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Chapter 511: Holy-Attributed Witch Fiend

Chapter 511: Holy-Attributed Witch Fiend

A dim light sparkled in the dark sea; this was Xiao Chen’s Lunar Shadow Saber.

Xiao Chen’s face lit up in joy as he revealed a wide smile. He stretched his hand out and the Lunar Shadow Saber quickly swam back to him.


The Lunar Shadow Saber increased its speed until it arrived before Xiao Chen. Then, he grabbed its hilt and returned the saber to its scabbard.

“Lunar Shadow, Lunar Shadow, no matter where you go, even if it’s to the ends of the world, I will always find you and retrieve you.”

Xiao Chen grasped the saber tightly and promised resolutely. The stifling feeling the saber gave off when he held it immediately lessened.

[TL note: I am guessing the stifling feeling is a result of the Lunar Shadow Saber not accepting him yet. Do remember that there are two Weapon Spirits in the Lunar Shadow Saber and one of them has not accepted him yet.]

“Wu! Wu!”

Suddenly, a strange sound rang out in the surroundings. Xiao Chen frowned and raised his guard. He extended his Spiritual Sense and discovered that there were many sets of skeletons around him.

These skeletons were different from the ones in the shallower waters. They did not drift on the current. Instead, they seemed to be deliberately moving towards Xiao Chen.

There were even two dim lights in the eye sockets, like they were alive.

“Quick! Leave! These are Witch Fiends, which are formed by the resentment of Demons and humans. Don’t get trapped by them.”

Leng Yue’s anxious voice came from the Spirit Blood Jade on Xiao Chen’s chest.

Even without Leng Yue’s warning, Xiao Chen also felt something strange about these skeletons. So he quickly swam upwards.

However, it was already too late. There were too many Witch Fiends. They had surrounded Xiao Chen for some time now.

Five or six skeletons descended from above. They held balls of fluorescent light in their hands.

When the skeletons were only five to six meters away from Xiao Chen, they threw the balls of fluorescent light at Xiao Chen. These penetrated Xiao Chen’s Essence shield and entered his forehead.

Immediately, wailings of ghosts and wolves resounded in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness. The balls of fluorescent light turned into malicious spirits that sapped Xiao Chen’s Mental Energy.

“Oh no! It is a mental attack.”

Xiao Chen focused himself and quickly gathered his Spiritual Sense in his sea of consciousness, turning it into a dazzling golden deity.

The golden deity held a sharp sword, which gave off a dazzling sword light. Then, it killed the malicious spirits in the sea of consciousness one by one.

When all the malicious spirits disappeared, the sapped Mental Energy returned to Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness. It even seemed that the Mental Energy in the sea of consciousness became stronger than before.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

When the malicious spirits in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness died, the Witch Fiends blocking him shattered. Then, they quickly shriveled into nothing in the dark depths of the sea.

Leng Yue, who was within the Spirit Blood Jade, was greatly startled at the sight.

Although these were the weakest type of Witch Fiends, even a Martial Monarch would not find it easy to deal with such mental attacks.

Xiao Chen was merely a Medial Grade Martial King, yet his Mental Energy was so ridiculously strong. No wonder he could wake from from her charms with just a thought.

Xiao Chen understood what happened. He smiled faintly, making up his mind to stay here longer.

The mental attacks of these Witch Fiends were completely useless against him. Instead, he ended up swallowing their Mental Energy as well. Mental Energy was not easy to cultivate. It would be too wasteful to allow this opportunity to slip by.

After one hour, all the Witch Fiends blocking Xiao Chen fled in every direction. They avoided him like he was the plague.

Xiao Chen laughed rambunctiously as he chased after the Witch Fiends. If they had only mental attacks, he would not be afraid of them.


While Xiao Chen chased the Witch Fields happily, a bright light burst out in the darkness, illuminating the bottom of the sea, clearing the eternal darkness.

A bright glowing skeleton walked out of the light. Every single bone on this skeleton was like jade, looking like a very exquisite piece of art.

There were two bright lights in the skeleton’s eye sockets, giving off an unexpected sense of holiness.

“Pu ci!”

When the jade Witch Fiend saw Xiao Chen, it swung its skeletal hand forward. A beam of light turned into a sharp knife and headed for Xiao Chen, slicing the water apart as it did so.

“This is an Advanced Witch Fiend—and a rarely seen holy-attributed Witch Fiend at that. You do not stand a chance. Leave quickly!”

This Witch Fiend could make its Mental Energy solid and achieve such a level of might. Xiao Chen agreed that he was no match for it. The instant the light appeared, he immediately swam upwards.

“Hu! Hu!”

The Advanced Witch Fiend swung its hands several times and light knives made of Mental Energy quickly headed towards Xiao Chen.

The light knives sliced the scarlet sea like tofu, separating the water into pieces that drifted apart.

How is that slicing water? It is slicing space apart!

Understanding what happened, Xiao Chen felt dread in his heart. It looked like he had kicked an iron board this time. He should not have been too greedy for Mental Energy.

Friend, since you are here already, why leave? Suddenly, a solemn voice rang in Xiao Chen’s mind.

The Advanced Witch Fiend pointed at Xiao Chen’s head and sent out nine beams of light. Then, the beams of light turned into a cage, heading for him.

When the cage dropped towards him, the space in its way seemed to shrink, trapping him within it.

This was the power of the natural laws. Xiao Chen never expected that Mental Energy could have such power, that it could even manipulate the natural laws.

Xiao Chen did not wait like a sitting duck. He shouted a ferocious warcry and the deity that he formed with his Spiritual Sense rushed out from his forehead. The deity used its sharp sword to chop down on the cage.


Xiao Chen had gathered all his Spiritual Sense to break that cage. The sea trembled as the bars of the cage were sundered.

The deity became very dim, leaving only a faint image and flickering indistinctly.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense was damaged. He felt lethargic and weak, like he was about to fall asleep at any moment.

However, there was no time to rest. Xiao Chen could only force himself to perk up and recall his Spiritual Sense. Then, he rushed to the broken section.

However, just as Xiao Chen reached that section, the cage mended. The Advanced Witch Fiend went into deep thought; it was unknown what it was thinking.

The Advanced Witch Fiend did not attack again. Instead, it pointed at the cage, which turned back into nine beams of lights before returning to its body.

“Strange. The Mental Energy is so impure yet it can break my Nine Dragon Prison,” the Advanced Witch Fiend said, feeling suspicious.

Xiao Chen started to feel dizzy and he saw stars. His mind was now extremely weakened. It felt like he would fall asleep at any moment.

Xiao Chen forced himself to stay awake as he quickly swam up. He could not fall asleep here; otherwise, he would end up in the stomachs of the strange fish.

Just when Xiao Chen thought about the strange fish, a large school of strange fish appeared before him like a tornado. He smiled bitterly. I am really unlucky.

The Spirit Blood Jade on Xiao Chen’s chest glowed. That was a sign that Leng Yue wanted to come out. He stopped her, saying, “Don’t come out. You can’t help.”

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen drew his Lunar Shadow Saber and a scarlet light flickered on his forehead. The saber released a scarlet light, unleashing the state of massacre entirely.

Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The pool of blood in the scarlet throne churned. Xiao Chen’s mind filled with thoughts of massacre and his Saber Technique became incredibly sharp.

Saber lights flashed in the scarlet sea. With every swing, dozens of strange fish were chopped in half.

However, there were too many strange fish. They were everywhere—front, back, left, right, up, and down. The fish opened their jaws lined with sharp teeth and headed for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen protected his vital points as he unleashed the sharp state of massacre at its peak, allowing his attacks to become extremely ferocious. Anything that got in his way would die.

“Pu tong!”

After killing for an unknown period of time, Xiao Chen finally leaped out of the scarlet sea. His wounds looked extremely horrible. His white Clear Wind Robes were dyed red.

Drenched in a brew of scarlet water and blood, Xiao Chen looked like he had just emerged from hell.

Now that Xiao Chen escaped from the waters, he would not be harassed by the strange fish anymore. The sleepiness that he suppressed hit him with full force when he relaxed.

Under the burden of his physical injuries and mental weakness, Xiao Chen’s heart felt swollen and his body sore.

“I’m taking a nap. Don’t wake me up unless there is something urgent.”

Xiao Chen muttered the order as he fell towards the vast scarlet sea, floating on it as he slept. He could no longer resist.


The Spirit Blood Jade on Xiao Chen’s neck flickered and the Eros Demon Leng Yue came out. When she looked at the fast asleep Xiao Chen, she shook her head.

“You are really reckless. How do you know that I would be useless against those Corpse Demon Fish?”

Leng Yue looked up to see the pitch-dark sky. Staring into the distance, she said softly, “So, this is the Sky Dome Realm. To think that it was once the strongest realm of the three thousand great realms. Indeed, it has declined greatly.”

Xiao Chen slept very soundly for a total of three days, drifting about on the sea.

When human cultivators saw him and all the blood and wounds, they took him for a corpse.

The humans were not interested in corpses at all. Since Leng Yue hid in the Spirit Blood Jade, she did not attract any trouble.

When Demons came over, wanting to take way Xiao Chen’s corpse, Leng Yue would come out, indicating that this prey was taken. So other Demons would leave.

Such situations happened several times daily. Another three days passed like that, but Xiao Chen did not wake up.

However, Leng Yue started to feel frustrated. She whispered, “This fellow…he definitely knows that I will watch over him. That’s why he dares to sleep so soundly.”

Leng Yue had used her blood. So if Xiao Chen died, she would die as well. Even if she hated this, she had to continue protecting him.

After a few more days, Leng Yue suddenly heard footsteps. She sensed human auras, so she quickly hid in the Spirit Blood Jade.

A team of ten people in the distance headed in Xiao Chen’s direction. Someone immediately discovered Xiao Chen’s body. That person exclaimed, “Big Brother, there seems to be someone lying down in front.”

The person leading them was about forty years old. He had a stern expression and carried a sword at his waist. He was a half-step Martial Monarch.

The teams that dared to move around in the inner area would have a half-step Martial Monarch to lead the team. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to survive.

The middle-aged swordsman shot a quick glance over. He showed no interest as he said indifferently, “It is just a corpse; there is nothing strange about that. Which Battlefield would not have dead people? Even if they had good items, those would have been taken away long ago.”

The person who spoke earlier merely smiled and did not say anything more. It had just been a casual statement; he had not meant anything by it.

However, after the middle-aged swordsman took a few steps, he frowned slightly and stopped. Then he looked at Xiao Chen again with his mouth twitching.

When the person behind saw the middle-aged swordsman stop, he could not help but feel it was strange. He asked, “Big Brother, what’s wrong?”