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Chapter 507: Fighting an Iron Demon Alone

Chapter 507: Fighting an Iron Demon Alone

If these cultivators were too far away or there were too many Demons, Xiao Chen could not do anything. He would not sacrifice his own life for others.

No matter who it was, the moment they set foot in the Battlefield, they had already staked their lives. No one could save them. Only their personal strength was real.

When Xiao Chen checked the place with his Spiritual Sense, he frowned and stopped moving.

A small team fought more than twenty middle-ranked Winged Demons about three kilometers to the north.

This team was slightly stronger than Wu Quan’s team. Logically, twenty-odd middle-ranked Winged Demons would not be a problem.

However, there was a low-ranked Iron Demon hidden below the group of Winged Demons. It seemed to be covered in metal as it reflected a faint light.

When weapons struck the Iron Demon, it gave off metallic sounds. The Iron Demon simply laughed like nothing happened. This caused chaos within that team.

With the Iron Demon functioning as a shield, the twenty-odd Winged Demons cruelly attacked the ten-man team.

“This is odd. This is the first time I’ve seen two different types of Demons hunting together. If I can deal with the Iron Demon, this team might be able to turn the situation around.”

When Xiao Chen took a look, he got an idea. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and quickly flew over.

Xiao Chen quickly covered the three kilometers.

“Someone is coming!”

When the team that was bitterly enduring saw Xiao Chen, their faces lit up in joy.

However, when Xiao Chen came close and they saw that he was alone and was a Medial Grade Martial King, their smiles froze.

The team captain’s expression turned dark. After hesitating for a while, he did not say anything to warn Xiao Chen to steer clear. So the other team members did not say anything, either.

After all, they were going to die soon. They might as well pull someone else down with them. This was how dark the human heart was; you would never know what they were thinking.

“Ga! Ga! Some reckless fellow is coming again!” The flying Winged Demons laughed in an odd fashion when they saw Xiao Chen.

“Hu chi!”

Two Winged Demons flapped their green wings hard and rushed at Xiao Chen. They swung their sharp claws towards Xiao Chen’s head.

The Winged Demons moved extraordinarily fast, like sharp arrows. A shrill screech sounded as they tore through the air.

Even though the Winged Demons were fast, Xiao Chen was faster. He pushed off the water with the Blood Flame Shoes and moved in a purple arc, arriving beside the Winged Demons.

“Berserk Dragon Fist!”

A dragon head appeared and a berserk dragon roared. Ferocious energy burst forth and the punch struck the head of a Winged Demon. It immediately exploded and splattered blood everywhere.

This was a weakness that Xiao Chen discovered while fighting the Winged Demons. The Winged Demons were covered in hard skin that was thinner at the head, which was also the weakest point of the Winged Demon.

“Berserk Dragon Claw!”

Xiao Chen exploded one head with one punch. However, he formed his left hand into a claw and a realistic dragon claw appeared. As the other middle-ranked Winged Demon turned, he did not hesitate to tear the Winged Demon’s head to pieces.

He dealt with two Winged Demons with one punch and one claw. The leader of the Winged Demons panicked and quickly sent five or six middle-ranked Winged Demons at him.

“Berserk Dragon Break!” Xiao Chen shouted and the dragon head on his right hand quickly connected with the dragon claw on his left; they formed a complete Azure Dragon that circled him.

When Xiao Chen punched, the Azure Dragon promptly roared ferociously and heavily injured the Winged Demons rushing at him. They fell to the scarlet sea immediately.

“How powerful! This person is a genius cultivator. We are saved!” The trapped team’s faces lit up in joy.

A genius cultivator could not be measured by normal means. They were monsters who could defeat cultivators of higher cultivation realms—one in ten thousand.

The Winged Demon leader looked very anxious. It quickly ordered its subordinate to quickly block Xiao Chen while it dealt with the team. Then, it would come and join the fight against him.

The Iron Demon glistering with metallic light laughed oddly. It moved like a train on the water, kicking up six-meter-tall scarlet waves behind it as it rushed at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen wanted to test the defense of the Iron Demon. So he did not dodge but attacked it with a Berserk Dragon Fist.


The dragon head struck the Iron Demon’s chest and gave off a dull thud. The azure light scattered and Xiao Chen felt his arm go numb.

However, the low-ranked Iron Demon merely laughed, like nothing happened to it. Then, it kicked Xiao Chen’s chest.

The low-ranked Iron Demon’s kick was very fast. It was nearly as fast as Xiao Chen. He did not have enough time to dodge. All he could do was move back slightly to reduce the force.


That metal leg kicked Xiao Chen in the chest and the kick hurt. It felt like a hammer struck him.

However, Xiao Chen only felt pain. That kick did not contain any Essence or Vital Qi. So the force did not enter his body.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen understood. This Iron Demon was as hard as Frost Iron; it seemed impenetrable, like a lump of metal. However, it did not contain any form of energy.

The Iron Demon’s attack might hurt but it did not result in any fatal damage. This was probably why the Iron Demon worked with other Demons—it did not have much fire power.

The Iron Demon laughed loudly and stomped towards Xiao Chen. It did not bother to protect itself; it was full of openings.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen’s fists rained down on the Iron Demon like a torrential storm. Dull thuds resounded nonstop as Xiao Chen increased his strength.

This continued until Xiao Chen reached 250,000 kilograms of force and left shallow indents on the Iron Demon. However, as his fist was made of flesh and blood, he felt pain.

This was especially so after the final punch containing 250,000 kilograms of force. Xiao Chen felt like his bones were about to shatter. He felt very stupid.

It felt like an ordinary person punching a sheet of metal and shouting in pain. If that was not stupid, then what else could it be? Xiao Chen’s situation was similar.

The Iron Demon still behaved like nothing had happened to it. When it saw that Xiao Chen appeared to be tired, it kicked again.


Xiao Chen got kicked in the chest again. He used the force of this kick to propel himself back.

When Xiao Chen saw that the Iron Demon gave no indication of pain, he had a thought: Maybe the Iron Demon can’t feel pain. No matter how strong its defense is, after being hit with so much force, it should still have felt something and reacted to it.

I should test this theory and see if it is correct. With a thought, Xiao Chen started to execute the third move of the Dragon Claw Fist—Breaking Armor.

Xiao Chen’s Vital Qi quickly spun in a spiral within his body. Then it headed for his fist.

“Chi! Chi!”

A conical, azure, spiraling energy immediately appeared at the tip of Xiao Chen’s fist. As the name suggested, this move was a counter for strong armor or high defense.


There was a loud sound. This punch was like a fast throwing knife. A large hole appeared in the chest of the Iron Demon rushing over.

However, there was no change to the Iron Demon’s expression. It continued to advance towards Xiao Chen, not showing any sign of stopping.

“Indeed, it does not have any sense of pain. Breaking Armor Claw!”

Xiao Chen formed a claw with his right hand. Spiraling energy appeared above his nails, turning into five sharp weapons.

Xiao Chen slashed and his five fingers struck deep into the Iron Demon’s shoulder. Then he quickly spun around and pulled his hand downwards; the entire right arm of the Iron Demon fell off.

Then, Xiao Chen tossed the Iron Demon’s arm into the scarlet sea. When he turned around, he saw the Iron Demon still rushing at him. He frowned slightly and said, “You are still not dead yet?”

“Breaking Armor Fist!”

Xiao Chen already obtained the information he wanted from the Iron Demon. So, he no longer held back and made full use of his speed advantage.

While using Breaking Armor, Xiao Chen switched between the claw and fist. After he broke the Iron Demon into two halves, it finally died.

Xiao Chen sighed at this sight. This Iron Demon’s lifeforce was too strong. Its defense was also ridiculously robust and it did not have a sense of pain.

It was a Demon race that was born to be a shield. The thought of rows of Iron Demons charging over in a big war was scary.

After Xiao Chen dealt with the Iron Demon, he glanced over to the team and checked on their situation. There had not been much of an improvement. They were barely withstanding the attacks of the Winged Demons.

From the look of things, the earlier harassment from the Winged Demons had put them at a disadvantage.

“Burning the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen shouted and his Vital Qi started burning. Azure energy shot up to the sky and the dark clouds started to churn.

When Xiao Chen punched, a dragon fist fell from the churning clouds, killing two Winged Demons and splattering their blood everywhere.

Xiao Chen did not stop attacking. He sent out six punches and instantly killed ten-odd Winged Demons. The other Winged Demons panicked and fled.

Xiao Chen withdrew his fist and the burning clouds in the sky vanished. The team of cultivators was stunned as they watched him leave quickly.

“A genius cultivator is indeed different from us. He was able to force these Demons to retreat with a few attacks.”

The captain of the team sighed. Then, he thought of his earlier despicable thought and felt embarrassed.

The other party had come to save them, but he had not said anything to warn him. Instead, he thought of letting him die together with them.

“Rest for awhile. This is not a safe place to remain at for long. We have to rush back to the outpost islets.”

The captain said this to everyone after he sighed.

“Chi! Chi!”

Just at this moment a coffin came out from the scarlet sea. The strange scene startled the team.


The coffin lid landed on the sea and splashed up scarlet waves. The scar-faced man came out of the coffin and looked around. Then he frowned.

“Odd, I clearly felt his aura. How did it disappear so fast?”

When the scar-faced man saw the team of cultivators who did not even dare to breathe, he pulled over the captain and held him up by the collar.

The scar-faced man had a sinister gaze as he asked in a hoarse voice, “Did you see a white-robed bladesman? Where did he go? Tell me the truth. Otherwise, I will make it such that you live a life worse than death.”

When the team captain felt the other party’s strong aura, he nodded vigorously. He said quickly, “I saw him. He headed north from here. He moved very fast and should be at least six kilometers away by now.

“Everything I said is true! Please don’t kill me!”