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Chapter 510: Subduing Leng Yue

Chapter 510: Subduing Leng Yue

The Eros Demon looked indistinguishable from human girls except for the slender, black tail behind her. This made it clear that she was not human.

However, for some unknown reason, when Xiao Chen looked at the Eros Demon’s face, it looked blurry and he felt hazy.

Xiao Chen discovered the sense of depravity from the massacre was disappearing, being replaced by a strong sense of desire.

Xiao Chen’s eyes remained red, but it was not longer scarlet; it was crimson.

The Eros Demon seemed to be extremely charming. With just one glance, Xiao Chen felt his entire body heat up and his mouth went dry.

When the Eros Demon came closer, Xiao Chen smelled a certain fragrance. The soft voice of the Eros Demon rang in his ears and his vision seemed to turn pink.

When the Eros Demon saw Xiao Chen’s crimson eyes, the Eros Demon revealed a pleased expression. She extended her right hand to touch Xiao Chen’s face in a charming manner.


Just at this moment, Xiao Chen’s crimson eyes cleared up, turning normal again. He quickly grabbed the Eros Demon’s wrist with his right hand.

“Don’t move!”

Xiao Chen pinched an important artery with two fingers. He saw a pair of soul-entrancing eyes when he looked at her hazy face.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Cut the charm. Look at me properly. Make another move and you will die.”

“Young Hero, please don’t do that. This humble servant has only good intentions. I just managed to pull you back from the depravity of massacre. The true show has yet to be seen.”

The Eros Demon made eyes at Xiao Chen as she leaned against him, exuding a faint fragrance.

Xiao Chen tightened his two fingers on the Eros Demon’s wrist. Panicked, she immediately stopped moving.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and asked, “What is the true show? Absorbing my Yang energy? You are already so close to death and you are still not being honest? I will say it one last time. No more tricks and drop the charm. Look at me properly.”

“Ga! Ga! I will listen to Young Hero, then. This humble servant will stop the charm.”

The Eros Demon laughed tenderly. The fragrance in the air instantly vanished and the hazy face turned sharp.

Xiao Chen felt surprised. This Eros Demon looked extremely pure. Her originally charming eyes became innocent and clear. There was also a purple rhombus mark on her forehead.

“Odd, I have never heard that Eros Demons have a mark on their forehead.”

The mark seemed to be an ancient pattern. Just when Xiao Chen looked at it, it suddenly flashed with a strange purple light.

Xiao Chen’s eyes turned hazy for a short moment. By the time his strong Spiritual Sense responded, the Eros Demon had already broken free of his grip and fled some distance away.

Blood Flame Shoes secret technique, activate!

The formation lines on the Blood Flame Shoes lit up and Xiao Chen’s speed immediately increased to Mach 4. He instantly arrived before the Eros Demon.


Xiao Chen struck the Eros Demon with the Berserk Dragon Fist. As the dragon head roared, the Eros Demon vomited a mouthful of blood. Then, she fell to the sea with a pale complexion.

Xiao Chen asked calmly, “You are an Advanced Demon, right?”

The so-called Advanced Demon did not refer to the ranks, like the low-ranked, middle-ranked, and high-ranked Demons. Instead, this was the nobility among the Demons.

Like humans, Demons were intelligent. They had their own culture and Martial Techniques. However, in the Demonic World, only Advanced Demons, or the even higher-level Royal Demons, were qualified to learn the Demonic Martial Techniques.

All the Demons Xiao Chen had seen in this Battlefield were low-level Demons. None of them were qualified to learn Demonic Martial Techniques; they relied on their innate abilities to fight.

In fact, most Demons that came out of the spatial crack were low-level Demons. Even the Demons as strong as Martial Sages were the same. They had poor talent and had cultivated their physical bodies to their limits.

This was the information that Xiao Chen obtained before coming here. However, the Eros Demon before him seemed different. The mark on her forehead looked ancient.

The Eros Demon, who was wiping blood from her lips, looked at Xiao Chen in shock. Her expression changed as she said, “How did you know?”

Naturally, Xiao Chen would not tell her that he merely guessed. It is impossible for Advanced Demons to be so weak; something must have happened to her for her to have become weak.

“What do you want? Just say it.”

The Eros Demon no longer hid her status. Her earlier charm vanished completely, replaced by a faint solemnity.

The Eros Demon could tell that Xiao Chen did not want to kill her. Otherwise, he would have done so already; there was no need to wait until now.

Xiao Chen tread gently on the water as he walked over to the Eros Demon. He asked indifferently, “What is your name? Advanced Demons have names, right?”

“Leng Yue!”

Xiao Chen revealed his intention after a pause. “Accompany me for a year and I will let you go.”

Leng Yue’s heart turned cold. Many humans keep Eros Demons as sex slaves. This person is not thinking of that, right?

Xiao Chen continued, “In this one year, if I fall into the depravity of massacre, you will be responsible for pulling me back, up until I gain a complete grasp of the state of massacre.”

Leng Yue heaved a sigh of relief. If that was all, then there would be no problem. However, another problem occurred to her. She said, “What if you are unable to completely grasp the state of massacre after a year?”

Xiao Chen looked coldly at the Eros Demon and said indifferently, “That is my problem; there is no need to care. I will ask one final time, do you agree or not?”

A murderous intent emanated from Xiao Chen and enveloped Leng Yue.

She felt a bone-chilling sensation. She had a hunch that if she answered no, this person would kill her immediately without mercy.

“I agree!”

In the end, Leng Yue chose to agree. It was only a year. For someone with a long life like her, one year was short.

Xiao Chen dispelled his murderous intent and took out a Spirit Blood Jade. Then, he dropped some of his blood on it before tossing it over. “Drip your blood on it. I will release you one year later.”

Leng Yue shook her head and said, “No way. With that, you will have full control over me. If you don’t release me after a year, I would not be able to do anything about it.”

Xiao Chen countered indifferently, “You can reconsider. If you are not willing, I can always find another Eros Demon.”

The Eros Demon needed to drip her blood on the Spirit Blood Jade before Xiao Chen could bring her along him without worrying. The Demons were very cunning; this should especially be so for Eros Demons, which are good at charming people.

Furthermore, if others discovered that Xiao Chen was with an Eros Demon, it would be problematic. It would save him a lot of trouble if he could place her in the Spirit Blood Jade.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and started to search for his saber. His Lunar Shadow Saber had sunk to an unknown depth in the scarlet sea.

Normally, Xiao Chen could easily sense the Lunar Shadow Saber if it was within two kilometers.

However, the Lunar Shadow Saber had been underwater for a period of time already. Furthermore, there were currents in the scarlet sea. It might even be ten kilometers away by now.

Xiao Chen sent his Spiritual Sense into the depths of the scarlet sea. However, it could not penetrate farther than one kilometer.

However, Xiao Chen was not worried. He could sense the rough direction of the Lunar Shadow Saber; he would not truly lose his saber.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and walked back to the somewhat pitiful Eros Demon. He asked indifferently, “Have you made a decision?”

Leng Yue clenched her teeth and said, “I agree. I hope you will keep your promise. There is one more thing I want to say. I am the only one who can pull you out of your depravity of massacre. No other Eros Demon can do it.”

Xiao Chen felt somewhat surprised, but he did not believe the Eros Demon’s words. The Demons were crafty; he had to keep his guard up.

Xiao Chen took back the Spirit Blood Jade with Leng Yue’s blood on it and used the technique to bind her.

From now on, this Eros Demon would be like Xiao Chen’s Spirit Pet. If he died, Leng Yue, who was bound by the Spirit Blood Jade, would die as well. This was to guarantee that she would not play any tricks.

“Go in!”

Xiao Chen ordered and Leng Yue helplessly turned into a beam of dim light, entering the Spirit Blood Jade.

The seal on Xiao Bai, who previously occupied this Spirit Blood Jade, had already been broken by her father. So there was no problem with using this Spirit Blood Jade to seal Leng Yue.

After Xiao Chen put away the Spirit Blood Jade, he closed his eyes to try and sense the direction of the Lunar Shadow Saber. Ever since the Lunar Shadow Saber was created, it had always been with him.

The hundreds or even thousands of battles that they had been through together allowed them to build a faint connection. In fact, every cultivator would have a similar experience.

Ping Xingteng could find his saber because of the same reason.

As long as one had emotions for his weapon and saw it as a partner, one would eventually build this mysterious connection.

After some time, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and started moving quickly on the scarlet sea. His figure flashed rapidly, traveling more than one kilometer.

“It should be here. It’s just that I do not know how deep it sank. I also have never heard people speak of how deep the Boundless Sea is.”

After hesitating for a while, Xiao Chen used Essence to create a shield around himself. Then he slowly sank into the scarlet sea.

After sinking for five hundred meters, Xiao Chen’s vision became very blurry. Fortunately, he had Spiritual Sense and could not go blind in the water.

After sinking for another five hundred meters, Xiao Chen finally saw the odd fish that he saw in the past. Their pitch-black bodies were covered in sharp scales and sharp teeth interlocked with each other, not letting any water in.

Xiao Chen could see skeletons floating about in the scarlet sea with his Spiritual Sense. Horrifyingly, there were thousands of them.

There were even more odd fish than skeletons. The number was staggering. They swam around in shoals, and everywhere they went looked like a hurricane had swept through the place.

There were at least ten thousand of them. Xiao Chen felt his scalp prickle. With such numbers, he could not do anything about them in the water.

All Xiao Chen could do was avoid these odd fish carefully, pausing every now and then. Only after he figured out the pattern of these fish could he move faster.

After descending two kilometers more, the eternal darkness of the scarlet sea’s depths enveloped Xiao Chen. He felt a boundless pressure and felt uncomfortable.

Xiao Chen did not want to stay here any longer, but he could only endure because of the Lunar Shadow Saber. As a bladesman, he could lose anything—except his saber!

After descending another five kilometers, Xiao Chen finally felt the presence of the Lunar Shadow Saber; it was two or three kilometers to the front.

Although Xiao Chen could not see it, the feeling was very real. So he moved faster.