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Chapter 509: Eros Demon Revealed

Chapter 509: Eros Demon Revealed

Xiao Chen could not be bothered to say anything to the Fire Demon. When he thought about the corpses floating on the scarlet sea, he felt an intense hatred.

“Without a doubt, the techniques and the offensive might of the Fire Demon should be the strongest among all the Demons. It would normally be able to easily kill people weaker than it. Hence, Fire Demons usually move alone.”

When the battle ended, Xiao Chen summarized the strengths and specialties of the Fire Demon. After he did so, he felt a headache.

If he ran into a Fire Demon as strong as him, he would be at a disadvantage in regard to technique. And if he were to meet a middle-ranked Blood Demon, he would have to end the fight quickly and avoid a head-on clash.

Xiao Chen spent the rest of the time searching for an Eros Demon. However, he did not find even a hint of one.

The Eros Demon was a female Demon. According to the information in books, the Eros Demon could stir up the desires of men. The Eros Demon cultivated by using her charm to absorb a human’s Yang energy. The person who fell for her charm would die in extreme happiness, without any pain.

[TL note: Yang energy: In Chinese culture, men are seen as Yang-attributed and women are Yin-attributed. The concept of cultivating by sex is an attempt to balance the Yin and Yang. While I am not sure how the Eros Demon is going to extract the Yang energy, or male energy, there are varying versions in Chinese folklore. The simplest would be to just suck it out of a male by means of a kiss. Another version states that Yang energy is the most concentrated in semen.]

Of all the Demons, the Eros Demon was the strangest and the hardest to deal with. Those with a weak mind would fall deeply for her charms.

The Eros Demon was also the Demon that Xiao Chen feared the most. As a male himself, he had no way of avoiding the most primal desires of his body.

Xiao Chen was very disappointed at not finding a low-ranked Eros Demon. If he went into the inner area and met a middle-ranked Eros Demon, it might be too difficult for him resist her charm.

“If I can’t find one in the next seven days, then never mind. I already spent too much time in the periphery.” Xiao Chen sighed as he hovered in the air and looked at the vast scarlet sea.

Soon, seven days passed. Xiao Chen still had not found anything. Occasionally, he received intel from some cultivators but he did not see an Eros Demon.

Those cultivators said that they saw an Eros Demon from a distance but by the time Xiao Chen arrived there, he did not find anything.

In the end, Xiao Chen could only give up helplessly. Out of the eighteen races of Demons, the only one he failed to find was the Eros Demon. It was rather unfortunate.

Late at night, he found a reef and sat down on it. He closed his eyes, but he did not cultivate or work on comprehending states.

Xiao Chen did only one thing: he organized all the information he had about the seventeen races of Demons he had encountered.

He made a summary of their weaknesses, their appearances, their specialties, and their habits.

Once he was done, he intended to enter the inner area of the Battlefield at daybreak, beginning his true experiential training.

Unlike Bai Lixi, Xiao Chen was not covered in high-quality Medial Grade Secret Treasures. He would also not form groups with others. As this involved his life or death, he needed to make all these preparations.

The Iron Demon was good at defense; it was a natural-born meat shield. However, it had poor offense. If Xiao Chen ran into a high-ranked Iron Demon, he would be able to flee. No one enjoyed the feeling of beating on metal.

The Fire Demon was the Demon race with the best techniques and explosive power. If Xiao Chen ran into them, he should not bother to compete in regard to technique. Instead, he should clash head-on and end the fight quickly, not letting them take advantage of their techniques.

The Winged Demons were good at speed and defense. However, their offensive power was weak. They liked to dive-bomb from the sky and their weakness was the head. When they dived down, Xiao Chen could attack their heads.

All this information flashed in Xiao Chen’s mind without end. He continuously improved his summary and tried to come up with measures on how to deal with the high-ranked versions of these Demons.

By the time Xiao Chen opened his eyes again, the sky was bright already. He jumped off the reef and headed for the border of the inner area without looking back.

There was a clear border between the periphery and the inner area. Although it was not marked out, the moment one crossed over, one would feel it clearly.

The pressure one experienced was different and the Demons encountered were stronger.

Soon, Xiao Chen met a group of high-ranked Winged Demons. When he checked with his Spiritual Sense, he discovered there were about twenty.

“Twenty is too much for me to handle. Ten should be my limit. I should lure some away first.”

Xiao Chen had no intention of running away. He quickly formed hand seals and ten human-shaped blobs of water came out from the sea.

“Life Bestowal Spell!” Xiao Chen shouted and the ten blobs of water changed further to look like real people. They formed all sorts of people, both male and female.

Xiao Chen was now very familiar with the Life Bestowal Spell, this was not a problem for him. However, the scarlet water did not have any Spiritual Energy.

The figures that materialized would not have any combat prowess. However, they could be used to distract the Demons. So, Xiao Chen directed the ten figures to head for the group of Winged Demons.

Then, Xiao Chen flew into the sky to wait patiently.

“Pu ta! Pu ta!

The ten figures looked so real that the Winged Demons could not tell they were fakes. When they sensed that these figures did not have strong auras, about ten Winged Demons laughed in their odd manner and rushed at them.

“They fell for it.”

Xiao Chen’s lips curled up, drawing a smile on his delicate face. Then, he gave these figures a final order: continuously flee without caring for anything else.

After that, Xiao Chen slowly descended and headed for the remaining ten high-ranked Winged Demons. As he slowly moved over, he placed his right hand on his saber hilt.

“Hey, there is one reckless person here. He is a mere Medial Grade Martial King, yet he came all the way here. He is really courageous.”

The Winged Demons laughed strangely as he swooped down from the sky. They moved like sharp arrows that left the bow, producing buzzing sounds as they tore through the air.

Xiao Chen smiled as he quickly moved in an arc. Then he tilted his body and launched the Berserk Dragon Fist at a Winged Demon’s head.


When the first attack of the high-ranked Winged Demon missed, it reacted quickly to Xiao Chen’s counterattack. It flapped its wings and tilted its body as well, making Xiao Chen’s punch brush past it.

The reaction of the high-ranked Winged Demon was very good, much better than a middle-ranked Winged Demon’s. If this was a middle-ranked Winged Demon, it would have died already.

Unfortunately, this level was not sufficient. Xiao Chen focused his gaze and changed his fist into a claw. A huge azure dragon claw appeared and grabbed the high-ranked Winged Demon’s head, squeezing it until it burst.

“How ruthless!” The other Winged Demons in the air took in deep breaths. They were not astonished by Xiao Chen’s strength but by the expression he had when he attacked.

Xiao Chen killed a high-ranked Winged Demon in two moves with a calm expression. When blood spattered before him, he did not even twitch an eyebrow.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

The other Winged Demons dived down simultaneously, attacking Xiao Chen as a group. They opened their wings and it felt like they covered the sky.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and removed the blue strip of cloth on his head. The scarlet throne mark flickered as the state of massacre spread out.

Since Xiao Chen was here to temper his Killing Qi, then naturally, he would not use his Great Perfection state of thunder. All he used was the pure state of massacre.


Xiao Chen drew his Lunar Shadow Saber and a red light spread through his saber. The state of massacre poured out as though it were something solid. The group of Winged Demons diving at him paused at the sight.

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

A saber light danced and scarlet Wukui Tree branches flew towards the nine Winged Demons flying over.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

When the scarlet saber Qi, infused with saber intent, struck the Winged Demons, they tore through the Winged Demons’ thick skin and left behind deep wounds.

The flight formation of the nine Winged Demons was immediately disrupted. Then, Xiao Chen leaped into the air and landed in their midst.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed and his saber light danced around as he fought with the nine Winged Demons. He treated his life-and-death situation as experiential training to temper his state of massacre.

Normally, it would be easy for Xiao Chen to deal with two high-ranked Winged Demons at the same time. Three would be problematic. If he wanted to deal with four at the same time, he would probably be lightly injured.

Xiao Chen did not know what price he had to pay if he dealt with nine at the same time. Perhaps he would end up severely injured or even die.

However, Xiao Chen’s purpose in coming to the Deep Sea Battlefield was to challenge his limits. To comprehend the truth behind the martial way while treading the line of life and death. Thus, he had to force himself into desperate situations.

Xiao Chen had already made all the necessary preparations. All he could do now was to fight his very best, to bring out his potential and survive.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Waves splashed and pillars of water spouted up from the sea. Huge ripples spread out in every direction.

The Winged Demons specialized in speed and Xiao Chen was not slow, either. The battleground changed continuously. Sometimes in the sky, sometimes right above the sea; they moved in every direction.

Blood already dyed Xiao Chen’s white robes red, some of it belonging to the Winged Demons and some his own. Blood splatters also covered Xiao Chen’s fair face. He looked very fierce as his eyes flickered with a scarlet light.

“Chi! Chi!”

When one Winged Demon died, red light from the corpse flew into his forehead. The scarlet light in his eyes grew deeper, and the state of massacre instantly swelled up, becoming more powerful.

Every time Xiao Chen absorbed the red light, he did not cut off that sense of depravity, unlike before.

Xiao Chen wanted to see if he could use that sense of depravity to boost his own combat prowess. Then he would suppress it altogether after the battle ended.

Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Xiao Chen’s mind filled with thoughts of killing. He ignored the wounds on his body as he continuously swung his saber at the Winged Demons, slaughtering them.

After a long time, the intense battle above the scarlet sea finally came to an end. Blood dripped down from the Lunar Shadow Saber and fell into the sea.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

Countless red lights emerged from the high-ranked Winged Demon corpses and quickly headed for Xiao Chen’s forehead.


When the red lights poured in, it felt like something exploded in Xiao Chen’s mind. The depravity that came from killing instantly erupted.

Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and resisted this sense of depravity. He had a pained expression as he dropped his Lunar Shadow Saber into the scarlet sea.

“In the end, the state of massacre does not belong to me. I cannot use it too much. I have to endure this and completely grasp the state of massacre for myself.”

No matter how intense the feeling was, Xiao Chen held his head in his hands and resisted. He had faith in his determination.

“Young Hero, you seem to be in pain. Should Elder Sister come and help?”

When Xiao Chen experienced the huge pain, a sweet voice entered his ears. That voice toned down that sense of depravity a little.

When Xiao Chen recovered some clarity in his eyes and saw who it was, he could not help but be startled. It was an Eros Demon!

The one with the sweet voice was unexpectedly the Eros Demon he had been bitterly searching for, for so long. To his surprise, it appeared at this crucial moment.

The appearance of this Eros Demon looked exactly like what the books described. She was tall and had a supple chest. She wore revealing clothes, showing a lot of skin. Her skin seemed so fair and delicate, as if a gentle gust of wind could break it.