gao Yangyu a chance to work with Qin Yu. Otherwise, we would not stand a chance.”

Bai Lixi thought for a while before laughing rambunctiously. “Brat, you are really bold! I, Old Bai, will give you a hand.

“That group of people is still waiting for you to leave the city. They will not expect you to take the initiative to attack them. Just tell me what to do.”

Xiao Chen gave Bai Lixi a deep look and said, “Are you not afraid?”

Bai Lixi chuckled and said, “I am a bachelor; I have nothing to fear. Now that the age of geniuses is budding, who exactly will be the main character of this age?

“I, Old Bai, think that it is you. If I am right about this and you are truly the main character of this age, the benefits that I will obtain will be much more than what I invested.”

The age of geniuses had arrived; a great age was upon everyone. A Martial Emperor would definitely arise.

If one played their cards right, they might be able to gain the friendship of a future Martial Emperor. This benefit was much better than any natural treasure, Spirit Core, or miraculous medicine by at least a thousand or even ten thousand times.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “I am not too concerned with who the main character is. If you help me, I will definitely remember this favor.”

After the two finished discussing, Bai Lixi left again. He went to search out Gao Yangyu’s residence at all costs while Xiao Chen started his final preparations.

Xiao Chen took out the remainder of the Wutong Spiritual Wood from his Universe Ring. Then, he closed his eyes and started to review his memories, searching for something worth carving.

After a while, the image of a Rank 10 Frost Flood Dragon appeared in his mind.

Xiao Chen made his choice. Since he was going to do it, he was going to go big.


Three days later, Bai Lixi found where Gao Yangyu was staying. They had finished all their preparations. When night fell, Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi immediately departed.

Desolate City was a city built around water. There were countless rivers and lakes within the city.

A pavilion sat in the middle of a small lake in the northern part of Desolate City. A small, winding, wooden path extended from the pavilion to the shore.

At a hidden area near the lakeside, Xiao Chen said in astonishment, “Who said that this fellow is bankrupt? He is staying alone in such a large house; this is not something many cultivators can do.”

Bai Lixi smiled embarrassedly and said, “A starving camel is still larger than a fat horse. After all, this fellow had run his business in Wrestling City for quite a long time. He definitely has some reserves.”

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Let’s go!”

Bai Lixi took out the huge axe behind him. An expression of disdain flashed on his face as he said, “I will make the first move later.”

The two withdrew their auras and walked silently on the wooden, winding path, heading for the pavilion at the center of the lake.

“Break for this old man!”

When the two were a hundred meters away from the pavilion, Bai Lixi suddenly erupted. His huge axe quickly grew larger as he shouted a warcry. Then, he straightforwardly hacked down at the pavilion.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

A light flickered above the pavilion, crackling as it crashed against the huge axe. Pillars of water burst out of the lake.

Unexpectedly, this pavilion had a simple defensive barrier. However, this did not surprise Bai Lixi. The talisman scripts on his black leather gloves slowly lit up.

“Break!” Bai Lixi shouted again and he used his enlarged axe to hack down once more.

“Chi! Chi!”

The barrier broke with a ‘ka ca’ sound. The axe hacked down without anything blocking it, chopping the huge pavilion in half.

When the huge axe reached the lowest floor, it gave off a metallic ‘clang.’ When Bai Lixi tried to pull it back, his axe seemed to be stuck; he could not pull it out.


The two halves of the pavilion fell into the lake, revealing Gao Yangyu standing on the water. He emitted a strong aura as he grasped Bai Lixi’s axe with one hand.


Gao Yangyu snorted coldly as he smacked the axe head with a palm strike. The axe immediately shrank back to its original size.

Bai Lixi could not help but take a few steps back on the winding path.

When Gao Yangyu saw Xiao Chen beside Bai Lixi, his gaze instantly turned cold. He had a glacial expression as he said with a chilly tone, “Unexpectedly, you came looking for me when I did not come for you. You really are courageous.”


Gao Yangyu stomped heavily on the water. A semicircular wall of water rose up behind him as his figure flashed.

He created ripples with his palm, like a gushing waterfall in the night.

He directed the might of the waterfall at Xiao Chen.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The sound of the waterfall reverberated in the surroundings, just like a real waterfall.


Gao Yangyu’s attack had a surging momentum. Xiao Chen chose to dodge to deal with this. He pushed off the path and his figure drifted back.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The unending waterfall in the sky gathered into Gao Yangyu’s palm before exploding out.

The wooden, winding path under Gao Yangyu’s feet instantly shattered and a huge water pillar soared out of the water.


Bai Lixi broke apart the water pillar and crashed his axe down at Gao Yangyu. His attack was not fancy at all; it was just a straightforward attack with horrifying strength.

When Bai Lixi attacked with the axe, he tore the air apart as if it were paper; a faint rip appeared.

Waves of water came out of Gao Yangyu’s right palm, which he kept moving around. All the water-attribute Spiritual Energy quickly gathered over.

When the axe arrived before Gao Yangyu, he threw a palm strike that exploded out with surging steam. The huge force sent Bai Lixi flying back for at least a hundred meters.


The waves crashed and a figure flashed. It was Xiao Chen coming forward to attack. He clenched his right fist tightly as the Azure Dragon Tattoo on his right arm swam around.