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Chapter 504: Executing Blood Demons

Chapter 504: Executing Blood Demons

During long battles, they had to be cautious while dealing with Demons. Otherwise, the tables might turn on them.

Everyone moved quickly and they covered the distance of three kilometers in twenty minutes. Soon, the Blood Demons appeared before everyone.

Ping Xingteng waved his hand and a saber appeared. He smiled maniacally and said, “I will take the lead. Let’s see how strong the Blood Demons are in this Deep Sea Battlefield.”

Almost everyone else drew their weapons as well and followed closely behind him. They all seemed extremely excited.

“Boom! Boom!”

The scarlet sea surged with large waves. Ping Xingteng was quite strong. When his attack suddenly burst forth, he heavily injured a middle-ranked Blood Demon in three strikes.

However, Ping Xingteng ended up surrounded by the other nine Blood Demons. Wu Quan drew the great sword on his back and shouted, “Go help him!”

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The scene instantly became very chaotic. The members of this makeshift team did not have any rapport with one another. They merely rushed over and attacked the Blood Demons, fighting individual battles.

The advantage of numbers instantly disappeared. When the scarlet water splashed up and struck some of the cultivators’ faces, they even panicked for a while.

Xiao Chen shook his head to himself. However, he could not stand by and do nothing. He could only move around and quickly help out anyone in mortal danger. He tirelessly distracted the Blood Demons.

The only person present who caught Xiao Chen’s regard was the team captain—Wu Quan. This person was very courageous. When he saw that something was wrong, he immediately attracted the attention of three Blood Demons.

His action reduced the pressure on the rest of the team. On the other hand, although Ping Xingteng was strong, he was only interested in slaughtering the Blood Demon he dealt with, ignoring everything that went on around him.

This battle continued for an hour. After five people were lightly injured, they managed to turn the situation to their favor.

“This is great! Ha ha ha ha!” Ping Xingteng wiped off the blood on his face as he roared in excitement. Then he swung his saber in order to kill the final Blood Demon.

Wu Quan quickly stopped Ping Xingteng and said, “Brother Ping, wait for a while. The point from this Blood Demon should be given to Xiao Chen. After all, he was the one who discovered the Blood Demons. Otherwise, we would not have been able to find these Blood Demons. You have already obtained two points.”

As the team captain, Wu Quan was very responsible. Even though he had handled three Blood Demons, he only dealt the final blow to one of them.

He gave the final blow for the other two Blood Demons to his teammates, obtaining only one point for himself.

Ping Xingteng stopped unhappily. Then he said to Xiao Chen, “That’s right. You can have this Blood Demon, then.”

Xiao Chen waved it off and said indifferently, “There is no need. The amount of points here is insufficient to distribute to everyone. I will not create more trouble in this regard.”

Ping Xingteng chuckled. “Brat, you are really tactful. I will not stand on ceremony, then!”

He swung his saber and killed the Blood Demon. One more black dot appeared on his jade pendant.

Wu Quan shook his head. Ping Xingteng had killed these three Blood Demons with his own strength. There was nothing much Wu Quan could say about that.

Following that was the distribution of spoils. The middle-ranked Blood Demons might not have carried a lot of valuable items, but under Wu Quan’s distribution, everyone got something.

The heads of the ten Blood Demons were given to the five injured people. Wu Quan explained to Xiao Chen that these heads could be exchanged for Medicinal Pills or Spirit Herbs at the outpost.

Under normal circumstances, no one would have any opinion about letting the injured cultivators have the heads.

After the team rested for fifteen minutes, they continued on their way. Xiao Chen scouted ahead for them and never failed to find suitable prey.

Unexpectedly, after fighting for a day, no one was heavily injured. Those hurt suffered only minor injuries; they would recover their combat prowess after some first aid.

When night fell, the dark clouds above became even darker. Now, it was so dark that they could not see their fingers when they stretched their hands out.

When Wu Quan saw someone taking out a Night Pearl for light, he quickly stopped that person. “Don’t do that. The moment you take out the Night Pearl, you will attract all the Demons in the periphery. At that time, you will not survive even if you have nine lives.”

That person was startled and quickly stopped his movements. Wu Quan flipped his hand and took out a house the size of his palm.

After Wu Quan formed some hand seals, the house enlarged and became normal sized; it looked magical.

Wu Quan smiled and said, “This is a Secret Treasure that I found by coincidence. It is useless in battle but it is ideal for resting. Come in!”

There were tables and chairs in the house, as well as all the other necessary furniture. There was even a stove for cooking. Night Pearls inlaid into the ceiling illuminated the rooms. However, this light did not escape the house at all.

Wu Quan smiled and said, “Have a rest here first. Tonight, Xiao Chen and I will take the first watch.”

A cold wind blew at night. However, the scarlet sea did not become quiet. All sorts of strange cries resounded throughout the night.

If some of these cries were heard in the day, it might not have been scary. However, when heard at night, it made one’s hair stand on end.

They could even hear the miserable cries of some unfortunate cultivators captured by Demons in the night and eaten. Their heart-wrenching cries made one afraid.

Wu Quan and Xiao Chen were not too affected by these strange cries.

They sat on the roof, each holding a bottle of wine, as they chatted.

“Our results during the day are all thanks to you. Just thinking about it feels unbelievable. Unexpectedly, no one got heavily injured.”

Wu Quan gulped down mouthfuls of wine. He wiped off the wine that dribbled down as he thanked Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen brought the wine bottle up to his lips and took a sip. Then, he laughed softly. “It is thanks to your leadership. I did not do much.”

Xiao Chen’s words were not exaggerated. Wu Quan did have the makings of a leader. After the initial battles, the team members had now formed a rudimentary rapport with one another.

The situation where everyone fought their own battles had not recurred. This was all due to Wu Quan’s leadership.

As for Xiao Chen, he had not done much. He only went out for a walk and swept the place with his Spiritual Sense.

When the team was fighting, he did not do much. However, he kept his eyes on the Demons, especially the stronger ones.

When Xiao Chen saw his teammates in danger, he would lure the Demons away. This was all he had done.

After a few more days, when he had figured out the habits and abilities of the Demons, he would leave. There was no need for him to leave a strong impression on the team.

Wu Quan smiled gently, acknowledging Xiao Chen’s praise silently. Then he took another mouthful of wine before asking, “Xiao Chen, why did you come to the Deep Sea Battlefield?”

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “Of course it is to temper myself and improve further.”

Wu Quan shook his head and said, “That is not what I meant. Let’s put it this way: What will you do after you improve? Will you set up your own sect, or wander the world? Maybe become a Consecrate of a sect or join the Royal Court?”

Xiao Chen was somewhat stunned. Wu Quan’s question was rather interesting. Simply put: why was he cultivating?

Xiao Chen pondered for a while before answering seriously, “To climb to the apex of cultivation, to see the scenery at the peak. Then, to leave my name behind for thousands of generations, to not be forgotten after ten thousand years.”

Wu Quan’s mouth gaped slightly as he smiled in discomfiture. “This is quite a big and noble dream. There is only one of such people like the Tianwu Emperor or the Thunder Emperor every few thousand years.”

Xiao Chen smiled gently and said, “Just joking. I want to be a wanderer, exploring the world and getting to know all sorts of famous bladesmen.”

Wu Quan finally felt some relief. If anyone else heard that dream, they would take Xiao Chen for a dreamer spouting nonsense. The latter answer was a more normal one.

Wu Quan did not realize that many years later, he would sigh incessantly at the memory of this exchange tonight.

This youth would someday become someone greater than the Thunder Emperor, leaving his name for thousands of years, not forgotten for tens of thousands of years. Such a legend was currently sitting beside him.

History would remember the White Robed Bladesman who liked to wear white and always had a calm expression. However, it would not remember that there had been a night such as this, a night where he, Wu Quan, drank together with this legend and chatted. It would not even remember that Wu Quan was once Xiao Chen’s nominal captain.

As the two drank and chatted, the night passed very fast. Nothing had happened in the night.

When the cultivators in the house woke up and opened the doors, the visibility was still very poor. However, it was not to the point where they could not see their fingers when they stretched out their hands. They could see quite far after circulating Essence to their eyes.

“That what-his-name…Xiao Chen, go scout around and find out where the Demons are. After one night, my saber is thirsty.”

The moment Ping Xingteng stepped out, he called out to Xiao Chen, speaking very naturally, like it was something expected of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen found it very funny. This person had already gotten used to ordering him around; he was not embarrassed at all.

Wu Quan said somewhat worriedly, “Should I go? You did not sleep the entire night. You are probably quite tired.”

“It’s fine. It is just one night. It is not a problem.”

Seeing that Xiao Chen said that, Wu Quan did not say anything more. It was indeed not a problem for cultivators to stay awake for a few nights.

Xiao Chen leaped up gently and flew a hundred meters away. Soon, he vanished from everybody’s sight.

Ping Xingteng smiled and said to the rest, “This brat…although he is not very strong, he is pretty good at Movement Techniques. Even I admit that I am inferior to him in that aspect.”

Yesterday, all of Xiao Chen’s information was very accurate. When they were fighting, it was as he had said.

Xiao Chen basically just moved around and did not burden them at all. He also did not fight for any benefits.

“He also has a very good temper, not fighting for anything. I really like youths like him. Speaking of which, the few of you should learn from him. Newcomers need to have the awareness of a newcomer. Xiao Chen is a good example.

“Unfortunately, the youths today are all useless. Their arrogance is so great. They are afraid of others gaining an advantage on them. They do not know how to be realistic and take one step at a time. This is the most important thing.”

Ping Xingteng already had more than a hundred points and was feeling very pleased. He started trying to give advice to everyone.

Wu Quan shook his head and interrupted, “Let’s leave that for later. We should practice that troop formation from yesterday. Prepare it in advance for later.”