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Chapter 505: Blocking a Swordsman

Chapter 505: Blocking a Swordsman

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

A few more people were heavily injured by the high-ranked Blood Demons.

One of them received particularly severe injuries. A Blood Demon managed to grasp his heart in its sharp claws. All the Blood Demon had to do was apply a little force and it could kill him.

Fortunately, Wu Quan saved this person in time. Just as the Blood Demon was about to squeeze, Wu Quan chopped off its head. That was truly a moment of life or death.

In the blink of an eye, someone almost died. Xiao Chen had to take on the role of medic and try to save him.

In the end, after one high-ranked Blood Demon died, the battle became easier. However, Ping Xingteng was not careful enough and he let the Blood Demon escape.

Under such a situation, no one dared to chase after the Blood Demon; they only watched blankly as the heavily injured Blood Demon fled.

After this battle, the team gained some points and a high-ranked Demon Core. These were quite valuable.

However, the price for obtaining these were too high. No one felt happy about it. Five people were heavily injured and could not fight for at least three days. The others were all injured to a certain degree as well.

Only Xiao Chen was unscathed. Everyone felt very fatigued; they could only let this day draw to a close.

When Wu Quan looked at the dispirited team, his heart sank. The price was too heavy.

Xiao Chen was right; they were not ready for the inner area. They could not even manage the borders of the inner area. There was a very, very clear difference in strength.

“Xingteng, dig out the Demon Core, and let’s get out of this place quickly. It is too dangerous. We should return to the outpost islets.”

Wu Quan collected his thoughts and stopped reproaching himself. He checked on the team’s injuries before instructing Ping Xingteng.

Ping Xingteng had an unsightly expression on his face as he sighed. Then, he went over to the high-ranked Blood Demon.

Just as Xiao Chen was taking care of an injured team member, he suddenly frowned. Someone is coming.

The thing that Xiao Chen worried about the most still happened in the end.

“He he! We are very lucky today. Right after we finished our battle, we run into some fattened lambs. Leave the high-ranked Blood Demon corpse behind and you may leave!”

Suddenly, a team of seven or eight people came over from a hundred meters away. The person leading them was a middle-aged swordsman. He had a sinister gaze and a long and narrow face.

This person emitted a strong aura. Furthermore, this person caused the scarlet water of the sea to churn and splash up in all directions.

As a swordsman, Wu Quan felt a heavy pressure. He revealed an astonished expression. Unexpectedly, this person was a half-step Martial Monarch swordsman.

Ping Xingteng had just dug out the Demon Core. He shouted angrily, “We have killed this Blood Demon after so much effort. Why should we give it to you?!”

The swordsman’s gaze turned frosty as he smiled coldly, “Very good, you are trying to negotiate with me. Now, not only do you have to hand over the high-ranked Blood Demon Core, you have to leave behind all your spatial rings. Otherwise, you can forget about leaving this place.”

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The people behind the swordsman immediately drew their weapons and glared maliciously at the group. Everyone became anxious.

Wu Quan’s team revealed expressions of dissatisfaction. They should not have come to the inner area. After working so hard to kill a Blood Demon, not only would they not get to keep it, even the fortune that they had saved up would be taken away.

“You! Hand it over!”

The swordsman took two steps forward and grabbed at the high-ranked Demon Core in Ping Xingteng’s hands.

Ping Xingteng cursed, “Screw you and your mother. I nearly died to obtained this. There is no way I’m giving this to you.”

Ping Xingteng immediately drew his saber and hacked down at the swordsman with an overwhelming saber light.

“You overestimate yourself!”

Seeing the imprudent Ping Xingteng, the swordsman roared ferociously and stomped on the scarlet sea. Water immediately soared up and the sea turned rough.

Ping Xingteng could not find stable footing and his attack deviated to the left of the swordsman’s left.


A bright light flashed as the swordsman drew his sword. The sword light tore through the water as it sent Ping Xingteng’s saber flying.

The sword trembled and hummed as it pierced the scarlet water and stabbed towards Ping Xingteng’s chest.

The swordsman was fast, accurate, and ruthless!


Wu Quan rushed forward and pushed Ping Xingteng away. Then he used his great sword to block this attack.

A surging sword Qi came from the swords, making Wu Quan’s internal organs churn. He could taste something sweet in his mouth as he nearly vomited blood.

Wu Quan forcibly suppressed the blood before saying, “Senior, you can take away the high-ranked Demon Core, and I will give you another one thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Will you let us go first?”

“Who exactly are you? You are not qualified to talk conditions with me. If you are too weak, then stay out of the inner area.”

The swordsman snorted coldly and pressed his sword forward. A huge force poured into Wu Quan’s body and he could no longer endure. He vomited a mouthful of blood before being knocked back.

Logically speaking, while Wu Quan was weaker than this person, he was not that much weaker. It was simply that they had just fought with Blood Demons.

They had exhausted their Essence, and had yet to recover from their injuries. That was why Wu Quan was defeated so easily.


A gentle energy poured into Wu Quan’s body from his back, dissipating the force in his body. Then, he landed stably on the water. Xiao Chen had made a move.

When Wu Quan landed on the water, he looked at Xiao Chen and said, “You are good at Movement Techniques. Just ignore us and flee by yourself!”

Xiao Chen shook his head and took out a Medicinal Pill to give him. Then he gently threw Wu Quan to the reef.

Wu Quan was horrified to discover that the force from Xiao Chen was so strong, he could not even resist it.

Ping Xingteng picked up his dropped saber and looked at Xiao Chen in astonishment.

“Xiao Chen, why are you not running? There is no point in sending yourself to die. Your Saber Technique is inadequate; you should run quickly!”

Ping Xingteng was flabbergasted. He thought to himself, This brat is really stupid. He has such good Movement Techniques. Why is he still remaining here?

However, what surprised Ping Xingteng was that the swordsman did not attack immediately. Instead, when he saw Xiao Chen walking over slowly, his expression turned grave.

The swordsman seemed to have heard the humming of sabers from Xiao Chen’s eyes. When he used his Essence to probe Xiao Chen, he was further startled.

This person is clearly only a peak Medial Grade Martial King. However, the purity and volume of his Essence is even better than mine.

There is only one explanation for this. This youth is possibly one of the genius disciples of a great sect. He must have used countless natural treasures and cultivated the peak Cultivation Techniques.

“Might I ask this Little Brother for your name and which sect you are from?”

The swordsman decided to try fishing for information first. If Xiao Chen was really a genius disciple of a great sect, then even if he could defeat Xiao Chen, it would not be worth it to offend the power behind Xiao Chen.

As usual, Xiao Chen remained calm. However, his right hand was already placed on the Lunar Shadow Saber’s hilt.

Xiao Chen said unhurriedly, “I am Xiao Chen and do not belong to any sect. Human greed is insatiable and results in them paying a price. You should just take away the high-ranked Demon Core. However, you better not demand anything else.”

A faint smile appeared on the swordsman’s face. He has no sect. In that case, this will be easy to deal with. However, I should test him first. After this thought, he secretly gestured behind his back.

“You are a mere Medial Grade Martial King. How are you qualified to talk conditions with our boss?!”

Someone at the side immediately picked up on the swordsman’s signal. He grasped his saber tightly and hacked down on Xiao Chen with a sharp saber light.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly. He had already seen all of the other party’s tricks with his Spiritual Sense.

Xiao Chen drew his Lunar Shadow Saber out by an centimeter and the saber hummed. A formless saber intent immediately poured out without restraint.

That person’s saber started trembling under the influence of this saber intent with inextinguishable sharpness. That person was horrified to find out that he could not control the saber he held.

That person quickly stopped and grasped his saber with two hands. However, it was useless. His saber gave off a melodious hum and escaped his hands, flying into the air.

The saber intent also drew out everyone else’s sabers, sending them spiraling in the air.

The swordsman’s smile froze and shock filled his eyes. He said in astonishment, “Saber intent! How could it be possible for someone this young to condense saber intent?!”

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen seated the one centimeter of the Lunar Shadow Saber back in the scabbard. All the sabers flying in the air immediately fell into the sea, splashing up scarlet water as they sank.

Xiao Chen dealt with the other party’s sudden sneak attack with half a move. His saber intent shocked everyone.

Ping Xingteng could not believe his eyes. He rubbed them and looked again, discovering everything to be real.

That stupid white-robed youth who did not draw his saber and had inadequate skills in the saber was in fact far ahead of him. Ping Xingteng thought back to how he bragged about teaching him the saber. He now realized that it was the funniest joke ever.

It was not Xiao Chen who was stupid; instead, it was Ping Xingteng. He felt like a fool thinking about it.

Suddenly, Ping Xingteng came to his senses. His saber had fallen into the sea. If he did not pick it up, he would truly be embarrassed.

Ping Xingteng quickly stuck his hand into the water and used his Essence to try and retrieve his saber. That saber had accompanied him for several years. It was like a second life to him; he could not lose it.

By relying on the connection that he had built with his saber over the years, Ping Xingteng managed to find his saber. However, before he could be happy, he cried out in pain.

By moving his hand in the water, Ping Xingteng had attracted some of the strange fish. They swam over together with the saber and bit off a few chunks of his flesh. It felt extremely painful.

However, no one was paying any attention to him at this point in time. No one saw this embarrassing scene.

The swordsman calmed down. This person had saber intent and Essence that was better than his. Xiao Chen was also ready for a fight. The swordsman’s odds of victory were only fifty percent.

“Let’s go!”

The swordsman pocketed the high-ranked Demon Core before turning around to leave.


However, when the swordsman turned halfway, he drew his sword and spun back. His sword flickered with a sharp light as he thrust the sword towards Xiao Chen’s neck.