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Chapter 503: Waging War on Winged Demons

Chapter 503: Waging War on Winged Demons

When everyone heard Wu Quan’s words, they immediately revealed expressions of relief. They quickly ignored Ping Xingteng and replied, “No problem, Captain!”

The performance of Wu Quan from yesterday had already won over the hearts and respect of this group of cultivators.

After one hour, a white figure appeared above the scarlet sea; it was Xiao Chen returning.

Ping Xingteng immediately demanded anxiously, “Xiao Chen, quickly tell us the situation. My blood is burning!”

Xiao Chen was flabbergasted. He felt it was very funny and did not know what to say about this person.

He took a short breather and told everyone what he had seen. Then, he said, “This is the situation. It’s up to you how you want to proceed.”

Like the previous day, Xiao Chen’s report was very detailed. They could make an informed decision based on it.

Wu Quan and Ping Xingteng discussed it and decided to head west. Two and a half kilometers from here were twenty-odd Winged Demons.

Winged Demons were Demons with hard skin and a pair of wings on their backs. They could fly from birth. The green skin gave them a physical defense that humans lacked.

Speed and defense were the Winged Demons’ specialties. Their biggest weakness was offense. Even if they attacked with all their might, they would not cause any fatal damage to anyone on this team.

Of course, that was if they did not hit any vital points. The biggest problem in dealing with the Winged Demons was their speed.

After about seven or eight minutes, the team saw the group of Winged Demons Xiao Chen reported. They were two meters tall and resting on a beast. They were currently eating some strange fish they had caught from the sea.

Ping Xingteng clearly looked excited. He drew his saber and a saber light appeared as he rushed forward.

However, Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave. He discovered a Winged Demon that was as strong as a peak Superior Grade Martial King in the middle of those twenty-odd Winged Demons.

Earlier, Xiao Chen had only used his Spiritual Sense to do a rough scan of the area; he had not discovered this hidden Winged Demon. If they were careless, they might be in trouble.

When the Winged Demons discovered the presence of Wu Quan and the rest, they stopped eating. They revealed ferocious gazes as they flapped their wings and arrived before everyone.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Following Ping Xingteng’s excited roar, an intense battle began. The calm scarlet sea churned and splattered everywhere. Huge waves tossed water into the air.

The team was already experienced and no longer panicked needlessly because of the scarlet water.


Xiao Chen’s figure flashed and he arrived before the Winged Demon in question. He punched, preventing it from making a move.

This Winged Demon was shorter than the surrounding Winged Demons. However, its green skin was a deeper shade than the others’; its black eyes seemed colder as well.

Xiao Chen withdrew his fist and looked at the Winged Demon before him. A faint smile appeared on his delicate face as he said, “Your opponent is me.”

“You are seeking death!”

That Winged Demon laughed coldly. It spread its wings wide and then turned into a green flash of light heading for Xiao Chen. Unexpectedly, it achieved Mach 3.5.

As Xiao Chen watched the Winged Demon fly over, his expression remained calm.

Xiao Chen stomped heavily on the scarlet sea and clenched his fist. He sent out a sharp fist wind as he welcomed it.


The Winged Demon laughed strangely as he sent a similar punch over. Xiao Chen felt a huge force that pushed him back a hundred meters. He thrust against the water heavily and tumbled twice before he could dissipate the force.

What a fellow! Who said that the Winged Demon’s attacks are weak? This Winged Demon is not weak at all.

Although Xiao Chen only used thirty percent of his strength in that punch, that was still 150,000 kilograms of force. Unexpectedly, he was still knocked back.

It seemed like things were as Xiao Chen expected. This was a strengthened Winged Demon; it was much stronger than the other middle-ranked Winged Demons.

However, that Winged Demon did not get away unscathed, either. It had also been knocked back by several dozen meters before it could stabilize itself.


The Winged Demon roared ferociously and rushed forward again. Xiao Chen did not fear it and did the same. However, this time, he increased his strength to forty percent.

When the two fists clashed, there was a dull sound. This time, neither one got knocked back. They were about equal in strength.

However, that Winged Demon used its full strength while Xiao Chen only used forty percent. When the force from the Winged Demon’s punch poured into his body, he circulated his Essence to easily expel it.

However, the force from Xiao Chen’s punch caused the Winged Demon to feel very miserable.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

The strengthened Winged Demon spread its wings. It knew that Xiao Chen was not easy to deal with. So it flew up, not wanting to clash head-on.

The Winged Demon controlled the air currents and sent sharp winds at Xiao Chen like arrows. It wanted to make use of its fast speed to harass Xiao Chen and obtain the final victory.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and could not be bothered to continue moving. It seemed like he had rooted himself to the water and his fists moved continuously, repelling his opponent’s attacks.

The speed of the Winged Demon at full power was faster than Xiao Chen’s if he did not use his Essence.

However, Xiao Chen’s physical strength was much stronger than the Winged Demon’s. One punch from Xiao Chen could deal with ten of its punches.

Xiao Chen dealt with the hundreds of attacks in such a manner. Soon, the Winged Demon could no longer endure. It could not figure out how this human could be physically stronger than it was.

When Xiao Chen looked towards Wu Quan’s side, he discovered that the battle there was almost finished. Under the perfect coordination of the team, the twenty-odd Winged Demons were not much of a threat.

“There is no need to continue playing with you. Time to die!”

Xiao Chen’s gaze suddenly turned cold and he raised his strength to eighty percent, punching directly at the Winged Demon.


Xiao Chen’s punch landed on the Winged Demon’s chest. There was a loud crunch and the Winged Demon’s internal organs all shattered. Its eyes instantly lost all its light.

“Hu chi!”

The Winged Demon fell like a broken kite. Ping Xingteng, who had just finished a Winged Demon, watched excitedly as the Winged Demon fell towards him.

Ping Xingteng’s face lit up in excitement and he shouted, “Good timing!”

Ping Xingteng leaped up and swung his saber. A saber light flickered and the Winged Demon’s head was lopped off.

When everyone saw this, they could not help but be surprised. The Winged Demon had strong defenses. If they were to strike it with their weapons, they would only be able to leave a faint line. The neck was a vital point. Logically, its defenses should have been even stronger there.

How was it possible for Ping Xingteng to chop off the Winged Demon’s head in one strike? No one could understand what was going on. “Vice-captain, I did not know your saber is so sharp until today. I really underestimated you in the past.”

However, Ping Xingteng was also thinking to himself, That was too easy. It felt like the falling Winged Demon was already dead and its defenses weakened.

However, the expression on Ping Xingteng’s face did not change. He did not seem to care as he chuckled and said, “Just a small matter. A mere Winged Demon is not worth mentioning.”

Xiao Chen looked at the back of the Jade Pendant and saw that a black dot had appeared there. He thought to himself, This jade pendant is really magical.

Earlier, Xiao Chen punched a Winged Demon to death and a black dot immediately appeared in a box. He could not figure out what principles governed it.

“Speaking of which, you fought that Winged Demon for such a long time. Why did you not draw your saber?”

Another teammate saw the Lunar Shadow Saber on Xiao Chen’s waist. So he asked out of curiosity.

Without waiting for Xiao Chen to answer, Ping Xingteng said quickly, “Stop making Xiao Chen feel bad. It is clear that he is too ashamed to draw his saber in front of me, a peak bladesman. Yet, you still asked about it. Isn’t that just picking on him?

“You can’t do this to others. All of us should do what we ought to do. Stop harassing Xiao Chen.”

Ping Xingteng walked over to Xiao Chen’s side and consoled him, “Don’t feel sad. I had similar experiences in the past. I understand the pain in your heart. Continue to work hard and one day, you will became an excellent bladesman like me.”

After Ping Xingteng finished speaking, he heavily patted Xiao Chen’s shoulder to indicate encouragement.

However, once Ping Xingteng was done, an unnatural expression appeared on his face as he quickly withdrew his hand and wrung it in pain.

Ping Xingteng asked in a quivering voice, “I say, Xiao Chen, why did you place two metal plates on your shoulders?”

Metal plates?

Xiao Chen was slightly stunned by this question but he quickly realized what happened. While fighting the strengthened Winged Demon earlier, he circulated the Firmament Body Tempering Art.

Before he stopped circulating the Heaven-Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique, his body would be as hard as metal. No wonder Ping Xingteng would say that.

Xiao Chen found it very funny. This fellow was an idiot. After Xiao Chen stop circulating the Firmament Body Tempering Art, he nodded and said, “My strength is weak. So I can only do that.”

Ping Xingteng’s right hand was already swelling, so he cursed Xiao Chen in his heart. It felt really painful.

However, Ping Xingteng did not show anything on his face. He could only say in a depressed tone, “Next time, don’t place the metal plates on your shoulders. They’re not useful at all. You are not going to be able to injure the enemy. Instead, you harmed your own teammate. No wonder you made no improvements in your Saber Techniques.

“This intelligence is your flaw. You are not about to change it and are destined to be an errand boy forever.”

“Xiao Chen, come over! It’s time to distribute the spoils!” Wu Quan’s voice rang out at the right moment.

Xiao Chen ignored Ping Xingteng’s banter and quickly walked over to split the spoils.

After this, they carried on as usual. After resting for a while, Xiao Chen continued to search the periphery for suitable opponents.

After Xiao Chen found suitable opponents, the team would rush over and defeat them.

With Xiao Chen providing accurate intel and supporting them while they fought, the team’s operation in the periphery went very smoothly.

The amount of points they accumulated soared. Every team member was very excited. As they fought more Demons, they gained more experience. Soon, they were no longer the newbies they once were.

This repeated peacefully for five days. Suddenly, Ping Xingteng suggested, “It is pointless to remain in the periphery. Wu Quan, let’s go to the inner area. The Demons there are stronger. The value of the materials we can get would be higher as well.”

The past few days had been very smooth. This gave the other team members a boost in confidence. They all pitched in and said, “Captain, let’s go to the inner area. The periphery seems pointless.”

“That’s right. With our strength, we are stifled in the periphery.”

Humans do not know how to be content, Xiao Chen sighed to himself. This group of people overestimated themselves.