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Chapter 508: Killing the Fire Demon

Chapter 508: Killing the Fire Demon

The scar-faced man laughed coldly and slapped him, twisting the team leader’s head to face the back.

“Fool! Everyone who has seen me must die. There is no point in you saying anything!”

“Quick! Run!”

The remaining people panicked and fled in all directions.

The scar-faced man laughed. “You think you can run?”

The scar-faced man quickly formed hand seals. When the final hand seal was completed, he smashed his palm against the scarlet sea.

Ten wooden coffins rose up from the scarlet sea and formed a circle. The lids opened. Ten Demonic Corpses came out and chased the remaining people.

The scar-faced man ignored the cultivators crying out miserably as he looked into the distance. He had a frustrated expression as he said, “I let that brat escape again. I really don’t know when I can catch him.”

In the following days, Xiao Chen literally searched through the entire periphery. Furthermore, he did not do it just once.

Eventually, Xiao Chen’s efforts came to fruition. He found a Fire Demon. It was completely fiery red and had a flame burning on its head.

By the time Xiao Chen rushed over, the low-ranked Fire Demon was dealing with the aftermath of a battle. Several human corpses floated on the surface of the scarlet sea.

The Fire Demon had dug out the hearts of the corpses; it looked very cruel. Currently, it was kneeling on the water and dissecting a female corpse.

Xiao Chen’s gaze turned cold. No matter how malicious the human heart was, humans would never do such cruel things. However, the demons treated the humans as food, doing such atrocities without any misgivings.

The Fire Demon wiped off the blood on its lips as it got up to look at Xiao Chen. It laughed in the odd signature fashion of the Demons and said, “It has been a long time since a human has come over to me on his own initiative to seek trouble. Don’t you know that the Fire Demon race is the Demon race with the strongest offensive power?”

This was clear from the corpses floating on the sea. This Fire Demon had easily slaughtered an entire team of people on its own. Even if the Demon had not mentioned it, Xiao Chen could have guessed.

The Fire Demon stared at Xiao Chen. As the Fire Demon stared, it felt like there was something stirring up the air.

Something felt wrong, so Xiao Chen started to burn the fierce purple flame in his right eye. The flames released by the Fire Demon should be Yin-attributed flames, so the Purple Thunder True Fire should have a mutually suppressive effect on them.

“Ga! Ga! The staring contest is over. Human, it is time to die!”

The Fire Demon laughed in its odd manner and all the fire-attributed Spiritual Energy nearby suddenly gathered together. Countless sparks converged around Xiao Chen.


Instantly, Xiao Chen’s body burned with a fierce flame. The fire started from the scarlet sea under him and engulfed him completely.

Fire-attributed Spiritual Energy could be found everywhere. As long as there was air, there would be fire-attributed Spiritual Energy. This attack could not be avoided within the visual range of the Fire Demon.

Xiao Chen had been staring at the Fire Demon. He had already sensed the strange movement of the fire-attributed Spiritual Energy.

However, Xiao Chen had not expected the Fire Demon’s attack to be so strange. There was no way to dodge. No matter how one moved in the air, it was unavoidable.

This was because the Fire Demon already controlled all the fire-attributed Spiritual Energy in the air. No matter where one went, one would still be in the air.

Unless one could hide in the void and not have air around at all, one could not avoid the attack.

An Essence shield separated Xiao Chen from the flames, but the flames burned the shield incessantly.

Xiao Chen continuously expended Essence; he had to ensure a constant supply of Essence. Otherwise, when the flames made it to his body, he would be burned to ash, even if he had an iron body.


The situation was dire. Under the Fire Demon’s control, the surrounding fire-attributed Spiritual Energy kept gathering around Xiao Chen.

In seven or eight minutes, Xiao Chen already exhausted one third of his Essence. However, the Fire Demon had an unlimited supply of fire-attributed Spiritual Energy.

As for Xiao Chen, no matter how much Essence he had, he would eventually run out.

That Fire Demon was very patient. It revealed a cruel smile on its face as the flame on its head danced around. If one looked carefully, one would notice that the flame on its head was slowly shrinking.

The Fire Demon used its eyes to control the fire-attributed Spiritual Energy, gathering it in a leisurely manner around Xiao Chen. The Fire Demon had already decided to exhaust Xiao Chen to death.

The flames shone through the Essence shield, lighting up Xiao Chen’s delicate face. His eyes looked very deep and unfathomable.

The surrounding scarlet sea churned. Under the high temperature, scarlet steam rose continuously from it, wafting to the sky.

Xiao Chen did not panic. If he really wanted to leave, he still had a Divine Weapon in his Universe Ring that he could use to turn the tables.

However, things had not escalated to that point yet. Xiao Chen poked the Essence shield with his finger and opened a small hole. A clump of flames immediately came in.

Then, Xiao Chen mended the hole and controlled the flame to rest on his palm. He brought it to his eyes to observe it carefully.

As the flame danced on Xiao Chen’s palm, he could feel a chilly sensation spreading from it. He pondered this:

The fire-attributed energy of the natural world is not separated into Yin or Yang. It is the purest primordial flame. It only changed attributes as a result of the user.

The flames of the Fire Demon are Yin-attributed flames. It changed the attribute of the flames as it controlled them, turning them into Yin-attributed flames.

Furthermore, there is so much of the flames. This plenitude resulted in the level of this Yin-attributed flame being very low. It is even weaker than the Holy Fire Manor’s Extremely Yin Flame.

Compared to the Lunar True Flame in my sea of consciousness, it is not even worth mentioning. Xiao Chen casually extinguished the flame with a thought. He already had an idea of how to deal with this.

Xiao Chen removed the blue strip of cloth on his forehead. The scarlet throne flickered and the Lunar True Flame came out from his forehead.

Xiao Chen sat cross-legged on the sea and with a thought, the egg-sized Lunar True Flame floated above his head.


Xiao Chen shouted and countless tiny holes appeared on the Essence shield. Clumps of flames quickly rushed in.

The Lunar True Flame slowly drew in all the flames, swallowing them up. The two kinds of flames were on different scales. The moment the Demon’s flames came in contact with the pale white Yin-attributed flame, they were instantly absorbed.

Time passed slowly. The dancing flame on the Fire Demon had already shrunk to half its original size. However, the Demon sensed that Xiao Chen’s lifeforce was still strong.

“Why is it like that? Given the human’s standard of cultivation, even if he were a half-step Martial Monarch, he should have exhausted all his Essence by now.”

The Fire Demon felt that something was wrong. Suspicions appeared in its mind but it did not know what was wrong.

“I cannot exhaust too much of my Origin Flame. I will have to check if he is dead or alive in another seven or eight minutes.”

After seven or eight minutes, everything was still the same.

Due to the fierce flames, the rising scarlet steam had dyed the dark clouds above red. However, Xiao Chen’s lifeforce still flourished.

The flame on the Fire Demon’s head shrank further. A murderous intent flashed on its face. Then, it closed its eyes and the flames around Xiao Chen faded away.

When all the flames disappeared, the Fire Demon nearly vomited blood when it saw the scene before it.

Xiao Chen was seated with his eyes closed and a pale white flame was refining all the flames it absorbed.

“Thank you for your Yin-attributed flame.” Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile when he opened his eyes.

The True Lunar Flame had not changed much. However, the grain-sized Origin Flame within it had grown larger, having benefited significantly.

The Fire Demon revealed rage on its face as it shouted in a shrill voice, “Despicable human! Unexpectedly, you used my Origin Flame to cultivate. Watch as I crack open your head and extract your Origin Flame!”


The Lunar True Flame returned to Xiao Chen’s forehead. Then, he got up and said indifferently, “Do you think you can do that?”

The Fire Demon did not say anymore. The flame on its head danced wildly and the surrounding temperature rose significantly.

The Fire Demon made a sweeping motion with its palm in the direction of Xiao Chen and a fire tornado appeared on the water, heading for him.

“Burning the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen did not move from his original spot. He burned his Vital Qi and azure clouds churned in the sky. Then, a dragon fist fell from the sky. The dragon fist seemed to contain boundless energy; it scattered the fire tornado instantly.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

Sparks filled the air as the Fire Demon’s hands danced. The instant the fire tornado scattered, the sparks gathered and formed three small tornadoes and continued on.


Xiao Chen changed his fist into a claw. The burning azure clouds in the sky turned into a huge dragon claw and shredded the three fire tornadoes.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The berserk flames gave no indication of stopping. After being shredded, they reformed again and headed for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen did not show any fear. He continued to burn his Vital Qi and used the Dragon Claw Fist’s third move, constantly switching between the fist and claw.

No matter how strong your flames are or how they change, I will remain unmoved. As I switch between a fist and a claw, I will shatter them all.

Under the Fire Demon’s control, the flames took all sorts of forms; it seemed adept at manipulating the flames.

However, Xiao Chen remained unmoved. He used pure power to break them and overwhelm the Fire Demon. Regardless of what tricks it used, he would clash head-on.

When Xiao Chen saw that the flame on the Fire Demon’s head was down to the size of a fist, his pupils contracted. It was time.

Xiao Chen stopped burning Vital Qi and leaped over. He used the Berserk Dragon Fist to attack from the top.


The dragon roar resounded everywhere as the dragon head scattered the flames and fell downwards together with them.

The Fire Demon revealed a horrified expression. Then, it made a decision. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and spat out a vigorous and surging flame.

Xiao Chen’s vision instantly filled with red flames. He laughed coldly. He had long since readied the Purple Thunder True Fire for this.


The prepared purple flames scattered the flames the Fire Demon spat out on contact.

When the Yin- and Yang-attributed flames clashed, a boundless shock wave spread out. Ball-shaped pits appeared in the scarlet sea. When the surrounding water filled in the holes, they became a huge whirlpool.

Knocked far away, the Fire Demon was miserable. After playing with fire for its whole life, it was finally burned by fire.

The Fire Demon’s skin split all over its body and blood poured out. The fire on its head was now very small, like it would be blown out by the light gust of wind.

Expressionless, Xiao Chen stepped forward. Then he used Breaking Armor to create a large hole in the chest of the weak Fire Demon.